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    Game 61 : Everybody Knows

    They did it! They finally did it! Pregame @NHLJets line rushes: Laine-Scheifele-Wheeler Connor-Little-Ehlers Copp-Lowry-Tanev Perreault-Roslovic-Appleton
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    QB situation Winnipeg

    Limp? Pudgy face??? What absolutely STUPID comments.
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    Mark H.

    The Gender Pay Gap

    I feel like this could be a good thread. I'm at a loss as to why relevant information can just be dismissed I feel like people can learn something from this thread - if they read most of what is posted with an open mind I'm going to lock it and leave it locked - there is no place left for this discussion to go
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    Eternal optimist

    Canadian Politics

    Just a heads up in Manitoba provincial elections, you are legally entitled to decline your ballot. Good way to tell them they all suck. Unfortunately for the federal elections you aren't allowed to decline your ballot... hilariously enough though, there is a group that promotes and encourages disgruntled voters to eat their ballot (the Edible Ballot Society) Fair warning though - eating your ballot is a federal crime under the Canada Elections Act.
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    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    If they pay in pesos we're effed.
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    QB situation Winnipeg

    Yeah, the **** some of the "fans" here throw at Nichols is unbelievable. And it is ****. And the same "fans" will turn on Streveler, too.
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    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    The Pitch: Rod Black In A Sombrero!
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    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    they have to take what they can get to remain under cap...or risk losing him for nothing..they have no real choice in matter..
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    The Unknown Poster


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