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    Shocker.. Hour 2 Corbin wins triple threat. Hour 3 hes main eventing.
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    Wonder how many people actually watch in different ways other than traditional tv. It would seem like their audience would be made up of a lot of cord cutters.
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    Having 2 separate brands doesn't work. Fans want to see the best talent in the ring on both shows. Same as on tv. Have 2 separate shows but have the best wrestlers on the WWE roster appear on both Raw & Smackdown.
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    Once trouba is gone the locker room problems are gone - that’s my bet his Dad probably showed up as soon as buff was injured ha
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    Based on? His points and effort? Being made captain? I think we look for easy answers. I don’t buy locker room issues.
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    The Unknown Poster

    The TV Thread

    CNN included her photo. It’s not a spoiler after the show airs. If I made a new thread that said “Arya Sex scene” you could at least say I was less then considerate. But posting about a tv show that already aired on the tv thread? Sorry, not an issue. And even then I still have nothing away about the plot. Onus is on the person choosing to watch later to avoid spoilers. We don’t all have to keep it quiet until the last person watches.
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    Trade Trouba, let Myers go to free agency. Time for some of the kids to step up, Niku, Samberg, Stanley. I don't know what Buff was smoking the last two games, but he was just not there mentally. Watching him slide helplessly out of the play haplessly trying to defend a two on one on the third goal reminded me of watching my nephew's bantam team. Just not good enough, but Buff is an enigma. I don't know what to do there. Sign Connor and Laine to long term contracts. Those two guys are our future. I was pretty frustrated with Laine during the season, but in the playoffs he was one of the few guys who showed up and played hard. He's a guy that can take the playoff pounding, and give as good as he gets. Ehlers - I think I am done with that guy. Won't cry if he gets traded in a package with Trouba. Two playoffs now show how ineffective a little guy like him is in the playoffs. He can get us there, but he won't produce in the rough and tumble. Reminds me of the Sedins that way. Hellebuyck - redeemed himself for Game 2. I am good with him. Wheeler - I really am starting to not like that guy very much. I don't know totally why. I just don't see him as a leader. He seems to be getting Andrew Ladd syndrome - believing his own BS. I won't cry if he gets traded. Random thoughts...
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