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  1. ... Nolby is a Bomber fan and you must be drunk if you think his comment was a jab at the Bombers. Old people sure do struggle with the internet.
  2. Rhymes will make 95k so that does not take the #BCLions out of the mix on Derel Walker. @CFLonTSN @TSN1040 or not
  3. The #Lions have signed WR Dominique Rhymes #CFLFA I would imagine that takes them out of the Walker running
  4. Not ideal. Losing good players to a league not called the NFL is never good.
  5. I would be very surprised if Awe took up any more than an average roster spot salary.
  6. Micah Awe signs a two year deal with the team I have no real opinion ... depth? I don’t see a spot on the active roster for him.
  7. I do hope that Tyre McCants still has a spot on this team if we sign Walker
  8. Rider fans already whining because teams are signing players that they shouldn’t be able to afford or guys like Larry Dean are taking less money than “they should be”
  9. Give the article a click, but basically says we’re trying to get him to take heavier upfront dollars for a cheaper cap hit but more take home money and that we were on the hunt for him last off-season too with the same financial obligations we have.
  10. The problem is pretty clear. Walker can be worth 250k, nobody’s arguing that. There isn’t 250k left.
  11. He toes the line too though, so I'm glad they let it go both ways.
  12. Yes, but also no. It's not so cut and dry. I doubt Griffiths and Jake will be on the field much at all together, to be honest ... it just seems like an inefficient use of personnel. I think we're more likely to see Jeffcoat/Jefferson line up inside, some packages involving Antigha and Jefferson where they mix and match to create a 3 man rush and drop one of them back into coverage, all that kind of stuff before we see our two DTs that are lesser talents than so many other options taking snaps at the same time. Will it happen? Almost definitely. Often? I doubt it and I also hope not.
  13. Hate to break it to everyone but apparently the Bombers were sleeping by not signing Antonio Pipkin, according to Mensa member Rileyrompers over at RF. Aw jeez.
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