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  1. Battles I'd love to hear more about if anyone is able to offer up any info ... Whitehead vs. Nelson for overall use, assuming it'll be on returns and maybe the odd receiver set. Wilson vs. Warren at WIL 5th receiver in general (Heard it has mostly been Bailey/Washington thus far?) Would also be curious to hear what people think (if anything) of Santiago, McCallister and Richardson.
  2. My god dude, just stop. Haven’t you been asked to stop like, I don’t know, a million times by now? If someone treated you the way you treat people around here, you’d be full of complaints. do better.
  3. Would be curious to see if it’s a 2+1
  4. it's for padded two-a-days, not padded practices in general.
  5. Meh, you gotta think beyond more than just your own entertainment to see why this is a smart decision for them.
  6. Sounds like that isn’t at all what it is - teams required to have 3 Americans with 3 years team service or 4 years league service in starting lineup
  7. i want to hear more about this thing about an incentive to starting veteran Americans.
  8. Good story for the Riders but it ain’t gonna make a lick of difference on the field
  9. In fairness to Walters, the draft where he picked Ekakitie was awful.
  10. Nichols has tunnel vision, is a statue in the pocket and really seemed to stray from the style of football that got him to the level he was playing at as we got deeper into the season last year. Maybe recency bias underrates him but he has a lot to prove this year, especially if we want to go anywhere as a team.
  11. I won’t speak for Chip but personally, yes I do in certain ways. Definitely not in other ways, but I truly believe Streveler does some things better than Nichols right now.
  12. I don’t love the pick but I don’t hate it
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