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  1. You say this but there’s really nothing to suggest it’s true
  2. They are genuinely so bad that I don’t understand how you don’t lose your job for trotting them out there
  3. Where did you ever get the idea he’s not allowed to attend meetings?
  4. That’s still an awesome video. Thanks for sharing.
  5. you’re not wrong there and I don’t like that aspect of things at all
  6. Tony Jones on, I like. If he gets some reps, I think he’s ready to have some kind of impact. Anything in place of Myron Mitchell is an upgrade. You could put a traffic cone in uniform and it would be equivalent to what he brings. Kody Case over Chris Smith seems bizarre but … sure, I guess? Why not? I dunno. Whatever.
  7. Did I forget? Whoops … I’ll take Acklin
  8. The point is he didn’t make the play. He ran into it. That being said, all credit to Fatboi. He’s out there hustling, he’s just being asked to do way too much.
  9. Felt like a guy we were high on, happy to see the patience appears to have paid off in this case
  10. Lol come on man, you’re literally in here ready to fold the franchise after a loss
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