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  1. Bryant Mitchell retires lol
  2. Imagine resenting someone for wanting to make their own choices with their career
  3. I’m still waiting for someone to answer the question If it’s the same base rules as the NFL, why would I watch it? I’m certainly not interested in watching the Moose (or if you’d like a comparable that doesn’t have a higher league in town, the Goldeyes) and I really won’t be interested in watching the Bombers either. I like the differences. I like what makes our game special. I don’t need to have all of it - the Canadian ratio especially is one thing that I could live with some adaptation to - but if it’s not 12 on 12, 3 down, 110 yard football ... it’s just going to be something ent
  4. I won’t be a fan of it if we merge with the XFL, but I’ll give it a chance if we keep the rules that make our league what it is. People can talk about how “the CFL needs this to survive” all they want, we are literally talking about a potential merge with a league that hasn’t proven **** all to this point. If they want our help, we need something out of it too and that something should be our rules. Field size, three downs, 12 men and I’d give it a shot. Four down 11 man football? I don’t give a **** if the Bombers are playing in my backyard, I’ll watch the NFL instead. That’s not th
  5. So is my interest in the league in general i make no bones about it, if I wanted to watch the best football players in the world I’d watch the NFL. a Canadian NFL rules league offers me nothing
  6. it’s going to be a merger. three down football might be history.
  7. Ambrosie took a league that was uniquely Canadian and felt like something that was very own and instead of focusing his attention on enhancing all the things that made our league successful and looking for ways to grow the game within our borders, he’s taken it and tried to turn it into something that it’s not. I personally don’t give a **** if guys from Japan, Arkansas or Helsinki like the CFL. I like that it was something we as Canadians could be proud of.
  8. Nice, CFL in preliminary discussions to collaborate with the XFL in the future. Ambrosie is single handedly going to kill the CFL.
  9. That’s a polite way of saying he got caught trafficking enough marijuana to knock out an entire herd of elephants He’s facing up to 20 years in prison, isn’t he? Sheesh
  10. Bryant Mitchell is literally the only FA I wanted us to sign. Elite receiver. If he’s healthy, he’ll be out WR1 for sure.
  11. McKay could honestly end up being a huge signing and if he’s not, maybe re-evaluate what the hell we’re doing to assess receiver prospects that we’d wait 4 years for him
  12. I mean, it blows my mind that nobody in the CFL office thought “hey, if the global pandemic makes cash flow difficult, a good alternative would be lowering the Argos’ salary cap for 2020 by the amount they went over in 2019” Skating by with no penalty? That’s an absolute joke lol
  13. I think it’s awesome that you post it, you’re definitely more on the ball about looking than anyone else - just provide some context for the folks who aren’t sure.
  14. Can you do me a favor with this? I know you’re just reading the transaction wire on CFL.ca, it’s no big secret so in future, can you please just clarify why you’re posting these clips for those who aren’t sure what they mean? I know what you’re trying to do, but let’s just cool it for the sake of avoiding confusion.
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