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  1. Are people actually saying that “fumble” should’ve stood? As the biggest Rider hater ever, that was an incomplete pass
  2. I miss Garret, can you imagine what he would’ve been saying about Harris failing a drug test? That guy thinks Al Bradbury is on steroids. 😂
  3. I’m not going to give you examples because I don’t care enough to look up your post history while I’m on my phone but I will just say this: take a look at how many people agreed with what I wrote. If you don’t find that telling ... you should. It’s not us man, it’s you.
  4. FWIW I think a lot of us here think you’re annoying too
  5. Much rather see us start 2020 with Khari as our HC than keep O'Shea. Not saying he's a bad coach, just feels like it is time for a change given his weaknesses and (so far) inability to get this team over the hump.
  6. The first 9 passes thrown by Bo Levi were not defended even a slight amount
  7. I’m ready for O’Shea to move on
  8. JBR is right about Collaros, it makes absolutely zero sense not to dress him.
  9. People around here never change. Seems like the expectations were that we acquire a QB that doesn’t exist. We got the best QB we possibly could have at a very tolerable price. Literally no harm done by doing this at all.
  10. Why? I mean that statement alone, whether you care to see O’Shea go or not, is incredibly true.
  11. I do agree with all of this.
  12. I offer them a first rounder and literally any receiver we have not named Drew Wolitarsky for Collaros + Walker and don't even think twice about it.
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