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  1. Not too worried about Darvin, if we can’t find a couple stud receivers with two years of scouting then we’re doomed to begin with.
  2. Brett Boyko now the number 1 RT in camp for Sask LMAO
  3. It’s locked but I just wanted to use my admin powers for the first time in years to reply to you and say We aren’t affiliated with the Bombers, nor do you have the “freedom of speech” to fall back on when you’re accessing a private online forum. Take your idiotic babble somewhere else.
  4. it’s good to see that even after I’ve been gone a year and then some, Iso and TB are still healthy and annoying as ever. you love to see it. it hit me when I went to the grey cup in 2019 ... it’s easier just to be a fan of the moments and enjoy the team than worry about “well we were fourth place and made a late season surge do you really think we’re a prominent force to be reckoned with or do you think my insufferable opinion about our backup qb being unprepared for battle should go unquestioned” I drank from the Grey Cup after Andrew Harris handed it to me at a bar in downtown Calgary, surrounded by my closest friends. They could come in last place this year I really don’t care. I enjoyed it. That’s what it’s all about.
  5. I don’t think we’re gonna start a Canadian DT anyways, to be honest. I think they’ll rotate Kongbo/Hallett and maybe give Thomas some reps every now and then.
  6. If we signed Jennings, the argument from TB would be “why are we bringing him in, Ottawa only won 3 games with him, etc etc” god I missed you
  7. What’s confusing about it, I’m fully prepared for a vet or two to show up in camp and have it end up as a situation where the year off has taken its toll on them. Will it be Jefferson or Jeffcoat? No, I don’t think so. Thomas? Realistically? Yeah, that’s a fair bet in my books. I also don’t even really consider Thomas as a starter, although I guess I should have. I was thinking of Jefferson, Jeffcoat and Richardson. That being said, we still have the option and potential for a ton of continuity in the trenches, which is huge.
  8. There’s a few things being lost on the analysts that I feel like we should be paying more attention to. Won’t come up as prominently against Hamilton, since they’ve also returned the majority of their roster but our continuity + ability to coach the quirky parts of the game could lead to us absolutely taking advantage of Toronto/Calgary in weeks 2-4 as they settle in with all their new players learning new systems. Unfamiliarity with the schemes, league, staffs, etc leaves them wide open for being dismantled in an area where we always excel - special teams. May take a while to coach up the receivers or the defensive backs that are new to our roster, but guys like the Halletts .. no doubt they’ll be ready to go on special teams week 1. Next is that we’re returning almost every single piece in the trenches. Talk about age all you want, to be returning 8 of 9 starters on the OL/DL is huge and it’s unmatched league wide. Lastly, we still have a culture that lends itself well to being able to respond well to adversity. We already know the buy-in is there with our roster, these new guys should be able to take advantage of a locker room that is going to be solid enough that our new players should fit right in. No drama, no players like Banks talking about “will I play, won’t I play?”, that stands out as something that could be a big help in such a weird year.
  9. Lol stupid take. All over the place, to be honest. “too old here, not experienced enough there” What did Naylor want us to do? It basically sounds like he thinks we should’ve signed the type of player that doesn’t exist - the young unknown with a proven track record. There’s a point to be made in regards to some of our key pieces aging, but we’ve gotta trust that two years to scout has allowed our front office to find the pieces that can replace guys whose wheels fall off.
  10. I don’t so much see it as a vet vs rookie issue, but as an age issue and a talent issue with all of the newcomers coming in. there is a TON of new talent on our roster, big talent too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had 5-6 new starters.
  11. I’m going to go out on a limb and say between Darvin, Bighill, Jeffcoat, Willie, Jake, Harris and Josh Johnson, there’s gonna be one guy who has more or less fallen behind in the last 600 days and won’t make the team. IMO, we can be confident that our scouts have done their job, they’ve had tons of time. But our roster is going to look real different, I think.
  12. I think it’s fairly unreasonable to say that after 600+ days off, there’s only one starting position to fill. Who knows what the time off will have done to mainstays.
  13. Bryant Mitchell retires lol
  14. Imagine resenting someone for wanting to make their own choices with their career
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