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  1. MOP: Collaros MODP: Nichols ... anyone who pays attention knows I'm not the biggest Bighill guy out there, but even still, I think having a guy that you literally cannot throw on is invaluable. He'll never get the stats to get the respect but how do you rate a guy who can basically eliminate the other team's number 1 weapon? MOC: Oliviera MOL: Hardrick MOSTP: Grant MOR: Schoen
  2. Do any of it for more than a single game. He had an unbelievable game for us. I will definitely cheer for any success that comes his way. But you know who else looked like a world beater for us after one game? Greg Carr.
  3. Especially knowing how Cody and his fragile mind would’ve done with a QB controversy.
  4. Agudosi does not do everything Bailey does at all. I suppose it may be true if you believe that the only requirement as a receiver is to catch footballs. I don’t love it for him because it really stifles production but there’s a reason Bailey took over for Darvin’s spot. Hugely important for our offense.
  5. If everyone is healthy, I’m not rolling Agudosi out in my 5 receiver sets. He’s got a spot, but our receivers are all just so so good at what they do. I’m not taking Bailey or Drew out, they’re too important as blockers.
  6. It really is. Kingsbury is not even close to O'Shea in terms of what he brings to the game. Kingsbury at Texas Tech basically got his opportunities because of his offensive mind and the belief that he was a genius when it came to developing quarterbacks (see: Patrick Mahomes) O'Shea has no resume whatsoever like that and if you think his 2 CFL championships carry as much weight as even moderate success in a Div 1 NCAA program, you'd be mistaken. They carry about as much weight as Arena Football championships to NFL owners.
  7. I'm going to be honest, I don't personally think O'Shea is an NFL coaching prospect whatsoever. That's not meant as a slight on him, that's just not who he is. He's a culture builder, not a guy who is outfoxing the opposition with a superior mind for the Xs and Os. I'm a HUGE O'Shea fan but I truly believe his actual in-game decision making is very average. His use of the 40-44th guys on the roster is very questionable, his stubbornness and refusal to challenge almost anything has certainly cost us points and you can't even say we see constant benefit from his unmatched knowledge of the rulebook these days - we used to, but not for a long time. Our success comes from the next man up mentality and his belief that a guy like Les Maruo is just as capable of playing on a crunch time second down as Adam Bighill. He believes it and now they all believe it too and you see the result. O'Shea is an absolutely incredible head coach, best I've seen of any CFL team in my lifetime, but I can't imagine he's on the NFL radar at all. What he does is get every single guy in that locker room to buy it and be willing to run through as many walls as it takes for him. He could teach classes on it. The buy-in he gets is unbelievable to me and I'm thrilled to see it. The rub? He's not getting it in an NFL locker room as a Canadian coach without a lick of NFL experience and he's not fit to be a NFL coordinator at any level other than I guess maybe special teams. I'll enjoy the ride with O'Shea for as long as it lasts but I don't think the threat of the NFL is viable at all.
  8. That’s exactly it. There’s no level of performance (team or individual) that makes it viable to bring him back with the same price tag next year. I appreciate the fact that he got paid, I feel like any pro athlete who makes the choice to maximize their earnings is well within their right. I just don’t know if I really believe that he thought everything through: in all likelihood, he’s going to be in a new uniform next year. At what point does he quickly just turn into a Ricky Collins-esque flash in the pan and disappear altogether?
  9. I’m sure it’ll be Ellingson in for Harrison and Grant will go back to returns only
  10. Chris Jones just can’t stay out of his own way
  11. Begelton joining the “I came back from the NFL and now I suck” club
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