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  1. There’s no way we can bench Strev if we’re still in first. I’d be livid.
  2. I see that shot at my comments about you that you tossed in there 😂 all in good fun
  3. Hecht is good with the ball in the air but once he’s gotta make a play in the open field he’s pretty ... bad
  4. I’d love to see Streveler finish top 3-4 in the league
  5. The key is just to put absolutely no stock in them.
  6. So many people I talk to get all up in arms every time I try and tell them I think Streveler is better than Nichols. “250 yards isn’t even good” is the common response I hear ... it’s fun to ask them the last time Nichols put up those numbers.
  7. Streveler wins top performer of the week ... first Bomber QB to do that this year. shocker.
  8. To be fair, even if you give him credit for engineering the drives that end with a rushing TD ... he still hasn’t put up 250 yards offense on his own and 4 scores all year.
  9. When’s the last time Nichols put up 4 touchdowns / 250 yards on a team?
  10. I mean, to be fair ... you’ve been spinning a lot too. Just in a different direction.
  11. I’m gonna roll with Gable
  12. You aren’t wrong but money talks and we realistically should have a lot of it to offer.
  13. We’re giving ourselves enough flexibility to sign NFL guys if a fit is there.
  14. he wasn't. That's absurd money. He wasn't even at 200k.
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