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  1. All I know is we should enjoy Alford while he’s here. I’d be genuinely shocked if he was here next year. Legit Juran Bolden vibes.
  2. My favourite is that one blatant idiot Cereal_Killer This is the guy who has said every team we play is playing bad against us. But also that our secondary is our weakness. Oh and our schedule is favourable despite playing 8 of our 11 games against the tougher division so far and 0 games all year against the league’s dumpster fire. thank goodness everybody is playing so bad against us otherwise our weak ass secondary might be giving up more than a touchdown every 4 games.
  3. Lol I love the mental gymnastics from some people over there. It’s certainly not all of them and don’t get me wrong, we have some of our own wackos as well but wow “everyone is just playing bad against them” lmao
  4. This is literally the first stand out game he’s had all year. But yeah he balled out tonight.
  5. Exactly. Rocquemore, but other than that I think you got it
  6. For real man go pretend to be everybody’s friend elsewhere. it’s transparent as hell and I gave you the benefit of the doubt last time but I’m not interested in waiting to hear your “LiQuOr gOt ThE bEsT oF mE” sob story again tomorrow
  7. Get lost. I stuck up for you last time, you’re clownin now.
  8. Our secondary is a weakness LOL Rider fans my god
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