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  1. Every team should get just one team to choose from. Or you go off birthplace. Slippery slope, this idea is.
  2. Well there it is, Betts announces he’s not attending.
  3. What about a kid like Oliviera? Would the dibs be based on birthplace or university location?
  4. I honestly will be shocked if Betts shows up. He's a legit NFL prospect, I'd think he'd have many better things to do than show up to this thing. Excited to see some of these guys though ... surprised Oliviera isn't attending, but he's probably one of the guys that has NFL aspirations instead, along with Fontana and Mayala. Gittens Jr, Lenius, Savard .. good group of receivers. Absolute bunch of trash for anything on defence aside from the DL though. That'll make it tough to get a good read on these receivers. I still say we look to take Kongbo at 4/5 if we possibly can. Not sure he falls that far but hopefully injury concerns drop his stock a bit. We can afford to risk one of those first rounders. Something like Kongbo and Simba would be a good haul for us.
  5. Interesting ... Rose was released from the AAF four days ago
  6. He's better than Bridge, so ... yes but ... at least it's not Bridge?
  7. I tend to think we'll eventually end up signing Ackie. One of Matthews/Toliver would be nice in the interim. Have zero interest in cry baby Hazelton. But I think our coup still ends up being whichever one of Duke/Zyl/Mitchell comes back. I don't even know which guy I'd want most, they're all insanely talented receivers. Diontae Spencer could happen too. How did Terrell Sinkfield do last year?
  8. You're clearly missing the point of what I'm saying. But yeah.
  9. Zylstra, Mitchell or Duke. Honestly, right now I'm disappointed with the way we tackled free agency. I'm not too bent out of shape about Chungh, since the whole point of developing a strong stable of Canadian OL is to be prepared when departures come up. That's the business. I'm not too disappointed about Loffler, because anyone willing to pay him those dollars is insane. I'm mildly disappointed about JSK, but we kept Bighill and to me that is far more important, so hey, fine. Receiver grosses me out. We needed a WR1 worse than any team in the league and we lost out on all of them.
  10. Uhhh ... it's exactly about how much each player makes. If a guy like JSK was on a rookie deal (which he was) then we get no cap relief because he departed, since we need to actually fill the roster spot no matter what.
  11. Winston Rose was tied for the league lead in picks last year and I don't think I've ever heard of him.
  12. Honestly, if we strike out on Derel Walker we better not miss on Bryant Mitchell when he doesn’t make the NFL
  13. Thank you for creating this very obviously unbiased thread for discussion with no intent to stir up trouble whatsoever
  14. Isn't the point of free agency to make your team better any way you can? We lost Okpalaugo and his heavy money deal, so why not replace him with an elite pass rusher? Jefferson is legitimately one of the top 2 or 3 most disruptive defensive players in the league and we already employ one of the other ones. I'd love to add him.
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