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  1. Nichols is having a hell of a year so far. Hope he keeps it up!
  2. Okay settle down, Matthews is still a great receiver. Lawler has had one good game lol
  3. I’m going to pick Andrew Harris
  4. Can someone quote the Redblacks depth chart for me in here please, I just got home from work and I’m so tired and just don’t want to look for it myself
  5. Watching Nichols run this absolute garbage offense for an entire waste of a half when you could be giving time to Strev or McGuire to see what they could do with the opportunity is frustrating as ****
  6. Canadian depth with experience ... can’t really go wrong
  7. I actually really like that signing
  8. Honestly who the **** cares what Ripper thinks.
  9. Are you complaining about the right post?
  10. Dude ... you responding to him is just as lame
  11. Man I’m not trying to give you a hard time but you’re complaining about teams moving on us at will then saying you don’t care about yards ... we aren’t giving up anything but yards so ... what do you want us to think?
  12. I honestly have no clue what angle you’re trying to take here man, you sound like you’re just shouting about nothing
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