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    TC Report - Day Four

    Okay. Just got back from training camp and finally back in the office. Today was the first day that coaches from the Winnipeg High School Football League were invited on the field to take in the practice. We were originally told to stick to the sidelines but MOS came over immediately and invited us on the field and to go ahead and focus on whatever position we were interested in. I tried to walk around a bit but was always drawn to the offensive line, running backs and offense as a whole. I'll say this. we have some big boys on the Oline and Dline that can move very quickly. Watched some one on ones in the first sessions and while this is usually slanted towards defensive aggression, Coach Wiley had his boys fighting up a storm. Picard is an animal and while Chung may not be technically skilled yet, you can see him picking up tips from the coaching staff. Coach Wiley even came over to a couple of us coaches and gave us some tips that he uses to teach fundamentals. Awesome. Jace Daniels and Devin Tyler were getting some long looks with the first team Oline. Greaves is still in there but his relaxed nature definitely opens the door for some of the young guys to jump in a get a look. As Coach Wiley suggested, it don't mean s*** until game situations come into play. As for receivers, Nick Moore looked amazing. If he stays healthy, he will easily be a league leader. Just so much speed after he catches the ball. Kris Bastien made a couple of nice grabs on some long balls and looks very quick as well. I only noticed L.Tunei once today as he fought off 2 defenders for a catch in the second half of practice (no shoulder pads for second half). Tunei does look to be a bigger guy but some of those DBs do as well so tough to tell from my vantage point. Saw some nice catches from Adamas and Clemons as well. As for Jordan Reaves, man, i think he makes the team this year. He made some nice catches today, often adjusting to the DBs to get to the ball. He is a big strong kid. Maybe he is not running his routes 100% but from my sideline view, they sure were giving him every opportunity to figure it out. QBs all looked good today I thought. There was a fairly good breeze going from West to East so that made the "across the field" throw either very easy or very hard. Truthfully, they all looked good. Not sure how Yantz makes this team as the top 4 all made some nice throws today. Running backs all had moments of shine today with Paris Cotton leading the way. Marshall and Scott both broke a couple of long ones too but its sometimes tough to tell if they would have broken free if the defense was given the chance to "light 'em up". Tough call. Sherman filled in for Leggett and didn't look out of place. He is pretty vocal out there. Not as vocal as Coach Miles but close. Dline Coach commands a lot of respect. You can see that he wants them going hard all the time. Loved what Greg Peach does out there. He is fighting hard for his job. Great competition on the line. I'll try to get out there again tomorrow. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to look at. Keep in mind, i think the second half of practice tomorrow is all special teams.
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    Making the league look bad: item #2837

    What a joke Rider Nation has turned into. Maybe you should rescind the invitation to your idiotic coach, as he's got far more to do with your dumpster fire of a team this year than Jeffery Orridge does. It blows my mind that you guys despise Orridge as much as you do, he's got nothing to do with why your team is such a disaster. Typical though, look for anything to cling on to the hopes that you guys aren't an absolute mess, it's just "Big Brother sticking it to us" Newsflash - this us against the world mentality doesn't do anything but make you guys look like a bunch of clowns. If you're as important to the league as you all claim to be (disclaimer: you're not) then why would the league purposely mess with you? You can't even get your conspiracy theories right. Thank god I've realized that the keyboard warriors who represent Saskatchewan really have nothing in common with the fans who sit in the stands, because I yet again had a wonderful gameday experience in Regina this weekend. It's only when I get on the internet that Rider fans make me want to slam my head against the nearest blunt object.
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    do or die

    Odds and Sods - Argos at Bombers

    Need to start winning at this barn..... Lankford takes opening kickoff....reverses field... ...bounces it to the short sideline.... ...and tightropes his way free....to 104 yd TD. I may give him another chance...after all.... Coombs takes deflected pass past Heath for 40 yds..... ...sets up Argo FG.....7-3 Blue... Bomber O still doing its thing in 1st quarters.... ...which is nothing at all.... M. Jackson busts return on Medlock short punt.... ...and does his own tippy toe...75 yds to a TD...by a shoelace.. Blue throwing horizontal passes to players standing still....again... Yet another short sideliner on 2nd down....drawing some boos, already. 27 yds of offense and 1 first down in the 1st (sigh) Moe Leggett picks off pass over the middle... to kill Argo drive... Harris running hard....making the yards after contact... Sears gets IC penalty.....more Harris running....sets up FG. S.J. Green great catch over Alexander....sets up Argo FG... Dressler slants through Argo zone for 40 yd gain.... Nichols hits a couple more passes.....Harris in from the 4... 17 -13 Bombers....this one starting to look like a grinder.... That Jackson fella takes Medlock punt all the way back for TD.. ...but illegal block puts it at the Blue 30.... Ray has a corner pattern dropped....then Whitaker drops one... ...on the goal line with no Bomber within 15 yds of him. Argo FG. Jackson is at it AGAIN....busts another kick return....65 yds... ..only some terrific speed from Walker, prevents TD... MOS trying to figure out what the hell is... with the kick coverage... Bomber D hold again...Liram H. boots another short FG... Blue go into hurry-up O.....Sears gets tic-tack IC call.. Medlock lines up for a 56 yd attempt....pounds it right down the pipe... ...and it had about 10 yds to spare....just awesome. Ray completes some passes....another sticky catch from AC Green... LH closes out the half with another FG for Argos Ray may be 37....but still throws the nice, easy ball...... Westerman is having his most active game of year, so far.... ...the penalties are getting pretty tiresome, though.... Long Argo drive eating up the clock....and gets them another FG. Coombs having a productive game for the Double Blue.... 25-20 Argos. Bomber D is hanging in there.....need some offense.... Bombers keep taking ball at 35.... Our O throws that short out pass....like nobody's business.... Bombers start a long drive.....convert some 2nd downs..... Face mask on Adams moves it to the 5....Harris punches it in on 2nd down.. Blue up 27-25....tide is turning.... Another 100+ yd night for Dressler....clutch player.. Argo D starting to wear down.....M. Ball slams helmet on ground for 15... Nichols is then low bridged for another major.... Argos then get bad PI against Denmark.....but it is overturned on review.... Not sure I know what the officials are doing out there, tonight..... Not sure they know either.... Medlock makes 27th field goal....in a row....to make it 30-25 Bombers... Nevis stuffs Whitaker on short 2nd down play.... Ray has less time for 2nd and 3rd options....and is taking some hits... This Johnson fella at DT gets big time push, right up the gut..... More Bomber receivers getting involved in the offense.... ...and Nichols is hitting them now... Seems like Harris has broken 101 tackles, tonight...... Bombers now taking over this game...physically, at the LOS.... O gets off a long drive, eating up clock....Medlock makes it 33-25... Players on the D...putting up their hands for noise...and getting plenty of it.... Ray completing passes under plenty of duress...down to the 20 yd line..... 3 attempts go incomplete! Bomber ball! Nichols throws bomb attempt on 2nd and 5....eyebrows go up all over the place... Argos have it with 50 seconds left..... Heath jumps A.J. Green and picks off his 2nd of the night.....GAME OVER.. This guy plays a different position but reminds me of Rod Hill....a ball magnet... This D may be starting to get it together.....lots of good performances all round... Alexander and Walker have been solid. Roc was not picked on tonight.... D-line came on real strong, Loffler more active, tonight.... Jeffcoat didn't look out of place, either.... Knox got a workout...trying to deal with all the valve passes his way.... The O needs work.....especially getting out of the gate (still) ...but 27 first downs, O turnovers and 0 sacks.... Bombers needed the win much more....than I needed the gin... ...but we will both take it.
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    do or die

    Back in the lineup......

    After months of pretty intense treatments......am now facing a pretty long rehab, after being knocked out of the lineup, for the last quarter of this season. But yesterday the game films were reviewed and my med team have given the verdict........ Final score: Do or Die........................1 Head and Neck Cancer...0 However it will be a while before I can raise a Bombay, in salute. Might even change my user name....to Do. Now looking forward to subjecting folks to my ole school ways, on this board for a long time to come. Go Blue!!!
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    2019 Main Training Camp

    As mentioned, Neufeld and Harris were sitting out today. The first-team offence was : Matthews-Washington-Adams-Demski-Wolitarsky Bryant-Desjarlais-Couture-Gray-Hardrick Nichols at QB, Augustine at RB. I had a tougher time nailing down the second team offence, but it definitely had OIiveira at RB, Streveler at QB, Simonise and Petermann as receivers. Looked like the other receiver spots were Rasheed Bailey, Kenny Lawler, and Tim Wilson but I'm not 100% sure on those ones... I think they might have switched it up a couple times. The OL looked like Speller at centre, Koczwara at guard, and Briggs/Baker on at the tackle spots... couldn't see who else was at guard. I can't give you the defence at the moment, I was locked in on the offence most of the time. Derek Jones was definitely the #1 safety and he is looking slim, trim and healthy. Great to see. One thing I can say for certain is that we are going to be absolutely deadly in the redzone with both Darvin Adams and Chris Matthews. Already some chemistry developing between Nichols and Matthews. Wolitarsky looked great as well, Bauming tweeted out his huge catch to start off the practice. Hardrick grabbed the ball right after and tried to punt it into the crowd but it went straight up instead... that got a big laugh from everyone. Love that guy. I'm interested to see if we can find room for one of Larry Rose III or John Santiago... both looked really quick but they were not getting reps in the first two offence units. Rose III in particular I thought looked pretty dangerous. As expected, Bennett was running with the third team offence but surrendered some reps to McGuire as well. Sawyer Buettner actually got one rep which I was surprised to see. It was an overthrow that almost got picked but good for the kid getting some action in. Should be lots of good competition at returner and the hands team gets a boost with the additions of Chris Matthews and Willie Jefferson... yes Willie Jefferson. 6'6" with receiver experence and he was getting some reps in on specials. The returner competition looked like it involves Charles Nelson, Lucky Whitehead, and John Santiago.... definitely a few other guys back there too but it was hard to see exactly who. Nic Demski is still involved as well. Overall it was very much a "day 1" outing... hard to get a good read on anyone and it's wise not to jump to any conclusions. The starters looked best.... Wolitarsky, Nichols, Matthews, Adams. Augustine looked comfortable at RB and Oliveira is going to have to win that backup job from him... don't see Augustine letting go without a fight. If I had to pick one new receiver who showed well it would be Kenny Lawler... looks like he has pretty good hands and I like his build as well... looks like a pro receiver to me. Nice day for some football. Noticed they have ripped all the seats out in the northeast and southeast corners in the lower bowl. Not sure what that's all about.
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    Training Camp 2018

    some thoughts... Firstly it appears a few guys have come to camp in better shape ..Harris looks leaner and faster..Poop as well looks more buff and a bit more lean...and still is so damn powerful. Faith too looks much better...Quicker and more agile...and in better game shape for CFL ball...he got knicked up in the one on ones but took turns in team session later so must be ok...3rd and 1.5...I dont see him as still a project...he has improved and is more expolive...i took time to study d-line a bit so more on that later... Receivers..not gonna focus on the projected starters too much...is what it is but Demski actually impressed me somewhat...he's better than what i recall and if injury free i see him doing good things this year in a Lapo offence White...cant see this guy not being on the gameday roster and taking significant first team reps...he is just plain good. He is what we use to call a QB enhancer as he can make any QB look good and has the ability to use his speed and fluidness and his uncanny ability to track a ball to make it look like the QB is always on the money..He is Dresslers replacement when that day comes...and if Dress gets hurt this year and misses significant games..he may have trouble getting his spot back...White is that good Coney and Dye as well impressed..shifty and fast and catch the ball in stride and hit upfield in 5th gear in an instant. Washington has the potential to be an Adarius 2.0 sans the drops...didnt wow in practice too much today, but if used how I think they plan to, may be one of the guys who when lights are on just produce. Lankford to me just looks too unatural as a receiver..too much of a body catcher and has limited route running skills..Seeing as Demski and White can do returns...don't see a need for him to e rostered as a DI and see him as a camp cut Canadian wise..Demski is solid and looks to be more north south this year and not the dance around side stepper he tended to be in Sask...if he keeps that up he will produce big...and avaoid injuries too...also him comin out of backfield with Harris on some sets is really going to cause trouble for defenses..speaking of Harris if they eventually do transition him to a slot role he will flourish...solid mitts on the guy Simonese u can see the rust flaking away..i noticed from combine..to mini..to main camp. He is deceptively fast and caught everything thrown at him..and seems to be very fast when ball is in his hands...he could cause some mismatches on the edge and today showed a nice ability to get separation from the db. Him and Drew I see taking equal reps in the offence until one or the other separates and shows they are more of a game breaker...then the split of reps will be more one sided..Peterson too impressed..fast..good hands...decent route runner...we are going to be ok with National receivers if u ask me..even with 2 rookies more or less in the lineup...should be noted Tyler Henry actually didnt look out of place but as did Pierre but they may be victims of numbers game..though [Pierre offers use on ST's Obviously Nichols is starter looked good...no suprise, Ross tho...impressed....throws a good ball...can move around and i dont think will get flustered...u can see he sees the field well and actually looks through his progressions and finds the right guy. I think if he has to come in to a game we are gonna be all right,,,and actually better off than if we had Durant here..and his broken down passing now...Strevler is behind Ross at moment but thats more from bein a raw rookie and learning as he goes...can tell though he is a Mike Reilly threat to gain gobs of yards on the ground if he had too... Dline guys on roster will be interesting to see who makes gameday. POOP looks to be primed for a big year..guys a beast...Jeffcoat has one end spoy I'm certain...Pretty sure Roh at the least is a DI..now it gets interesting...Nevis seemed to have more burst this year...but if Brandon Bryant shows well in pre-season..he (Nevis)may be in trouble and a TC casualty..Bryant is quick off the ball and has a lot of power to go with his quickness. Same with OPO...of nthe new comers Montgomery really stood out...had some clean wins in the one on ones and is so fast off the edge..and has great pursuit...lCasher as well...but of the 2...Montgomery is just better. Larry Webster is a bit more raw...but freakish athletic and can see him on PR as depth behind our 3 import starters...It wouldnt shock me if both OPO and Nevis get bumped off the roster...but gut says to start year only one will be cut..i hink it Nevis Faith i think looked a lot better...and a guy who didnt look out of place was Marouf..has some power and quickness and actually some pretty decent technique..he is way more athletic and versatile than Thomas and I can see why the team didnt ring him back...if Marouf is replacing Thomas on roster...we are better for it DB's are gonna be Randle..Loffler..for sure...Alexander looks good this spring...u can tell he understands the game much better and doesnt have to think now...just react..plus he has nice size...had a nice pick today too...Walker was steady and always involved...and looked more polished...and at only 22 this yr his upside is huge. a guy who stood out to me was Mohamad SEISAY...he got hurt mid practice and was missing for a while but i seen him at the end..not sure how bad, but he did some things that made me notice..as did Gaitor... I think a combo of Fenner..Leggett..Randle..Alexander..Gaitor..Loffler will be our game day guys in some capacity...and with addition of Bighill who is excellent in coverage too our defense is going to be pretty stingy. Linebacking is tough to gauge in camps like this
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    Playoff Bound

    Willy finally got us to the playoffs.
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    How childish. What a joke of an organization.
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    Dear Mr. Durant, Thank you for leaving us in the lurch on the eve of training camp and stealing 70K like a thief in the night. Thank you for talking s*** about our team and fans on twitter which surely burnt all bridges and any chance the team would ever want your pathetic green tinted ass in blue & gold. For if you werent such an unprofessional POS we may never have uncovered the golden boy Chris Streveler. May your shadow never darken the earth outside the borders of saskatchewan. Sincerely Bomber fans.
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    C. Nelson gets things off on the right foot.....with nice kickoff return.... Streveler puts up long sideline pass....Whitehead stops on pass that should of been.... Whitehead has nice punt return. Good wheels..... KR competition..... off to interesting start.... Streveler has no one open.....so barrels down the middle, for big gain.... Harris stuffed on 2nd carry. Harris needs to leave this game soon. Pass pro for the Blue.....could be better Medlock pounds 47 yd FG Kligore competing some balls for the Esks.... Esks DB's providing some tight coverage..... Some nice ST work by Mike Jones...... Alexander, Fenner and Sayles show good closing speed in the back.... Bomber's vanilla D, getting poked a bit, here Fenner stuffs hitch pass in the red zone Stafford hooked on way to endzone.....officials miss the call.... So, Maas challenges it and gets the reversal. Ball on the 1. But, Esk QB fumbles the sneak....Wingman Jefferson recovers... Streveler finally gets completion, then a end run for 17... Medlock hitting some nice punts.... M. Jones beaten badly on play action, but breaks up under-throw.... Jones then knocks ball loose from receiver on 2nd down Jones then goes back.... to return the punt for 15 Busy series for Mr. Jones. Bennett in at QB...hits Lawler twice....and both incomplete Medlock drills 45 yd FG...makes it look pretty easy Mike Jones keeping busy ......with another ST tackle Bennett looking pretty good in the pocket Too many drops by the heralded Bomber R group, so far Bomber pass pro looking better, this quarter The soon to be cut Jake Thomas....gets a sack Nice punt catch and return by Nelson.. McGuire draws in at QB B. Oliveira's first carry is a nice 15 yards up the gut McGuire makes a couple of nice throws Thed The Hansen... strikes a blow on ST's.... Mike Jones having a good nite...... ...until he lets punt bounce, then fumbles return.... ...om Bomber 12. With 18 seconds left in half... But, Jeffcoat knocks down 2nd down pass..... Esks settle for 19 yd FG....to close out the half. Nick Temple makes nice tackle on screen play.... Bombers take back to back penalties..... ...then Esks take them back to back to back.... Typical X game stuff....indeed.... Less vanilla and more pressure from Blue D. Santiago first carry for 5. Petermann grabs 2 in a row.... Bennett completes to Walker and Hazel Looking better as he goes along Whitehead runs PR back and forth 30 yards.... ...for a net gain of 5. A. McCalister trucks an OL and gets big sack.... ...forcing a conceded Esks safety. Bombers up 10-3 Larry Rose gets into the return act with a nice KR... Esks take an IC, then offside penalty... to keep a drive alive.. Gabriel Amaavizca Ortiz makes them pay with 36 yd field goal Germans? Mexicans? What's next? Esk KR busts open ensuing kickoff....and is going for 6... ...but run down on good hustle play by Dylan Schrot.... Hansen continuing to strike blows for the Fatherland, on ST's.... As Bombers take another step towards world domination.... Edmonton drives into the red zone..... ....but 2 receivers can't hold on to the ball in the endzone Turnover on downs, Bomber ball. Some igloo dude goes a mile offside... then roughs the QB. That will look even worse on film.... McGuire looking pretty good....but drops and sack holding him back.... Steven Richardson sacks O'Brian Esks take their 3rd time count violation on punt plays.... Another good punt return by Nelson....shifty and quick..... GAO does not have a lot of pop, in his punting leg... If you are a fan of punting....this one's for you.. Jones lets another punt fall in front of him...but pretty good return.... Bombers running the 3rd stringers on OL...tough sledding for the backs. Lucky W. finding out that it is not that easy, taking the corner in the CFL... Last 3 minutes with bench guys and cannon fodder galore... Clock stopped. Too bad. Bennett throws deep to Schrot.....who turns the wrong way.... ...then the right way, juggles the ball and holds it to finish 50 TD play. Bomber bench erupts, and Schrot is literally carried off the field.... ....to complete a unforgettable first catch of his career. 20-3 Moes in 3 down mode....Maas calls a timeout with 1:10 left .....thanks. Home game #490 is in the books.... Gin #whatever is in the glass....
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    The riders still suck and you should feel bad cheering for them.
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    Drew Wolitarsky

    Just want to wish my little nephew all the best, in his newest challenge. He has hands, a football mind, and the soul of a poet. He's played in the cold, and has the heart of a lion. Looking forward to wearing big blue, baby!!! http://search.espn.com/drew-wolitarsky/
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    Training Camp 2018

    I'd rather we not win a single game this year than welcome that ****ing loser back to this franchise.
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    Mr Dee

    In Case You Missed It

    After week 20 Bye, bye - Hamilton, BC, and Montreal Expect the Heisman Trophy winner @JManziel2 to sign in Hamilton this off-season - @rickzamperin #CFL #Ticats John Hodge - 3downnation - The Bombers have now started three Canadian offensive linemen in two consecutive games with Patrick Neufeld filling in for an injured Travis Bond at left guard. This is likely a sign of things to come for a Winnipeg club that should look to start three national hogs next season. Neufeld, who has been excellent in place of Bond, is a pending free agent — should he leave Winnipeg this off-season, expect 2015 second round pick Michael Couture to take over his spot in the starting line-up. ?‍?Interesting - Edmonton has beaten every team in the league...except Winnipeg ?‍?Santos-Knox is fitting in quite nicely..quite a find. CFL - Friday wire-to-wire defeat was also the first time in 52 contests the Stampeders have not led. ?‍?How do spell trouble? Z_y_l_s_t_r_a Double trouble - injury to Matt Nichols Vanstone - Due to an accumulation of snow on the east-side roof, 800 spectators were relocated in Mosaic stadium. Still trying to prove something? Jones “The tough guy look...” CFL News - Roughriders extend Hus, Thigpen fw.to/wcCVgXD #CFL #Riders #RiderPride via @TSN_Sports ?‍?Guess they’re not over the SMS Stampeders.com - “I told the guys,’’ reported Bo Levi Mitchell. “Who’s going to remember this —— when we win the Grey Cup? “Who’s going to remember these three losses? Darren Cameron - Update from ticketing - “tickets are moving like crazy”... not surprising and awesome to hear! See you Sunday for the Western Semi-Final! ?‍?Really? Ed Tait tells us: The Bombers own a .683 winning percentage in 60 home playoff games (40-18-2). Edmonton is 19-29 (.396) in road playoff games. Nevis was credited with just one tackle, but he drew three holding penalties with his push and was part of a defensive effort that limited the Stamps to 158 yards net offence and held battering-ram running back Jerome Messam to just 30 yards on 12 carries and zero yards on three receptions. “Drake’s an animal,” said Okpalaugo. “He’s so strong. You should see him tossing people in practice, man.” ?‍?I’d like once again, to voice my support for Andrew Harris as the team’s most outstanding player. Rushing leader and new record for receptions? Most receptions in the entire league? Wow! But I didn’t have a vote. CFL News - "There was never that energy, never that sense of urgency." - @mannyshow84 pic.twitter.com/51RfXzmGtd #CFL #BCLions #Argos via @BCLions ?‍?Under the category of not likely... Drew Edwards - Close to a half dozen players who spoke to the Spectator say they believe Austin’s return would significantly reduce the likelihood of several prominent free agents-to-be re-signing with the club as well the team’s ability to recruit players from around the league. They also believe it’s unlikely June Jones will return if Austin remains in his current role. (Speedy (Banks) has been telling everybody that he won’t re-sign if Kent is still around in any capacity,” one player said. “I think some other guys are in the same boat.”) Caretaker Bob Young - “Where is the love for a coach who took @Ticats to @CFL Grey Cup twice in four seasons?” “This is just sad. A cowardly Ticat player, maybe two, complain anonymously to a naive journalist about a former coach.” Bomber info... Sunday, November 5 No practice/media availabilityMonday, November 6Stanley Bryant, Andrew Harris, Weston Dressler and Chris Randle available to media in the Press Room at Investors Group Field at 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 7No practice/media availability Semi-Finals: Saskatchewan @ Ottawa Sunday, Nov. 12 1 pm ET Edmonton @ Winnipeg Sunday, Nov. 12 4:30 pm ET
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  17. 23 points
    I think I've literally just about had it with internet Rider fans. There are quite a number of them (CalgaryRiderFan, Beacon.x, Bingo_Arms, Huff Daddy and several others whose names just elude me right now) that are tolerable, awesome guys to talk football with but man, the majority of people over at Riderfans.com are the biggest bunch of deluded dumb as a post mouth breathers I've ever encountered. It's a shame, because every year I go to Regina for every single away game we have there, the people that I meet are awesome. It's a great city to go watch a game and the fans that are invested in supporting the Riders are great to be around. But that website is a cesspool of stupidity. The stuff I've read on that site is some of the most ridiculous nonsense I've ever imagined. Very few people on there have any clue about football as it relates to anything outside their province and trying to use any kind of reasoning with them is like talking to a doorknob. Wake up and smell the coffee, Rider fans. Your team is the worst team in the CFL, your coach is the laughing stock of the entire league and your GM somehow manages to have no clue what your head coach and defensive coordinator and media recruiting coordinator are doing, despite them all being the same person. You're using the last wear on the tires of old broken down pieces like Kevin Glenn, Jovon Johnson and Peter Dyakowski. Your coach can't stop fetishizing about the kudos he'll get if FINALLY he manages to turn a fullback into a defensive back or a tackle into a receiver and it affects the quality of your roster from top to bottom. You scout and house somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 players, yet can't find a single guy to play defensive back and somehow have to settle for convincing yourselves that Ed Gainey is serviceable. Maybe AC Leonard will stop going offside. Maybe Brenden Labatte won't get hurt for the 47th time. Maybe Henoc Muamba will stop being too fat. Maybe Duron Carter will keep his trap shut for once. Maybe Linden Gaydosh is duct taped together well enough to hold up for 3 or 4 games. Maybe Jordan Reaves will stop dealing cocaine. And maybe if all of that happens, you might have enough of a football team to piece together 7 or 8 wins this year. Until then, know your place, shut up and enjoy the basement. I can't wait until we stomp these guys on Saturday.
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    Free Agent Frenzy

    Today I have brought shame upon my family.
  19. 22 points

    Congratulations Bombers

    Well Done. No excuses here if you don't have a chance to win with your backups why are they on the team. It's football injuries will always happen and are never an excuse. The Head shot at the end did not cause us to loose the game. Good teams don't leave it up to one call, but for the love of god they need to get that hit out of the game, It happens too much to all teams QB's and my feelings on that don't change no matter what jersey colour the QB is wearing. I hope you carry the momentum and break your Grey Cup drought as every fan base that supports there team through thick and thin deserves to be part of a championship win cause it feels awesome. Still sucks we lost thought just glad it was a nail biting quality game. Cheers. Jason
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    Will Streveler Be Our James Franklin?

    How did I end up on Riderfans?
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    Bud Ross

    Back Up QB

    My name is Bud Ross and I'm Alex Ross' grandfather. The competition for the QB backup slot at training camp will be intense. Here's a brief introduction of Alex with some history: As a freshman at Alpharetta High school, Alpharetta, Ga., he led the freshman team to an undefeated season. Coaching changes at Alpharetta, prompted him to transfer To Buford High School, Buford, Ga. Because of transfer rules, he couldn’t play varsity until his junior year. He led Buford to Georgia State championships his junior and senior years. He virtually owns the record book at Coastal Carolina University. He thinks, lives, and breathes football. Happy to be on board, Bud Ross
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    Training Camp 2018

    I was there yesterday...cold in those stands. Most of the day was teaching so everything was split up in segments on the field, e.g. linemen one area, defence another and so on. When I first got there our drafted kicker Felix Menard-Briere was on the field by himself. He was kicking field goals from the 55 yard line. The first 3 or 4 fell at the 5 yard line, but the rest went through the posts easily and was very accurate. Not quite sure about his punting though. He was on the field all practice running the end zone by himself. There are so many receivers in camp and so many Canadians for a change, pretty much focused on them when they were actually doing something to watch, which was not too often...but saw a lot of potential out there, much more than some previous seasons. Notables Donteea Dye #77 very interesting...good hands small and quick and very athletic Tylor Henry national did not look out of place Rashaun Simonize national #13...hmmm...big and fast, can see why he had an NFL look. Right now? not yet sold on his hands...lots of potential there for sure, but what good is a receiver if they are not reliable? Johnny Augustine #35, National, fast and strong, appears to have great hands out of the backfield and would be a load on 2nd and short. Was very impressed with him. Can't believe he wasn't drafted and then Edmonton signed him last year. Maybe something we don't know? Tyrone Pierre national #73, is big and strong looking and appears to have good hands and is fast enough caught virtually everything thrown his way Brendon Thera-Plamondon national also did not look out of place Corey Washington #6 Int...Looks very good and made some nice catches. Looks like we let the right Washington go Myles White Int #14 is really quick and has excellent hands, defensive backs would have hands full with him, sort of like a dressler type Drew Wolitarsky #82 national...looks much improved from last year, rooting for him. Didn't pay to much attention to the Qb's, but Strevelor is big and athletic and looks to have a quick release and strong arm. Ross looked good as well, will be interesting who plants themselves in the #2 spot. Also didn't pay too much attention to the D, but did see some nice interceptions and looks like there is plenty of speed. Only glad that Sam Hurl is gone, but if the defence runs the same way as last year, only improved skill levels from the defence will save the job of Richie Hall. Sorry I couldn't have done better but it was mostly a teaching practice
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    So I'm working outside this morning when Wade Miller cruises by. I, decked out in Bomber gear, cheer and wave like the shameless fan boy I am. He stops and asks me if I have tix. I say I wish. An hour later Wade's assistant hand delivers me and my coworkers tix to tonight's game. What a cool frikken guy. Thank you Wade! Thank you Bombers! I know you just gained a few fans for sure. Can't wait to get to the stadium and lose my **** as always
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    True to rumor…that new stadium does look pretty sweet… Riders take 2 penalties early… Bombers look pretty conservative…and pretty tight… Nichols throwing a lot of very short…and very poor balls… JFG has pass bounce off him for INT… Glenn tosses perfect TD throw to Holly over R. Carmichael…10-0 Riders look like they are playing with 13 men out there… Nichols sacked to end a pretty useless 1st quarter for the Blue… …as in 0 first downs…and 10 yds. on offense… Heath picks off a long Glenn overthrow, into double coverage… O’Shea wins 2nd challenge on IC… ……but Nichols misses wide open Dressler in the end zone… Bombers down 10-3…and losing battle for field position… Glenn hits Grant with short TD pass…now 17-3 Riders Bomber D stabilizing…… Bomber O still struggling… Bomber DT’s doing some good work…… Nichols just gets down to basics…puts bulls-eye on Adams… .. 3 straight catches…with nice TD catch and run… 30 sec left…Glenn throws perfect pass…to Sam Hurl… Nichols misses Denmark in end zone…Medlock with FG Bombers lucky to be down only 17-13 at the half… …despite doing nothing for over 20 minutes… Dressler pops through a seam with no Riders in sight… …suits Nichols…as he completes 87 yd. pass and run play… Riders bumble away the ensuing kickoff….Bombers recover… Dressler finds no Rider lined up across from him in red zone… …so simply waltzes into end zone to receive another wide open TD pass…. Boom, boom….25 seconds…..2 TD’s….27-17 Bombers… Memo to Rider Fans…..Dressler not too old, small or slow…… Good Rider kick return and a penalty enables Riders to kick FG… Washington takes advantage of yet another Riders secondary bust… …to haul in 35 yd. TD pass from Nichols…who really looks on the beam, now… Glenn completes couple of passes and gets Blue D penalty to set up FG… Hurl playing his best game in a Bomber uniform… Medlock makes it 37-23…time to cruise to victory…… …hold da phone…Glenn gets off a drive…..and hits Demski with TD pass… Carmichael not exactly a Roc today… Nichols sacked…..momentum turning yet again… Nice punting from Medlock tonight… All Jake Thomas does….is make plays… Not sold on our kick returner…just yet… Some nice work by Knox and Miller on special teams… Bombers get ball back …Nichols sacked again… Crucial turnover: Grant catches and fumbles ball… …but magically converted into incompletion by CFL review… Naturally Glenn moves ball…throws 4th TD pass to Roosevelt… Not impressed with our DE’s tonight… Two Bomber rooks in secondary tested today… Alexander holding up well…but can’t smell what Roc is cooking… Solid game from Chris Randle… Blue get the ball back but Nichols sacked AGAIN….punt… Rider can’t move it into FG range…..overtime it is… 2nd series…Crapinga right on target…with left goalpost … Sense of impending doom…now hanging over the proceedings… …all that is left is for Mr. Medlock to line up… …and proceed to hit his 5th FG…for a 43-40 Bomber WIN. Nice… to overcome slow start, building and the hype… …to win opener on the road… Not so nice…to barely beat a pretty poor Rider team… Riders could really use 13 men in secondary… Bombers could really use some way… not to blow leads… I could really use some way to cut back a bit… on the gin…
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    Watched approx 45 min of camp this morning: A lady had her kid on a leash watching practice. Langkford nearly broke Johnson's ankles in a one on one, then dropped the pass. Johnson picked the ball up and flipped it to Langkford, who dropped it again. Ugly sequence for both guys... In goal line 12 on 12, Nevis nearly took the handoff he beat his guy so badly. In one one ones, I only saw an OL beat him once, and it was Intzandt. Ekakite looked better than Butcher today imo. Based on his size, it seems like he should have a better bullrush than he does. Weird to say of a 300 pound man, but Ekakite looks small. It's bc he's shortest guy in his group. Thomas looked great. Put two different ol on their backs. Hardrick is crazy. He'd sprint to the back of the endzone after each rep. He won most of the reps I saw. I've been to two practices and thought Bostic looked good both times. Winning most of his 1 on 1s. He and Green have both looked better than Jeffcoat in the reps I've watched. Jeffcoat got handled pretty easily in each rep I saw today. Pretty small sample though. I'm not the biggest Kenny Stafford fan, but he's looked good each time I've watched him. I'l post more if I think of anything else.
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    Originally, we got Drew Willy from SK for Jade Etienne. So if my algebra is correct, we traded Jade Etienne for a 1st, a 3rd, and TJ Heath.
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    Main Camp

    Only stayed for early practice, got a little wet outside and am made of sugar. First things first, guys I am actually excited to say that Richards is going to be okay! He was all over the field today and he looked faster today then yesterday. Took some contact and held on the ball a few times. This guy will be able to stretch the field for sure if he has a chance this year. He had 2 really solid box outs on some DB's today and Willy found him often. Gerrard Sheppard was back practicing, not a huge deal but made a nice grab so note worthy. Not a lot of guys going to catch R Smith if he sees green he's gone! (I would be too if I came from Saskabush) Darvin Adams and Bruce Johnson chirping a fair amount on 1 on 1's, all it fun it seemed but Adams burned him 3 times with ease. Adams also played in the slot for one of the team scrimmages, and he looked super comfortable there. Really big target in the middle, easy for Drew to find with a tall DL barring down on him Now as per request I watched a lot of the D today and the best thing to report Noeller already pointed out, Corney stole Bryants lunch and then hung him from the flag pole. Sick Move! Another play worth noting was big Louie Richardson busting the oline and wrapping up Harris for about a 5 yd loss. The D sideline loved it and so did the fans, everyone around me enjoyed that play! The great thing about this play was that had Richardson not tagged Harris, Teague would have, he was right beside him. They talked about it after on the sideline. Anderson may be gone from the interior but enter The Butcher, he was dbl teamed whenever on the field and at least one time that I saw, triple teamed. He has a lot of push in those legs and will presumably spell Shologan/Cummings/Thomas during the games. Fun to watch, wish you could have been there (yeah, I'm an ass) Not other notables from today from the Dline, they are a really strong group though Teague was also very vocal today, shifting guys where they needed to be calling out plays/formations, coaching guys on the sideline. Loffler played some coverage on some 1 on 1's, now I don't know what they are necessarily looking for in this drill but he should definitely stick to safety, got caught flat footed on a cpl dbl moves but he has pretty decent catch up speed. Waggoner did well at coverage on 1 on 1's with RBs, other than that moved well in scrimmages, looks good on ST. Half the time I saw him on the sideline though, 22 wasn't called very often Fogg had another solid day, really nice pass deflection on an out that was note worthy. He seems to be getting along with the vets well, they are always talking to Fogg or Posey and doesn't come off in a demeaning way, more encouraging and comrade-re. Posey also had a really good day, lot's of fire in him and he let everyone know it lol. Willy through a couple of picks today but the 2 I saw was WR error. He is also throwing 50% of the balls so it's going to happen as he tries to find chemistry with his WR. Nichols overthrew a tonne again today and just looked bad. Davis on the other hand looked good, dropped a couple nice passes in stride. Mayo and Davis looked strong today, Velteung seemed to be stretching a lot, didn't run a lot of routes today and was receiving punts today, nor was McDuffie so I can't say much about that. Cone still looked like a cone, Vitt didn't get much play today and Bastien looked bad today. RBs all look good, coaches are going to have a really tough time here. That's all for me, and just remember guys this is just my opinion, I am definitely not a football coach
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    Rookie Camp Report May 29

    I went to the first hour of rookie camp today. A few random observations: Garrett Waggoner was at safety the entire time. He really stood out...he has lots of energy and is very vocal. I see him as eventually a defensive leader on the team, a guy other players want to play for and lifts the performance of everyone around him. Addison Richards and Lavasier Tuinei stood out at the WR spot. Forget about the Richards/Etienne comparison as Richards is a big solid guy. And the hair is as impressive in person! Childs dropped an easy pass in the short passing drills. In the very short time I watched him, he came across as a guy who thinks he's already made the team. Brendan Morgan was at DB. I watched the RBs for a while, as I was particularly interested in seeing Bradley Randle up close, but none of the RBs really stood out to me. Buck was coaching QB handoffs when I was watching them. I noticed there was 6 QBs at practice today. Not sure who the 6th one is. Mims is a massive, massive man. I saw him standing next to Chungh and he made Chungh look small. Mims was playing left tackle today and Chungh was in at left guard (Greaves spot). Quinn Everett and Jace Daniels were taking reps at center. I noticed Buck Pierce was a lot more vocal, compared to last year. Buck was a lot more involved in explaining the offensive concepts, where last year that was entirely Marcel. Looks like another step in Buck's development towards becoming an OC. No sign of Bob Wylie. Paul Charboneau was coaching the OL.
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    What is this argument even? "The only reason the Bombers won is because their good players played good". WTF?
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    Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Not sure why you want to harp on Bluto so hard about this. As far as fans from other teams posting here, Bluto has always been one of the better ones and any back and forth has been IMO friendly banter on his part. And as far as support of the Argos go, why criticize Bluto about it when he is a Torontonian who actually supports the team. I have no time for trolls and people who come here for that sole purpose, but this board could be a better place if there was more commentary and opinions from fans of other teams. Their perspective can be interesting at times.
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    Poor starts...what poor starts? Walker big hit on first D play..... 2nd play...Jeffcoat drops way back in coverage..... Durant misses him.....and gets picked off Hitch to Adams....3 yd TD run by Harris..under 3min. in... D gets stop but Corney gets hands to face call..... Stefan Logan gets outside for good gain.... ....then ROC called for PI in the end zone...MOS loses challenge... ball on the 1. Als punch it in.... So-so kick return, holding penalty then backfield mix up...... Bomber O back to their first quarter ways.... Westerman takes roughing call on Durant... ...who promptly throws TD pass to Cunningham... Is there some reason we play 6 yds off of receivers in the RED ZONE??? 14-7 Montreal....Bombers taken 4 crucial penalties already.... Much better punting from Medlock, so far... Bombers getting pressures...but Durant putting ball on the money.. Huge sack from the odious Mr. Johnson.... Oh, THAT poor start.....33 net yards in first Q, and 3 first downs. Dressler horse collared by the even more odious Cox...looks hurt... Tough sledding for Harris on the run....but some big-time effort. ...followed by pass to Harris.....more effort.... ...and Nichols finding something fresh in Denmark, over the middle. TD. Bombers getting pretty good heat on Durant...but he hangs in there.... ...against our zone D...that is all you have to do.. Bede short punt. Medlock 48 yd attempt hits the post..... Charmin soft coverage in Bomber back 7.... E. Jackson beats Randle on the post....perfect TD toss from Durant Who is 18-22 -198 at the half. D on pace for their 400 passing yds against.... Nichols misses on consecutive passes.....some boos ensue... Bomber O 106 yds at the half. Nice return from Logan....dumb out of bounds penalty.... ....sets up Bede FG....... 24-14 at the half Lankford draws chintzy PI on long pass.... Harris in the flat....Harris in the flat again..... LaFevor sneaks for first down.....stays in.... ....then scores on 10 yd keeper. Some Montreal fullback type takes short pass.... ...and runs right over 2 Bomber defenders for 40 yds.. Bede 35 yd FG 27-21 Montreal.... Westerman seems to be really in gear now..... Jeffcoat and Thomas crunch Durant in the pocket... Harris catching more passes, Lankford a couple... Medlock FG makes it 27-24 Montreal Jeffcoat drills Durant but gets tagged with bang-bang penalty An AL brushes Nichols with two fingers...Nichols wins Academy Award.... This officiating has folks ...shaking their heads in the stands, both ways.... Lankford doing nice fill in for Dressler...... Nichols bombs away down the sideline....perfect pass to Adams.. Medlock makes 27-27......another barn burner, upcoming.... This guy Jeffcoat.... is not coming out of lineup anytime soon.... Durant hits receiver on broken play...Loffler knocks ball out.... ...ball hits right on sideline ...TJ Cunningham picks it up....all the way to the 1 Bombers stuff back to back runs....MTL settles for FG. 30-27 Harris catches, Harris runs. Medlock MISSES 39 yd FG attempt! Will Justin be the goat? 2 misses for the automated one. Durant completes 3 passes..... Bede makes it 33-28. 6 min. left. Nichols drilled on blitz...takes another heavy hit on next play.... Rutley busts a run outside....Logan busts the exact same play... Not excited about our linebackers, tonight.... Logan busts the next play INSIDE and runs for the TD. 40-28 ALs A full Bomber payload of missed tackles tonight..... Who needs Sutton, against this D.... ...which looks like Chrissie Hynde's backing band... Looking inept on both sides of ball in crunch time..... .....stands emptying out in a hurry..... Montreal in prevent D, anticipating victory..... You know what they say about that..... Nichols keeps popping away...and hits Lankford with TD pass. 40-35 The ole onside kick..47 sec left....and it is PERFECT. Alexander recovers... Als might want to use their last timeout.....their D looks pretty blown.. Nichols sacked...but Montreal.... roughing... the... passer. Nichols hits Adams down to the 15.....with 16 sec left... Matt scrambles out of the pocket...eludes couple of tacklers... ....down to the 1. with time for one play... It has to be Harris. It is Harris.. TOUCHDOWN!!!! On-field call is review. Still a TOUCHDOWN!! Down 12 with 1: 40 left? What the hell! Give up 500 yds on D? And WIN. 15 first downs for Bombers in final quarter.... Improbable....unreal....and absurd.... Kind of like my gin drinking...
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    Thank you, admin/mods

    I was just over at Rider Fans checking out the delusional posting that is going on over there after reading about it here. After reading one thread in particular it really made me appreciate (again) how great MBB and the mods are. The way this forum is moderated is so superior to RF it ain't even funny. Here the rules are applied fairly (IMO) and when things get out of hand the reaction is swift. At RF, it seems like the rules only apply to posters who are critical of the Rider organization and/or are perceived to be fans of other teams. Anyone who posts anything perceived to be negative is labelled a "troll" and can be called every name in the book without the mods stepping in while the so-called "troll" will be banned at the drop of a hat even when what they post is factually correct. Again, thank you to everyone - admin, mods and posters - for making this such a great place to post.
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    Main Camp

    Went to Practice today...raining most of the time for the players, but didn't seem to hold them back at all. We have a lot of really good looking receivers, which we couldn't say in previous years. First...the latest receiver into camp #72 Lestar Jean...no thanks...tall but not fast, doesn't look nearly as athletic as most of the others, is not agressive enough and drops some. Dressler and Smith? both look really good, especially Smith, great hands and movement, and a motor that doesn't quit. Jace Davis and Justin Talley, both of them still look really good. To bad Sheppard is injured. Veltung also looked very good...Kohlert looks very good, Bastien not so much. Now for Richards...don't know if he is still nursing the injury...but he is slow off the line, and to me looks slow in general, and doesn't have an easy time getting open. He was fine on a couple of quick hitters but other than that...well...I think Vitt is better than him but we will see. Feoli-Guido made some nice catches but also dropped a couple of fpretty easy ones. McDuffie...is a good find. He is very quick with really good lateral movement, and catches very well. Will be interesting to see him returning kicks. As mentioned Adams got hurt on one play, Kevin Cone is way better than Lestar Jean in my opinion. We are going to have to make some tough cuts. Andrew Harris looks fantastic, and gives it his all on every play. For me a toss up between Anderson and Flanders. Medlock was attempting kicks from mid field, he was wide on one and short on two others, but not by much and in wet conditions. Teague Sherman was his holder. Always easier for me to watch offence, but Euclid Cummings, and Nate Collins look really good. Justin Cole Also. Jake Thomas just breezed past the OL on one on ones. Butcher is one large man, and is obviously very strong and not particularly slow for a man his size. Westerman was Westerman no more needs to be said. It is not hard to tell that Corney really wants to learn, he is talking to the coach to get more instruction. Still impressed with Loffler, he may surprise a few people. I though Celiscar and Fogg has very good days. Bruce Johnson not so much. There were probably others the coaches thought were good, but hard to track everyone. Quarterbacks? They all had their moments, but for me and in more than one practice...Brian Bennett looks better than Dominique Davis. He moves better and has a better arm, trouble is that he is less experienced. One thing is for sure...the QB's will have a lot more options on offence than the last few years. Now they just have to take advantage of them.
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    Tyson Pencer Released

    Every time I read one of your posts, I feel like I'm getting dumber.
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    Mr Dee

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    TIDBITS - CJOB Special. (Shorthand version) Walters Moving on from Dressler Flanders - want more return ability - will see. Matthews - he’s focused on NFL, but ‘could’ end up here. O’Shea - regrets losing ‘good’ people, football and otherwise. Jefferson will fit right in. Intrigued to see him play. Ultra competitive West. Negotiations- players will work hard to get what they want. Better partnership and communication now. Couture ready? Yes. Gray will compete. No doubt OL can be as good. TC will determine who’s who and where they play. Streveler- expand his roll..still Matt’s team. Augustine - will have to work on ST & protection. Will be competition 2 spots open on Rec. Petermann & Simonize - both improved. Knox to Wilson. Wilson was slated for MLB. Mexican player in camp? Looking at it. Globalization- to improve revenue streams. Likes the big thinking. Nichols knee injury? Into good training. No knee concerns. Wants to be more consistent. Harris - doesn’t know where the money’s coming from when asked of teams signing Free Agents. Brown & Tait - negotiations? Brown brings up a fund for injuries. Tait - guranteed contracts? No go. Pie is too small. Sask. - Tait says it all depends on Collaros...otherwise - yeesh Brown says they’re going to be terrible and hopes they’re terrible.
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    Simonise back on kickoff.....fumbles and boots it around, to put Bombers in a hole..... Nichols roughed in end zone, then O strings together 4 first downs..... Medlock makes it 3-0. Powell gets around the end on 2nd and short for 50 yards..... ...then catches ball on wheel route for easy TD. D on 2 point convert, still not a Bomber specialty…..8-3 Ottawa Nichols spreading the ball around, early, and releasing it quicker.... Hits Demski, then Dressler down to the RB 25, Adams catches slant. …. Harris runs for first down, then Adams catches another slant..... …..breaks a tackle and is in the end zone for the TD... Harris finding open receivers and has time to deliver...… So far, looks like the aliens have returned the real Hall to us...... Fenner blitz/sack stops drive on 2nd down. FG makes it 11-10 Redblacks Demski runs for 15, then passes to Adams and Demski…. ...sets up 37 yd Medlock field goal. 13-11 Blue Opo jumps offside.... but in 3 man rush....sacks Harris, on next play.... Medlock hits #3 to push it to 16-11. Ward goes for CFL consecutive FG mark with #39 in a row.... No... RedBlacks run the fake FG....and it comes up short... Adams embellishes contact a bit and draws 30 yd PI. Thompkins makes nice catch for first down... Dressler grabs 10 more.. Nichols sacked....Harris gets to Ott 24. Llast play FG has Bombers up 19-11. Alexander tagged for PI....but Bryant sacks Harris on another 3 man rush.... Nichols takes flea flicker, drops it off to Big Wolt for 20..... Dressler takes hitch for 10...Harris runs it down to the Ottawa 6..... Harris then...uh.....stands and watches 2 incomplete passes from there (sigh) Medlock is 5 for 5. Bombers up 22-11 Bombers kick their first punt ….at 5:50 of the 3rd quarter Harris drilled by Bighill. Ward does tie the record this time. 22-14 Blue Demski dancing around...on the end around...and fumbles ball away.. RB's don't go on 3rd and 1. Ward now has CFL record with 40th straight Bombers could use some O here. Nichols fumbles but Chung recovers.... Harris catches pass, hurdles tackler for good gain. Ottawa roughing on same play... Dressler gets his helmet ripped right off for another 15..... Revenge is sweet. Dressler wide open on curl out, in end zone for the TD. 28-17 Harris takes heavy hit from Jake Thomas....Sayles nice knockdown on 2nd down.... Harris and Demski run for FD. Thompkins catches one for another... Dressler drops 2nd down pass.....Medlock hits his 6th FG. 32-17 Clutch drive. Up 15 with less than 4 minutes to go. Somehow Randle has good ole JFG take the ball right out of his hands..... JFG then catches 30 yard shotput TD pass...as Fogg falls right down.... 32-14 Hold the phone. That only took Ottawa 45 seconds..... Huge Medlock punt puts RedBlacks on own 32, with 1:45 left Ellingson makes great catch to convert 3rd and 3..... Bombers laying off receivers and missing tackles, now... JFG (new Ottawa threat) catches pass over middle to Bomber 15 Harris then tosses to Ellingson for the TD. But they need the 2-pointer Of course, Ellingson catches floater over Alexander. 32-32 Bomber D has completely vaporized a 15 point lead in last 3 and a half minutes. OT. Harris catches, then runs for first downs. Harris rips off 12 more.... Nichols finds Dressler on 2nd down....wide open in end zone. 38-32 Bombers Have to have the 2. Nichols delivers to Adams. Up 40-32. Matt has looked a lot like the ole efficient Nichols, today..... Just need a stop on D, to close out this thing and cap my drinking... Ellingson catches two passes for first downs.....we just can't cover that guy... Vincent Rodgers takes brutal roughing penalty after the whistle Bomber D can't cover Sinopoli either...he takes it to the 18 Sinopoli catches it again, cuts inside to the Bomber 5...… ...but Adam Bighill pursues him....and punches the ball out..... Santos-Knox falls on it. Bomber ball. Bomber WIN. D finally make a stop. Bombers finally get 2 points ...on a bottle drainer, that should of been in the bag, long ago.... ….and has put me in the bag, right now.... ..
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    Bomber Moves 2018

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    Quick update from camp - went Monday and Tuesday. I missed the first half Monday, and so the last hour and a bit I saw was all special teams. Walked over and watched the OL practice but nothing too noteworthy. Tuesday was a lot more fun from a fan perspective. Chris Randle had a really nice interception early on against the offense. I will say that in camp this year the defense seems extremely vocal, in a good way. Lots of coaching between each other and just a lot of fun too. Leggett can be heard just talking a bunch, at one point yesterday he was literally barking for a few minutes. Heard Randle walking the sidelines too. Shayon Green spent some time on the sideline with Jamal Westerman working on hand technique. Defensive tackles got to practice hand swipes and rips against the anchored tackle dummy. Ekakitie got some ribbing when he was the only one who didn't flip it completely on its side. Needed to get his hand under the armpit more, which the coaches pointed out. As for the QBs, I thought Lefevour looked erratic. Overthrew several balls and one in the turf. Nichols looked pretty good. Davis didn't stand out one way or the other. Apodaca had very limited reps- mostly hand offs and I only saw one short throw from him. And just in general, I really like our coaching staff. I like how they coach in practice and how they interact with the players. Different vibe than say, Doug Berry in the golf cart.
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    Main Camp

    Ok everyone, sorry it took so long but while we have sun that lawn needed a trim! From my eyes of course: Buckner picked off willy 1st play of scrimmage and ran it back for a score.The defense is gelling together nicely, the boys are fired up. He may not take Randles job but he needs to be used on the field. Practiced with a lot of fire today. Maybe Randle moves to B Johnson's spot, he looked a little shaky on the plays I saw him on. Few plays later Bass had a pick, this time of Nichols. Oline breaking a number of runs through, really nice end around by R Smith, dude is a lot of fun to watch can't wait to see him on labour day! McDuffie looks really good, a number of solid grabs in drills and scrimmage, I must be missing something because I can't see why a team would cut a guy like him. His hands are solid and he makes guys miss on special teams. Harris very vocal when taking repsoff, big time leader... more gushing about him going to be huge for us this season and so on.... No way is medlock punting.... looks like Castillo may be out of a job... Pavlopoulos had a cpl 60+ boots.... a **** tonne of hang time. His first was a squib, I made the irrational decision to write him off and then 3 huge kicks with nice direction... wow. Hurl made a really nice stop on Harris in the backfield, I don't know if it was solid instinct by Hurl or a missed assignment by OL but give credit where its due, he made a nice play. Jesse Briggs.... he better be a demon on special teams this year because it's hard to believe he's going to beat out many of our other LB's or Canadians. Darvin Adams...my man, made some really nice catches, Willy loves the guy, they are always talking giving each other props. He isn't going anywhere. But you can begin to see some standouts in WR corps. Besides the obvious, J Davis will make the team, Mayo had some nice catches, Talley look like they belong. Cone looks like one, Jean still can't catch worth blank, and doubt Bastien makes the club (we just have better options, no slight on the guy), and Richards still looks a little rough, but think he can turn things around once he feels more comfortable after rehab. I can't imagine him being on anything but the PR or IR to start season. Who else....guys like Kearney looked comfortable, moves very stealthy broke some passes. Moe Leggett had a pick, looked like a stud, he hung out a bit with the other NFL guys today, looked like Wilson, Patrick are going to make it tough on the coach. These boys are always working... Loffler was a lot of fun to watch today, he flies around the field. Watched a little of the OL/DL one on ones and didn't see anyone really jump of the page besides Bryant. Macho is terrible... nuff said. Not really organized but thoughts throughout practice.
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    I have caught practice nearly every day that I can during a quick bite. I watch for maybe 30 minutes, but I can tell you, that if you're observant enough, there is A LOT that you can catch going on that I'm sure many would at least sit back say, "Interesting." For example, who here knows that since Marve doesn't get very many reps in practice that he spends 20-30 minutes post practice, running roll-outs and tossing balls all over the field with Jhomo Gordon? How about that we have had a half-dozen other guys taking turns kicking field goals? Does anyone here even know now that Kohlert has practiced all week with the 1s? There is a lot you can say in a couple of sentences to give people something other than "nice catch this, and bad drop that."
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    Both teams starting slow on O..... Good inside push from Bomber D-line.... O not stretching field, yet....short pops to Demski... Great punt from Medlock...goes out on BC 2..... A Reilly chuck up, and blown coverage....long gain Burnham... Another pass and blown tackling on Burnham, by Sayles and Alexander... Blue D makes BC settle for 3.... Why does Burnham always do this to us? Kyrie Wilson closing nicely to the ball...against the BC running backs Harris showing usual form in run game.....so far.... Nichols and Whitehead can't connect on the long ball Good punt return from Nelson, gets Blue good field position.... Harris rumbles for back to back first downs.... Nichols hits Adams down to the 7...… Nichols rolls out and finds Adams, all by himself in the end zone Bomber OL looking pretty good here.....7-3 for good guys.... Lions take their 3rd penalty on kick returns... Bomber D looking stout...against the run.... Reilly hits a couple of passes under pressure.... Fenner hit with a pretty tic-tac call on PI... Nevis cleans up on sack after Jeffcoat pressure.... Sayles takes a IC....but Moes have to settle for another 3 Nichols hits Adams with perfect pass for 40.... Nichols then rears back and finds Woltarksi ..lonely, in back of end zone.... 75 yd, 7 and a half minute TD drive. Blue O in a groove... But Rutley takes the ensuing kick....cover guys caught inside.... ...and he rolls the rest of the way, for a 108 yd TD Reilly hits Carter for the 2 point convert.... Then, 3 short passes and a Bomber PI, sets up a FG. 17-14 Bombers dominating that quarter, with nothing to show for it... Blue running some predictable and ineffective blitzes on D 2nd half. Reilly pass deflected by Fenner and picked off by Hecht.. ….who goes down the sideline for big return, to the BC 8 Nichols looks one way, then rolls the other....finds WoltMan for the TD 3rd time a Bomber receiver is totally wide open in the money zone... Bombers now 3 for 3 in the zone tonight.... Undeterred, Reilly finds Carter with long sideline pass.....past Rose Fenner then beaten badly on corner route for the TD He does end up with ball off a blocked convert and gets 2 points back... Bomber D coverage has sprung some leaks, tonight. 23-23 Bombers take 2 penalties on the KR. One a phony block call on Alexander.. Whitehead does not look like a natural at R. Harris rolls around the end for a big gain. OL Grey looks like the real deal... Harris takes a screen for another first down....but Blue settle for Medlock 3 BC has 4 yds rushing....and aren't even trying it...at this stage Harris goes over 100, on 15 yard draw. Nichols finds Lawler for FD.... Matty hits Wolitarski ….who burrows down to goal line.... Streveler sneaks it in....33-23 for the good guys. This guy Exume is a real ST assassin, has at least 4 tackles.... Bad punt and no yards gives the Blue good field position... but 2nd down holding call, kills drive. Hecht cuts under receiver in middle of field...… ...and gets pick #2, with a lateral to Gaitor to boot..... Bombers go into dink and dink O.....then punt Seems like BC has about like...3 offensive plays in their playbook.. 3rd and 10 Esks. Reilly is hammered by Richardson... ….ball falls to the turf. Game pretty over. Harris bulls his way over the 130 mark, then adds ANOTHER 10 ….to run out the clock....as I run out of gin. 33-23.
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    Mini-camp info - April 24-26

    some observations... LB's Gause ...thick..fast ..agile and looks to be front runner as the MLB..or at the least the DI spot. For a bigger guy very agile and capable of covering sideline to sideline as he showed in skelly...has a powerul jab/punch and would have no issue scrapping along line and shedding blocks to stuff the run...very impressed Wilson too..very similar but not as agile...but plays with confidence..as did Gause. Not as quick as Gause but would have no issue covering a back in the flats and playing sideline to sideline...I would say him and Gause are prime candidate for the MLB role and I think Gause is the better,,,he's just darn good Jones is not as quick and not as agile..but solidly built...practices like this are hard to judge a guys true worth, but he is behind the two I mentioned..though he looks to be a guy who could lay the lumber. Be interesting TC and if we roll all import at Linebacker i could truly see JSK/Gause and Legget/Fenner with Wilson or maybe Wild as the extra...if we able to roster wise have all those guys that be sweet but one of Wilson/wild i think will be PR'd or cut DB's Hate to Roc Carmichale a guy but Earl Wolff will start...smooth..savy pro who has extra greasy swivel to him and can just manouver and adjust at will to put himself in position to just make plays...and he is solid too...I actually wouldn't be surprised to see him at SAM too...he one way or another will be on the roster and a guy who can play..and excell at CB/HB/SAM...not sure why he isn't stlll in the NFL...BUt it's our gain..guy is legit...just knows where he is and where things were headed and has nose for the ball Bingham too also impressed...looked confident and has a real knack for arriving the ame time as the ball and busting things up...didn't give up much cushion and can really see him fitting in this defense as a ball hawk..With him..Wolff..Fenner..Leggett..Randle...i see it being a tough camp for one of..if not any of Fogg..Gaitor or Clarke sticking...gonna be a good battle...nobody else really stood out, but again...was watching multiple things going on so its tough. receivers...man if we could have this ratio thing cleared up to start 4 imports we have some talent to choose from with options to start4 and have 2 back-ups on roster not named Lankford Best of group is Stevens by far..silky smooth...fast and just has ability to seperate easily..and often....he can run his routes and cut like Denmark could without gearing down but is big and can win battles for the ball...how he isn't kept around would be troubling. Never seen him drop a thing and everything he does just looks polished Same can be said about C Washignton...big..knows how to use that body and he is very quick for a dude his size..real nice hands and with this feild size..already seems to know where to find the seams and get the ball in stride...he could cause all kinds of havoc in the middle third of the field... Can also see why Myles White was kept all yr..and brough back...lightning in a bottle and is so fast..out of his cuts..and once ball hits his hands..which are real good..best route runner out there..has a fifth gear he can jump into on the fly and tracks balls better than I have seen here in a long while..I hope he gets to show his return abilities becuse he has them too and can be a reason for us to be abe to roster hopefully 2 import receivers as a backup on game day... LDW as well still has to be in the conversation..he has gained some size and looks more comfortable and polished...and his route running is much improved..he runs with meaning and purpose now it seems...confidence a familiarity does that..I also noticed he did some work on technique and is now a hand catcher as opposed to using his body as much..good on him as it allows receivers to play with speed better (which he has ample amounts of )and catch balls in stride... I also noticed A.J Coney...he is quick and runs sharp routes and once ball is in his hands seems to be a threat to bust a big play...could be a camp dark horse...not sure if he is a returner..but that could be an ace in the hole for him Anyway thats my opinions and thiughts..feel free to comment or rip it apart hahahaha
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    The Rider site is that way...
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    Better D this week? Ottawa drives 85 yds for easy opening drive TD Harris is 9 for 9, against the ole predictable soft coverage. Easy 2 point convert....6 minutes of defensive futility...... Bombers first play on offense.....Nichols bombs away... ..on stop and go to Lankford, who can really move.... In this case... 78 yds with perfect pass right in there... Finally a stop...some 2 back with Harris and Flanders ...couple of completions by Nichols... ...brings on Medlock. who puts 52 yd FG, down the pipe! Nichols putting ball on target.....JFG getting some work... Loffler strips Ottawa RB on short yard play....ball pops up... Randall grabs it and runs down the sideline 30 yds for the TD. Nichols bombs to Adams....obvious PI completely missed....| ....brings on obvious challenge....with obvious overturn. Bomber D covering better, could of had some picks.... Offense having some struggles with 2nd down penalties... Halftime 17-12. Seen worse .. from this team. Bomber D starts off 2nd half with....a Powell 50 yd td run... ...as he finds no LB's in second level....and goes in untouched... Turning into a game of field position, at this point.... Hurl and Knox are struggling again, just like last week.... Ottawa FG has it at 23-17 for Red Blacks.... JFG having productive evening..... Flanders-Harris reappears.....Adams catches ball down deep.. Nichols misses Denmark, then gets sacked..... Mr. Medlock makes it 23-20. Still impressed with Jeffcoat at DE. Back up RB QB drops snap, can't convert 3rd and short. Nichols perfect TD pass to Adams.....but Blue tagged for holding... Undeterred...Nichols hits Denmark inside the 10...... ...but the Bombers THIRD hand to face penalty call, wipes that out. Sir Medlock makes it 23-all. Going to be another of THOSE finishes.... Roc gets IC penalty....Ott. convert 2nd down against soft coverage.... ....RedBlacks eating up the yards and the time..... Harris long toss to Ellington....2 Bomber DB's standing and looking at each other... Big time coverage bust for the D. Big go-ahead TD for Ottawa....30-23. Nichols trapped for sack, but pitches it to Thorpe who breaks 3 tackles for FD... Harris run...and sideline PI on Adams gets the Bombers deep... Why is MOS taking timeout just before the 3 minute warning? Adams in the endzone. but leaves his feet and does not stay in bounds . Earl of Medlock kicks another.....30-26. Bombers are only down 3 with 2:30 left.....no sweat.... Long Justin kickoff is conceded... for huge single point...one possession game... The maligned Bomber D gets the stop with pretty good coverage.... Short Mahar punt sails straight out of bounds....10 yards tacked on... Nichols completes to Adams, but overthrows JFG on 2nd down. Squire Medlock kicks the field goal...with 55 seconds left....30-30... All down to Blue defense.....who gets huge hit from Loffler.... ...and key defended pass from the Roc, on 2nd down... Time for some of the ole Blue Bomber Voodoo..... Nichols hits Thorpe, then Denmark...Harris bulls down to the 30... Master Medlock lines up on final play of game for 35 yd attempt... ....and it is REAL GOOD!! Bomber pull it out again! 33-30. Bombers left some plays out there.....and boned themselves with penalties... Alternating between Swagger and Stagger...but this crew never gives up. "Scrub" Nichols cool as ice, in crunch time, again.....17-5 as Bomber starter Huge road win against a RedBlack team who is better than that record.... Huge gin consumption.....for whatever works....
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    Mr Dee

    Looking Ahead: Winnipeg Vs BC

    Attention #Bombers fans - Just got a note from the legendary @BobIrvingCJOB -- surgery went well. ?? — Ed Tait (@EdTaitWFC) July 19, 2017
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    Drew Wolitarsky

    Chris Jones is definitely a major DB.
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    This place is going to be insufferable for a few weeks while everyone competes for adoration and glory. *** LIKE IF YOU HATE THE RIDERS ***
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    After the game, I logged on while I was in my hotel (I was pretty drunk, I can't deny ) and read about 4 or 5 pages of screaming and whining that they got robbed, we got handed the win, blah blah blah. So I wrote "hehe" Logged on the next day. Banned for a week.
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    Nichols throwing off-target early....,. Fogg 35 yd punt return...sets up long Medlock FG... Very conservative O in first quarter.... Stubler D jamming Blue short passing game.... Kilgore hits D. Spencer behind Fogg for 70 yd TD.... ....Chad should of quit, while he was ahead..... As the Fogg began to roll in with a INT....with much more to come. ...after Nichols gives up his first INT of year.... Next series...Kilgore picked off by Bass.... Next play...Denmark wide open..30 yd corner pattern TD... As the ole Bomber turnover followed by touchdown game continues... Jace Davis not doing himself any favors......13 -10 at the half Fogg recovers fumble....then picks off Kilgore on next series.... Nichols gets short passing game untracked....down to the redzone... ....Harris caps the 92 yd drive...by running right through 4 Argos for the TD... 20-10....Bombers taking over LOS on both sides of ball.... Blue DL getting stronger as game goes on... Harris pounding the rock, with good yards after contact.... ...this enables Nichols play action 80 yd bomb to Denmark.... 27-10 Blue.....24 unanswered points by Bombers.... Ian Wild: just another usual stud game..... Bond: knocking guys around...but 3 major penalties... Argo receivers not really helping Kilgore...... Bomber kick coverage excellent again.... Medlock on autopilot: 14 straight field goals... Fogg still a factor on returns... These special teams are in a serious groove..... Moe Leggett gets Bombers 5th INT of game....and his 2nd ...and scoots 98 yards to ice the game..,..34 -10.. 6 more turnovers for Blue D....14 in last 3 games.... Fogg? 2 picks, a sack, a fumble recovery and 4 tackles. ....and some serious ROY consideration... Denmark? Proves you can come home again ...... ...7 catches for 195 and 2 TD... ...seems Clarence likes being re-employed...... O-line didn't give up a sack .... ...and gave Harris enough cracks for 125 yards rushing.... Manase Foketi didn't really look out of place, at Tackle...... Late Argo TD window dressing....but 34-17 win on the road. 4 and 4, into the bye, after 1-4 start......will take it Gin after a string of wins.....will drink it.
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    Might be time to change my name

    Click on Super Duper Negatron in the top right. Then choose Account Settings The click Display Name in the left hand panel Type Super Duper Optimist That Will Be Let Down in the New Display Name text Field Click Save
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