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  1. On the game ending INT, 100% deliberate by Rose to deflect to Wilson, and that play belongs right up there in top Grey Cup plays right with Eddie Brown in 96. TSN totally botched that play, took forever for a replay, kept showing closeups of Ticats.
  2. Remember too it was 2 rouges Hamilton gave us off kickoffs because the previous one the returner tried to catch when he could have just let it go through for no point. Negated the safety we conceded.
  3. Bombers KO'd the starting KR for Hamilton on the opening kickoff and just waited for it to pay off.
  4. Sounds like someone demolishing the set just behind the TSN panel. How the hell is production value so bad?
  5. First coach in this era that put teams on the field you expect to win really. Ritchie I guess to some extent but the bottom was always about to fall out. The older of us remember Murphy's teams that were the same, always in the mix and confident enough to win it all with a bit of quarterbacking. It's Grant, O'Shea, Murphy/Riley.
  6. Once it got to 22-20 it's just like Hamilton expected to lose somehow. Our mindset and patience just way too much.
  7. Might have gone Jake Thomas for Canadian. Demski had a TD but otherwise pretty rough night.
  8. Disagree just hit wrong side of Darvin but way early. Another receiver would have crumpled and got a flag.
  9. Doesn't even have to be that quick, lots of time. But need FG minimum here.
  10. Think that first down route was there just missed the throw. Too bad. The 3 helps but still 2 possession game.
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