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  1. I don’t think he’s gonna be able to do it for much longer unless they let him try playing actual quarterback. He’s already had the **** beat out of him and only started a game
  2. Or we could just sit him for 3 years and let him walk.. I didn’t say make Wilson the starter, I said give him some playing time as the backup with Strev starting, maybe give him a game or 2 if Streveler gets banged up. See what he can do currently and if he has enough to be worth keeping around. I believe Streveler can be the guy now but how can you call him, or any 30 year old quarterback “The future”? I don’t want to go the Tim Burke route, I also don’t want to be the post-Calvillo Als with 30 year old Adrian MacPherson as the hot young prospect.
  3. “Wouldn’t it have been prudent to put Lucky in to get underthown to by Collaros?”
  4. “The players implemented FIFO” It was an old Argo thing and if the players used it, it was because the coach liked it. At this point it should be “play well or **** off” “From the ****** handshake” was the little motto the players used when this thing was originally turning around. Started by Jamal Westerman iirc. I liked that one much better.
  5. Agreed. In addition, it might be time to give Terry Wilson a game. I know Strev is up next but he is 30. With his style and the way they use him, we’re not getting more than 1-2 more years imo. They need to see if they haven’t completely buggered up the QB position for the future, and the only way to do that is give Wilson some playing time. He couldn’t do much worse than Collaros has. 1 or 6 game Zach with a thorax setback and see what you have for the future.
  6. That’s right, and a lot of those players Wally let go ended up declining here.
  7. For sure there is. When the senior guys are performing like trash with no consequence I’m sure it seeps through subconsciously to the whole team.
  8. I see a little of both. Also, Zach doesn’t have the arm strength anymore. When he does make the right decisions, the ball often has too little velocity. We’ve seen a lot of brutal underthrows that should have been TDs over the last year.
  9. Yeah Brian Brohm certainly didn’t play very well last night..
  10. 3 Turds in the Toilet Bowl. 1. Collaros. It’s time to make a permanent change. 2. The officials. DPI is literally just running? 3. Bighill- Sad to say, at this point in his career he’s the worst tackler out of any starting defensive player in the CFL, save maybe BA. No honker when they lose to the riders.
  11. Just don’t turn the ball over and we win handily. If the offence is on, Sask shouldn’t be able to keep up without Harris and a rookie RT.
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