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  1. Arbuckle on the 1 game https://3downnation.com/2021/09/23/qb-mcleod-bethel-thompson-to-start-for-injured-nick-arbuckle-vs-montreal/
  2. At this point, anyone think Ottawa would give up Ward for a high draft pick and/or one or 2 of our PR guys?
  3. QB- A+, can’t ask anything more of ZC…McGuire is automatic in short yardage: I’d say Receivers C+, just due to the rough first few weeks. RB- Harris A, B- overall OL- A-. Not as dominant as last year thus far, but still head and shoulders the best in the league. DL- Ralphies teacher is right…Could be one of the all-time greatest. LB- A- Biggie amazing… Career ST guys playing WIL for most of the year and not looking too out of place. DBs- A+. 2 CFL rookies shining, on the toughest side to play… All-star level play at S…Mike Jones is quietly making a case for himself as a Top 5 corner in the league. ST-Kicking game. D-. Only because it hasn’t cost a win. If the D hadn’t complimented so well, I’d go F. Coverage- D+ Gave up a lot of return yards, but haven’t allowed a TD. Returning- F.
  4. They’ve both been Bomber killers for sure. As long as we can get pressure with just 4 or 5 it will be fine. It’s when Bombers start bringing the house that they run into trouble with the quick stuff.
  5. No kidding..I saw he was wearing a GC 19 hoodie so I brought up the game, turns out the guy is a 20+ year CIS and CFL ref on the side. Thanks for your kindness, my baby girl is a warrior. She’ll be home with us sooner or later.
  6. Cool thing, my daughters nurse yesterday is part of the reffing crew for tonight’s Bomber game. I told him to watch the holding on Willie lol
  7. I don’t think this version of the Bombers will fall into a trap, but there’s just something about BC Place..so many goofy games there in this Bomber era.
  8. You sound exactly like my brother, who lives in Olds. I feel for you man. I’m in Edmonton right now for a medical trip for my daughter. At least here the general attitude towards masking seems more or less like Winnipeg.
  9. This^ His animal rescue work alone has made a lifelong fan out of me. True gem.
  10. Not to make a national case, but Ebonics jokes are kind of poor form man.
  11. That was the first game after 9/11 vs Edmonton. IIRC it was played on a Monday night. One of the most intense regular season games I’ve seen live.
  12. I was just saying to a buddy how these horrible commentators make the games nearly unwatchable.
  13. Can’t believe they still don’t know how to give a yard after having their hands on the white paint 3 times in a row in that Hamilton game 😂
  14. That was one of the all time ugliest wins I’ve seen in my life.
  15. Out-schemed I suppose would have been the better phrase. It’s not like I think we have a technically poor coaching staff, but letting 2 essentially rookie QB’s control the game has to have something to do with schematics.
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