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  1. The old 2K football games were legendary. They got too good so EA bought exclusive rights. I've read decent things about the Axis Football series, but haven't played it. Kind of fits the whole indie angle that I think would be good. Maybe they have a CFL mod or could get licensing eventually. Could be good for both sides.
  2. Immunocompromised guy here. Expecting my first child in a few weeks. There's my bias. "Our" decision to live with Covid has meant I haven't been able to go to any of the prenatal appointments. I'm concerned we are inviting another wave that may prevent me from being present at the birth. Not a big fan of loosening restrictions when mass vaccinations are underway and at least somewhat of an end is in sight. Would really like to feel comfortable being around friends again too. Thankfully all 3 of my 80+ year old grandparents have all received one vaccine shot though.
  3. The MLA for Steinbach, Kelvin Goertzen, literally got over 10 times as many votes as the 2nd place candidate. He got over 4 times as many votes as all the other candidates combined.
  4. My MLA is the leader of the Liberal Party, Dougald Lamont. I've found him to be an excellent MLA and the party platform in general seems to be intelligent and progressive. As a plus, Pallister hates him and retorts to every issue Lamont raises with a jab at the federal Libs. Unfortunately with our voting system it is very hard for the Libs to gain traction provincially. One side wants anything but the NDP, the other anything but the Conservatives. Its hard to make any headway when both sides are afraid to split the vote. The last election was the first time I ever voted provincially for t
  5. I think you're pretty accurate,but I'd go a step further even. I think it wasn't that they were feeling Calgary out and kept Streveler for the 2nd half, but rather he was more of a "secret weapon" that they didn't want to allow the Stamps to make half-time adjustments. I can never be sure, but that's how I make sense of Strev not really doing anything until the 2nd half. Also thinking (hoping?) that it was kind of a ploy to list him as the 3rd stringer, but who knows.
  6. Pretty sure I've heard Irving or O'Shea talk about how tough Gray plays and his ability to just stop at the whistle and not engage with others. Definitely saw that a few times this game and it cost Edmonton.
  7. I missed the post game stuff on TSN, but had to try to find this. For anyone else interested in Maas' rant around the 2:50 mark: https://www.tsn.ca/winnipeg-blue-bombers-beat-edmonton-eskimos-for-third-straight-win-stay-first-in-west-1.1355340
  8. Do you have a source for this? I'd enjoy reading (or watching) more about this
  9. It's unfortunately that most of what I've heard about increases coming to our CBA will be basically given to the top players. I'd rather bump up the minimum salary a bit. I wonder how often we convince a star player not to try the NFL with a big contract compared to how many players we could attract to the league with a higher minimum contract.
  10. Yeah 250,000. Was the highest paid defensive player until a few days ago. Even though I'm not a fan of spending the big bucks often, I liked this signing at the time. Now that other teams have spent so much on players I doubt will have the same impact, I like it even more.
  11. Has anyone seen the salary numbers for the guys we've signed? Or the guys that we kept either? Only one I've heard was Bighill, but it would be interesting to see what we're spending.
  12. Is streaming CJOB online an option? I do that occasionally.
  13. Agree with most of what you said, but I also question if it was smart to make our big money F.A. a defensive end. We already have Jeffcoat. Roe is serviceable, but admittedly better in rotation. But isn't DE a place we've done fairly well recruiting? Glad to have Jefferson, but wonder if DE is the best place to spend the money. Seems like we could have rolled the dice on recruiting a guy that's an upgrade to Roe and spent elsewhere.
  14. Looking at that chart does explain why we didn't make many huge moves, maybe takes some of the sting away from Redblacks fans too, but I think we came out of day one much better than them.
  15. Bob Irving and Co. are broadcasting one on the Global facebook account. Nice listening to Bob's voice.
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