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  1. I think it is still a legitimate point. A name like Murray gets off to strong start due to name recognition and knowledge that he is a known commodity that didn't completely mess up the city already. As people get closer to the election and realize they need to do some research (like myself), they gain knowledge of other candidates. If they see Murray with a commanding lead already, they see little point to choose either Gillingham or Loney thinking that it is already decided. Fortunately it seems like Klein and Motkaluk don't have a chance. I feel like I can't even consider Gillingham - anyone that has even flirted with the current Manitoba PC's is pretty much automatically disqualified for me.
  2. I did some initial investigation shortly after I posted my last comment. Loney is definitely the favourite for me right now. Great vision and good experience. Listened to and read some of the stuff he's done before considering entering politics and its great. Hopefully some of Murray's support fades with the latest revelations and moves to Loney.
  3. Who stands out in terms of quality of the ones running for mayor? I think with so many candidates and no huge names or anyone making any positive splashes, it is easy to see why Murray would take it. I haven't taken much of a dive into policies, but it is hard for the average voter to do when there are so many options.
  4. I've unfortunately come to expect stuff like this from MTG or Boebert, but it is really disappointing to see here. Surprised she used the term perplexed properly, but I'm guessing she's heard that term an awful lot in her life.
  5. I got my updated bivalent shot the day after bookings started. If you thought your wifi signal improved with the first one, just wait until you get some 2.0 running through your veins.
  6. Despite winning elections, racism has been isolated as a significant factor that directly led to Obama receiving less votes than expected results. Trump and all the politicians that have since jumped on the Trump bandwagon also do better than expected amongst racists. Any increase in minorities plays poorly for them in polling, but good for them in terms of inflaming voters that immigrants are the cause of their problems. There is some interesting stats/analysis on this in the book "Everybody Lies" by Seth Stevens-Davidowitz. Interesting to say for someone that has basically been a Pollievre parrot with lines like "JUSTINFLATION" would say this. One of the big problems with PP is that his followers have little care or little ability to comprehend facts. If political popularity were decided by good policy and facts, PP would have no chance and wouldn't come close to leading anything but the PPC. I'd assume most people critical of PP/CPC on this forum take issue with the embrace of misinformation and lack of legitimate policies way more than his annoying personality. What specific concerns you about the direction the CPC is heading?
  7. PP has already hinted at his stance on freedom by not allowing questions after calling a press conference.
  8. It is important for people who see things from the right side of the political spectrum to realize the party is moving away from them toward a very unhealthy MAGA-style politics fueled by, and propagating misinformation. It is better for our country to have a party on the conservative side that actually believes in conservative values, rather than what they currently represent. The sane part of the country/party need to drag the party back towards that after Bergen/PP rather than toward the Bernier/PPC side. We've seen how that egg can't be unscrambled in the US. Why would anyone want to go in that direction? I'm legitimately baffled that the events in the US haven't pushed the PC party closer to the centre to avoid that at all costs. Several unsuccessful elections in a row so stoop to a strategy that has worked elsewhere?
  9. Disagree in terms of MB Libs. I've thought for a while that Lamont is the best provincial party leader I've seen in this province in a while and Manitoba would do best with a Liberal government. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much to cheer for them because Lib/NDP fighting out the sane parts of MB isn't enough to overcome to moron mob.
  10. This brought back memories I didn't realize I had. Having to guard phones to make sure a download finishes....
  11. There's a picture of the former interim leader of the Conservatives wearing a Maga hat. Goes completely with Candice Bergen's politics, so it should come as a surprise.
  12. It must take a lot to leave the party and risk losing your job to do something like this. Lots of respect for Conservatives that do this in the name of actually staying true to traditional Conservative values rather than chasing the alt-right misinformation-fed vote. More than anyone across the political spectrum, Canada needs Conservatives to call this out and oppose it. The US needed Republicans to massive oppose Trump, and lost their opportunity in the sake of power-hunting and fear. Unfortunately actual values mean little when power is up for grabs. Such a low, scumbag tactic to continually paste people with the word liberal (incorrectly) as an insult. I would hope that the majority of Canadians see this for what it is, but we've seen members of this forum repeatedly use Liberal, again incorrectly, as an attack. Continually screaming BIAS!!!! towards legitimate journalism weakens journalism and news in the eyes of some Canadians and leaves them prone to believing that agencies like Rebel News are unbiased.
  13. I think this comment is unfair. There's a whole lot of other sh*tty things that PP stands for to only be stained with one thing. 😁 Looks like Canada will have an opportunity to either embrace or reject heading in the direction of our southern neighbours.
  14. He's targeting the least educated and those with the least capability for critical thinking. He's telling them that they know more than the educated/woke people and that makes them feel good. Especially the ones that have been near the bottom of society and likely grew up facing some ridicule and low self-belief for their lack of intelligence. Telling people they are smarter and more deserving than others is a powerful force and it makes easy followers when the leader is telling you that you are superior. We see the same strategy and target audience with PP in Canada.
  15. I think if I saw one of our guys do it, I'd hang my head and wish he hadn't, but understand a penalty is coming. There was a play last year by Alexander or possibly a LB that I thought was late and deserved a penalty. I think there also deserves to be a different standard when it is a player that is pretty much only known as a dirty player that attempts to injure QBs and then celebrate it.
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