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  1. Links added. Let me know if any of the links are incorrect or not working and I'll try to update them. I'll add any new ones I find or come in through this thread as well as updating the game in 40s to the full game if they are found.
  2. Wonder if there's any chance that some dumb shits finally get vaccinated when they see the prospect of another lockdown. Hoping this will cause MB to remain strong or get even stronger on privileges for vaccinated only. We have a really hard time learning from the mistakes of others though - not hopeful.
  3. I think it adds to the story of the season. Some of the struggles, blown leads makes the successes that much better. I know in the WF against Sask memories of blowing sure wins earlier in the season kept nagging on me. It made the eventual win that much more enjoyable. If anyone would like, I could share the links I have in the original post if that's cool with the mods.
  4. Not sure if I should create a new topic, so feel free to merge where appropriate. I am looking to complete my YouTube playlist of the games of the 2019 season and wondering if anyone can help, whether on YouTube or another source. Here's what I have: 1 - Wpg @ BC - Here 2 - BYE 3 - Edm @ Wpg - Here 4 - Wpg @ Ott - Here 5 - Tor @ Wpg - Here 6 - Ott @ Wpg - Here 7 - Wpg @ Ham - Here 8 - Wpg @ Tor - MISS Game in 40 9 - Cgy @ Wpg - Here 10 - BC @ Wpg -MISS 11 - Wpg @ Edm -MISS 12 - Wpg @ Ssk - MISS 13 - Ssk @ Wpg - MISS 14 - BYE 15 - Wpg @ Mtl - MISS Game in 40 16 - Ham @ Wpg - MISS 17 - Wpg @ Ssk - MISS 18 - Mtl @ Wpg - Here 19 - Wpg @ Cgy - Here 20 - Cgy @ Wpg - MISS WSF - Wpg @ Cgy - MISS - Game in 40 WF - Wpg @ Ssk - Here GC - Ham @ Wpg - Here (Thanks Bigblue204) I had more, but apparently they were taken down. Not really a fan of the CFL "Game in 40", but I may have to resort to including those. CFL really needs to capitalize on previous seasons/memorable moments. I'm sure there'd be people willing to pay for online access to full games/seasons. No spoilers, I hear the season finale has a surprise ending.
  5. For the most part really dumb people who seem to have zero ability to think logically - "quarantine the sick, not the health". But for the real loud ringleaders like this guy, I'm also concerned about mental instability.
  6. Tagging the Bombers in his post is a great way for word to get out. This guy is clearly a genius.
  7. All this talk about Nichols/Lapo has me absolutely pumped to play them this year. As a matter of fact, I'll go circle the date on my calendar right now....
  8. Too broad of a brush stroke. Like all vaccinations, there are unfortunately some people who are vulnerable, yet cannot be vaccinated. There are kids who are not eligible and won't be for a while too. A small minority of those with the vaccinations will have "breakthrough" cases, but I'm not sure what percent of the small percentage get negative effects more than a bad cold. Its people like this that the anti-vaxxers don't give a sh-- about. I don't think its 100% accurate, but I do like the term "The Darwin Wave"
  9. I feel bad that we have systems of power and education that allow so many of these beliefs to be held. This should be viewed as people slipping through the cracks and not having a sufficient level of critical thinking ability. As much as individuals professing crazy, society-harming beliefs pisses me off, the systems that allow so many people to have these views needs to be examined. Its a low bar, but surpassing the US in vaccination rates despite more supply issues says something about our education system and other power dynamics that exist. That we haven't got 80% of eligible people in the province a vaccine after over a year of having Covid.... I could imagine it if we said that the threat was coming, but we've already lived it. I guess going through restrictions, masking, etc. hasn't been so bad for the anti-mask/restrictions crowd that has disregarded public health measures.
  10. Hopefully there's a record somehow tied to the ID she needed to produce. And hopefully, eventually, she will be able to produce evidence of it or something equal to a vax card. On the plus side, we got my son's birth certificate today and he's now a Canadian citizen, even though he was born at St. B. So at least he should be entitled to public health care too. My wife and son have not been able to be added to my private blue cross through work either because she does not have a MB health card.
  11. International students are not eligible to get vax cards, or health care for that matter. Still facing $6000+ in hospital bills for the birth of my son. This despite having $1000/yr mandatory private health insurance. 😒PCs took away ability for intl' students to have MB Health cards and vax cards go through that.
  12. I would generally agree with this. Though my wife, despite being fully vaccinated and 2 weeks past her 2nd vax, can't get a card. (International students aren't quite considered people in PC MB). I would totally loan my card to someone in this predicament, though I'd hope it isn't possible to loan cards in the first place.
  13. We also have a policy of only allowing those fully vaccinated with proof, while I believe Saskie is wide open to anybody regardless of vax status. I wonder how many people that would normally attend won't because they aren't vaccinated. Would also be interesting to know how many in Sask won't attend because they are totally open to non-vaxxers.
  14. I remember hearing Milt talk about the play and how he got so excited when he saw cover 0. I remember that night my dad went to bed and I was watching the rest wondering if I should stop wasting my time watching the game. Glad I didn't follow my dad's lead that time. Wish he was awake so I could have shared that moment with him. Likely because of that moment, and another where Westy hit a 50+ yarder at the end, I don't give up on games.
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