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  1. Talk about your privileged son's private school hockey championship when asked about the death of an indigenous woman basically at the hands of your government's incompetence and that might hit your approval rating. She also inherited a party that was incredibly unpopular and didn't do herself any favours out of the starting gates. Kenney was at least chosen by his constituents and they should have known what they were getting.
  2. This is what I thought I heard about Eli too and that the other guys basically had nothing to do with him after. But I also heard that he got the first shot and had a bad reaction and was not advised to have the second shot. Just going off hearsay.
  3. To be fair, that isn't 66 from this week alone, but rather 16 from this past week. The huge number is an increase from numbers underreported before. Of course the province also tampers with definitions of Covid infections/deaths to make things fit the message that Covid is over.
  4. Especially ironic because you were originally responding to someone who was pointing out a conversation with a rural person saying that Trudeau should be shot.
  5. You read that and your primary take is that Trudeau isn't popular in rural Canada? Wow
  6. Ticks are out now too, damn annoying little things. I usually get around 100 on me per year, fortunately I catch most before they bite. Believe it or not body hair helps a lot, not in deterring bites, but in being able to feel them crawling before they attach. They don't really bug me all that much other than the thought of Lyme disease and that is horrifying.
  7. Totally goes with the authoritarian-follower profile that the book describes. Looking to follow a strong leader, able to compartmentalize incompatible views, no critical thinking regarding their own views, angry and willing to accept attributions by those who cast themselves as a strong leader that will stick up for their interests (PP), willing to use violence to have their interests win out.
  8. Currently reading an interesting book - Authoritarian Nightmare about the rise of Trump and why people follow him. Very interesting stuff, especially the part about the psychology of his followers. Co-authored by Manitoba's own Bob Altemeyer, an expert on authoritarianism. Canada is at risk too.
  9. Curious to know if Charest stepped up and said the same thing when Trudeau was harassed last election and he wasn't running for PC leadership. He's right in condemning this and I'd like to see more people across the political spectrum call this out, I just hope he feels the same way when speaking out doesn't benefit him specifically by taking a shot at a rival.
  10. @the watcher this is mostly what I was referring to a ways back in the thread. Hostility like this, often based on conspiracies and misinformation, emboldened by many members of our opposition party. Like the US needed true Republicans to stamp out Trumpism and didn't, we need real conservatives to harshly criticize stuff like this and call it for what it is rather than use it for political gain.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Canada is in danger with the political situation in the south. It is disappointing to see a strong ally get torn apart from the inside out and a shame to see it spreading to Canada. Before WW2 we were much more under the British sphere of influence and while I still see us maintaining a strong connection to the US, I think it might be wiser for us to strengthen relations where sanity prevails. I'd be interested to see how European countries have shifted economically and politically in their relationship with the US in the past 5 years.
  12. Not sure if I posted it here already, but Sloan really reminds me of the guy from Handmaids Tale (the show) for multiple reasons.
  13. As posted above, the WEF conspiracy has entered the leadership race for the CPC. Pollievre has been engaging on dog whistle politics to appeal to those with wacky views. There's even been some that have been dumped from the party because of their ridiculous views. With my comment a while back, I was mostly referring to those protestors/creeps during the last election that would scream and disrupt loudly during the last election campaign. Trudeau was visibly frustrated with them. The subject was originally about Trudeau dropping an f-bomb as it was insinuated by the CPC that military aircraft were flying over the freedom convoy as a means of surveillance when it clearly wasn't. To me the criticism is an appeal to the wackos that believe in the deep-state conspiracy that often includes vaccine conspiracies, world government conspiracies, etc.
  14. I think there is quite a big difference between pointing out the extremes of another party's political policy and outright disinformation like Trudeau is party of a WEF attempt to make people zombies through vaccine mandates. A lot of the extremely vocal anti-Trudeau crowd are that way because they believe wild things that just don't have any basis. Many citizens, regardless of where they place their vote, may be against Trudeau. The ones that disrupt campaign stops and do not allow him to speak are something else entirely. Saying the Manitoba PCs are trying to privatize hydro at least has some basis in reality. They sold off MTS (look how that turned out) and have already sold off parts of hydro. Privatization is kind of their thing.
  15. I'm more specifically wondering whether any improved vaccine will be able to be thwarted as easily by the virus mutating. I remember reading that some virologists believe the virus won't continue to mutate at the pace we've seen and it will eventually reach a point of relative stability. If we're getting towards that with sub-variants rather than completely new variants, I wonder if that will make a new vaccine quite a bit more significant than what we currently have for both preventing hospitalization/deaths AND transmission. That would be pretty great.
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