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  1. Of course...but the reality is professional athletes want both. Sure winning is great but it's not as great if you virtually played no part in the victory. Any athlete that dedicates a major part of their life to compete wants to be the best and being the best means personal performance. Would any of us really want players on our team that didn't want to be the best? Would any of us feel as satisfied/accomplished winning a championship we played little part in helping to achieve? A player's career is pretty short. Not many years to make your mark. Expecting players to not care about their personal legacy to something to which they have dedicated their life is not reasonable. There's a difference between being a team-first guy and not caring if, or how, you perform personally. I don't think there'd even be professional athletes if there wasn't pride in personal accomplishments.
  2. No expert by any means but I have a tremendous amount of trepidation over Hall's ability to scheme against a great passer like BLM with good receivers. Granted we haven't been the victims of the dreaded explosion play like we were last year but he still makes me nervous.
  3. Sometimes he picks up 18 yards on a QB sneak. Tough to game plan for that kind of ability.
  4. My impression as I watched it was Gainey was congratulating us for trying to get a penalty called on a dive. Essentially suggesting we were classless. Ironic, don'tcha think?
  5. If you ask Suitor, Fajardo is the most talented...most composed QB in the league and he (Suitor) has no idea how the Banjo Bowl turned out.
  6. The 2 to Woli were great throws. One was literally inches too far in front and the other a few feet. He's throwing them with tight spirals and on target just a bit too far. I know that sounds like a contradiction...but I've seen Matt toss deep balls that were not only too deep but also off target OB. Not slagging Matt...he definitely dialed in some deep balls his last couple of starts.
  7. Frankly...and this is just one guy's opinion...I think his deep ball misses are a by-product of his natural arm strength (he doesn't get much air under the deep balls) and his enthusiasm and adrenaline. He spots a guy, his eyes get wide as saucers and he let's it fly. When he settles in and settles down a bit I think he'll dial in those throws. Heck, Nichols has years under his belt as a starter and still misses those deep balls sometimes. I think Chris has tons of upside. He just needs the reps and good coaching.
  8. Ol' Don Whitman used to have a hell of a time with Joe Poplawski. Popalotski seemed to be his go to. My all time favourite has become Suitor's call on a Whitehead run this year. Whitehouse...Whiteout...Then another, can't remember what it was...Whitehorse, maybe...then Whitehead. Cuthbert must have been howling in the booth
  9. My confused reaction is directed at Black not your comment...with which I agree completely
  10. Matt has also had a career's worth of time to develop touch on those deep balls and still struggles with them at times. Chris, imo, struggles with them because of his natural arm strength and adrenaline. Once he settles in and settles down I think we'll see him develop that touch. Totally agree on the his mental strength.
  11. No, thankfully they don't. I'm still shocked he's never referred to Sinopoli (88) as "Piano Man".
  12. You mean like "The Human Airplane"? Rod Black re: Willie Jefferson Smh
  13. Rod's biggest problem is he thinks he's there to entertain. His job is to provide details and continuity...he's terrible at it because he's more focused on making cutesy comments. When a guy runs for 9 yards and Black says he ran for 5 or 6...or when a player is downed on the 25yd line and Black says he's down at the 15 he is totally crapping the bed re: his job description. If he would leave the colour (entertainment) to the colour guys and stick to what he should be doing he might not drive people nuts. Matt is a good counterpunch to Black but I still like how Forde takes subtle shots at him...like when GSP was in the booth and Forde offered up Black for an ass kicking. That stuff is gold.
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