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  1. Nope. I did not. Nor would I have thought that this wasn't worth it's own thread. If the mods wish they may certainly exercise their option to nuke it.
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-argonauts-sign-qb-matt-nichols-to-three-year-deal-1.1437772 Pretty lengthy contract. No mention of remuneration...but best of luck to him
  3. Tomorrow night on TSN main, 3, 4 and 5 (Bell satellite) at 6:30 local time is a new episode of Wired. Not sure if it'll be the Grey Cup version but I'm gonna set the PVR just in case. Want to save that one for posterity. In case anyone else is interested. Edit: Ok...only TSN 5 is labelled as a new episode. The others are listed as repeats from June...so my guess is the one on 5 is also from June but I'm gonna record it anyway just in case.
  4. What a gold mine. Just about every Grey Cup since 1950. Relive some other glory days. Upper right corner of the embedded video you'll notice 1/66. Click the 3 line box and scroll to the game you want to watch. Enjoy!
  5. Or maybe...and just hear me out on this...maybe...he's just an a-hole. The world is full of them.
  6. I am sooo glad our guys don't act like that. Total lack of class. If I was a fan of the Crycats or the Cryders I'd be embarrassed by crap like that.
  7. What. A. Piece. Of. S*it That's not just good natured trash talk. That's just fn trash from a trashy person.
  8. Loved how Lawrence immediately started whining for a penalty. Dude, you're lucky all you got was a light head tap.
  9. Here's the entire parade...all 1hr and 45min of it for those that couldn't attend or who would like to re-live it N_E_M...if you want to copy the vid and add it to your OP I will just delete this.
  10. Every player I saw sitting in on the panel during the pre-game shows also picked Winnipeg and was always met with some version of "Really?" from one of the talking heads.
  11. And I am soooo looking forward to watching them again and again all winter. Got the WSF, WF and the GC saved on an external hard drive for my PVR. That sucker is gonna get a work out as I anxiously await our 2020 defence of the Grey Cup! You're all invited to pop over and watch them whenever you like Edit: Just did the math. 212 days between Dec 1st and July 1st works out to just slightly more than 30 weeks...so if I watch one game a week I can watch them each 10 times by the time the new season starts! Gonna be celebrating the playoff run and Grey Cup all winter/spring long! Edit #2: I mentioned my plan to a friend who was worried that with all that re-celebrating I might develop a drinking problem. I told him if the last 29 years didn't cause me to develop one I think I'll be ok!
  12. If you sold tickets you could afford to buy a limo with a driver 😉 Sorry Couldn't resist.
  13. This is pretty funny, too...Mosaic Stadium details from Wikipedia
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