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    2019 Main Training Camp

    As mentioned, Neufeld and Harris were sitting out today. The first-team offence was : Matthews-Washington-Adams-Demski-Wolitarsky Bryant-Desjarlais-Couture-Gray-Hardrick Nichols at QB, Augustine at RB. I had a tougher time nailing down the second team offence, but it definitely had OIiveira at RB, Streveler at QB, Simonise and Petermann as receivers. Looked like the other receiver spots were Rasheed Bailey, Kenny Lawler, and Tim Wilson but I'm not 100% sure on those ones... I think they might have switched it up a couple times. The OL looked like Speller at centre, Koczwara at guard, and Briggs/Baker on at the tackle spots... couldn't see who else was at guard. I can't give you the defence at the moment, I was locked in on the offence most of the time. Derek Jones was definitely the #1 safety and he is looking slim, trim and healthy. Great to see. One thing I can say for certain is that we are going to be absolutely deadly in the redzone with both Darvin Adams and Chris Matthews. Already some chemistry developing between Nichols and Matthews. Wolitarsky looked great as well, Bauming tweeted out his huge catch to start off the practice. Hardrick grabbed the ball right after and tried to punt it into the crowd but it went straight up instead... that got a big laugh from everyone. Love that guy. I'm interested to see if we can find room for one of Larry Rose III or John Santiago... both looked really quick but they were not getting reps in the first two offence units. Rose III in particular I thought looked pretty dangerous. As expected, Bennett was running with the third team offence but surrendered some reps to McGuire as well. Sawyer Buettner actually got one rep which I was surprised to see. It was an overthrow that almost got picked but good for the kid getting some action in. Should be lots of good competition at returner and the hands team gets a boost with the additions of Chris Matthews and Willie Jefferson... yes Willie Jefferson. 6'6" with receiver experence and he was getting some reps in on specials. The returner competition looked like it involves Charles Nelson, Lucky Whitehead, and John Santiago.... definitely a few other guys back there too but it was hard to see exactly who. Nic Demski is still involved as well. Overall it was very much a "day 1" outing... hard to get a good read on anyone and it's wise not to jump to any conclusions. The starters looked best.... Wolitarsky, Nichols, Matthews, Adams. Augustine looked comfortable at RB and Oliveira is going to have to win that backup job from him... don't see Augustine letting go without a fight. If I had to pick one new receiver who showed well it would be Kenny Lawler... looks like he has pretty good hands and I like his build as well... looks like a pro receiver to me. Nice day for some football. Noticed they have ripped all the seats out in the northeast and southeast corners in the lower bowl. Not sure what that's all about.
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    C. Nelson gets things off on the right foot.....with nice kickoff return.... Streveler puts up long sideline pass....Whitehead stops on pass that should of been.... Whitehead has nice punt return. Good wheels..... KR competition..... off to interesting start.... Streveler has no one open.....so barrels down the middle, for big gain.... Harris stuffed on 2nd carry. Harris needs to leave this game soon. Pass pro for the Blue.....could be better Medlock pounds 47 yd FG Kligore competing some balls for the Esks.... Esks DB's providing some tight coverage..... Some nice ST work by Mike Jones...... Alexander, Fenner and Sayles show good closing speed in the back.... Bomber's vanilla D, getting poked a bit, here Fenner stuffs hitch pass in the red zone Stafford hooked on way to endzone.....officials miss the call.... So, Maas challenges it and gets the reversal. Ball on the 1. But, Esk QB fumbles the sneak....Wingman Jefferson recovers... Streveler finally gets completion, then a end run for 17... Medlock hitting some nice punts.... M. Jones beaten badly on play action, but breaks up under-throw.... Jones then knocks ball loose from receiver on 2nd down Jones then goes back.... to return the punt for 15 Busy series for Mr. Jones. Bennett in at QB...hits Lawler twice....and both incomplete Medlock drills 45 yd FG...makes it look pretty easy Mike Jones keeping busy ......with another ST tackle Bennett looking pretty good in the pocket Too many drops by the heralded Bomber R group, so far Bomber pass pro looking better, this quarter The soon to be cut Jake Thomas....gets a sack Nice punt catch and return by Nelson.. McGuire draws in at QB B. Oliveira's first carry is a nice 15 yards up the gut McGuire makes a couple of nice throws Thed The Hansen... strikes a blow on ST's.... Mike Jones having a good nite...... ...until he lets punt bounce, then fumbles return.... ...om Bomber 12. With 18 seconds left in half... But, Jeffcoat knocks down 2nd down pass..... Esks settle for 19 yd FG....to close out the half. Nick Temple makes nice tackle on screen play.... Bombers take back to back penalties..... ...then Esks take them back to back to back.... Typical X game stuff....indeed.... Less vanilla and more pressure from Blue D. Santiago first carry for 5. Petermann grabs 2 in a row.... Bennett completes to Walker and Hazel Looking better as he goes along Whitehead runs PR back and forth 30 yards.... ...for a net gain of 5. A. McCalister trucks an OL and gets big sack.... ...forcing a conceded Esks safety. Bombers up 10-3 Larry Rose gets into the return act with a nice KR... Esks take an IC, then offside penalty... to keep a drive alive.. Gabriel Amaavizca Ortiz makes them pay with 36 yd field goal Germans? Mexicans? What's next? Esk KR busts open ensuing kickoff....and is going for 6... ...but run down on good hustle play by Dylan Schrot.... Hansen continuing to strike blows for the Fatherland, on ST's.... As Bombers take another step towards world domination.... Edmonton drives into the red zone..... ....but 2 receivers can't hold on to the ball in the endzone Turnover on downs, Bomber ball. Some igloo dude goes a mile offside... then roughs the QB. That will look even worse on film.... McGuire looking pretty good....but drops and sack holding him back.... Steven Richardson sacks O'Brian Esks take their 3rd time count violation on punt plays.... Another good punt return by Nelson....shifty and quick..... GAO does not have a lot of pop, in his punting leg... If you are a fan of punting....this one's for you.. Jones lets another punt fall in front of him...but pretty good return.... Bombers running the 3rd stringers on OL...tough sledding for the backs. Lucky W. finding out that it is not that easy, taking the corner in the CFL... Last 3 minutes with bench guys and cannon fodder galore... Clock stopped. Too bad. Bennett throws deep to Schrot.....who turns the wrong way.... ...then the right way, juggles the ball and holds it to finish 50 TD play. Bomber bench erupts, and Schrot is literally carried off the field.... ....to complete a unforgettable first catch of his career. 20-3 Moes in 3 down mode....Maas calls a timeout with 1:10 left .....thanks. Home game #490 is in the books.... Gin #whatever is in the glass....
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    The riders still suck and you should feel bad cheering for them.
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    Free Agent Frenzy

    Today I have brought shame upon my family.
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    Congratulations Bombers

    Well Done. No excuses here if you don't have a chance to win with your backups why are they on the team. It's football injuries will always happen and are never an excuse. The Head shot at the end did not cause us to loose the game. Good teams don't leave it up to one call, but for the love of god they need to get that hit out of the game, It happens too much to all teams QB's and my feelings on that don't change no matter what jersey colour the QB is wearing. I hope you carry the momentum and break your Grey Cup drought as every fan base that supports there team through thick and thin deserves to be part of a championship win cause it feels awesome. Still sucks we lost thought just glad it was a nail biting quality game. Cheers. Jason
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    What is this argument even? "The only reason the Bombers won is because their good players played good". WTF?
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    Mr Dee

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    TIDBITS - CJOB Special. (Shorthand version) Walters Moving on from Dressler Flanders - want more return ability - will see. Matthews - he’s focused on NFL, but ‘could’ end up here. O’Shea - regrets losing ‘good’ people, football and otherwise. Jefferson will fit right in. Intrigued to see him play. Ultra competitive West. Negotiations- players will work hard to get what they want. Better partnership and communication now. Couture ready? Yes. Gray will compete. No doubt OL can be as good. TC will determine who’s who and where they play. Streveler- expand his roll..still Matt’s team. Augustine - will have to work on ST & protection. Will be competition 2 spots open on Rec. Petermann & Simonize - both improved. Knox to Wilson. Wilson was slated for MLB. Mexican player in camp? Looking at it. Globalization- to improve revenue streams. Likes the big thinking. Nichols knee injury? Into good training. No knee concerns. Wants to be more consistent. Harris - doesn’t know where the money’s coming from when asked of teams signing Free Agents. Brown & Tait - negotiations? Brown brings up a fund for injuries. Tait - guranteed contracts? No go. Pie is too small. Sask. - Tait says it all depends on Collaros...otherwise - yeesh Brown says they’re going to be terrible and hopes they’re terrible.
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    Simonise back on kickoff.....fumbles and boots it around, to put Bombers in a hole..... Nichols roughed in end zone, then O strings together 4 first downs..... Medlock makes it 3-0. Powell gets around the end on 2nd and short for 50 yards..... ...then catches ball on wheel route for easy TD. D on 2 point convert, still not a Bomber specialty…..8-3 Ottawa Nichols spreading the ball around, early, and releasing it quicker.... Hits Demski, then Dressler down to the RB 25, Adams catches slant. …. Harris runs for first down, then Adams catches another slant..... …..breaks a tackle and is in the end zone for the TD... Harris finding open receivers and has time to deliver...… So far, looks like the aliens have returned the real Hall to us...... Fenner blitz/sack stops drive on 2nd down. FG makes it 11-10 Redblacks Demski runs for 15, then passes to Adams and Demski…. ...sets up 37 yd Medlock field goal. 13-11 Blue Opo jumps offside.... but in 3 man rush....sacks Harris, on next play.... Medlock hits #3 to push it to 16-11. Ward goes for CFL consecutive FG mark with #39 in a row.... No... RedBlacks run the fake FG....and it comes up short... Adams embellishes contact a bit and draws 30 yd PI. Thompkins makes nice catch for first down... Dressler grabs 10 more.. Nichols sacked....Harris gets to Ott 24. Llast play FG has Bombers up 19-11. Alexander tagged for PI....but Bryant sacks Harris on another 3 man rush.... Nichols takes flea flicker, drops it off to Big Wolt for 20..... Dressler takes hitch for 10...Harris runs it down to the Ottawa 6..... Harris then...uh.....stands and watches 2 incomplete passes from there (sigh) Medlock is 5 for 5. Bombers up 22-11 Bombers kick their first punt ….at 5:50 of the 3rd quarter Harris drilled by Bighill. Ward does tie the record this time. 22-14 Blue Demski dancing around...on the end around...and fumbles ball away.. RB's don't go on 3rd and 1. Ward now has CFL record with 40th straight Bombers could use some O here. Nichols fumbles but Chung recovers.... Harris catches pass, hurdles tackler for good gain. Ottawa roughing on same play... Dressler gets his helmet ripped right off for another 15..... Revenge is sweet. Dressler wide open on curl out, in end zone for the TD. 28-17 Harris takes heavy hit from Jake Thomas....Sayles nice knockdown on 2nd down.... Harris and Demski run for FD. Thompkins catches one for another... Dressler drops 2nd down pass.....Medlock hits his 6th FG. 32-17 Clutch drive. Up 15 with less than 4 minutes to go. Somehow Randle has good ole JFG take the ball right out of his hands..... JFG then catches 30 yard shotput TD pass...as Fogg falls right down.... 32-14 Hold the phone. That only took Ottawa 45 seconds..... Huge Medlock punt puts RedBlacks on own 32, with 1:45 left Ellingson makes great catch to convert 3rd and 3..... Bombers laying off receivers and missing tackles, now... JFG (new Ottawa threat) catches pass over middle to Bomber 15 Harris then tosses to Ellingson for the TD. But they need the 2-pointer Of course, Ellingson catches floater over Alexander. 32-32 Bomber D has completely vaporized a 15 point lead in last 3 and a half minutes. OT. Harris catches, then runs for first downs. Harris rips off 12 more.... Nichols finds Dressler on 2nd down....wide open in end zone. 38-32 Bombers Have to have the 2. Nichols delivers to Adams. Up 40-32. Matt has looked a lot like the ole efficient Nichols, today..... Just need a stop on D, to close out this thing and cap my drinking... Ellingson catches two passes for first downs.....we just can't cover that guy... Vincent Rodgers takes brutal roughing penalty after the whistle Bomber D can't cover Sinopoli either...he takes it to the 18 Sinopoli catches it again, cuts inside to the Bomber 5...… ...but Adam Bighill pursues him....and punches the ball out..... Santos-Knox falls on it. Bomber ball. Bomber WIN. D finally make a stop. Bombers finally get 2 points ...on a bottle drainer, that should of been in the bag, long ago.... ….and has put me in the bag, right now.... ..
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    Both teams starting slow on O..... Good inside push from Bomber D-line.... O not stretching field, yet....short pops to Demski... Great punt from Medlock...goes out on BC 2..... A Reilly chuck up, and blown coverage....long gain Burnham... Another pass and blown tackling on Burnham, by Sayles and Alexander... Blue D makes BC settle for 3.... Why does Burnham always do this to us? Kyrie Wilson closing nicely to the ball...against the BC running backs Harris showing usual form in run game.....so far.... Nichols and Whitehead can't connect on the long ball Good punt return from Nelson, gets Blue good field position.... Harris rumbles for back to back first downs.... Nichols hits Adams down to the 7...… Nichols rolls out and finds Adams, all by himself in the end zone Bomber OL looking pretty good here.....7-3 for good guys.... Lions take their 3rd penalty on kick returns... Bomber D looking stout...against the run.... Reilly hits a couple of passes under pressure.... Fenner hit with a pretty tic-tac call on PI... Nevis cleans up on sack after Jeffcoat pressure.... Sayles takes a IC....but Moes have to settle for another 3 Nichols hits Adams with perfect pass for 40.... Nichols then rears back and finds Woltarksi ..lonely, in back of end zone.... 75 yd, 7 and a half minute TD drive. Blue O in a groove... But Rutley takes the ensuing kick....cover guys caught inside.... ...and he rolls the rest of the way, for a 108 yd TD Reilly hits Carter for the 2 point convert.... Then, 3 short passes and a Bomber PI, sets up a FG. 17-14 Bombers dominating that quarter, with nothing to show for it... Blue running some predictable and ineffective blitzes on D 2nd half. Reilly pass deflected by Fenner and picked off by Hecht.. ….who goes down the sideline for big return, to the BC 8 Nichols looks one way, then rolls the other....finds WoltMan for the TD 3rd time a Bomber receiver is totally wide open in the money zone... Bombers now 3 for 3 in the zone tonight.... Undeterred, Reilly finds Carter with long sideline pass.....past Rose Fenner then beaten badly on corner route for the TD He does end up with ball off a blocked convert and gets 2 points back... Bomber D coverage has sprung some leaks, tonight. 23-23 Bombers take 2 penalties on the KR. One a phony block call on Alexander.. Whitehead does not look like a natural at R. Harris rolls around the end for a big gain. OL Grey looks like the real deal... Harris takes a screen for another first down....but Blue settle for Medlock 3 BC has 4 yds rushing....and aren't even trying it...at this stage Harris goes over 100, on 15 yard draw. Nichols finds Lawler for FD.... Matty hits Wolitarski ….who burrows down to goal line.... Streveler sneaks it in....33-23 for the good guys. This guy Exume is a real ST assassin, has at least 4 tackles.... Bad punt and no yards gives the Blue good field position... but 2nd down holding call, kills drive. Hecht cuts under receiver in middle of field...… ...and gets pick #2, with a lateral to Gaitor to boot..... Bombers go into dink and dink O.....then punt Seems like BC has about like...3 offensive plays in their playbook.. 3rd and 10 Esks. Reilly is hammered by Richardson... ….ball falls to the turf. Game pretty over. Harris bulls his way over the 130 mark, then adds ANOTHER 10 ….to run out the clock....as I run out of gin. 33-23.
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    My mom went into the bomber store years ago to buy me a jersey and Moreno was in there. She met him and said he was a good looking fella so she bought me his jersey. So pretty much I got his jersey because my mom had the hots for him.
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    Darren Cameron‏Verified account @Darren_Cameron #Bombers have re-signed DE Jackson Jeffcoat to two-year extension. Jeffcoat was to be a free agent next month. Over two seasons in Winnipeg (28 games), he’s recorded 12 sacks, 57 defensive tackles, one INT & three forced fumbles. Recorded four sacks in two playoff games in 2018.
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    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    I guess this answers my question... this is AWESOME!!!!!
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    do or die

    Demand for Compensation

    Dear Earl Lunsford, Ray Jauch, Jeff Reinebold Lyle Bauer Brendan Taman Mike Kelly Joe Mack Kyle Walters I will be hitting the 500 home game mark, next year. You people owe me a new liver.
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    2018 Matt Nichols

    I think a lot of Matt Nichols and think he’s a great quarterback who is having a pretty bad stretch right now. But as far as the booing goes, any time a player on this team tells me or any other fan in the stands that they shouldn’t boo or they should be ashamed of booing, they should quite honestly STFU and realize most of those fans have been around far longer than they have and will be around long after they’re gone. Bomber fans as a collective have witnessed some of the shittiest football imaginable and stuck with their team through all of it, so forgive us if our frustration comes out once in a while because the team is playing like trash. Any player who tells any fan that they don’t have the right to voice an opinion is wrong. That includes Nichols, Neufeld, even Andrew Harris who is one of the easiest athletes in Manitoba to respect. Yeah, we get it. You give a lot to the fans and the community. The fans and the community have given a lot to them too and we have the right to be disappointed. Period.
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    I would just like to personally thank the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Chris Jones and Duron Carter for making the last 48 hours of an otherwise quiet Saturday night/Sunday, as entertaining as possible. They say the air quality warnings in Winnipeg are from forest fires in the West...we all know they're actually from the green and white tire fire that is 'Canada's team'. May the green and white continue to flounder indefinitely.
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    bigg jay

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Love this post from Chris Randle:
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    Esks Mitchell gets wide open, down on sideline....Reilly misses him... Sayles comes in clean and blocks first punt of the game..... Nichols sacked.....Blue settle for Medlock's 3.... Camera reveals that MOS... is not wearing shorts... Winnipeg media should initiate an investigation... Sayles....nice hit on shuttle pass...... Wolt Man takes middle pass for 30...getting the Blue out of a hole... The Duke of Edmonton catches pass, but fumbles....Alexander recovers... Nichols looking a bit tentative under pressure...he is sacked again... Bighill hits Reilly's arm on 2nd down....killing a Moes drive Adams can't squeeze 2nd pass for Blue.... Bomber O sputtering right now.... Reilly misses a pair of passes.....Esks O sputtering, as well... Some ugly pass pro, and slow decision making by Nichols...another sack. Nichols finally hits Petermann...good effort to run it to the 2 Streveler sneaks in....Bombers 10-0 Bomber import receivers....only effective as decoys, at this point..... Miller lays down the smack, on kick coverage.... Yet another 2 and out by Edmonton... Reilly now looking flustered ..... Miller comes in and slides out of the backfield to catch and run for 22. Medlock misses 44 yd FG attempt. Bighill and Bomber DT's....really running things in the middle now... Gator comes off edge...hits Reilly...ball goes right to Loffler downfield.... ....heads up lateral to Fogg brings it down deep into Esks territory.... Dressler sweeps it to the 5....then Harris takes the pitch untouched for the TD... Sayles gets in another good hit downfield.... Randle breaks up pass in endzone....Esks settle for FG. 17-3 halftime 2nd half starts like 1st...Bighill flushes out Reilly, who gets plowed by Santos-Knox..... Gets worse....Reilly throws late on square out....Fogg steps in front of it.... ....and cruises 70 yds down the sideline for easy Bomber TD. 24-3. Eskimos doing a lot of holding and throwing blocks early....to no avail.... Crazy amount of stunts and 6 man fronts from Hall tonight..... Reilly flushed out again....Alexander hits arm from behind..... ... with Fogg on the spot again, to recover the fumble.....his big nite continues.... Harris getting stuffed in the run game....Blue getting conservative on the play calls... Medlock makes it 27-3. 20 points off of 5 Eskimo turnovers.... Bomber D getting big pressure on virtually every play...and forcing errant throws.... Reilly now gets buried in the backfield by 3 Bombers......tough night indeed... Bombers now doing their own version of Play Safe....on O. We have around 160 yds in offense....and a 24 point lead.. D continuing to push the Esks around physically.....Reilly hits the dirt, yet again... Bombers finally and actually throw the ball down field to Adams for 30.... Harris starting to pound away at the tired Esk D-line for back to back first downs..... But Lapo gets cute....Dressler loses 5 on that ole sweep. Nichols is pressured....tries to squeeze it in tight....and is picked off at the Esk 5 yd line. Sayles pops the Duke again....this time he stays down, then leaves the game... Reilly is sacked by Nevis, on 3rd and 10....for turnover number 6.... ...and looking in serious discomfort at the Edmonton bench...... Harris does some more effective clock grinding....Medlock makes it 30-3 O' Brian comes in...and appropriately throws last play pick to Alexander. Bomber secondary's best game - Fogg, Sayles, and Alexander really got it done The inside story....was the pregame abduction of Richie Hall....by aliens. ...as the guy who took his place... dialed up a whole bunch of looks ..and big, big pressure Offense was nothing special.....but the D was.... Gin was nothing special ....but the consumption was...
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    LMFAO, Riderfans is blowing up and theyre cannibalizing each-other. Their anguish sustains me.
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    2019 Main Training Camp

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    Rod Black

    2019 Main Training Camp

    A beautiful even warm day today at our wonderful IGF for training camp with the loveLy Sarah Orlesky in attendance. I started watching, the offence was running no huddle plays against the defence. On the D #5 Jefferson was alongside #95 Thomas, #92 Nevis and #94 Jeffcoat. This combo has all kinds promise and showed it play after play after play. #5 applied all kinds of pressure and is just that impressive. Three men in stripes were out there blowing whistles to simulate game timing. The O had four qb’s. #15 Bernie and #17 the Kid’s timing wasn’t all there but by golly #18 Bennett was the most accurate tosser today and managed to scramble when he had to. #12 Sean McGuire appeared unremarkable. #3 Nelson was open by 15 yards and dropped a bomb right in his hands from Nichols. This caused a couple of fans to chuckle and yell “your cut”. #40 Santiago made a terrific snag and deceptive run during a screen play. All plays from scrimmage were passes, no runs, so couldn’t really tell what was up with the RB’s. But Harris was out there. #87 Whitehead had a remarkable 15 yard catch in heavy traffic. A couple nicks happened to #23 Gaitor (back) and a pissed off #79 Lachance (elbow)- he’s got size. Couple of other big mutthafuggas DL #99 Forde #91 Mccalister rotated along side #93 Roh and, I forgot, sorry. #6 Washington, teeny, fast and athletic ran back punts. Dressed but no pads and didn’t practice were #80 Matthews, but he was sticking his schnib into hear the huddle when practicing in the red zone. #4 Bighill also dressed, no pads and not activate but was taking pointers from Wade on the best buffets in town. #51 Hardrick, no pads but watching as well. The overall impression was a loose squad, not a lot of yelling or screaming. The addition of Jefferson to the D Line has me very excited after viewing the team today.
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    2019 Main Training Camp

    Booch has done more reporting this morning than all the paid reporters have done in 3 days combined. Thanks, Booch
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    I fully expect a new thread by Northern Skunk talking about how Nichols shouldn't have put on a toque after than win...
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    Slingin Sammy

    Practise Observations

    I was at practise today (September 18)...here are my observations regarding how we lined up OLine Bryant Neufeld Goosen Chungh Hardrick (Couture 6th man) QB Nichols all 1st team scrimmage reps RB Harris with LaFrance backing up. Flanders doesn't look like he'll be on the game-day roster, (no 1st team reps and no ST reps) RECEIVERS Adams Dressler Demski Thompkins Wolitarsky (Peterman and Simonise in reserve) Washington doesn't look like he'll be on the game-day roster, (no 1st team reps) DLine Roh Bryant Nevis Oka (Thomas and Rivers rotating in) LB JSK Bighill Gaitor at SAM (reps were about a 70/30 split with Gaitor and Fenner) SECONDARY Priester Alexander Loffler Sayles Randle (reps were about a 70/30 split with Priester and Fogg) PUNT cover notable Briggs and Bennet are upbacks Fenner and Randle the gunners Wild still playing on the team PUNT return notable Demski and Fogg getting reps... Didn't observe kick team scrimmage DI's Looks like Medlock, Rivers, Fenner, and Wild
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    Practise Observations Aug 30, 2018

    Heard Bennett is taking all the 1st team snaps. Too bad about Bighill's injury. Probably won't play. I like the new fake punt they're working on. Medlock has a good enough arm to pull it off. If Bryant's knee injury doesn't heal, I wonder who they will start at LT? I like all the play action stuff with Harris. I bet the Riders fall for it every time and try to prevent the run.
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    Ticats get going.....20 yd completion.... ....then Banks cutting back to catch long ball on Randle Masoli breaks contain... Loffler misses tackle on catch, ball inside the 5 Green goes in from the 1.... to cap 75 yd Hamilton opening drive TD Ensuing kickoff, Demski finds hole... eludes tacklers for 55 yd KR Harris busts quick trap play for 30 yds.. down to the 10..... Nichols runs play action, then finds Dressler all alone in back of endzone 7-7....could be a high scorer today..... Green popped by Bighill on 1st down run....funbles..Bomber ball.... Harris pounds it down to the 6....Cats offside puts it at the 3 Harris bulls in for the TD...Bomber O-line getting good push in run game... Bighill and Blue DT's stuffing Hamilton run game.... Some missed tackles hurting Bombers on D..... Hamilton takes a bunch of penalties,,,,two possessions in a row..... Bighill forces his way into Hamilton backfield and lays hard sack on Masoli Adam heading for yet another big game....pursuing ball all over field.... Masoli under duress..sacked by Jeffcoat, this time..... Thomkins pretty smooth with good hands at R.... Westerman can still take major penalties, it seems..... PI call takes ball to Cats 12 yd line...penalties hurting Hamilton.... Blue have to settle for Medlock FG.....17-7 for the good guys.... Nichols having some accuracy problems throwing down the field..... 2nd and 14...and Masoli is either sneaking or busted play.... ....fumbles for another Hamilton turnover.... Nichols and Adams not on the same page tonight....... Nichols almost goes "Gatorade" at the Bomber bench.... Hamilton now taking the penalties on ST's...bad field position..... Cats opt for the safety. Bombers up 19-7.... Harris takes hitch pass...cutting and spinning for 25 yds...... Thomkins takes roughing penalty off the ball...... MOS comes on the field.... provides Thomkins with some vigorous opinion.. ...this helpful advice... continues for some time on Bomber sidelines.... Medlock bombs end over end punt for about 55 net yards..... Bombers rushing Masoli.....Masoli rushing throws...... Adams blanketed so far in this one...... Medlock pushes 54 yd FG attempt wide. 19-7 at the half Lead could be bigger, Blue had great field position.... ...off of turnovers, Bomber D stops and Hamilton penalties... But O is out of sync, not spreading ball around....a lot of deep pocket passes Bomber get good field position to start half...Nichols overthrows Demski Matt is having a pretty rough evening all round...... Jeffcoat is having a pretty nice evening at DE.... Masoli sling long one up, receiver falls down...Fogg gets PI..... Masoli sucks Blue D on keeper around the end for 35 .... Roh sack forces Hamilton to settle for FG..... 19-10 Bombers....and this O really needs to get into gear.... Bombers O back to basics..short passes to Adams, Petermann, and Harris Nichols play actions again and hits Demski on deep slant for 35 yd TD Demski just keeps producing for this team.....26-10 Bomber kick coverage is terrific....so is Medlock punting..... Green still getting stuffed in run game, Masoli under duress... Bomber D starting to back off of Ticat receivers...... Sayers misses tackle on completion..down to Blue 15 Masoli lofts it up...Banks goes up and comes down with the TD Crazy incomplete on 2 point convert...after Masoli runs 30 yds backwards... Nichols overthrows wide open Thomkins long down the middle..... ....some boos drifting down from the stands.... Medlock drops snap...and hits it with non-kicking foot Masoli somehow gets ball off...while getting drilled by Jeffcoat ....Banks dives to pull it in on the sideline for 20 Masoli fools Bombers again on keeper...runs it right down to the 2 Green goes in....Bomber D beginning to sag. 26-23 Bombers. Nichols throws Incomplete..into double coverage to snuff out another drive Bomber D gets the stop with 6 minutes to go.... 2nd and 12...Demski makes nice effort on hitch pass...to set up FD... Petermann takes 2nd down short flair...beats couple of tacklers for another FD Blue can't get it in. Medlock makes it 29-23 with 1:20 left..... Hamilton having trouble with amped up noise... takes 2 proceedure calls... Bighill caps off huge game by tackling Masoli in pocket on 3rd and 13 Ballgame. Up and down game all round..... Plenty of room for improvement - but job got done Much to ponder - but gin got drunk.
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    Blue Bomber Attendance

    Once upon a time there was a wonderful place called Canad Inns Stadium. We must be careful not to speak about this time too loudly, but the memories of such a place warm us in this cold and horrible place and time we find ourselves in now. There was parking for 33,000 vehicles within 20 steps of any entrance into the stadium. Hundreds of invisible doves flew constantly around the stadium and would sweep down and take anyone who could not walk these 20 steps easily and they would carry them right up to their seat. Every fan was treated with an incredible 7 course meal for the sum of $1, or pocket lint if they did not have a loonie. It was such an incredible experience and everyone in the land was happy. Then a dark cloud covered the land. An evil presence was felt by all in the great land of Winnipeg. A booming voice was heard by all and the ground trembled. It was the evil Asper! The evil Asper tore down this beloved treasure, the Canad Inns Stadium. There was much weeping. The evil Asper banished the invisible doves to the island of Hecla where they were forced to play golf on a deserted course day and night. There was much weeping - though they were also confused about the island of Hecla. The evil Asper constructed a dungeon on a desolate and dark precipice of land that could only be reached by Sherpas riding mountain goats. The evil Asper then taxed the good people of the land of Winnipeg until they were all paupers in order to pay for his new dungeon that he named IGF. 10 times per year, the evil Asper and his evil henchmen would round up thousands of the now homeless people of Winnipeg and force them using pointed sticks and hobnail boots to walk the entire 100 mile stretch without the aid of mountain goats to reach his dungeon. While in this dungeon, the evil Asper forced the poor wretches to eat cold hotdogs and held them there until their families could find a way to scrape together the tonne of gold bricks that was needed to this sustenance. When the weather would get cold, he would even tell them that he had no hot chocolate! When the wailing was at its peak, they could hear the violin playing from the distant tower where the evil Asper would cackle and contemplate new indignities for his minions to endure while being held in his dungeon called the IGF. And there was much weeping throughout the land. Could there be a hero somewhere who could free the people of Winnipeg of their misery?
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    Granted there are other parts to the deal, but 2 first round picks and a Canadian starter for a QB that hasn't played a down yet is beyond lunacy.
  29. 16 points
    Hot and humid.....players will have to grind it out tonight... Nichols's intro gets a great hand....salvation is right around the corner First series for Matt.....incomplete and then tipped ball..... Opo sacks Jennings.... Nichols hits Adams on the sidelines for a long one.... ...but review overturns it on no possession BC No huddle....giving Blue D some alignment problems Santos Knox whiffs on Johnson...Lions keep running it to the 25... Couple of sloppy throws from Jennings….FG makes it 3-0 Streveler comes in on short yd package...runs around end, for 20 Nichols then lays in a nice pass to Adams, at the goal line...20 yd TD. Johnson gets way behind Bomber secondary...but can't make catch. Naturally, on next play..Bighill gets INT on Jennings overthrow... Nichols getting into a groove.....hits Demski, then Wolitarsky….. Harris takes dump pass and steeplechases right over BC defender to the 4. Harris then gets a direct snap and barges into paydirt. 14 -3 Bombers Salvation almost at hand, it seems..... Jennings rushing some throws, looks indecisive out there..... Lapo really mixing it up....multiple sets and misdirection stuff..... Demski runs for first down, from the deep I....just all kinds of looks... Streveler comes in 2nd and 1....and this time...throws one, down to BC 5 Streveler runs it in. 20-3 Bombers. BC D looking pretty befuddled.... Jennings sacked by Jeffcoat, then gang tackled for another loss.... Fogg has punt get by him....then throws illegal pass to the wide site.... No matter...Harris busts up a truck sized hole in B gap....for big yards Nichols follows that up, with long sideline bomb to Adams..... Lions IC call, then an PI call takes it to the 1.... Streveler burrows in, for his 2nd TD. 28-3 Bombers have 300 yards of O in the half..... With Bowman as an expensive decoy, or something.... Rainey gets off long KR with horse collar tackle call, to put BC in business DT Johnson cranks Rainey, with big pop... Jennings turns to short game....4 completions gets it to the Bomber 2 Johnson scores on next play to give the Lions a lift, going into 2nd half Demski has good speed, but wants to go East-West at times.... BC adds a FG. 28-13. Bomber O has slowed down somewhat..... Moe Leggett now settling in at DHB..... Fogg gets off a 35 yd punt return....setting up Blue, again... Fenner adds plenty to kick cover teams.... Demski catches ball at marker, then runs 3 yds backwards.... Medlock FG has it at 31-13 Opo throws down Rainey for 4 yd loss on 2nd down play Both Bomber DE's much more in evidence tonight …. Pass pro for Bomber O, impressive. Nichols can skip laundry tonight..... Fenner now getting it done on D, as well.... Jennings telegraphs short pass at hashmark.....Bighill steps in front.... ..shows a burst of speed....rolling down the sideline for 45 yd TD.. Backbreaker. Against his ole club. 38-13. Where in the world is Arceneaux? Jennings out.....Fajardo in …. His 1st play....Jeffcoat blows in and buries him.... 2nd play....time count violation Fafardo tries again....Randle tips ball up, then nice diving INT Better effort from BC back 7 on D, this half.... Medlock makes it 41-13 LaFrance looks like another capable backup guy.... Nichols now showing a little rust on some throws..... Streveler finally comes in at the 3:00 mark Fajardo takes some pops, but battles away Burnham makes an appearance....beating Cooper on long jump ball Bomber penalties put it on the 1. Fajardo scores ...then takes a pretty good hit on failed 2 point convert Overall...more aggression on covering/tackling from Blue D, tonight Grumpy ole Wally calls a timeout, with 18 seconds left Some pleasantries and chippyness, in the last minute 41-19. Not sure if salvation is around the corner ..but at least I know, the gin is.....
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    Kevin Glenn Retires

    Congrats -- sincerely wish he'd have been able to get his ring in 2007. Shame he never got the opportunity to play in that GC.
  31. 15 points

    2019 Main Training Camp

    I just can't allow it. I won't be dragged back. Ha! Anyway, it was a pretty low key practice today. A fair bit of special times, skeleton drills (which, you know, hard to get excited about). Guys that stood out to me: Santiago- Explosive on returns. I expect him to rip a long one off next week. Ran the ball well in drills. Augustine- Running and catching he looks quick and smooth Whitehead- catching everything and he can turn a dig route into 50 yard gain. Dale Warren- I saw him bust up a few plays I the back field McCallister- He moves so well for a guy that big, I hope he shows well in the games and sticks around. Matt Hazel- got deep a few times and made some nice catches Not Booch level analysis. But in my defence it was bloody early for a Saturday
  32. 15 points
    sweep the leg

    Rookie Camp Discussion

    Lol, Tburg with his daily reminder that everything is the worst.
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  34. 15 points
    Nichols hits Thompkins on 20yd slant..... Demski sweeps for another 25...... But on 2nd and short....Nichols lines up wide... ...with a direct snap to Demski - 5 yd loss... Just another Lapo Special, in the red zone.. Medlock makes it 3-0 Bombers driving again....Thompkins drops 2nd down pass... ....then goes down and is carried into ambulance on a stretcher... Alexander making some nice plays early Harris draw play on 2nd and 17...draws some boos..... Gator totally jumps hitch pass....Colaros throw it right to him ....and Gator is long gone, for 50 yd INT TD. Blue up by 10 Rider O not looking much better than last week.... Nichols does throw behind to Washington on side lines.... ...who gets face mask tacked on for a huge gain..... Harris wide open in flat - Nichols throws over middle instead ...right into the hands of Jefferson, who runs by Nichols ..... ....and keeps running and hotdogging 98 yds for the TD Nice 14 point swing, there... Next possession, Nichols throws pick into double coverage on Petermann.... ..... but roughing penalty negates it. Matt really pressing out there.... Very physical out there.....Riders really having some penalty issues.... Sask punt from end zone.....Demski actually runs straight ahead for 20 yds PR Riders take 3 penalties, to put it on the 1. Streveler sneaks in. 17-7 Blue Alexander picks off under thrown ball......PI penalty wipes that out.... Collaros hits pass down to the 11. Gator makes nice play on screen pass Riders settle for 3. Nichols under duress, tries to throw it away...... ...but it floats up short of the sideline....for an awful INT. Roh takes stupid Ob conduct - kicking mouth guard lying on the field Riders close the gap, with FG......17-13 Wolitarski becoming a solid target in this O Nichols under pressure, tries desperation underhanded toss.... ....right into the hands of a Rider who motors untouched for 100 yd TD.. Riders somehow up 20-17 in a half where they had like 80 yds of O. Nichols gets a resounding chorus of boos to close out the half. 5 picks in a half.... from a veteran QB in a must game? Enough. If Nichols is not pulled - MOS is going to hear it too. 2nd half....and yes.... looks like Streveler will go in Collaros moves the Riders for 4 first downs.... Bombers leaving the flats wide open. Actual Loffler sighting....as he flat out drops ball, thrown right at him. Streveler's first pass is to Petermann for nice gain Blocking for Harris is non-existent today, totally stuffed on the run plays Petermann gets totally jacked up over the middle by a Rider Alexander still making plays - nice game for him. Wish Demski would do less dancing and more straight line Strev overthrows pass into double coverage....which is then tipped and picked off.. What is with our QB reads today? Like some kind of contagious disease..... Loffler shoves guy into kicking net - 15 yds. Mason running effectively for Riders.....D does hold. Rider FG puts them up by 9. Morose atmosphere in stands. Hecth blitz off the edge, comes in clean and drills ZC - fumble recovered by Bighill Wolitarski gets good yds on screen....Demski sweeps for another first down Streveler then finds Petermann in back of end zone for the TD. The Canucks do a better job of catching and YAC, than our imports at receiver. Bomber D gets another stop. Strev finds Adams deep over the middle.... Petermann drops probable TD slant. Medlock puts bombers into the lead. Bridge gets two big completions and roughing penalty, and Mason, down to Bomber 15 Bomber D yet another stop. A lot of bending..... but no breaking, today..... Rider FG puts them up 29-27. 3 minutes to go. Two Streveler incomplete passes....forces Blue to punt. Harris a complete afterthought in our O, at this point..... Bomber D does the job and O has ball back with 2 minutes to go.... Streveler throws for loss to Demski - short pass to Demski - now 3rd down Riders get big pressure...Strev lobs one up to the sideline while falling down.... .....for yet another pick. Why not? One area of consistency in Bomber O, today... Riders hit 6th FG of game. Now 32-27 Streveler hits Washington over the middle But 5 Bombers can't handle 3 rushers... ....and Strev is sacked. Now Hail Mary time..... But pass out of bounds, 15 yds short of end zone will not get it done. Bombers done. The D really hung in there today, making a number of big plays to stop Rider drives The O? What we have here is a failure to execute. Play calls, drops...bushel of picks.. Must win game and must bounce back game for Nichols. Double fail. 4th straight loss. Took a lot of mistakes to get swept by this Rider team. Bombers certainly well up to that task Managed to get this Odds and Sods out, in a relatively calm manner.... ....while drinking my gin ferociously.
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    2019 Main Training Camp

    Is anyone paying Booch's expenses??
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    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    I hate that ******* ginger with a fiery passion for all he did to us over the years..............but............I respect the hell out of him as a CFL QB.
  38. 14 points

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Randles post/thank you to MOS really drives home the relationship aspect that takes place between MOS and the players. How many times have you seen a player discuss a HC like that AFTER they were cut? I don't think I've ever seen it before.
  39. 14 points

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    The Diversity Is Strength campaign is one of the best things the CFL has ever done!!! Players and fans all loved it. By far the highlight of Ambrosie's reign.
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  41. 14 points
    On Offence - O line same as last week with Foketi at RT - Simonise got Adams' reps; - LaFrance got Harris' reps; - Washington got all reps with 1st team...Lankford didn't get any with first team while I was there....leads me to believe that if either Adams or Dressler can't go...Washington draws in with Lankford off the game day roster; - My sense is that Adam's will be good to go...while Simonise took Adams' scrimmage reps...they didn't have him taking part in 1st team offence drills while punt team was scrimmaging...he and the other reserve receivers were tending to their scout team duties on punt coverage... - Dressler's participation in practise was similar to the past two weeks...helping out LaPo with drills...not sure he draws in... - Nichols threw a bad pick to Priester (playing the scout team) - Streveler moved the ball well against 1st team D hitting a home run deep shot to Lankford over Fogg... On D - Bryant got 1 team reps at tackle - D Line was Roh, Bryant, Nevis, Okpalaugo (Thomas rotating in...didn't see Poop Johnson rotating in) - Secondary was the same as last week - Fenner in at SAM for Leggett - Gaitor came in on some packages as extra DB...didn't see Cooper coming on as extra DB - Randle subbed himself out intermittently with Priester coming on...doesn't look serious Based on how they practised today, it appears as one lineup change will be Washington on for Lankford (Dressler was on the game day roster last week); another will be Jeffcoat coming off...not sure who comes on in place of Jeffcoat...maybe Gaitor Fenner and Wild were on punt team...leading me to believe they'll continue to be on the roster as DI's...not sure if an extra DB like Gaitor will come on...if so...the other DI will likely be a choice between Poop Johnson and the extra DB. Based on the way they practised...it doesn't look like they're too concerned that Leggett won't be ready to go...I based this on the fact they kept Fenner on punt team...not likely that they would have him on punt and kick team and starting SAM... They still have one full practise day left...plenty of time to change up D and ST if Legget can't go FWIW...the team looked very loose...not especially as sharp as I've seen them in past practises...but that's a subjective opinion...others who attended may feel differently
  42. 14 points
    One of the best coach's and nicest guys in the history of the club.
  43. 14 points
    Imagine if you told Rider fans three years ago that three years into their rebuild, they’d be playing Eddie Steele at OL, Duron Carter would be their full time cornerback, two of their four cornerbacks were Auburn’s #1 and #2 QBs, their starting defensive tackle was a Canadian who started his career at 30 years old because it got derailed for cocaine charges, Sam Hurl would be their starting middle linebacker, they were using three Americans on the OL and still couldn’t keep their starting QB healthy and they were now scouting the Japanese pro circuit for depth.
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    So I am just not a big complainer about the media coverage of our local teams. I generally enjoy TSN, 1290, Bob's radio calls.....and so on. But that game last night was one of the worst I can remember. From the endless blathering on about that stupid burger ,chit chating on about nothing while the play was going on. The ridiculous unending stroking of Riley and his receivers. It really was like watching a Lions home broadcast.There were tons of Bombers that got mere casual comments that had outstanding games.That broadcast distracted from the game instead of enhancing the experience. Shame on TSN.
  45. 13 points

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Way better to sign Matthews than old broken down Manny Arceneaux.
  46. 13 points
    Mr Dee

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Congratulations to another great Bomber character. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the wall climbing portion at NU...
  47. 13 points
    Mr Dee

    3 stars plus hh fog bowl edition

    No way am I giving consideration to Nichols. 358 yards? Pfft. Guy can’t even hit 359..
  48. 13 points
    I'm pretty sure that strut was aimed at Willy Jefferson and was intentionally mocking his strut from the B.B. debacle. As I understand it they are actually friends from their time together in Edm., so none of this should be taken very seriously. It was good to see Nichols shed his bout of mid-season gloom.
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    Rod Black

    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    I was at Salisbury House today. They ran out of onions for the hash browns. The waitress said it’s “Nichols and Hall’ fault.”
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