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    Dane Evans first pass bounces off the receiver's hands....right into the hands of Alexander.... Grant sweeps for 10, but drive stalls... Evans sandwiched by Jeffcoat and Jefferson....but Jefferson called for rough play.... Willie gets mad, then gets even....blowing into the back field, getting the strip - Bighill recovers Harris delays...finds huge gap and runs 15 yards, right up the middle for the TD! Evans finds Banks with a couple of passes ...but Rose gets the stop short of the marker.. 44 yd FG gets the Cats on the board... Zack hoists one up to the sidelines...Lawler wins jump ball for 30 yard gain... Medlock wide on 47 yard attempt - 8 to 3 for the Blue... Sutton doing some nice running for the Cats, Evans completes 9 yd pass.... ....but Hamilton 3rd down QB carry....completely smothered. Another turnover ZC avoids pressure but can't generate a first down.... Sure would like to see the Bombers do more with these turnovers.... Evans completes FD passes to Addison and Banks.... Sayles breaks up 2nd down pass. 47 yard FG attempt is good... Harris runs for 10, Lawler catches one for 10.... Streveler comes in and finds Lawler for 11....then runs up the middle.... Zac comes back in and dumps it to Harris for another first down.... 2 incompletions bring on Medlock for the FG 11-6 Bombers... Nevis comes right up the gut and buries Evans... Bomber DL is completely owning the Cats pass pro.... Good punt return by Grant, down to the 50.... Harris takes belly option up the middle for 22 yards... Streveler loops a pass into the end zone to Harris. 20 yd TD!! Harris is truly a man on a mission at this point.... On ensuing KO return...Willams gets Blitzkrieged...by Hanson... Bombers pounding the Cats at every turn.... Jones almost gets INT defending curl pattern..... Evans gets crunched once again...this time by Richardson... Blue D-line continuing to dominate.... Don't think the Cats are used to getting pushed around like this... Demski takes sweep round the end for 23, sprung by Lawler.... Harris/Streveler combine for another FD, ZC finds Woltman at the 22... Dump pass to Bailey gets FD on the 12.... Proceedure call, incomplete, and short ball ...leaves Medlock for the FG. 21-6 at Half Time. Bombers full marks for that lead...Smashmouth... Harris bulls his way for 9. Adams direct snap to Strev for 13 Harris powers through the A gap for another 9... Williams and Streveler have big-time collision near sidelines.... Streveler limps back to the bench: Williams lays on field for a while... Zac throws jump ball to Woltman, who can't hold on..... Medlock makes it 24-6. Mike Jones pops Banks, who goes straight to the bench... Sutton pops through the middle for 25 yd run.... Surprised how well he is running....but is all the Ticats have got... Evans on 3rd down sneak Jefferson and Wilson stop him cold.... That's 4 turnovers now. As Banks heads for the dressing room.... Hamilton gets some first downs with the hurry up O.... Evans misses Tasker on 2nd down. Have to try FG... Tasker takes pitch on nicely executed fake for 12 and a FD. Sideline pass to the 5....Evans swings it to Addison for the TD. 2 point convert knocked down in end zone by K. Wilson.... ZC gets away from pressure and finds Woltman in middle for 20 Medlock hits 41 yd FG to make it 27-12. TSN announces Banks will not return... TSN wastes everybody's time with lengthy, inane Keith Urban interview.... Evans hits Ackland on deep slant for 35 yards... Sutton runs again, but Cats called for holding... Evans hits a diving Jones at the 8...but he can't hold on.... Mike Jones may of gotten a piece of that one... Zack loops a long sideline pass to Demski for 41 yards.... Harris carries a host of Tigercats for 9 more Demski takes pitch for 10 more... Bombers grinding down that clock nicely...... OC call on Steveler makes it 2nd and 19... Harris runs draw behind great blocking for the first down! ZC back pedals and hoists it deep into the end zone for Bailey... He comes down with it for the killer TD. But it is overturned on review... ...pretty iffy....but at least Suitor is happy... Medlock comes in and makes it a 3 score lead.....30-12 Williams gets cranked on another kick return - this time by Gauthier.. Bombers winning physical battles everywhere.... Jefferson flashes more MODP form as he strips Evans again. Cats recover. Jeffcoat gets into the act, as he gets in and strips Evans yet AGAIN.... .....and recovers the fumble himself. 5th turnover with 4:40 left It is all over....but the drinking... Harris/Streveler/Harris grind out a couple of first downs.... Medlock 18 yard FG. 33-12. 3:00 to go. Book it. Looking for a Cup to pour my gin, into... Simoni who? Banks who? Evans who? Jeffcoat blows in again and blasts Evans in the backfield.... 3rd down pass knocked down by Mike Jones.... ...to cap off his huge game.... Harris goes over the 130 rushing mark.... DOD goes over the usual nightly gin level... O'Shea gets the Gatorade shower.... Jeffcoat/Jefferson still destroying Cats on 3 man rush... Mike Jones cranks Sutton. Bombers hitting till the end... Mr. Jones dives and grabs the INT Turnover #7 Clock runs down with Bombers in GREY CUP VICTORY FORMATION!! The cows have come home, the hay is in the barn.... The fat lady has sung, the chickens are home to roost..... The deal is done....THE BUSINESS IS FINISHED!!!!! We are champs!! We rule! Hell, I rule! 1990# Bah. 29 years. Foo Fantastic job....making a 15-3 team look very ordinary. Will be at work tomorrow, wearing this Bomber gear.. No gin reference to end this one....as I em swimming in it!! BEST TEAM IN THE LAND! BEST FANS IN THE LAND! Damnm this gin tastes mighty fine.....quenching 29 yr thirst... .
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    OMG!!! Tears, just tears. credit to @wanna-b-fanboy for finding and sharing this: Game Day Photos: https://www.bluebombers.com/photo-galleries-2019/game-day-photo-galleries/ Grey Cup Parade and Airport Arrival Photos: https://www.bluebombers.com/grey-cup-celebrations/ Homeless man receives hug from Willie J: )
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    Thank you Matt Nichols

    Thank you for being instrumental in leading this team out of a dark place and playing a huge role in leading this team back to glory. I'm completely convinced we would not have developed the culture of success to be a perennial playoff team and winners of the Grey Cup this season without you. Wherever you go from here I will always be a fan of yours and wish you nothing but success (except against the Bombers). Signed, A lifelong Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan
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    Just trying to stay ahead of the curve, here....
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    Dear Retired Blue Bomber Alumni, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your proactive retirement prior to the start of the 2018 season. It set in motion a cascade of Blue Bomber fortuitousness that would rival that of the prettiest sheep at Regina's county fair. For without your ability to assess your own rancid play at quarterback, and having the foresight to understand you would be a massive step backwards for us - even as a backup quarterback, we may never have seen the running prowess of Chris Streveler as QB. If you had not so honorably fallen on your sword and retired as a Winnipeg Blue Bomber, the events set in motion that transpired during our 2019 Grey Cup season may have never come to fruition. Although some may consider your actions towards the Bomber organization malicious, nay - cowardly, I do not see things that way. You deserve every bit of the $70,000 signing bonus you were entitled to, and I want you to rest assured that your actions helped ensure that pride and integrity has been restored to the Bomber organization as a result of their 2019 Grey Cup Championship. To help commend your sacrifice for all that bleed Blue and Gold, I am including a signed bootleg copy of the 2019 Grey Cup game (on DVD), as I feel the game recording itself represents all that you understand is near and dear to the Bombers organization, grit, sportsmanship, a never-retire attitude and class. The copy is a bootleg as it is as phony as your career, personality, and legitimacy as a starting quarterback. It's a DVD because y'know - Saskatchewan (at your request, I can provide a VHS copy if that is preferable). I have also included a slice of humble pie. Sincerely, Eternal Optimist
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    Collaros signs 2 year deal

    Just going to go back and delete the posts where I thought he wouldn't play and if he did, he would just get injured. Then, I'll go and erase all the posts where I said he wouldn't re-sign. I really wasn't expecting to have to do a lot of work today. This is going to seriously impact my forum surfing.
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    Mr Dee

    Bomber Free Agent Discussion

    I like his thinking..
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    Harris wins both awards. The media that snubbed him can choke on it
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    O'Shea and Walters Re-Sign

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    This is important it gets a new thread @Stmn_Willie_Bmn has come to contract terms with the @Wpg_BlueBombers. And he's taking less money to do so. GOOD JOB KYLE GOOD JOB WILLIE
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    (copy of E-mail to Bomber office) Attn: Mr. Wade Miller - Confirmation on BC game agenda Dear Mr. Miller Do or Die checking in (my user handle on Morning Big Blue) I just wanted to check and review the following arrangements to celebrate my 500th home game, this evening: 5 PM – Pickup by a Blue stretch limousine, transport to IGF 6 PM – Appearance on CJOB pre-game show. 6:15 PM – Visit to Bomber locker room to deliver inspirational speech 6:30 PM – Complimentary yard long Shawarma, from Obby Khan. 7:00 PM – Free ride around the stadium, in Captain Blue’s airplane. 7:30 PM – Performing ceremonial kickoff, after coin toss. 8:00 PM – Short roaming gig, as CJOB cynical sideline reporter Halftime – Invitation to the 55 yard line – to receive gifts, including life long supply of gin Halftime – Interview with TSN panel 10:00 PM – Rigged 50/50/draw I realize you are quite busy – but I am sure that you agree - it is important that these arrangements go off, with a hitch. Btw – when years ago, I called you “Friar Tuck” on Our Bombers, I was actually referring to your generosity and genial good nature. Yours truly, Do or Die GO BOMBERS!
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    Unreal start to the weekend at Spirit Of Edmonton... Got to hang out with James West and his wife. Good booze and good tunes. TiCat morons went up and hugged The Cup when it was brought in for pics... BAD KARMA. We got our pic taken but wouldn't dare touch it. One other cool thing: You know The Traveling Jagrs? There's a crew of Traveling Glenn's! A bunch of guys who all have Kevin Glenn jerseys from the various teams he played for. So they all got a picture taken together and as they're separating I see...... KEVIN GLENN.... he came to SOE and got his picture taken with the Traveling Glenn's! Too awesome. Great ****** night....
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    The sooner the Bombers move onto Streveler, the sooner this board can move onto ogling McGuire.
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    Pregame talk: Bombing the Hammer

    Don’t know where to put this, but I went and watched Wolitarsky’s set at Earl’s tonight. First off, he was actually super good. Second, him and Streveler were super stoked that my buddy Ray and I had their jerseys. Thirdly, Matthews was there and looked very unstabbed. Good turnout - Strev, Demski, Willie, Stove (played a couple songs), Lawler, Sayles, Humes, Speller, Lucky, Rose, Nelson (walking boot) and Petermann all showed to support.
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    Streveler parade attire for today......this guy is a folk hero.
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    Congrats Blue

    Happy for y'all.
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    Mr Dee


    With all due respect...
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    Congrats Blue

    Some folks here have known me nigh upon 15 years. During this time we've had our wars and a fair number of laughs. But I am genuinely happy for you today. There are many posters here who never got to experience a championship and I hope you enjoy the hell out of it. Obviously I'm thrilled that Hamilton didn't win... the few thousand of them who come to BMO to watch their games are pretty insufferable as it is... but if they could actually win? It would almost be too much to bear. THANK YOU OSH for sparing us that fate. There are things that you (Bomber fans) and I (a Prophet of Double Blue) will disagree on sooner than later (and you can likely imagine what specific thing I refer to)... but we will save that for another day while you bask in your Glory and I bask in my Relief.
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    Thank you Matt Nichols

    I remember 2016 very well... the team was 1-4 (or about to be)... we were sitting in IGF and I said to my lifelong friend/fellow season ticket holder " I might be done, if this season continues like this, I don't think I'm coming back next year"... this was our 13th season has season ticket holders.... The next game in Edmonton, Matt Nichols was named as the starter over Drew Willy... a couple other changes were made too... Loffler started at S, Bond was moved to G and Hardrick at RT... and that started something different... that was the first day that the team became competitive and we finally saw the results of that last November... Long story short... without Matt Nichols I am confident that Mike O'Shea and Kyle Walters would no longer be employed by the Bombers and we would not have seen the drought end in November... for that, all Bombers fans owe Nichols a huge amount of gratitude... some people did not love Matt's play over the past 12-18 months... which is fair... but you can't deny that he was one of the major reasons this team is where it is today. Thank you Matt Nichols... all the best in the future...
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    Mr. Perfect


    I wasn't the most popular kid in elementary, middle years and junior high. Football, and the Bombers were one of the few things the gave me joy. I broke my wrist in 2000. My mom got me season tickets as a "pick me up" because my summer was essentially ruined. I had them for 8 years before moving temporarily. I was in grade 9 in 2001. I cried when they lost. 2002 - We lose Milt on the last game of the season. We lose Charles Roberts on the first play of the west final. 2003 - No Milt for the playoffs again. Kenton Keith runs the ball down our throat. You can see times are changing. 2004 - Lyle Bauer does his first sabotage job canning Dave Ritchie 2007 - I fully maintain given we lost by 3 points, with Ryan Dinwiddie throwing 3 picks, that we beat the piss out of the Riders if we had Kevin Glenn that game. End of 2008 - Lyle Bauer sabotage job 2 The next few years, ugly as a whole, even if we did somehow make it to the dance in 2011. Slowly got better under Walters...even if there were bumps along the way. Etch a Sketch defence. Kuale. Choking in the west semi against BC. Continuing to be owned by Calgary. Not able to get over the hump. But finally. It's over. And more tears were shed last night. And all of the dumbfounding decisions of era's past, and heartbreaking losses don't matter. Beautiful.
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    Congrats Blue

    Congrats. Well earned. To the victor go the spoils.
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    Banjo Bowl - GAME DAY THREAD

    Surprised streveler wasn't fined for some of those licks he put on rider defenders during his runs
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    What is this argument even? "The only reason the Bombers won is because their good players played good". WTF?
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    So to recap, WillieJ is walking around with a WWE belt, Strev sporting a cigar, Harris told everyone to stick it up their ass and we broke the Grey Cup. YESSSSS!!!!!!!
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    To all the fans who saw their first Bomber Grey Cup win.... Welcome to the club. We've been waiting for you to join us for a long time. That wasn't just a win. It was total dominance. One of, if not the most lobsidded Grey Cup victory in recent memory. Now, onto figuring out how to repeat next year. 😁
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    Really happy for Bomber fans out there 👍 Congratulations from a disappointed Ticat fan. You wiped the floor with my Cats.
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    WF - GDT - Blue Bombers @ Roughriders

    In a incredibly painful moment. Wanted to wish you congrads and good luck the rest of the way. Is what it is. No excuses
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    Full house, plenty of noise.... Penalty on KO, has Bombers back on their 10 Streveler then sacked at the 2...... ...but then rumbles up the middle for a 2nd and 17 first down... Adams swing pass, Augustine run, Sask IC penalty...... Streveler hits Adams across the middle for 20.... Big Chris then beats 3 Rider tacklers to set up 3rd and 1 Streveler converts, Augustine trap run for 9, pounds for another 5 Johnson gets called for roughing on Streveler. FD on the 12 Jump ball thrown up deep in endz one for Adams..... Riders take 3rd penalty of drive with a PI. Marshall dances round idiotically.... Strev pushes it in for the TD. 8:30 minute 100 yard drive.... Some real noise coming out of the stands.... Gaitor cuts inside, and drills Powell on sweep Richardson on 3 man rush, beats 2 guys...Jefferson cleans up with sack. Bust in Rider secondary....but wide open Woltman is overthrown by Streveler Fajardo shakes off sack from Nevis and completes couple of balls.... Rough play penalty on Roh, gives Riders first down on Bomber 12 2nd down, Fajardo gets big heat. Pass incomplete. FG makes it 7-3 Bailey catches ball 5 yards short of marker...but Sask takes the face mask... Streveler has Woltman wide open again....and misses him again... ....these guys really live together? Streveler goes up the gut, runs right over Judge...and keeps rumbling down to the 12... Streveler runs for 7, then floats pass to Petermann in end zone. TD. 14-3 Another clock eating TD drive....this time 6 and a half minutes..... On 2nd and 3, Powell is completely stuffed by Jake Thomas.... Bomber DL pushing around the Rider OL, at this point... Next series....Riders don't run ball on 2nd and 2....pass incomplete... Rider OL back on their heels.....Bomber DT's pushing them round... Grant comes up on short punt....finds a seam, then turns up the sideline... ....and breezes into the endzone for the 70 yd punt return TD.... 21-3. Fajardo floats long pass to Evans...broken up by Sayles... Augustine runs for nada, then catches pass for nada.... Nick Marshall keeps shoving guys after the play....should be flagged... Jefferson comes right between the tackles untouched...and cranks Fajardo.... ...ball comes lose...Bombers recover on Rider 32.... Streveler finds Woltman, then Peterman, who rumbles down to the 5.... Augustine pounds down to the 1. Streveler bashes in. 28-3 Bombers... The short handed Blue are really putting it to the Riders, now 2nd half starting just like the first... Sayles nice tackle on Manny A....stopping him 2 yards short of marker.... Bailey takes swing pass for 14. Streveler with fake sweep hand off....then fakes a draw...finally steps back in pocket ....and has Augustine behind everyone....drops it in there....a 58 yard kill shot. 35-3....with the way we are hitting on D....forget it. Guess the Riders still have their Big Play Chains locked in the trunk..... Thigpen really taking some knocks on the kick returns by multiple Bombers... Their run game? 2nd and 1...Powell takes ball in backfield...nailed for 5 yd loss... Another Bailey sweep for 15. Bombers better on attacking edge, this week... Fajardo uses his spin move on 3 occasions and couple of passes..... His 10 yd TD run....makes it 35-10. End of the 3rd.... Petermann another catch....all this guy does is make plays... Some more big time work by Bomber cover teams....gunners galore... Bighill still missing couple of tackles today..... Marshall throws sneak punch at somebody downfield. Idiot. Bomber O going Augustine run - Strev run - punt. Just killing time. Medlock has hit some beauties today.... Bombers now dropping back a million guys on D.... Fajardo is hit and chucks up a long floater, while falling to the turf.... ...not a great idea with Winston Rose on the other end. INT. Fajardo tries spin move on Hecht for second time and loses 13 yards... Augustine finding tough going on the 1st down runs.... Bailey falls down running down the field....but MOS challenges anyways... ....sparking some antics from Gainey...their other secondary idiot.... Harker in at QB...throws a pass to Manny A. who takes the ball away from Sayles ...down to the Bomber 5. Perhaps a consolation score? or not.....Harker fakes hand off on 3rd and 3....nobody buying this..... ...as 3 Bombers surround, then squash Harker to the turf. Turnover Things getting chippy as Augustine pounds out runs of 9, 6, then 10 yards.. Bombers in victory formation....Marshall punches another Bomber.... More scrums....continuing after final gun. Bit late to show some fight.... Bombers are 2 game clear of everybody...with much needed bye coming up... I am clear of gin stocks, with a much needed pause coming up...
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    I've seen the Bombers play some awful football over the years, so if they wanna blow out everyone the rest of the year, they can go right ahead. Somehow, I'll find a way to manage............
  31. 19 points


    Seeing Willy Jefferson apologize for ever playing with Saskatchewan was hilarious! It’s okay we all make mistakes. 😉
  32. 19 points
    A very close friend of mine and a huge Bomber fan passed away earlier this year. Thought about him all game. THEY DID IT LLOYD! Never prouder of the Blue and Gold.
  33. 19 points


    You can’t win a Grey Cup with Ritchie Hall. You can’t win a Grey Cup with Paul Lapolice. You can’t win a Grey Cup a cup with Mike O’Shea . You can’t win a Grey Cup with out a passing attack, heard that a lot around here the past few years. Looks like you can!!!!!
  34. 19 points

    WF - Bombers @ Riders

    We are going to beat the **** out of those ******* assholes...
  35. 19 points

    Labour Day Classic GAMEDAY THREAD

    At the risk of being unpopular, I'm going to place the blame squarely on all of you, the fans.
  36. 19 points
    Willie J. hits Arbuckle's arm to force a punt Grant, Janarion....has pretty good first punt return Nichols completes couple of short passes to Whitehead... Harris skips round the corner for 17.... Nichols has room to scramble up the middle, hook slides 3 yards short. Some rumbles from the stands, as Medlock makes 27 yd FG Bombers trying to mix up some fronts on D Janarion Grant finds a middle crease on a punt return..... ....gets the sideline and motors the rest of the way. 80 yd TD. Hecht gasses tackle at the hash mark, huge gain for Stamps Arbuckle finds receiver wide open at Blue 15.... Then he gets middle pressure, but breaks contain round the end.... .....all the way to the endzone. 10-7 Bombers D not looking good on that drive...poor tackling and coverage.... Lawler grabs ball behind him up the middle, despite getting helicoptered. Ar Buckle sees blitz (Hecht) coming and beats it easily into the flat for 15 ...followed by mid range completion on the sideline...and a FD swing pass.. Sayles jostling with Rogers in the end zone...draws PI call. Ball on 1. OB sneak for the TD.....10 point lead evaporated......14-10 Stamps Nichols hits Matthews up the middle for 20...then Wolt for another FD. Matt appears to drop ball right into corner of endzone for Woltman... But ruled incomplete.....Harris gets first down on swing pass... ....another screen to Harris snuffed out on 2nd down. Medlock FG. Jefferson flushes AB out....Roh with the tackle.... Mr. J. Grant has nice punt return up the middle and gets Blue out of hole... Harris hit in backfield on 2nd and 2.....poor Medlock punt and no yards call Bighill blitzs and forces incomplete on 2nd down.. Lord Janarion takes the punt, starts right, reverses to the left..... .... turns the corner again....down the sideline, 75 yards for the touchdown. Going out on a limb.....this guy will be doing the returns, next week... Sayles makes tackle on crossing route....to force punt... Grant fumbles the kick...ball bounces down to the Bomber 22. Stamps ball. Arbuckle has wide open guy in endzone behind Hecht...but hits the upright... NA then lofts sideline pass to Rogers...down to the 5, with halftime looming... Sayles plays jump ball with Rogers in the endzone...comes down with huge INT. Nichols starts 2nd half, with his longest completion of the day, 30 to Lawler.. Bryant holding penalty kills drive, takes away the field goal.... MOS has other thoughts, and sends Medlock to try from 56.... ...and he nails it! 23-14 for the Bombers..... Nevis having good game against the run (as usual) Some of Hecht's physical limitations beginning to show, lately.... Sayles comes in blindside and sacks Mr. Arbuckle.... Lucky takes reverse sweep...bobs and weaves for 20... Streveler on 3nd and a couple of feet...strings it outside and is stopped... At least a 3 point turnover...this O has no finish, tonight. Sayles another nice tackle, Maston knocks down pass... Bomber D has tightened up, since that 2nd quarter... Grant, who looks like a weapon...has a good punt return wiped out by holding... Bombers ahead....but still too many "mental errors" tonight on both sides of the ball... Harris gets clobbered on a hitch pass....Demski close to the marker Streveler pounds 3rd and 1, right up the middle...this time.... Harris catches another dump pass....Nichols pressured and throws up.... ...yes, another dump to Harris. 3rd and 1.5 Streveler in..... ....who goes up the middle again, like a good boy and converts... 2nd and 3 delay pitch to Harris - stuffed. Too cute by half. Bombers eating up clock...but struggling to maintain drives... Williams breaks 2 tackles for a first down, Ambles avoids 2 more for another Bighill still does not look quite right out there..... D. Jones blitz forces 2nd down incomplete......Stamp 47 yd FG. 23-17 Harris run and check down for FD. Matthews open down sideline, can't hold on.. Nichols pressured and dumps ball off again (rumbling from stands) short of marker Stamps punt returner runs into his own guy, then Hallett....fumble - Hallett recovers 2 Harris runs for a first down, then wiggles down to the 3 yard line. Nichols runs QB draw, but runs it like a sundial and is tackled on the 2. ....the lack of finish by this O tonight is glaring... Medlock puts it through. Bombers 26-17. Arbuckle hit by 4 Bombers on 2nd down. 3rd down pass overthrown! ...but Sayles gets call for IC. Some real stinger penalties tonight.... Williams takes screen down to Blue 23 with 3:10 left AB reads blitz (again) Williams wide open in flat to the 11. Rogers wins jump ball with Gaitor, avoids another tackler...dives into endzone. Extra point makes it 26-24. Game starting to look like an Argo replay.... Bombers desperately need to get some first downs on O. Harris runs for 2 (boos from the stands) Nichols throws pass behind Woltman (quite a few more boos) Stamps return kick to their 45. Just need FG to win. 2nd down pass bounces off receiver hands, right up into the air..... Who else? Rose is waiting underneath it, to collect another INT. Harris runs for 7.... Streveler pounds up the gut for huge first down... Harris busts off tackle close to marker, and over 100.... Andrew and the Calgary bench then discuss the weather, I think... Streveler dives over for the clinching FD. Time for victory formation. Bombers break losing streak, have series edge on Stamps and Moes Not an artistic triumph...but alone in first place eases the pain Not a fancy glass.....but the contents do likewise..
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    Rod Black

    Some Truth to the Rumour

    There’s a bad cop now and then. But most are great people, hard working, in a very stressful job. They make good neighbours. I’d rather support the fuzz than degrade them.
  38. 19 points
    Disappointing looking crowd... Esks take 2 penalties on first 2 series.... Nichols has time, but can't pull trigger - sacked.... Medlock's tricky sidewinder punt...pins Moes deep.... Gable doing some tough running.... Long underneath throw, that Matthews jumps up...awarded catch.. ...but Speller holding penalty wipes that out. 2nd and 20..Nichols throws it away, but dump rough call on Esks.. Edmonton takes PI...5th penalty in the first 7 minutes... Good thing Maas cleaned up that stuff from last year....... Demski takes innocent looking sweep play.... ...and bobs and weaves 35 yards with it.... Next play, Esks dig in for Harris...but Demski plunges it in T. Harris converts some first downs...throwing ball well ...then scrambles away, and hits 20 yd pass.... Kyrie Wilson is FAST.....comes downhill like a cannon shot.... Blue pass rush comes alive.....Edm kicks FG. 7-3 Nichols steps back and bombs it out to Whitehead on the stop'n go ....who takes it down the sideline to complete 75 yard touchdown... Bomber kick coverage looking very good..... Nevis gets in a big pop on a screen pass. End of 1st....14-3 Bombers. Lapo gets too cute on 2nd and short....Lucky loses yards on reverse.... Another nice punt from Medlock...another Esks penalty.... Gable slashes on back to back runs for 30, then pounds for another first down. T. Harris hits sideline pass to set up 3rd and 1 at Bomber 35.... Gable takes stupid shotgun hand off....and 3 Bombers stop him cold. Nichols hangs on to ball too long....sacked again. Medlock shanks punt......ball on Bomber 50. T. Harris scrambles for FD, then beats blitz with hot slant to the 12. Roh knocks down 2nd down pass....Moes settle for FG Harris fumbles...Esks get ball at Blue 30... Some Bomber mistakes, beginning to pile up here.... Harris has all day to throw....hits a pass to the Bomber 8 Flat pass to the 3...but Gable dragged down for no gain.... Esks settle again for the 3. 14-9 Bombers Some pretty errant throws from Nichols, this quarter Time of possession and yards piling up for Edmonton Olivera goes down....cart comes on....not looking too good Nichols overthrows wide open Matthews, ball tipped and picked off T. Harris has plenty of time, again...for 20 yard pass... Looks like Fenner is the preferred target for tonight.... Harris finally sacked by Jeffcoat....45 yd FG, last play of half 14-12 Bombers just kinda hanging on here.... 2nd half...good return by Nelson...FD's from Lucky and Harris Nichols goes to Adams long down the middle....obvious PI. ...but no call.. that just has to be challenged. MOS complies.... Yup, PI alright...1st down on the 5. Nichols finds Harris in end zone. Bombers still having trouble wrapping up Gable. Hecht misses tackle on 2nd down Edmonton OG's are holding like crazy...and getting away with it. Esks just keep boning themselves with penalties.... Both teams now really slowing down on O... Esks FINALLY take a holding call...Blue D starting to pick it up Jeffcoat is having a pretty good game... Another nice punt return from Nelson.....quick and shifty... Hitch pass to Lucky.... gets the corner...flies up the sideline... ...cuts back to the middle...simply outruns everyone, into pay dirt... 40 yard TD. Speed kills. Great coming out party for Whitehead... S. Richardson getting held quite a lot....guy is a bull..... Hecht forces fumble with big hit....but the Moes recover... Another nice Medlock punt. Another Esks penalty. Nichols under throws Matthews for a pick...except it is dropped.... Fenner gets PI....his night is just not going well..... Jeffcoat still coming.....sacks Harris....but D holding kills that.... Collins takes short pass....dekes Bighill for good gain.... Bombers amp up pressure on Harris again. White FG again. Esks go into a 3 man rush. Blue O respond with another 2 and out... Mike Miller doing fine work on ST's tonight..... Gable pounds out a couple of first downs...one guy not tackling him. Harris finds Gable for another FD. White comes on for another FG.. 28-18 Nichols misses Adams. This O having problems closing the deal.. Adams and Woltman have combined for exactly 0 catches... Rios takes a dumb roughing penalty on the sidelines. 3:00 to go. Gable stuffed by Jeffcoat and Bighill. Stafford converts 3rd and 2 pass.... Nevis having a fine game, in the middle.... Alexander misses tackle on Ellington...ball down to Bomber 25... Maas decides to save clock....and kick 7th FG 28-21 1:57 left. Harris loses 4 yards, then Nichols runs 5 and hook slides.... A generous amount of boos...wafting down from the stands.... Esks start at Bomber 50. Smith flat out drops 2nd down pass... 3rd and 4. Ellington jumps up for it on the sidelines....Sayles knockdown. That should do it...Bombers running out the clock...and Harris FUMBLES! Esks get it back at the 50, with 33 seconds left.. Rios knocks down 1st pass. 2nd down pass incomplete... 3rd down play....Fenner all over receiver. Ball incomplete. game now over. Esks O put up some good numbers and great TOP. .... But, like golf....you drive for show...and putt for dough. No TD's. 7 FG's Bomber O put up mediocre numbers.....but hit end zone 4 times... Worse things... than losing the numbers game..and winning football games 2 and 0. But need work closing out games....for the sake of my liver... Fortunately...its all as good as gin.
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    Thank you Matt Nichols

    can never say enough good things about Matt Nichols the QB and Matt Nichols the person. On and off the field, he was a fantastic Bomber and Manitoban. Sad to see him go, and hope he has several years of success in football yet!
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    I was there... Matt Nichols speech was incredible... very heartfelt and left many in tears... I think we can all agree he's not the perfect QB... but he was such an integral part of turning this team around and any failure to recognize that is just disrespectful and ignorant... let's give Matt the respect he deserves!
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    Don't post much here, but would like to share a few things about what tonight's Blue Bomber Grey Cup victory meant to me, if that's ok. Some info to put it into context... - had a car accident in January. No one was hurt, and 0% my fault, but my car was written off. Had to buy lower quality vehicle with the settlement. - spent nearly two weeks in the hospital with a nasty leg infection. - engine blew out on my above-mentioned new (used) car. Ended up S.O.L. on that one. - got another new car and got into another accident less than two months later. No one was hurt, but I will admit to being at fault for that one. Just a brain fart on my part. My bad. Had to buy another car. - my mom, who let me move in with her 16 years ago, when my divorce cleaned me out, is moving into a nursing home at the end of this month, i.e. the end of this week (cue jokes re: grown man living with his mom, not to worry, no offence will be taken). What with the packing, searching for a place to live, plus the arranging of two moves, plus searching for three new (used) cars in one year, a hospital stay, and this being the last Grey Cup we'll watch under this roof, and all that upheaval and stress of this whole ***ing year... well, my mom and I had a good cry (good tears!) and a good hug and we both let out a loud WHOOP! when Zach took that knee at the end of the 4th quarter! Anyways... Cheering for a sports team may seem meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but, at least for me and my mom and my brother and sister and their spouses (all of us life-long Blue Bomber fans), tonight, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers winning the 2019 Grey Cup means... well... everything. I love the Blue & Gold, win or lose, but needless to say, I❤my Winnipeg Blue Bombers now more than ever! Congratulations to the 2019 Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers! What an amazing game! Congrats to Andrew Harris! And thank you!🏈🤗❤ Having said that, as Tyrone Jones, James "Wild Wild" West and the rest of the Blue Bombers once said back in the day... WHO GOT 'DA CUP? WE GOT 'DA CUP !!! Thanks for indulging my rant. Smiling now like I haven't in a long time! 😁👍🏈
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    As sweet as this victory is, I'm cheering with: -Terrence Edwards -Chris Armstrong -Clarence Denmark -Charles Roberts -Yvenson Bernard -Doug Brown -Barrin Simpson -Milt Stegall and last but not least, Matt Nichols, who brought us here. Thank you Matt for bringing us here, and thank you Zach for carrying the sword when Matt couldn't.
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    13 points given up per game in the playoffs. 5+ takeaways per game. At least one critical turnover on downs in each game. 2x in the Grey Cup!
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    Despite how stressed I was the entire game, the cats were never really in it.
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    66 Chevelle

    A Thank You and Shout Out...

    I just wanted to take a moment to say 'thank you' to Rich and all of the members of MBB for allowing us interlopers a place to come and talk about our Bombers since TEP being down. For us avid Bomber fans, the TEP couldn't have went down at a worse time, during playoffs... it was/is nice to have a place to come to and share our thoughts and participate in the conversation without being made to feel un-welcomed or reminded that we are merely quests at someone else's house.. Hopefully we've reciprocated the hospitality by adding to the conversation and provided additional insight to the going on's within the game and the Bombers in general... hopefully we will continue to do so once the TEP is back up, if it's back up... So again, thanks you to MBB, Rich, and the MBB members for accepting us and allowing us to continue to be part of the conversation, much appreciated!
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    To be fair to Ed he was able to suit up and toughed it out yesterday while playing with two broken ankles courtesy of Johnny Augustine last week. He's a warrior.
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    Both teams starting slow on O..... Good inside push from Bomber D-line.... O not stretching field, yet....short pops to Demski... Great punt from Medlock...goes out on BC 2..... A Reilly chuck up, and blown coverage....long gain Burnham... Another pass and blown tackling on Burnham, by Sayles and Alexander... Blue D makes BC settle for 3.... Why does Burnham always do this to us? Kyrie Wilson closing nicely to the ball...against the BC running backs Harris showing usual form in run game.....so far.... Nichols and Whitehead can't connect on the long ball Good punt return from Nelson, gets Blue good field position.... Harris rumbles for back to back first downs.... Nichols hits Adams down to the 7...… Nichols rolls out and finds Adams, all by himself in the end zone Bomber OL looking pretty good here.....7-3 for good guys.... Lions take their 3rd penalty on kick returns... Bomber D looking stout...against the run.... Reilly hits a couple of passes under pressure.... Fenner hit with a pretty tic-tac call on PI... Nevis cleans up on sack after Jeffcoat pressure.... Sayles takes a IC....but Moes have to settle for another 3 Nichols hits Adams with perfect pass for 40.... Nichols then rears back and finds Woltarksi ..lonely, in back of end zone.... 75 yd, 7 and a half minute TD drive. Blue O in a groove... But Rutley takes the ensuing kick....cover guys caught inside.... ...and he rolls the rest of the way, for a 108 yd TD Reilly hits Carter for the 2 point convert.... Then, 3 short passes and a Bomber PI, sets up a FG. 17-14 Bombers dominating that quarter, with nothing to show for it... Blue running some predictable and ineffective blitzes on D 2nd half. Reilly pass deflected by Fenner and picked off by Hecht.. ….who goes down the sideline for big return, to the BC 8 Nichols looks one way, then rolls the other....finds WoltMan for the TD 3rd time a Bomber receiver is totally wide open in the money zone... Bombers now 3 for 3 in the zone tonight.... Undeterred, Reilly finds Carter with long sideline pass.....past Rose Fenner then beaten badly on corner route for the TD He does end up with ball off a blocked convert and gets 2 points back... Bomber D coverage has sprung some leaks, tonight. 23-23 Bombers take 2 penalties on the KR. One a phony block call on Alexander.. Whitehead does not look like a natural at R. Harris rolls around the end for a big gain. OL Grey looks like the real deal... Harris takes a screen for another first down....but Blue settle for Medlock 3 BC has 4 yds rushing....and aren't even trying it...at this stage Harris goes over 100, on 15 yard draw. Nichols finds Lawler for FD.... Matty hits Wolitarski ….who burrows down to goal line.... Streveler sneaks it in....33-23 for the good guys. This guy Exume is a real ST assassin, has at least 4 tackles.... Bad punt and no yards gives the Blue good field position... but 2nd down holding call, kills drive. Hecht cuts under receiver in middle of field...… ...and gets pick #2, with a lateral to Gaitor to boot..... Bombers go into dink and dink O.....then punt Seems like BC has about like...3 offensive plays in their playbook.. 3rd and 10 Esks. Reilly is hammered by Richardson... ….ball falls to the turf. Game pretty over. Harris bulls his way over the 130 mark, then adds ANOTHER 10 ….to run out the clock....as I run out of gin. 33-23.
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    Raise your hand if you're still a lowdown, lying, ruthless chump.
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    Mr Dee

    WSF: Bombers @ Stamps

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