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  1. I like watching his trade tree videos. Plus he doesn't constantly beg for likes or for people to subscribe.
  2. We're not going to get anything decent for Roslovic and Niku. Your fantasy of getting an impact player for them is not realistic.
  3. Did you actually watch the entire show? They had Omega on and now will be having him back doing singles matches, starting with that tournament. But you've seen the last month so I'm pretty sure you ignored that to make your point. I have no idea what "almost job" means. Either you do a job or you don't, there is no such thing as almost. Yes the main event wasn't good, Jericho wanted to give his friend a main event rub. As a wrestling fan I would have thought you knew that or read it directly from Jericho. Luther will not be a regular on Dynamite, so don'worry about him.
  4. Goalie never allows facts to get in the way of any post he makes.
  5. That would be an improvement
  6. They are buying Canadian products only. Otherwise everything else will be the same.
  7. They are changing it to Canadian ownership
  8. Where I work they say stay home if you're sick. But when you're sick they constantly question why and not in a concerning manner. If you stay working when you're sick they question why your production is down from the usual level. Sometimes shaming you because it was not what was expected.
  9. Is it December already? Islanders won their series 4-1
  10. Only the Penguins are eliminated from your list. The Blues, Bruins and Lighting have not been eliminated.
  11. The top four teams in each conference plays 3 round robin games to determine the 1-4 playoff seeds.
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