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  1. Medlock and Bryant weren't going anyway. No surprise they both resigned
  2. That's 2 more points than you'll ever have. Scheifele had 1 point in his first 11 games in 2 different seasons. I suppose we should have gotten rid of him, maybe we should start calling you Chevy since you're such an expert.
  3. The way the calls went in the 3rd period, the Blind Mice were not going call back that overtime goal.
  4. Unfortunately you're only half correct. Yes WCW already sucked but him winning the world title 100% made the collapse go much faster. Denying it is laughable.
  5. All he had to do was be decent last night, but with his poor goaltending they lost. We got a point in spite of him not because of him.
  6. No way that arm was going forward before the fumble
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