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  1. He looked terrible on the second goal. It looked like Hellebuyck mentally checked out of period one. Shore shouldn't be in that position, a defenseman should cover the net not the center.
  2. Can't wait to see some real football.
  3. They were open yesterday when I went by
  4. Hopefully it wasn't a total sausage fest. Unless that's what you were into, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  5. Little is the last drafted player and Wheeler was acquired via trade. But yes you're correct.
  6. I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's
  7. Unfortunately this isn't news, the states don't have a monopoly on morons but they are well represented.
  8. I'd be curious to the ratings of Smackdown tonight with no real competition. I know I'll be watching.
  9. They BOTH are terrible. Tonight only Pionk is good.
  10. Nobody cares about plus/minus anymore. Our team toughness is nonexistent, it would be nice to have a player like Thorburn
  11. I'd rather have Bitetto play and Beaulieu sit.
  12. Lucky for me I don't care about your opinion.
  13. What exactly am I protesting? That I want to read news about Walker, yeah that's a terrible thing.
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