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  1. Forgot all about Big Mike! He was a beauty. Definitely one of my all time favorites!
  2. Yeah Bell was a tool. Arrogant, not all that good, and had a stupid mustache. Pretty easy to dislike. For me other dislikes would be Dave Donaldson(crappy play), Sam Hurl(crappy play), and Henoc Muamba(jerking the team around and being a hired gun whos all about the money). Joe Mack is in a league of his own when it comes to dislikes Favorites would be Milt, Walby, Roberts, Juran Bolden, Terrence Edwards, and Khari.
  3. Dave Donaldson?!?! Lol, Double D! Man I hated that guy. I remember a play where he was beat like a rented mule(I know, be more specific), and the receiver was like 10 yards clear of him. The QB underthrew the ball and it got caught up in the wind so it ends up hitting Donaldson in the back when the receiver had to come back for the ball. Donaldson starts jumping around, and giving the incomplete pass signal with his arms like he just made some great play lol. He was beyond terrible.
  4. That was one of the dirtiest hits i have ever seen in any sport. Khari throws an interception like 30 yards down field, and Philion is about 5-10 yards away from Khari and has more or less stopped his rush. He sees the interception, immediately turns towards Khari(who was basically standing still and nowhere near the play), and blindside hammers him at full speed. Needless to say the fat f***, out weighing Khari by like 80+ lbs, completely obliterated him. It was a 100% intent to injure play. I wouldnt be surprised if that was the start of Khari's shoulder problems. If not it no doubt made it worse.
  5. There was a 15 year stretch give or take where I went to nearly every training camp. Always took the week off from work and went everyday. In true Winnipeg fashion ive sat through +30 weather one year, and sleet the next lol. Loved just sitting with the old-timers and talking football. So many training camp stars that seemed destined for greatness only to fade away. I remember watching Ramonce Taylor one year and was sure he was the next superstar. Lots of memories but a couple stand out for me. Watching Milt, year after year, embarrass whichever hot shot DB they put across from him in 1 on 1's lol. That and watching Charles Roberts sitting on his helmet chatting with Milt and the other players during stretching drills lol. The dude was amazing and put next to zero effort into his conditioning. Man, if he had worked half as hard as Milt did during is career, we would be talking about him as the greatest CFL RB of all time. No doubt in my mind. Shame really.
  6. Travesty. How can a game from the 90's not be available on video?!?! I can probably watch the freakin' Fog Bowl from 1962.
  7. Oh man, you had me all hot and horny for a televised 700 yard passing game
  8. Im with Noeller. Jones was a beast against Banks and that long bomb pass knockdown was arguably the most important play of the game IMO. If that ball is caught it pumps Hamilton full of life and its a 1 score game. Completely different ball game. Mike Jones MVP #2 for me.
  9. Yup. Not to mention Jefferson and Jeffcoat b**ch slapping their "vaunted" and "award winning" o-line(Bryant being robbed by that turnstyle is a freaking shameful travesty btw). The game of football is largely won in the trenches.
  10. Hopefully Dheilly isn't a one-hit-wonder like this guy.
  11. Oh Yeah! Addison Richards eat your heart out!
  12. And he's got amazing hair!
  13. I was quite impressed with his highlight video. He looks like he's got some speed.
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