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  1. overthrowing guys left and right. Wake up BLM!
  2. Maier need to be in to start the 2nd half. BLM is trash.
  3. It wasnt during playoffs but me at Carlos & Murphys chicken wing happy hour a few weeks back was a truly dominant performance.
  4. Yup, id love nothing more than a 34-0 lead at the half and just spend the second half enjoying the atmosphere while pounding bevies with the boys!
  5. Been a long time since ive heard the WEST SIDE SUCKS chant! Died with the old stadium i guess
  6. Not the only one! Toot, toot(my horn) 2021 Blue Bombers Training Camp/Pre-Season Stuff Bubba Zanetti replied to Noeller's topic in Blue Bomber Discussion Sounds like Lawler has been an absolute beast so far in camp. The combinations of Buck as OC, Collaros being more of a gun slinger than Nichols, and Harris being essentially two years older, i think we see quite a bit more emphasis on the passing game this season. Bold prediction: Lawler 1000+ yards receiving(keep in mind only 14 games this year). July 18
  7. I agree with Milt. I dont want Collaros sitting for another 3 weeks. I hope he gets atleast a half next week.
  8. I just hope such a turd game like this doesnt hurt the confidence and momentum weve got going on...
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