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  1. Enjoy playing in front of 17 people Derel and paying $31,482 per month for a bachelor studio apartment. #lifechoices
  2. Obviously Biggie is huge. But im referring to the true FA's that tested the market. By the sounds of it the Bombers were very active players but were left without a girl at the dance.
  3. Agreed. If we would have missed out on Jefferson it would have been a complete disaster. We were led to believe the Bombers were a team players wanted to play for. Thanks but no thanks from a lot of guys. Money talks I suppose. Disappointing.
  4. Sounds like the Bombers walked away. If not, the man may be crazy. Enjoy the basement.
  5. Wow, color me surprised. Didn't think Walters would throw that kind of money around for a WR.
  6. I think we bring in a 2nd tier receiver and possibly Ackie. I agree on Nevis. He had a solid year. No reason not to bring him back unless he's asking for the world.
  7. Dunk seems to think the opposite. Apparently he had other visits scheduled and postponed them according to Dunk. https://3downnation.com/2019/02/14/derel-walker-leaves-toronto-without-signing-deal-with-the-argos/
  8. Just don't see Walters giving 200K+ to two FA's
  9. Be 28 to start the season and receivers don't tend to have a long shelf life. Unless ofcourse youre Milt Stegall.
  10. I'd put my money on the Argo's signing him. At his age he's probably chasing the money ala Micah Johnson.
  11. Flying home without visiting with any other teams? Seems odd.
  12. That's a massive IF. Many teams have thrown the dice on that IF and lost. If BC starts losing and Burnham + Durant are getting more looks.....Could get ugly quick.
  13. Well there goes everyones favorite whipping boy
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