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  1. Would have like to see much more of the money tied into health/games played but that's the going rate for a starter, give or take.
  2. Possibly the greatest strictly facial expression celebration of all time
  3. A little surprised with Grant still being under contract.
  4. Boo-hoo. That's professional sports. What have you done for me lately. Collaros has more tools in his tool box and the Bombers realize it.
  5. Yeah Buck definitely has some sort of speech impediment.
  6. I Think He Could Have A Breakout Year With Collaros Under Center.
  7. Ive always been very critical of Hall and would have been happy to see him gone years ago but maybe he's finally figured out what works with this group. Their performance in the playoffs was unbelievable. Sure the Rose and Sayles departures hurt but quality DB's abound in free agency and abroad. Time will tell if it was a fluke or if Hall can keep the good times rolling.
  8. No mention of a new LB/DE coach. Guess they are still looking to replace him?
  9. Our o-line would make any QB eek with delight and spring a half-chub.
  10. Thank god for that pepper shaker. Just remember George, the Van B. Boys never hassle their own kind.
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