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  1. Noice! Just when Geoff Gray was looking like a shoo-in. Dobson is a mauler and will compete for a starting job.
  2. Is it too much to ask that somewhere, anywhere, someone from the league could have made the ticket buying public aware that the date TO PURCHASE YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TICKETS has been pushed back??!? Not one friggin' article or announcement anywhere?!?! Thats mickey mouse.
  3. So everything ive read online, including the Riders website, says that today is the day they open Grey Cup tickets for CFL season ticket holders. Been trying to buy all morning. Nothing. So i chat with Chelsea at the Bombers and she tells me that apparently theyve pushed back the date to May 26. Nowhere online can i find any type of info saying they have pushed back the date. Kind of important. Might want to change your f****** website Riders. Nice job. Looks pretty stupid on the league too. Talk about mickey mouse. Your championship game and its a cluster**** to figure out how/when to get tickets. Unreal.
  4. Article also mentions: Brad Fotty, who has been in the position since 1990, has since put Walby’s 63 and Stegall’s 85 out of commission. The same was done for Bob Cameron’s 6.
  5. These are his yards per carry over the first 10 years of his career. Dear god. Why did these Bomber teams even bother throwing the ball?!?!? 6.2 6.9 7.0 6.5 8.7 7.1 6.5 5.2 7.4 5.4
  6. Ive been reading up on this Dalton Schoen. Something about this guy.....Ive got a feeling he sticks and makes an impact this year, and hopefully beyond.
  7. Interesting that Montreal isnt even holding a rookie camp. Seems bizarre. Why wouldnt you want to get rookie Americans familiar with the CFL game?
  8. True to form over the last couple of years, i count 28 DB's currently coming to camp lol. Talk about competition.
  9. Apart from a 3-15'esk disaster i'd be shocked if they moved on from Khari so soon.
  10. I hear he wears a rattlesnake condom, and he once punched a hole in a cow just so he could see who was coming up the road.
  11. Where did you see that? His CFL.CA page says 6'3 285lbs?
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