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  1. And after saying that i go book a Pfizer in Morden for July 16 lol.
  2. Lol, yup. Pfizer looks like its all gone.
  3. Pfizer shots disappearing all over the province. Cannot book ahead for Pfizer now at Leila, RBC, Selkirk, Steinbach, Gimli, Brandon, or The Pas. Government tweeted out that theyre not expecting many Pfizer shots to be delivered during the rest of this month and into July. Managed to book a Pzifer shot for July 16, but ill be heading out to Morden to get it lol. At least someone will be using their shots.
  4. Would be nice if there was clarification on this. Ive also heard many times over the last couple days that you can mix and match pfizer and moderna. I even heard on CJOB yesterday one of the doctors in charge encouraging listeners to mix in order to get both doses faster. If thats the case and the site is blocking pfizer people from choosing moderna, thats horseshit and needs to be corrected like yesterday. Ill gladly add a moderna to my pfizer and save myself a month+ of waiting.
  5. Where did you book at? Most people i know that booked recently for their 2nd dose are having to wait a month at the Leila site.
  6. Consent forms for what? Second dose?
  7. He looks like a buff version of Adam Sandler from Uncut Gems, just way more mentally challenged. If youre interested in knowing the kind of guy he is: Saccoccia has denied the Holocaust and expressed anti-semetic views on his Facebook account.[5] He has additionally claimed that Black Lives Matter activists are a "government-sponsored intelligence operation”, and called them "subhumans", believing Black people are "mentally challenged".[5] He also alleges that members of the LGBT community support paedophilia, and has stated "Muslims and child rape go together like burgers and fries"
  8. True talent? I imagine this is based on overall team talent? I disagree vehemently. You telling me teams like Edmonton, Montreal, Minnesota, Nashville, etc have better overall team talent than the Jets??? B.S. I dont care what kind of analytic/fancy stats they used.
  9. 18 ICU beds is mice nuts and would make no difference 100% of the time when there is no pandemic. The system was completely broken and hemorrhaging our tax dollars before the overhaul. Lets not forget it was the NDP government that asked for the outside independent audit but didnt have the balls to make the changes it called for. Blaming Pallister for where we are is scapegoating.
  10. Blame the government all you want, ultimately the blame lies on the shoulders of the braindead scumbag ***holes that dont give a s***. Its these pricks that dont follow health orders, dont get tested when theyre symptomatic, dont cooperate with contact tracers, and refuse to get the vaccine. These are the POS people that are costing lives. I hate the argument of but but but, you didnt make it harder for people to break the rules. The regulations would have been enough if people werent complete sacks of trash
  11. Ill say it again, the disdain i have for the human race has increased 10 fold during this pandemic. It blows my mind just how selfish and just plain stupid some people are. The only good thing about covid is maybe its thinned the braindead herd out a bit. Too harsh?
  12. Atleast the positivity rate went down 😕
  13. JLO is foxy as f***. Im not a fan of Affleck. He comes off as a dirtbag. Kinda sleazy. Personally i think she could do better. Im not single, but i could try!
  14. I thought you needed appointments for those sites just like the supersites??
  15. Im scheduled for next wednesday. I picked the Leila supersite since its close to my work but now i wish i would have picked the higgins or notre dame pop-ups. People booking after me have gotten earlier dates when they picked those locations. I thought about going in and trying to change my location to get it earlier but im scared ill f something up and cancel my appointment all together lol.
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