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  1. Hopefully they put out some kind of DVD/Blu-ray with season and Grey Cup highlights. That would be sweet! I still have the 1990 Bombers Blitz VHS! Anyone remember that beauty??
  2. Any idea when the ST holders early single ticket window is??
  3. Why do POS rider fans keep coming onto this thread, talking their usual verbal diarrhea, and making me think there is an update on Derel Walker?
  4. Sweet Jesus I could live 1000 lives and never get tired of watching that Thiadric Hansen hit! The other angle is even better, he lifts the Hamilton blocker like 3 feet into the air and launches him like a freaking torpedo into the returner. Why do my shorts get tighter every time I watch that clip?!?!?
  5. Oh man, I still remember one morning listening to them and I was literally laughing so hard in my car I had to pull over. It started with Hal having a cold and he had a lozenge in his mouth. So he's talking and all of a sudden goes "Oh I just swallowed a fishermans friend", and instantly BJ goes "yeah I heard that about you" and then Hal starts laughing uncontrollably while BJ just keeps going. "Was he salty?", "Geeze I heard jobs were hard to come by on the east coast but common man", etc lol. It was just BJ throwing out one-liners with Hal laughing uncontrollably barely able to breathe. I had tears running down my face. Those guys were hilarious together.
  6. I enjoy Hal in the afternoons. He's definitely come a long way since his bar gig days at The Oak. Most of his topics, discussions, etc are mostly puff pieces, but lets face it, he needs to pander to his listeners which are probably like 70% geriatrics. But im still a listener when im in the car and im 41. Hal is like a comfy sweater. He is after all the 34th Greatest Canadian! Right in between Gordon Lightfoot and Laura Secord lol.
  7. Still hoping for a sinkhole to swallow that POS and make the world a better place.
  8. Man, he's just gotta sign here! Makes so much sense. Other than Ottawa all the other teams are loaded up. Common Derel, Lapo aint gonna throw the ball and Redblacks gonna suck! Come on down to Winnipeg!
  9. Tasker ill give you, but the other two? Yes, washed up.
  10. I remember that. Man I was pisssed about that b.s. I was glad his career went it the tank after screwing us like that. And 150K X3 back in 2006?? Wow that's a lot of cake!
  11. His contract includes transportation compensation in the form of a Vancouver Transit bus pass.
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