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  1. Nevermind the BC Sucks chant, whatever happened to the Westside Sucks chant??? Man the old stadium was way more fun.
  2. If coach would have put him in they'd have won state. No doubt in my mind. Might be awhile before he can get up here though. Gramma's not back from the dunes yet
  3. Yeah.....his history doesn't scream tough though. Some of it is bad luck but he hasn't been all that durable.
  4. If Nichols is tough then Reilly is Iron Man. Mrs Nichols would be picking out a headstone right now if Nichols sustained the same amount of abuse Reilly has this year.
  5. Exactly. Its the chance every backup QB wants. Here is your chance to prove you can be the THE guy. This team is good enough where he doesn't have to throw the ball all over the field and put the team on his back. Just don't do dumb s*** and turn the ball over. The problem is Streveler is a gun slinger and is prone to forcing things and trying to make the big splash play when its not there. That will be Lapo and O'Shea's number 1 task, reeling in Streveler and trying to turn him into a game manager. He's a fiery guy, itll be like trying to break in a stallion. Whoaaaaa there boy, easy now, while he's snorting all over the field. Itll be interesting to see how this plays out.
  6. No kidding. At that juncture of the game it was close, good Nichols was in the stadium, and we were deep in our zone. Why in gods green earth do you FINALLY give Streveler the ball in that scenario after gluing his hands to his hips for the first half of the season. I swear Lapolice has a split personality and the other half wants to get him fired.
  7. I smell a loss here. I was really hoping BC won last week. They are wayyyy overdue.
  8. Those were men. When football was played inside a rodeo arena and your opponent was a Model T.
  9. Absolutely. But as a professional you need to keep that stuff to yourself and rise above it. Use it for fuel.
  10. I don't think Glenn was mentally weak, its just that he didn't give a ****. Nichols seems much more fragile. Crying to the papers about getting booed and all.
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