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Congrats Blue


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Thanks Zontar!

It’ll be a great game if the real Bombers show up (which I think they will).  I would suggest the Ti-Cats haven’t played the Bombers at their best yet this season.

The first meeting, our ball security obsessed Matt Nichols inexplicably throws three interceptions.  The Bombers were in scoring position so many times only to commit a turnover.

Second game, even after the opening td drive, our guys seemed flat and out of sync in the worst way.

Can’t wait for next weekend!!


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5 hours ago, do or die said:

Tough to win on the road in Calgary and Sask.  Not going to get any easier in the Cup game....Ticats are the real deal.

Ticats, like Calgary, have some very dangerous weapons. However, also like Calgary, the weather may neutralize a lot of those weapons. Has Hamilton even played a cold weather game this year?

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