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  1. We've just won a cup for gawd sake!
  2. You say this with such conviction. How do you know ?
  3. Well they can't throw 1990 in our faces any more so that's all they have left. Must suck to be such a wretched fan base that you have to complain about other team's running backs even though your own was guilty of the same thing. lol Poor little greenies.
  4. Which just goes to show how much timing determines the outcome of things.
  5. Yeah and to think about how worried I was that it would be the defense that would collapse but no way, they were rock solid out there. I mean really phenominal.
  6. Yes and a very successful working history together.
  7. Hmmm ... I'm wondering who is going to be his OC. Buck Pierce?
  8. So, for a guy that can't read a defense, or throw a football because of his terrible mechanics, how did you like Streveler's pin-point-accurate pass to Andrew Harris for the TD? Not too bad for a crappy QB eh?
  9. That's too bad but not unexpected. They're just upset that they can't throw #1990 in our faces any more. Well, that and the fact that we have beaten them both times in their new stadium in the playoffs. Well, and that we've won the cup 11 times now to their 4. Oh, and of course, that we won it all with their cast-off QB that they jetted in favour of Cody Fajardo. Also that we can count to 13 and ... well, that's enough for now. Just to show I have no hard feelings towards the losers to the West of us, I got them a card ...
  10. To me it's about situational football. If we had needed more from our offense more would have been asked of them. As it turned out, what was needed was a steady, move the ball, capitalize on field position, protect the football type of offense and that's exactly what we did. Many times I saw Harris and the boys wrap both arms around that football whenever they went into traffic. Hamilton knew they needed turnovers and you could see them reaching in trying to pry the ball away. We gave them nothing and that's exactly what we needed to do. Harris scored early on the ground and Strevs threw a beauty ball to Harris for another TD. That was all we needed on offense. Medlock gave us bonus points and locked things away. Sure the defense was spectacular. Our D made it a day from hell for Dane Evans because they couldn't keep him clean and had no answer for it, max protect or not. Meanwhile, our O-line kept our QB clean and effective. Add in the beauty work on special teams and you have a complete team effort worthy of winning a championship. NO ONE afterwards claimed that we were lucky to win. We weren't. We earned it by playing a top-level game with 60 minute contributions from offense, defense, and special teams. It was a perfect game, really. For that, we owe our thanks to the HC, OC, and DC. They were terrific and this fan has nothing to complain about.
  11. In retrospect it's somewhat clear to me now that we did what we needed to do with the personnel we had. We don't have a stable of #1 receivers but we have some very steady, reliable receivers that can run good routes. We have some #1 runners though with both speed (Demski) and power (Harris, Streveler). I think Lapo built an offense to capitalize on what he had to work with. Gone was the boring, predictable schemes of the past. Our playoff opponents were never comfortable guessing what was coming next. Same on D. We mixed up the blitzes and 3/4 man rushes beautifully. The players said they weren't even doing stunts. Just rushing straight-up and being as physical as possible and they couldn't handle us.
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