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  1. It might be scary good. With Alexander at safety and guys like Taylor and Maston in the secondary I like the back end of the D a lot. The front line should be fine so the only question mark will be Bighill. His play last year dropped off from 2018. Let's hope that doesn't continue.
  2. Me either. It might be Buck that approved the most of the move.
  3. Personel-wise, for me, that D ranks right up there with the best I have ever seen on a roster in my +50 years of watching CFL football. It wasn't just the Grey Cup game either. Those performances at season's end in Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina were right up there too. If Walters gifts Hall with a team like that again in 2020 I'll be expecting a similar result.
  4. When he played for us what I liked about him was his fire. He would often be seen fired up, noisy, and animated. I'm not sure why he left. If it was strictly for money, it was a poor decision.
  5. Good point, Brandon. Anyone that played for lapo deserves a second chance.
  6. Completely and utterly disgusting of the league to steal that award from Bryant.
  7. I know but geeze, if he had just held off for one more year he'd have won a Grey Cup.
  8. Agreed. For sure he has to take the money if it's offered to him. It'll be dumb not to. But man, this team won't be the same without him, that's for sure.
  9. If Streveler goes I may actually cry. 😞
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