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  1. Exactly. Instead of using his speed they throw it to him at a standstill and expect him to treat it like a punt return where he dekes everybody out. In the last game, where Streveler was throwing to moving targets, we were much more effective.
  2. Yes. Im not sure who their OC was back when Calgary beat us in the Grey Cup 2001, but Buono was the HC of a 8-10 team. Calgary beat the Bombers because both teams thought the Bombers were better. However, their game plan was much better than ours with Marcus Crandall at QB. Marcus Crandall. Yikes. We played like we thought we were the better team, but Calgary proved us wrong.
  3. Now this makes a heck of a lot more sense and unintentionally(?) mocks the shameless bling thing the Riders use and, if they understand??, should quiet the garbage some Rider fans use in their posts.
  4. Is this a garbage post? I’m with BBlink on this one. I don’t know how you know how Streveler is at reading defences. It’s hard to see it when you can’t tell from TV analysis. I think the jury is still out about Streveler’s abilities, so I’m willing to give him more time. And so are the Coaches, as evidenced by the last game, where he got more diversity In the plays called for him.
  5. No, that’s not the reason. It doesn’t matter to me who is playing QB as long as the QB has a game plan that suits his style. LaPo has Nichols pegged to play a certain style. Fine. As long as it works. The problem arises when LaPo wants Streveler to play Nichol’s style. That’s not fine. You can plainly see the difference in the last two games. The Saskatchewan game had a round peg in square hole game plan and failed, whereas this last game Streveler’s style was taken into consideration and the game plan worked. This should have been evident. That is why LaPo gets so much heat. Not because everybody always wants the backup QB to play. Remember., Streveler is a weapon. He should be used.
  6. Edmonton played well enough to win those games, but the Bombers played well enough to actually win those games. Not most likely win those games.
  7. I’d agree with this take on Streveler. We have a lot of balls in the air with the QB situation, contracts and injuries, but I sure hope he gets a chance to develop beyond a controlled offence. He can throw the ball. He made several crucial completions to help us win that last game.
  8. Tacklers are more hesitant I’d say..
  9. Discipline, a varied game plan, execution. It could possibly be said that the Bombers ‘helped’ the Alouettes play some of their worst football. Montreal was absolutely in the game after their punt return TD. Can you imagine the game for us if they hadn’t. We moved the ball, better yet, we moved the ball against a defence that had been playing pretty well. But then we changed that. With Streveler in charge and Harris running amuck. With Bighill and Taylor and Alexander humming, our defence played a very good game. I’m not taking anything away from them. Sure, Montreal didn’t have their best game, but I still like to think we had a part in that.
  10. Do Y. K. Who had the celebration first? This is priceless..
  11. D.Y.K. With 64 rushing yards on Saturday, Chris Streveler has set a new team record for most rushing yards by a QB. Congratulations Chris!
  12. Speaking of getting tested, did you get your results back? Did they find any brain waves when you’re not connected to the collective?
  13. It’s ok, you don’t have to be excited with Streveler’s play, but you should recognize that with a better game plan, Streveler was instrumental in achieving that victory, whether you agree or not.. The plays were called..he executed..we prevailed. He’s learning. That will come with the interceptions too. He will adjust just as he did later in the game when he threw the ball away instead of forcing it. The team rushed for 240 yards..Streveler 64 yards alone. He contributed. I'm happy for him. (BS - do not try to figure the yardage figures..you have enough on your plate)
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