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  1. Yeah, 3 changes to the O-Line. That should work out jussst fine.
  2. The knowledge and insight that Walby brings to the table would be priceless. Combine Walby with Dunigan and you would have an outstanding production. TSN would benefit immensely in viewership. Everybody wins. Dare to dream.
  3. ‘Starsky. Now all’s we need is a Hutch.
  4. Chris Cuthbert, Rod Black, Gord Miller, Duane Forde, and Glen Suitor. I think I know which ones are the hamburgers, but which ones are the hot dogs?
  5. (In case you missed it) Potential CFL game of the weak..Toronto at Saskatchewan. Canadian running back Mercer Timmis retires from the CFL: Canadian running back Mercer Timmis has had his pro football career cut short. Timmis is retiring from the CFL because of what is believed to be concussion-related issues. Argos re-add K Zack Medeiros to Practice Roster Closed Bomber practice today.. Ellingson, Davis and Thomas Erlington named Shaw CFL Top Performers #CFL
  6. Diagnosed and treatment recommended...😉
  7. Take care Bob...stick it out. We’re with you! #for theB
  8. 👁‍🗨Great line from Gerry Moddejonge “It was Mike Reilly bobblehead night at Commonwealth Stadium on Friday.” “Except there were no cute, little plastic likenesses of the former Edmonton Eskimos franchise quarterback involved. Just his own, life-sized head getting whipped around” https://edmontonsun.com/sports/football/cfl/edmonton-eskimos/rookie-linebacker-sets-tone-for-eskimos-with-opening-snap-sack-on-reilly#click=https://t.co/SYCD63azus
  9. Reilly opts for a disguise.. but Mike, they know where you’ll be..
  10. More likely Lloyd asked for his release after watching Reilly got whacked and sacked.
  11. I don’t know. I’ve seen that look before. It’s fear. Not of human man, but rather, a phobia. He doesn’t like walls. He’s tried to overcome it, but to no avail. He’s tried jumping them and climbing them, but to no avail. Look at that stare. He’s transfixed...whenever he sees a wall. He even gets nervous around Wolitarsky. Other than that, what a find. Wouldn’t want anybody else at that position.
  12. Ah, a challenge for the Bombers... "That's why we're going to a Brazilian Steak House this week." 🗣 QB Trevor Harris on rewarding the play of his o-line and not being sacked yet this season.
  13. Branden Dozier. A good signing, although I’m not sure Mike Reilly’s body is relieved...
  14. Ha! Good one. You’re right, it’s Bob..
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