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  1. The question of Streveler’s abilities and shortcomings won’t be judged solely by that interception because, clearly, it was knocked up in the air by a defender and an easy catch for anyone. That can happen to any QB.
  2. Gene Wilder maybe, but not this guy.. Argos shopping star RB James Wilder Jr.
  3. I was specifically watching Bighill after he was being raked on this board, and I watched, in amazement, how far back Bighill went on that play. He was probably the 3rd deepest Bomber. Definitely not the traditional MLB position. I don't necessarily agree that Bighill isn’t doing well mainly because I don’t know what they’re asking him to do. It’s just that here, when somebody offers an opinion, that opinion may be carried forward as gospel because they read it somewhere. Then it is repeated, and suddenly Bighill is a bum, or injured, when, really he just doing his assignment?
  4. That was one of the hits of the night. And yes, he was trying for a completion, but the trajectory was off. He was rushed...
  5. Impressive: Janarion Grant only had one kickoff return, but it was a beaut - 56 yards. (06:23) M. NICHOLS Completed Pass to L. WHITEHEAD, caught at B41 (20 yds, 20 YAC), This was an important play for the bombers to get a 1st down and then a TD. That TD put an end to the Bomber slide that was happening. Huge play by Whitehead. A minute and 20 seconds later, J. BARTEL Punt Blocked by M. SAYLES, Lost, Recovered by M. SAYLES at B9 (9 yds), Touchdown. That TD quelled any momentum BC might have been developing. Huge play by Sayles. That was game right there. Then it was the Hansen sack..forcing a punt. Hansen had another sack but it was negated by a penalty. After Nichols fumble, Bighill came through with a hit on QB and his own fumble recovery. Another huge play. What? No receiving yards for Harris, but another impressive rushing total of 73 yards on 14 carries. Best tackle of the night could have been Streveler’s after his tipped interception. Sayles, (Sayles is quickly becoming one of the best players in the league don’t you know.) Jefferson, Harris, Thomas, D-Line, Special teams All were shining tonight.
  6. Ironic that it took two US Presidents, Grant and Jefferson, to start the game’s turnaround...
  7. That was Bighill You might not see him, but he’s all over the field
  8. EVERYBODY was expecting the safe play But, what does LaPolice call? The safe play. Should have gone deep..
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