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  1. Mr Dee


    Bill Maher, comedian, has a great line concerning Trump and his love of money. Yes, even over country. He said “The man is constantly for sale. That wasn’t toilet paper on Trump’s shoe, that was a price tag.”
  2. Mr Dee


    I know of what you speak Speedy. Keep it up..
  3. Mr Dee


    I’ve never washed my hands so much in my life. As a matter of fact, I’m doing such a great job, that I no longer need large sized gloves, but have washed my way to medium. It’s beautiful.
  4. Mr Dee


    Social distancing, hoarders, fake news, doling out money, sanitizers, toilet paper.I wash my hands 🤲 of this whole affair.
  5. But how are they supposed to block if they keep a metre apart?
  6. Mr Dee


    How do you spell buffoon?
  7. Mr Dee


    Like a horde of hoarders..
  8. Mr Dee


    9451 in 801 days. Over the last 200 days he has averaged over 22 a day. What is - false or misleading claims. This is according to the Washington Post. Cognitive disorder, pre-dimentia, sheer delirium. Here’s one link.. 👁‍🗨Trumps mental health is in question. I just saw a video of him where a collection of his talks show, clearly, he has trouble remembering where he is going with his sentences. Words are garbled and/or misused.I’m still trying to find it again. Seriously, I don’t know if Trump is going to make it to the next election with how quickly he is stumbling..
  9. Mr Dee


    Good gawd, good for them..
  10. Mr Dee


    Nah, it wouldn’t work, the man has connections.. and a garage full of...
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