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  1. It’s not so whimsical now is it..
  2. Bravo.! More donors should do this..
  3. I’m liking what this says..
  4. Not happy to hear this but I had considered him gone anyways..
  5. They shouldn’t have to impeach him. Look who he’s hiring. If that isn’t proof of an unstable mind...
  6. Peach the hell out of him.
  7. “They paid for robocalls to recruit attendees, and they were listed as a sponsor of the event.“ - Dems
  8. Keep those arrests coming..
  9. Can this be for real? Or are they talking long term, as in Mug Shots?
  10. That didn’t take long.. Idiot..
  11. It’s great to say that with all the anxiety we faced when they were talking Collaros trade all melted away in 4 games in ‘19. And now we say hooray for our Blue Bomber QB and we say it with happiness because he is now part of our fabric. Solid signing. And soon we’ll acknowledge the signing of Andrew and be covered from A to Z.
  12. Some consider this really stirring the pot...
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