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  1. It’s no coincidence that Friesen and F___both start with the same letter. But then again, Troll starts with a ‘T’
  2. It’s simple to say, but fix the defensive zone system and the rest of the game will follow. The Jets have an atrocious defensive zone defence.
  3. Another spin to this crazy story... Good luck with that
  4. Several tiers, but no names of your list of “below average” NI’s that you insist we have..
  5. And a typical response. Firstly, you should name the below average players you seem to think we have. AND Try to relate why the players are slotted where they are in the list mentioned. Average includes those who are slightly below and slightly above ‘average’. They could go either way. Hence “or better” . Surely, you can see the difference between the lists and why some are not included in the top list. Someone like Gray. Starts at least as average, but could easily be better. So....let’s see your list
  6. “The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have let teams around the league know that one or both of their first round drafts picks are available via trade.” https://3downnation.com/2019/04/15/bombers-shopping-fourth-fifth-overall-picks-in-2019-cfl-draft/ “Winnipeg doesn’t have any immediate roster needs. The Bombers have their Canadian starters locked down — especially if the league reduces the minimum number of national starters from seven to five — and respectable depth at most positions on the roster.”
  7. IHere’s our Canadian Content - 26 players out of 79 currently on the roster. Decide for yourselves... Above average: 1)Jesse Briggs LB - Briggs finished third on the club i special-teams tackles with 13 and chipped in with three tackles on defence. Signed a two-year contract extension with the Bombers on December 17, 2018. 2)Michael Couture OL - Has played in all 36 games and both playoff contests in his first two seasons with the club after being drafted in the second round (10th overall) in 2016… Can play guard, tackle and centre and has been a part of the team’s short-yardage package. 3)Nic Demski WR - GP 57 Rec. 128 Yds 1279 Yac 464 6 TDs 10.0 avg. 4 year veteran 4)Andrew Harris RB - enough said 5)Derek Jones DB- 5 year Bomber veteran. Punt blocker specialist. Special team’s ace. 6)Mike Miller FB - 8 year veteran. 2 years with the Bombers. Special team ace. One of the best in the league. 7)Patrick Neufeld OL - coming off his best year of 8 years in the league. 8)Chad Rempel LS - one of, if not the best at what he does. Steady since 2005 Average or better: 9)Shayne Gauthier LB- 20th overall pick 2016 draft 19)Geoff Gray OL - 8th overall 2017 draft. Spent 2017-18 on NFL rosters. 11)Jeff Hecht DB - 8 year veteran 12)Thomas Miles LB - ST ace 13)Daniel Petermann WR - drafted 26th overall. Big upside. 14)John Rush FB - versatile special teams player 15)Rashaun Simonise WR - Bombers 1st choice in 2018 16)Jake Thomas DL - 7 year Bomber 17)Drew Wolatarsky WR - 2nd year Bomber...headed for big things with the Blue. Not enough data: 18)Johnny Augustine RB- un-drafted 19)Abubakarr Conteh DB - drafted 17th overall. ST. Appeared in 12 games 2018 20)Jacob Firlotte DB - drafted 58th overall 2018 21)Maxx Forde DL - Former BC Lion 22)Dexter Janke DB - 3 year veteran with Calgary 23)Ben Koczwara OL - 67th overall 2018...went back to school 24)DJ Lalama LB - 70th overall Edmonton 25)Matthew Ouellet De Carlo OL - drafted 49th 2018. Returned to school after training camp. 26)Cody Speller OL - started 2 games in 2018
  8. It’s difficult to state we have near the best overall NI talent in the league. BUT It is equally as difficult to state that the bulk of our NI lineup is average or below average..
  9. I think that O’Shea and Walters set their limit on Loffler and followed through with their reasoning. They would have signed him at their price but not at a price that stretched their limit. Especially if they feel they had the next man up. That’s Free Agency. I almost feel they expected it. As for Chungh, money is not always the issue, especially for BC born Chungh. Were the Bombers willing to pay Chungh and compete with the home province. Doubtful. Sukhs, but that’s Free Agency too.
  10. And now for something completely ridiculous..
  11. Chris puts it succinctly: Pay the players, get back to the table and set things straight. This would go a long way towards a new agreement..
  12. AAF players cannot sign with CFL teams (yet): “Only players who are free agents can attend free agent or mini-camps with CFL squads. For example, receiver and defensive back Terrell Sinkfield could ink a CFL deal because the Orlando Apollos released him. Conversely, cover man Ciante Evans was signed with the Salt Lake Stallions when the AAF folded and won’t be eligible until the legal issues are decided.” https://3downnation.com/2019/04/12/aaf-players-cannot-sign-with-cfl-teams-yet/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  13. You can be the starter in letting TBurg do his thing. I’ll be the backup. I’ve got plenty of practice. I’m ready.
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