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  1. Fair enough. I mean it's something they could try for a year and if I doesn't work out , we simply go back to the way it was. Yeah I see what you mean. There are endless scenarios here...hah
  2. I tend to look at it differently. Here's Nye's article, which I tend to agree with. https://www.cfl.ca/2020/03/04/nye-time-change-rouge/
  3. Man I'm gonna miss that kid! What an energy he brought to the team.
  4. I don't think kicking it through the endzone on a FG should result in 1 point because it doesn't allow the other team to advance it out, therefore no point should be awarded for simple kicking it out... If you think that's fundamental to our game , then we'll simply have to disagree. No one wants to change what makes the CFL great and no one is saying just get rid of the rouge altogether and be like the NFL or XFL or anything else. Every league is constantly looking at changes to make things safer, more entertaining, etc. This is no different. I agree with you about the NFL and it's direction which is why I also love the CFL, but that doesn't mean I think we should never change anything either. We can change things without becoming the NFL or some other shitty league.
  5. Many here saying it rewards a good drive and not a failure is understandable but with athletes getting better and better, what's considered 'close enough' to kick for the rouge will keep being further and further back. Others say , ' it doesn't happen that often so who cares' which is true but there are many things that might not happen in a game that are still dealt with in the rulebook. To simple ignore it and let it be, means you are opening yourself up to future issues. What I don't like is being called less of a fan of the CFL if I'm in support of a somewhat minor rule change. I understand the roots of the game and appreciate them, but that doesn't mean they can't ever be changed or one day be outgrown. We don't have to totally get rid of the Rouge, but its also okay to look at it and have the discussion.
  6. Yup, that was a fun time. Wish they could have gotten it done for that group...
  7. Exactly! I see people's points and they make sense, but I've always enjoyed the NFL better without the single point. I think it rewards skill to have it just 3 for a FG and 6 for a TD. Either your kicker makes it and you get 3 or he misses and the other team takes over at the spot of the FG try. Either way though I'll always love the CFL better then the NFL overall. It's just the one thing I don't like about the game. The NFL has its own issues...
  8. They are squawking because they feel like they have the best QB since Tom Brady in Fajardo now. Lol. I try and stay reasonable over there, but it's hard to read so much nonsense and delusion without responding. Especially since they usually combat facts from entering their safe space by banning whoever dares disagree that the riders are the best team ever to grace a football field. It really just turns into a rider circle jerk and if dare disrupt that you get cast aside! Lol...its actually fascinating in a sick kinda way.... That being said, there are some quality posters over there, just hard to hear them through all the nonsense sometimes.
  9. Yes, Franklin's 'experience' as a shitty QB will be sorely missed here! Haha. Love how rider fans talk about our QB situation and don't see how there's isn't much more certain. Fajardo is just as likely to regress to the mean as he is to have another good year and Franklin couldn't win the QB job in Toronto. But the Riders are forever a dynasty in their own minds I guess lol...
  10. Not disagreeing with that at all...he's a legend for a reason.. But I do find him a little stale at times to be honest. Obviously my comment was a little tongue in cheek though lol
  11. I love Irving, he's a legend.. That said I do find it annoying how neutral he is on everything. I'd like him to come out one time and say ' the riders will blow this year' or something like that. Lol.
  12. Who cares?? These are the same people who think a career back up is a sure fire hall of famer, when it's equally as likely Fajardo will regress this year. Lol. Our back up isn't any worse then there's was going into 2019, but they all pretend like they knew Fajardo was going to turn into a starter....hah They try to pedal this narrative that we don't have anything after Collaros, because hoping for an injury is all they have. We have beat them 2 years in a row in there house. Now all of a sudden they are going to make a big leap even though they haven't gotten any better on paper...I for one aint buying it....
  13. Just to clarify, I don't believe they were crossing a border crossing. They were coming from Los Angeles to new Orleans i believe. Why they chose that you way is beyond me though! 🤦
  14. Exactly! Funny they rarely mention how lucky they got when Sayles missed that pick and the ball bounced perfectly into the WRs arms. Guess that was a part of their master game plan! Lmao
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