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  1. Not my least favourite I suppose but Greg Peach and his 0 sacks in a calendar year despite starting every game at DE made for some pretty infuriating moments.
  2. The most overrated player in CFL history and the king of compiling volume stats: Chad Owens.
  3. Fenner is one of the more unfairly maligned Bombers in recent history.
  4. Anthony Orange is terrible.
  5. I normally agree but they were starting Ante Milanovic-Litre and clearly had no interest in running the ball in either of their matchups. The Bombers knew it too which in a way makes it all the more impressive that they allowed a combined one sack.
  6. Walker>Evans>Daniels>Rhymes>Tasker Though Rhymes is attractive in the sense that he likely comes far cheaper than Walker and Evans.
  7. It's simple, really. Most pro teams would rather have a guy with "experience" as the backup rather than an unknown commodity. Even if the guy with experience mostly has experience being terrible. I don't necessarily agree with the strategy but head coaches are extremely risk averse in that regard.
  8. This offence will look pretty different with Buck and Collaros instead of LaPo and Nichols. Looking forward to some medium and deep routes and less checkdowns.
  9. It’s a sad thought but if we’re realistic, the fall off a cliff production-wise is coming at some point in the relatively near future for Harris. 33-year old running backs that are even remotely productive are extremely rare. Not saying it’s a certainty but I think every good performance we get from Harris from here on out is a bonus.
  10. If you think Arbuckle is the long term answer at QB, first overall and a third is a steal of a deal.
  11. That’s interesting. You always struck me as a Messerschmitt Bf 109 kind of guy.
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