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  1. This D has far too much talent to fail and Hall had a good enough season to deserve some benefit of the doubt for now.
  2. The QB of this iteration of the Blue Bombers doesn’t need to carry anyone to the playoffs. That’s entirely the point. Basically, all he would need to do is not blow games. Even with a few games blown by the QB last season, the team still made the playoffs easily. There’s absolutely no way that one could make a reasonable argument that Streveler would have played worse than Nichols in either the Rider or the Stamp games in the playoffs last season. I recognize that Nichols was certainly playing hurt last season and there’s a reasonable reason to expect a better performance out of him this season but it’s far from a certainty. I make no apologies for not being a fan of the guy. It terrifies me that if this strong core of the Bombers fails to win a cup, I’m certain that it will be he and Lapo who are ultimately to blame the most.
  3. Atomic is the only one who has given us anything else to talk about.
  4. Nichols was singlehandedly responsible for three losses last season. And he was certainly not singularly responsible for any of the wins. I love Streveler, but I can certainly admit that there’s a real good chance he never becomes anything in this league. But I would absolutely guarantee the Bombers make the playoffs comfortably with him as the starter all season.
  5. You don’t need to be in the huddle with a guy to have an opinion on how they lead. Nichols did a hell of a job last season taking absolutely no responsibility for poor games. And his body language towards receivers after missed plays is as bad as I’ve ever seen from a starting QB.
  6. I can see some similarities in their fiery passion but Nichols is far more mopey.
  7. Nichols and Reilly could not possibly be more different. Not even accounting for the vast difference in quality between them, Reilly uses his feet to make plays and Nichols can’t run 2 feet without falling over himself.
  8. That’s a fair point but a rookie in their first four career starts can’t be judged on the same scale as an 8 year veteran. Streveler showed more out of a rookie QB than anyone we’ve seen since I’ve been following the team at the very least. And while he is far from a certain answer, Nichols absolutely needs to have a short leash. He’s getting the benefit of the doubt essentially based on one full season of good results two years ago. We have just as large a sample of him being bad than him being good. And one of those Streveler losses was the season opener against Edmonton where he put up 30-something points and the defence blew it. Can’t put that one on him.
  9. Well, day one of TC is almost in the books and we have exactly one tweet from the Winnipeg media about what has happened on the field. The others are pics of the crowd, comments on who isn’t practicing and pictures of the players standing on the sidelines with comments on how big they are.
  10. Okay... but the team around him is demonstrably better than the majority of those guys. Nichols has had two seasons as a starter here. One good, one bad. And the fact that the team is so much better now arguably should give him less rope and benefit of the doubt than being on a crappy team.
  11. He was also the field receiver most of the time, which makes it all the more impressive.
  12. Say what you want about Joe Mack, but that game was 1000x more on Tim Burke than on him.
  13. Wolitarsky has the low key potential to be our best receiver. Between age, talent and passport, I couldn’t be happier if it happens.
  14. Finding mid round steals that other teams slept on is always more satisfying.
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