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  1. Is there any legitimate reason to do this? There’s nothing wrong with the way it is now.
  2. He sucked for every reason, including his arm.
  3. I tend to agree but it's only overrated until you find a quarterback who skips twenty yard passes. Dan LeFevour comes to mind.
  4. While not quite the same caliber of player, Bouka could be this year’s Bighill. A late free agency signing who just happens to become available and who is exactly what we need. Damn his injury history, he would be an exponential upgrade to what we have now and what we had last year at safety.
  5. Not too many CFL teams in history were multiple guys deep in the secondary.
  6. Not to mention he’s 32 with a TON of mileage on his body.
  7. Living for Walters dragging Loffler now that he’s out the door.
  8. Sinkfield was bad enough to be benched in the playoffs last year. And I think I'd rather Zylstra or Mitchell than Duke. The former two are greater needs and I think Williams was a bit overrated.
  9. This team needs better receivers, no doubt about it, but bemoaning Arceneaux to the Riders is foolish. They guy was looking pretty close to done even before he wrecked his knee. He will be a non-factor.
  10. That Riders team is going to be both bad AND old. Impressive.
  11. I would be shocked if Washington ever amounts to anything. Happy to be proven wrong, but in the games he got into he looked like another L’Damian Washington to me.
  12. The next half-decent receiver Walters finds will be the first. Since we’re resigned to playing Nichols as long as he’s healthy, I’d rather he had as much support through great receivers as possible.
  13. Those numbers are pretty insane but when you’ve proven time and time again that you can’t find ANY half decent import receiver yourself, you have to pay a premium.
  14. Well Ottawa also lost their best offensive lineman. They are very bad.
  15. As bad as Jennings was in BC, he at least had some receivers. In Ottawa, he will be even worse. Beyond Sinopili, they have the worst receivers in the league.
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