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  1. Just curious, have you ever seen him play safety? Being a good/great gunner =/= all the skills to play safety.
  2. You must be purposely misreading what I’m writing. There’s really no other explanation.
  3. Do you read what I type or just fly off the handle with incorrect conclusions. I am positive and speak positively about most aspects of this team. Nichols and Bighill excluded. But that positivity doesn’t matter to you because it has to be pro-Nichols or no other positive content matters.
  4. I think if you read any of my non-Nichols posts and stopped clutching your pearls, you’d find a hell of a lot of positivity. But you’ve historically shown a rather significant lack of awareness and desire to only read and see what you want to see. I guess positivity only counts if it’s pro-Nichols positivity.
  5. I don’t mention his character or toughness. I just think he sucks at playing QB.
  6. I find the whole “the offence runs through Harris” thing to be a crutch to justify Nichols’ poor play. It’s true that Harris is the number one option but it doesn’t excuse the lack of effectiveness passing the ball. “Good” and “bad” passing games can be subjective but I count three games this season where Nichols was even passable. Sure, being up a ton and not needing to put up massive numbers helps but he was also getting significantly worse as the season went on, which has become a trademark. I don’t subscribe to the fact that because a guy is the team’s QB and the team has been reasonably successful I have to support that player. Years and years of abysmal QB play until Nichols came around has given many of us Stockholm Syndrome with him.
  7. And how many terrible passing games will it take for people to realize that being a better passer than Nichols is an extremely low bar?
  8. It’s very clearly debatable. Do you truly believe there’s any chance on earth we win the Banjo Bowl with Nichols at QB when he doesn’t have Harris there to rely on? Streveler had minimal weapons and still moved the ball and got the job done. Streveler may not look the part, but to say he’s easily worse than Nichols is keeping your head in the sand. It’s no coincidence that a guy like Nichols gets worse as the season goes on and Streveler is getting better each start. And he’s actually moving the ball late games which is something Nichols wasn’t doing even at his “best” this season.
  9. The point is that 9 games is actually quite a few relative to the amount that most of the starting QBs in the league so naturally he’s going to have more passing TDs than say, Mitchell or Masoli. And if we’re using passing TDs exclusively as a metric, he has far fewer than MBT in roughly the same number of games and most people agree that MBT is pretty bad.
  10. Not that funny. Only two QBs have played every game for their team this season up to this point.
  11. Even though it's an unfortunate certainty that Nichols goes back in if and when he's healthy, you have to wonder how much rope he's going to have assuming Strev keeps trending upwards.
  12. He’s not a free agent until after next season.
  13. McCray is a bigger idiot than the both of them combined.
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