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  1. Sure Castillo has experience but does he have the "leadership" k/ps now need.?
  2. HAM unexpectedly gets OL Ryker Matthews back from an NFL try. Nice.
  3. They want to lead and inspire a nation on, as of today, Trump is bad, late term abortions are fine, various and sundry identity politics , open borders, job killing globalism, higher taxes. Let the good times roll.
  4. Wrong. He was the progressives great white hope to take down Trump for months. Interviewed on CNN over 100 times, called him "presidential timber". Ditto MSNBC. Aggressive anti trump rhetoric and the porn star lawsuit's potential to humiliate Trump was like catnip for that crowd. Couldn't resist. Zero scrutiny. After all that free advertising the same people are playing the victim. Shameless.
  5. Jeff Matthews couldn't find his arse if you drew him a map.
  6. Now do the US leftist anti oil environmental lobby groups that Alberta NDP gave food and shelter to and whose influence the CBC, Edmonton Journal etc yawned at or ignored and gave microphone to the entire time they were in office.
  7. Iirc just the sanctions involving nuclear energy tech. Drove Israel and the Bolton crowd bananas .
  8. US has had pretty stiff sanctions in place since 1979. Lots of bargaining there if both sides were serious.
  9. Typical Trump carrot and stick approach just like N.Korea. More than a few surrounding Trump who would prefer all stick and no carrot
  10. If he was truly "courageous" and truly believed what he says he would be leading the charge by beginning and introducing the procedures for impeachment formally. Until then he's just another politician on twitter enjoying all the pats on the back from the #Resistance and woke media.
  11. HAM snaps up Van Zeyl. Thanks, Jimmy Popp.
  12. EDM is going to be underwhelmed with Dean.
  13. Loved Collaros when he was here. Cocky, confident hated to lose and expected the same from everybody around him. Don't see that anymore in him. Yes, people mature but he seems , dunno, like he's had the crap kicked out of him spiritually.
  14. Riders first round pick in 2016 signs with TOR. Furrowed brows over there trying to figure out if he was just a crap player and good riddance or if they're the innocent victims of a greedy agent. Stay tuned.
  15. Thanks. Pat Buchanan just wrote a column on this. He has been a constant critic of US policy in the middle east. Anti interventionist. Ditto Eric Margolis
  16. Iran thing isn't about oil. It's about the desire to contain if not elimitate Iranian political influence in the region it has through Shia islam. Unintended consequence of Iraq war was the rise of Shia influence in post war Iraq. Hezbollah ( Shia) presence and influence in South Lebanon has long been a thorn in the side of Israel. Hezbollah is primarily financed and armed by Iran. US/Israel has long resented Syrian influence in N.Lebanon. They tacitly support Hezbollah in the south as a buffer vs Israel. For the past 50 years the US/Israel policy has either bought off or flattenend the leading Arab nations. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Arab N. Africa are all on board. Syria and Iran (not Arab but influential as previously mentioned ) are the lone holdouts. Since the Iranian revolution all US administrations have wanted Iran neutered to varying degrees. For example Obama tried to buy them off with nuclear technology. Reagan tried to kill them off by arming Iraq. Israel uses assassination of scientific and military leaders. The real passionate Iran haters were in the Bush 2 administration some of which like Bolton have wormed their way into the Trump orbit.
  17. Was referring to those on the Left that see nothing wrong with killing a baby after second trimester up to and including post birth. They have out muscled and shouted down those who were happy with the "safe, legal and rare" approach because they weren't "woke" enough. Can only assume Alabama law makers drew a line in the sand. If they are seen to be wrong at election time then they will be voted out.
  18. So if you think invading sovereign countries is the sole perview of Republicans you are wrong. Ridiculously wrong.
  19. Alabama law is the flip side to the radical abortion at any time including post birth demands the Left either refuses to distance itself from or tacitly supports. The more radical the Left moves on abortion the more you'll see decisions like this.
  20. Fun fact. Hillary, Biden and Schumer voted yes to invade Iraq in 2003
  21. BC needs veteran leadership at punter.
  22. Ryan: "Chins up, boys, when I was in Seattle we were in a situation just like this...". Players: "You're not a real player. Shut the eff up and punt"
  23. A bit pricey for a "local boy who made the bigtime comes home" story
  24. Because punters are are traditionally the go- to source for leadership on any football team.
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