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  1. Actually it was TOR that hired Paopao. Apologies. I have relieved my communications director of her duties. P.S,. He was an effing disaster here in 06.
  2. OTT, one of the supposedly best managed and coached team in the league just hired Joe Paopao to try and fix an offense deliberately deprived of Harris, Ellingson, Spencer. Sometimes it's clear and easy to pinpoint a teams decline.
  3. Last minute of regulation was inexcusable for CAL .
  4. Details freak like Dickenson must be losing it.
  5. MTL is legit . Arbuckle and Stamps still unconvincing.
  6. Streveler got some of that patented TSN QB lovin briefly early last season.
  7. Streveler kept his spot on the team for a reason. Either the organization believes in him or they dont.
  8. Liberal Lavscam Load Management. 1. Story is not true. Never happened. 2. Well, yeah, we chatted but there wasn't any pressure. 3. Judy says she was pressured? You buy that ? There's no telling what an angry woman will say . 4. Yeah, we know Ethics Commissioner found violations but he's wrong. 5. So what, every government does it. 6. Anyway, Scheer has a Nazi secret agenda and only voting Liberal will you be rescued.
  9. Pay no attention to those revolutions, death camps, gulags, famines, forced collectivization, wasteful , infficient nationalization of industry, unemployment, breadlines, deliberate formenting of social unrest behind the curtain.
  10. Use whatever adjective you like. Just so long as the act is condemned for what it is. Avoiding an issue to maintain the ideological brand is bad enough but not condemning it at all out of fear for offending someone is moral cowardice. Neither of which adds up to "progress" .
  11. But it is barbaric. Call it out, shame it, shine a light in the darkness with the same energy, vigor and determination as you do with racism. Maybe then more people will buy progressiveism as a legitimate choice and not just repackaged marxism.
  12. If one's cultural practice violates both legal and social norms and basic human decency then they should feel fortunate that feeling "marginalized" is the worst possible outcome.
  13. Scheer trying to throw a football. Youd need a heart of stone not to laugh. Doughy, flabby, ineffective. ...sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.
  14. 1.Because any hysterical misrepresentation and over statement by a hyper partisan source disguised as "progress" is of dubious value especially since the supposed evidence has had zero influence on CPC platform. 2. If you want to defend the slicing off of a girls genitals as progress and vibrant diversity that is equally as scary as anything Leadnow can smear Scheer with.
  15. Any evidence presented by Leadnow has to be treated with as much skepticism as you would with any evidence presented by Rebel. Don't need either of them anyway on the issue of "racism". CPC hasn't planned or will ever plan one iota of change to immigration or multiculturalism . They are exactly the same.
  16. 1. "Leadnow" are foreign funded , how much and who they refuse to tell, radical leftist agitators. 2. If one is to beleive evil racists are heading Scheer campaign then one should be wondering why CPC and Liberal immigration , diversity and multiculturalism policies are virtually indistinguishable.. Trudeau can't run on his party's record or on his personal leadership so he has to hope throwing enough racism mud at Scheer will stick enough will eke out or stop a minority govt. An ideological partisan media who are also getting a financial bailout to save their jobs are only too happy to oblige.
  17. Did Nichols go straight to trainers room ?
  18. Fans and media: "So just who's on these neg lists anyway". CFL: "It's a secret. Fans and media: "Why" CFL :"Because, anyway here's a list" Fans and media: "Why not do that all the time, hey, that last trade you made included a neg list player, who was it?" CFL: "Cant tell you, it's a secret"
  19. Its an industry trend. Sports franchises using decadent stadium food options as marketing says something ...not sure what though.
  20. Lions trade Coleman for Lemon. Don't know what Coleman s deal is but he got shipped out of here by laid back nice guy June Jones under mysterious circumstances. Might be uncoachable type.
  21. Hope the same Lion watchers lamenting the missed call also made note of HAM having a previous return called back and the six consecutive calls against HAM in the third that set up BCs last score.
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