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  1. George Brancatto dead at 88. For fans of a certain age he was as much the face of OTT football as Gabriel or Watts. RIP.
  2. Some Priders actually complaining TSN didn't make it a bigger news item. Just when you thought it was impossible for them to be more self absorbed....
  3. Can't call yourself a country or its PM anymore if you're content to just maintain the Quebec City-Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto power corridor that has run Canada for 50 years now . It is an old, taken for granted formula that's dying This election will be the last gasp of the old ways of doing things. The West will guarantee that. After a Lib-left-Green Frankenstein monster gains power the status quo elites who want the corridor to live forever no matter whos in power won't know what hit them.
  4. The guy the entire organization has 0.0% confidence in.
  5. Doesn't have to be a "saviour". Entire rationale of trade, supposedly, was an experienced QB for various circumstances, situations. That precisely happened tonight OShea had no answer.
  6. Garbage. TOR said everyone was available. Brain trust went with the semi invalid Collaros so howd that work out?
  7. He was available. Team needed a viable QB to come off the bench...stubbornly went with the same old same old and a gimpy one at that.
  8. Would MBT coming off the bench really be a worse move than leaving a clearly struggling Strevler out there? Really?
  9. "Now, now, there are Rider fans who are saying.." Suitor isn't even pretending to be unbiased anymore.
  10. He hated Casey Printers too , but yeah, it's rare
  11. Whoa. Matty no likee Trevor Harris.
  12. Agreed. Evans has turned into a great story.
  13. Well he was lovin Adams last night so maybe it'll even out.
  14. Whoa Roddy with the man love for Banks.
  15. Rod and Forde are forcing lipstick on the OTT pig that a 1 yard line to the 11 is a "big first down".
  16. Cats gunning for a franchise best 13 wins. Sunny and pleasant here. Prediction. Rod will say "perfect day for football in The Hammer" in his first sentence.
  17. As cavalier as, say, taking a human life like it's having a tattoo removed ?
  18. I'm thinking 2 years ago, three?. TSN talks like he's in a slump.
  19. When last was Duron Carter a genuinely effective player ?
  20. No excuse for not having enough leg knowing it was that long with no wind. It's unprofessional level kicking
  21. The Khari Shuffle, jiggle, jive whatever....it's getting annoying, like, Big Play Chain annoying.
  22. Good on MTL fans for coming back. There's a foundation for attendance success there. New owners will have no excuse.
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