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  1. Disagree on Huawei. Canada should follow suite here and ban them. Not often I take this kind of side, but there is something to fear here.
  2. I get the reusable bags and have several. But I still get enough plastic ones that I use for kitchen/bathroom garbage cans. And the impulse shopping will be a bit of an issue as well as we are not good about putting the reusable ones back in the car after using them.
  3. Serious question that I hope doesn't counter the point of this thread. What will people use for garbage bags going forward? Are the "Kitchen catchers" or whatever that much more environmentally friendly?
  4. Carol Channing past away at 97. https://globalnews.ca/news/4848342/carol-channing-broadway-actress-dies/
  5. We should set up FB pages or something to note where they are, not to have drivers avoid them but to encourage sober drivers to go and purposefully drive through them, multiple times even, to show what a waste they are.
  6. Thing I noticed. 3 Power plays, 3 PPG. Both teams 100% on the PP.
  7. I've never gotten this argument. How is nostalgia a defense of something. I'm ambivalent about the song (I don't particularly like it but don't care enough to get up in arms either way), but why is the fact that it's been playing for years relevant? Question comes up a lot in my mind about a lot of things. Some of our traditions are not worth keeping.
  8. I kinda think the important question is can they draw more in Winnipeg (even as a third option) than they can in Cranbrook. Well the Cranbrook area is only 26K people. Sounds like they draw under 2,500 there, so hard not to think they can do better in Winnipeg.
  9. The story I read is the lander took some serious damage right after landing. Apparently, it got attacked by Curiosity shortly after landing. Of course I do like reading the Onion.... https://www.theonion.com/nasa-catches-glimpse-of-hard-charging-curiosity-rover-j-1830689267
  10. That's what I'm realizing. I don't have 4K at this point and since I love my 60" plasma so much for sports, and can't see much 4K content coming soon, I'm thinking the S might do. Thanks
  11. 360 won't play KOTOR properly. I know I've tried it in the past and it is unusable.
  12. Got a question I though I might ask here. What's the difference between the various xBox units? One S vs One X? I looking at getting one to play older games that have been updated (somewhat) to xBox One. Specifically KOTOR and Mass Effect. Just wondering is the One S will be sufficient. I'm not looking for online play (can't handle getting ass-whooped by 10 yr olds) and don't play that often, but miss playing KOTOR on the big screen. Just isn't the same on Steam etc. Thanks
  13. Convinced the wife to drop me off and pick me up. Plus KBF has a real nice setup. Talking BIG TV.
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