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  1. 61 is far too young. Man this sucks.
  2. What about Marvin? The martian, not the depressed android.
  3. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2021/02/ted-cruz-latest-canadian-politician-caught-fleeing-to-mexico/
  4. But I'll finally be able to watch Zardoz on D+ https://nationalpost.com/entertainment/movies/disney-is-dropping-500-new-movies-here-are-10-hidden-gems-and-sean-connery-in-a-mankini
  5. I'm really not believing it. As an over 50 (but under 70) I'm not expecting to get shot until Sept/Oct.
  6. Mainly because they take an educated guess at what the variant will be, and are often wrong.
  7. They need to hire the lady from Deadpool that played Angel Dust........
  8. Pretty sure this is what I said a page or two back. I do think you are underestimating the Republican side of things. The Dems do not control the senate at this point. They could, but don't seem to have the balls to do so.
  9. So, again, fix the ending of the last one (what the hell was GOTO supposed to be about anyway).
  10. Do they fix the ending of ME3? Or do you still have to do all the other **** still? I love these, except for the end of 3. Replaying the first one right now.
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