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  1. @kelownabomberfan has a nice setup with a projector. My room is too small for one as I'm under 10 ft from the TV. I like my 60" but would go 65 if I went OLED. Price jump to 77 is insane (IMHO) I painted the wood paneling instead of replacing it. When the basement was done (long before I bought it) it was framed for drywall, but then they put up thin paneling. So the put in scrap strapping to get the depth right. So if I pulled out the paneling I'd be having to tear out thousands of pieces of strapping. I just am finishing the ceiling, but left it a kind of home made drop ceiling in case I need to get up there again.
  2. I've got a power board on the way. But for how I watch tv/sports, I know I want OLED. Dark room, lights off etc. I looked at 2 tv's on clearance at the Brick side by side, both LG, one OLED and one LCD. Clear difference in the blacks (both playing same source Age of Ultron). OLED suffers in bright rooms as they don't get bright enough, but this is for the basement with blackout curtains. If I can't fix it (and I'm pretty sure I can), then Costco is a good choice for the warranty. Price between them and others is the same on the same model, but $100 to extend the in home warranty to 5 yrs vs. $500 and other stores. They don't quite have the model I'm looking for. They have the LG B9, but I want the step up C9.
  3. What would you replace a plasma tv with? My 10 yr old LG 60" plasma died. Will power on but won't turn on (screen is blank). Happened once before after a lightning storm and I repaired it, but getting a bit pricy for a 10 yr old TV, although I do love the plasma. Would I be disappointed with an LCD and do I need to go OLED? Was just at the Brick and they had a E8 (last years model) sitting next to a LCD and the difference seem pretty clear, but I'm looking at $2.5 - 3K all in to go OLED. Mostly for football, hockey, movies and some light gaming (Xbox One S) Thanks
  4. Feel the same. It was okay and I've watched it on tv once or twice (I did see it in the theater). Trailers for the new one look decent, but who knows with DC. Still like the TV show now that it's on MeTV.
  5. So, can I ask why the Jekyll and Hyde with this team? We seem to go from blowing teams away to getting blown away.
  6. I need to see it again. And not after I had a shitty night of sleep. Fell asleep near the end so I'm confused by how things worked out, but I really wish they showed the Star Forge building the damn ships.Would have tied the first Sith world and how Palps could build such a large fleet together nicely. And I didn't fine Leia as disjointed as the reviews suggested. Yes, her death should have had more impact, but aside from that I thought her parts worked pretty well. Nice to see Han again only if in Ben's imagination.
  7. Saw it today and will see it again. I had no intention of seeing TLJ twice, even on Netflix/Prime. Only problem was I had a crappy sleep last night and actually missed part of it.
  8. Anyone know when they start shipping out of town orders? Looks like I'm not getting my gear for Christmas as my order still shows unfulfilled.
  9. I may go this weekend alone, or wait until my wife is able to go (she's a florist, so getting taking her out before Christmas doesn't work), so I like the non-spoiler reviews. Hell. I'll go by myself and then go with her after.
  10. Maybe. But the two step authentication they have available is reasonable protection. The issue is most don't enable it. Again, consumers not understanding how to protect their privacy.
  11. I've got Ring items and you need to protect it like any wireless device. Not a Ring issue per se, just that these have become popular, the setup is easy so consumers can do it and not secure it well. No different than a wireless printer.
  12. Ah. So he mixed up Star Wars and Star Trek. No biggie <<ducks>>
  13. Actually, July 91. But the sentiment is correct. Wife is glad the divorce talk stopped, until I mentioned it and the Stanley Cup 🤣
  14. Not sure about the Bombers, but damn it was the toughest game for us fans. The other two were far more relaxing to watch.
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