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  1. Holy **** that's a lot of big names. And with Gunn directing, it really shouldn't suck.
  2. So it's not me getting married that killed it. It's KBF not working the rigs And the thought of this made me laugh big time. We drink together. He ain't going back to the rigs.🤣
  3. Depends on if Nichols does get healthy. We may not see (this year).
  4. Yes, but with a short leash (I know, not MOS normal plan). For this year, Nichols is still the better choice. If we have any chance of a run to the GC, go with Nichols. Next year is a different question.
  5. Almost anything is better than what we have, except the US system. Don't want to go bankrupt over a broken arm.
  6. Really think MOS took a shot in the dark, thinking he may as well use the challenge with that little time on the clock. Spotters probably gave a lukewarm response and he though what the hell.
  7. No tears shed by me for this assholes death https://globalnews.ca/news/5863908/robert-mugabe-dead-zimbabwe/?utm_source=Article&utm_medium=MostPopular&utm_campaign=2014
  8. So, they change it just so we can't do the same hit on their long snapper. More pro-Rider conspiracy...... 🤣
  9. LOL. I guess I'm too used to skipping over the other colours in articles as ads or something.
  10. Except they missed the whole Borg/Lore story. Decent parts 1 & 2
  11. Wow. I like her when she was on Extreme 4X4 and Overhaulin. This is very sad.
  12. Too many have been banned from there for saying their peace. Far more than have been banned from here, and for a hell of a lot less. No comparison between the two sites as far as that goes.
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