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  1. Damn local store didn't have CR Black so I still got a little shopping to do.
  2. I bought one but I can't get the pin through my favourite jacket.
  3. But, that is what the vote was about. To have a transparent plan in place to deal with the impeachment investigation. The bi-partisan question is a red-herring. That the Repubs voted against it is a stain on them, not the process.
  4. Read this in NP this morning https://nationalpost.com/opinion/tyler-dawson-stop-glorifying-craft-beer-its-overpriced-and-still-bad-for-you Just posting it as I'm not sure wtf his point is. Drinking too much is bad so don't do it in brew-pubs????? I admit to drinking Coors Light in the summer when it is hot, but Kelowna is seeing a lot of micros popping up and it's nice to go for a beer to try something new. I just don't do it as often as I do wineries as my wife can't drink beer.
  5. Riders for sure take first (god I threw up in my mouth a lot typing that) and I don't really see BC being able to help us out. We end up in third.
  6. I'm concerned that the Cons will have more seats than the Libs, but the Libs and NDP will form a coalition and we will be subject to some of the silliness Singh has said he wants in order to support the Libs.
  7. Looking at this. BC would have to win out and Edmonton would have to lose out for BC to get in, correct? Edmonton has the series already. Think the toughest game for BC will be Sask.
  8. My question is who have they become the puppet of? Is it Russia? China? Multinationals? All of the above?
  9. Yeah, but they'll still be brother and sister if the marriage fails.
  10. I'd be really pissed if their next game was against Sask or Calg. Being against BC won't matter. But yeah, should be the next Wpg game.
  11. Would it be okay to do blackface if I want to go as JT for Halloween?
  12. So, here is one Rider's fan take on A&W filming at their game (and other A&W related items). https://viewfromtheranchporch.com/2019/09/16/dear-sask-roughriders-dont-you-want-me-as-a-fan-anymore/?fbclid=IwAR3Dij9Jc-nvgtUixVWkBjGTTBP6I43wnEsgsgIrwAgYVK2ZV5VBTGfRuD8
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