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  1. Can you say money grab?
  2. So the Pym particle is their sonic screwdriver. Got it.
  3. I really wish they showed more of the Banner/Hulk storyline. We went from Hulk not wanting to play to Professor Hulk without getting to see any of it. I know it would have added to the length of the movie, but it was a storyline I was looking forward to seeing. Was Gamora missing from the funeral scene? I kinda looked at who was there and I don't think she was. I guess she didn't know Stark, so it makes sense.
  4. Was surprised how little Captain Marvel was used. She was in so many trailers and then gone most of the film. I thought they would do more with her and Thor.
  5. There was more to dislike about 8 than just Luke. Throwing out Snoke, Reys's parents, Leia floating in space etc. Plus the whole Casino planet session that added little but took so much time. I liked Rogue One a lot. It's too bad they all got killed off, but it does make sense from a continuity standpoint.
  6. Ever have a movie you watched but for the life of you can't remember anything about? For me that was Solo (and Justice League). But you're right. It was just a crappy stand alone. SW8 ruined SW7 and I'm not excited about SW9.
  7. 50 - Riders 25 - Leafs 20 - Oilers for stopping the Jets for so many years (don't even care that they suck now) 5 - Hanging onto these to see if Jets go anywhere this year. Either going to Maurice or to whoever knocks us out if we get past the first round.
  8. Disagree on Huawei. Canada should follow suite here and ban them. Not often I take this kind of side, but there is something to fear here.
  9. I get the reusable bags and have several. But I still get enough plastic ones that I use for kitchen/bathroom garbage cans. And the impulse shopping will be a bit of an issue as well as we are not good about putting the reusable ones back in the car after using them.
  10. Serious question that I hope doesn't counter the point of this thread. What will people use for garbage bags going forward? Are the "Kitchen catchers" or whatever that much more environmentally friendly?
  11. Carol Channing past away at 97. https://globalnews.ca/news/4848342/carol-channing-broadway-actress-dies/
  12. We should set up FB pages or something to note where they are, not to have drivers avoid them but to encourage sober drivers to go and purposefully drive through them, multiple times even, to show what a waste they are.
  13. Thing I noticed. 3 Power plays, 3 PPG. Both teams 100% on the PP.
  14. I've never gotten this argument. How is nostalgia a defense of something. I'm ambivalent about the song (I don't particularly like it but don't care enough to get up in arms either way), but why is the fact that it's been playing for years relevant? Question comes up a lot in my mind about a lot of things. Some of our traditions are not worth keeping.
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