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  1. Beat me to it. It was a sad story that wasn't disclosed at the time.
  2. I have all on DVD (except the Legends of the Rangers and the Lost Tales, both crap). Might dust them off if I'm stuck at home for long.
  3. I still go back to Babylon 5. Except for the first part of season 5, when they scrambled after not expecting the season, they had a good balance of an 5 yr underlying story with single episodes stories built in. I thought it was a good plan for keeping a series interesting.
  4. JR Shaw has died. https://www.castanet.net/news/Business/280427/Shaw-Communications-founder-JR-Shaw-has-died-at-85
  5. Boomers are taking this far more seriously than the young. This part of your post was unnecessary. I agree with the rest of your response.
  6. Unbelievable. Doesn't he know he shouldn't be touching his face?
  7. All of California under a stay at home order. https://patch.com/california/culvercity/s/h20pm/ca-issues-stay-at-home-order-coronavirus?utm_source=alert-breakingnews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alert
  8. A sensible youtube channel on the topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-0Es0RKiU4
  9. Are they paying in toilet paper and hand sanitizer?
  10. Not sure if you are joking or not, but in case, this didn't happen https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/covid-19-found-in-toilet-paper/
  11. Depends what you are doing. You block and attack right, and you get some awesome slow-mo kills. I just hate the spiders.
  12. NASCAR races postponed for the next 2 weeks. Yesterday they had plans to run them without an audience. Had them set up to PVR. There goes my Sunday afternoon nap.
  13. Depending on what you game like, you can set the difficulty to "Story Mode" and it is pretty easy to get through, plus falling off cliffs doesn't do damage. I did that first and am going through at the next level. It does make it a lot harder as damage does pile up. Oh. And learn to block.
  14. Do you really think it will matter? Guy is so greasy that none of it sticks.
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