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  1. I may like his music, but man is he a fuckwit.
  2. I have a 5x, but it's not around $250. Also not the current best for Garmin, but was when I bought it. Is really more than I need, but it does a whole lot of stuff.
  3. Guess if this is a hate thread, then I can post how much I hate "documentaries" like the stupid **** posted above. Add to that any netflix "documentary" about any health topic.
  4. Scared me for a minute. Thought I was in the Rip 2021 thread and saw her name.
  5. For any of you who watched Top Gear or Grand Tour, The queen of the Nurburgring has died from cancer https://www.theguardian.com/sport/video/2021/mar/17/sabine-schmitz-top-gear-presenter-queen-of-nurburgring-dies-aged-51-video-obituary
  6. 61 is far too young. Man this sucks.
  7. What about Marvin? The martian, not the depressed android.
  8. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2021/02/ted-cruz-latest-canadian-politician-caught-fleeing-to-mexico/
  9. But I'll finally be able to watch Zardoz on D+ https://nationalpost.com/entertainment/movies/disney-is-dropping-500-new-movies-here-are-10-hidden-gems-and-sean-connery-in-a-mankini
  10. I'm really not believing it. As an over 50 (but under 70) I'm not expecting to get shot until Sept/Oct.
  11. Mainly because they take an educated guess at what the variant will be, and are often wrong.
  12. They need to hire the lady from Deadpool that played Angel Dust........
  13. Pretty sure this is what I said a page or two back. I do think you are underestimating the Republican side of things. The Dems do not control the senate at this point. They could, but don't seem to have the balls to do so.
  14. So, again, fix the ending of the last one (what the hell was GOTO supposed to be about anyway).
  15. Do they fix the ending of ME3? Or do you still have to do all the other **** still? I love these, except for the end of 3. Replaying the first one right now.
  16. This is the reason they are bailing on him. Everything else is noise.
  17. Are people really surprised that the trial will fail? Senate is still very much in contention and the US is very much split on party lines, and was long before Trump. That 5 republicans voted against their party is the biggest surprise here. The Senate will not vote to impeach. Clear as day. You won't get 17 republicans voting for it. Better luck in the courts (I hope). But if the cases hit the Supreme Court, that will be the interesting case. See if judges follow the law or their political affiliation (yeah, like that's an unanswered question).
  18. Trial will start Feb 9th and likely will fail. The Dems really don't control the senate from the looks of it.
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