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  1. Wow who would have thought football players want to win football games. Good job with all your projections. Speaking of bullshit meter 😂
  2. I'd take Masoli as option 1 then Arbuckle. Assuming ZC is gone to TO.
  3. We can still do better. I don't think we were great, this group has the leadership and potential to be great. With the current situation at QB I don't think we had the potential to win multiple Grey Cups.
  4. I've supplied my opinion with facts as to why Collaros is a better QB than Nichols and you just keep talking about Collaroses concussions while disregarding Nichols history with season ending injuries and surgically repaired body.
  5. Look at guys like Rodgers, not a scrambling qb but has good enough mobility to get out of the pocket and make some extra time for his receivers. Collaros is a similar style player where Nichols is not as mobile.
  6. If this isn't a direct personal attack I don't know what is. Coming from someone who thinks you know nothing about football, I don't think you could possibly name one reason Nichols is better than Collaros. Should change your name to internet MD.
  7. I still feel like he was never a mobile enough QB even in those years. I like Matt Nichols, just don't think he can make plays when the pocket is less than perfect.
  8. I'll take a QB with a few concussions over one who just came off season ending shoulder surgery on his throwing shoulder, the season before he also had a non-contact knee injury as well. The guy can't stay healthy either so it's a moot point. Won't comment on how you view my posts as it's irrelevant.
  9. Coming from someone with a shoulder injury I can confirm you don't know what you're talking about.
  10. Buddy it was like -15, nobody could throw the ball. Clueless.
  11. Grasping for straws when you know you've lost the argument lol. Shoulder injuries don't just "go away". You do realize Nichols is coming off a season ending shoulder injury right? 😂
  12. The book definitely isn't closed on his career. I don't think he's a great passer right now but I'm pretty sure we said the same about Masoli and Adams. This would be the optimal result in my books.
  13. Ah you see, I have supplied reasoning to my disposition, whereas I have yet to hear one reason as to why Nichols is better than Collaros except he throws less picks which is a complete lie. Context doesn't seem to matter around here.
  14. Collaros threw 1 INT for us and none in the playoffs. Also every team has dropped interceptions. That's not bad, I guess for you it was cause you had to cheer against the bombers.
  15. I've put it out there, name to me one tangible facet of the game of football he's better than Zach Collaros. I'll wait. Also I don't care about anything other than football I don't have favourite players unless they're from Winnipeg. Everyone else is replaceable.
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