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  1. Actually McCallister is even more like Willy. 6'6 lean and fast, awesome inside move he made last night to get in the passing lane to knock that one down last night.
  2. Let's hand the ball to my Uncle Rico, I heard he can throw the ball over them mountains.
  3. While I agree with you, I don't think Streveler will be a passer in this league. Liked what I saw from Mcguire in the preseason, hopefully he turns out.
  4. It's so weird because when Nichols was actually playing well for the first couple games of the season (lead the league in efficiency and passer rating) you were the first one who wanted him gone, now that the offence has all but dried up you've hanged your stance. Sounds like you're just a contrarian who is looking for arguments.
  5. I recall Lapo saying Nichols is one of the best QBs he's ever coached a couple weeks ago. Sounds like I know the person who needs to go.
  6. They've done that quite a bit this year as well.
  7. Probably because Nichols is healthy this year.
  8. This could be ugly if Nichols plays badly. I've seen this movie before and it usually ends with someones confidence crushed permanently irreparably.
  9. maybe try reading that again and put your glasses on this time. 1. I said picking the starting QB should not be the job of a head coach who has almost nothing else to do with the offence. 2. The OC should take all responsibility for offence performance, hence being the one to select the starting quarterback.
  10. Handling who's starting at QB should not be his job, that should land squarely on LaPolice and if he can't figure it out either maybe we need to go out and get Calvillo or another ex quarterback who understands the position at the end of the season to be our new offensive coordinator.
  11. lots of issues but regardless of what the tape says, there will be no personnel changes. O'shea logic.
  12. Every nightclub in the city has bad people in it lmao.
  13. This is the first time I can honestly say I have no complaints in all my years as a fan of this team. Nitpicking here, Streveler needs to be a little more careful with the football.
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