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  1. Looks like I was right once again, Streveler was the problem.
  2. Need me to sound it out for you?
  3. crazy what happens when you have an elite pro level QB for once.
  4. What did I say? That he's a terrible quarterback? What does his injury have to do with that?
  5. no this website is an echo chamber. There's a mob who hates Nichols and will do anything to support Streveler yet have 0 stats to back it up! "But Streveler rushed for 100 yards!!" .....yeah but Mitchell almost threw for 400.
  6. I don't care, I'm sick of the bullshit play at the quarterback position, be offended all you want.
  7. And I should care? He wasn't a good quarterback when he was healthy.
  8. But he's so much better than Nichols! 😂🤣🤣
  9. You have issues. The guy can't throw at a pro level.
  10. Where are all the Streveler lovers?
  11. Just wish there was some competence. Streveler is not a quarterback and O'Shea and Lapolice fail to see it. Terrible.
  12. Yeah because making the playoffs is the goal. 🙄
  13. Depends how high your IQ is, if you can read nuance. You've made it abundantly clear.
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