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  1. What a surprise, corrupt Quebec based company. Never heard that one before.
  2. Yet first in touchdowns and Interceptions (10-1), Davis (3-7) so much for your stats
  3. I saw Hardrick running on the sidelines if that's worth anything. Up 30 could have been taken out for precaution.
  4. Yeah the biggest red flag is the bombers going two and out when already up by 30 smh.
  5. It’s just winnipeg fans, nothing is good enough, until we win 3 grey cups in a row and are nearly unbeatable the will not be convinced because the first 2 will be flukes.
  6. There are about 37 people in the crowd.
  7. I second this, somebody make this a poll please.
  8. almost every tackle Davis "Dirty" Sanchez made in his career was at the knees, I recall Keith Stokes and Charles Roberts taking some pretty low shots by him.
  9. I must have missed it, just saw him a few times last season and in TC.
  10. excited to see what we can get out of Lawler. Looked like an athletic guy and catches everything when we saw him.
  11. a punch or clear head to head collision? I'll take the punch, generally a punch ends less careers.
  12. I don't think Bob is looking for more work at this stage of his career.
  13. I'm buying a St.Vital flag and my aunt is getting an Osborne Village flag. This Image should be on the St.Vital flag though.
  14. do you mean the Dak? it's a Travel lodge now but the lounge is still there.
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