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  1. Cant wait, cannot wait, until they all turn on O'Day like jackals and how they cheerleaded him the entire time is memory holed . For those unfamiliar with the process please consult Taman era.
  2. "O'Day is crushing it!" just might be THE quote of the 2020 off season.
  3. Party's worried about Comrade Sanders now a zillion aire oligarch who wasn't even a Democrat 3 years ago literally buying his way into the process.
  4. Signing Sol, who'll play maybe 10 games, at 155 is a point of honour for these people. Love how they brag about sober, sensible spending and condemn other teams for shopping sprees. But when they do it as we all remember, it's " future is now, we're serious about building a winner"
  5. Im going to tell you all something but you have to promise not to get mad...
  6. I see a competitive but kinda ordinary ish team in a division that doesnt reward that too often
  7. Taylor writes like hes under pressure to be positive. Its not like he'd be attacked repeatedly by scores of Rider fans on social media. Thats crazy talk
  8. SSK second ? Love to hear the rationale for that .
  9. Wasnt new in the 80s either
  10. Jimmy barely recognizable. Ah the mid 80s. Seems like yesterday but , man, they aint.
  11. They broke laws . Actual laws.
  12. Swaggert caught with hooker. Twice.
  13. "False equivalency" alert. Not a drill, repeat, not a drill.
  14. So you want me to list the lies liberals tell ? Would that make it better ?
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