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  1. Heat of the moment Q and A should be taken with a grain of salt but that's a weak answer from Wheeler. "Sports is hard..the other team wants to win too" might sound reasonable but you keep that to yourself and say "we didn't get the job done" or some such and end it.
  2. Same stuff dogged Maurice when he was in TOR.
  3. Hillarious, Karen, now list the "bombshells" that were proven to be wrong. Including all the "walls are closing in" collusion stories Collusion was a media abetted fraud.
  4. Trump: Do this Official : I can't, that's illegal. Isn't the same as Trump: Do this illegal thing. Official: Gasp, on the lives of my children I will never execute such an evil directive. Big difference. Which is why anti Trumpers want to believe option 2.
  5. You don't appreciate it all. Just my opinion.
  6. Mueller probe was launched, aided and abetted by partisan beurocrats who wanted to either end or permanently damage the Trump presidency. The bogus evidence e in which the FISA warrants were obtained to begin it all and the astounding lack of curiosity by the FBI and DOJ regarding it shows this.
  7. When the Mueller probe proves Trump was a traitor then he can and should be removed was spoken openly in mainstream corporate media for over two years. It's not crazy when it's a real thing that happened.
  8. Revenge, spite, inability to admit an election was lost by self inflicted errors so try and destroy the guy who ruined the Madame President (D) narrative ?
  9. Indictments for treason would trigger the 25th amendment-the president being unfit to continue in office. This was the ultimate end goal and fever-dream for #resistance.
  10. Hillary blowing off campaigning In Michigan and Wisconsin for example, supposedly in the bank votes, is not opinion. Russian operatives like Trump or Russian bots did not make that decision for her. Also not opinion.
  11. They are facts. Little or no self reflection of Democrats or media on why and how the slam dunk to be president Hillary lost and jokey fringe candidate Trump won. Instead they went with collusion hoax to explain her defeat and lazy, partisan media incompetence. And doubling down on it even after its blown up in their faces.
  12. Mueller report was supposed to rectify the injustice of Hillary losing and Trump winning. Which is why the #Resistance, Never Trumpers and partisan media pedaled the collusion hoax hard for over two years. It was supposed to be the silver bullet. Now that it isn't they're pouring over the rubble to try and cobble another narrative to run with rather than simply admit collusion was a myth , Democrats and media were incredibly out of touch with voters , journalstic standards went out the window and Hillary ran a horrible campaign.
  13. Special prosecutors do not lay charges. They also do not "exonerate ". They can only recommend. And even then the FBI can ignore it or use and lay charges. The reason no charges were laid or will be laid because there is no case for collusion for the simple fact it never happened. And laying charges of obstruction for charges on treason that never happened is a dog of a case that no self respecting law enforcement body would touch with a ten foot pole. Precisely why the focus is on impeachment and not on more FBI involvement because it can still go forward without bona fide criminal idictments Trump's enemies tried for removal..now they're going with an embarrassment of impeachment as consolation prize. When life gives you lemons etc..
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