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  1. Zontar


    Except it's not moot in Canada as travel to and from hasn't been banned. How does a country " flatten the curve" with potential cases coming in ?
  2. Zontar


    Which is exactly what they have done
  3. Zontar


    Media's job is to be stenographers for the government?
  4. Zontar


    Blaming the communist totalitarian government of China about botching the containment and lying to the world about it is not racist. They. Caused. This.
  5. Zontar


    Said travel bans were an over reaction. Racism towards China in general. "Wuhan " term disappeared almost overnight at China's request.
  6. Zontar


    Canada not barring travel from China or Europe which is arguably worse. More or less a collective shrug from Canadian msm
  7. Zontar


    Not blaming media for bad news but if the key is modifying human behaviour all the stuff they are peddling now is barn door horse advice. Inquisitive ness was absent when it was clear the situation was directed in China yet not a peep about barring travel because that was an "over reaction" and quite possibly racist. And they're still not seeing anything wrong keeping airports humming and processing travellers from China with touch screens and questionaires.
  8. Zontar


    Don't let corporate media off the hook. They chuckled at the thought of extreme measures and told us not to worry because it was no worse than the flu. And then prioritized worries about racism or cultural insensitivity instead of warning people and calling China and Canada's relationship with China to account. If there is such a thing as journalistic malpractice here you go.
  9. The smart tech jobs we told them to get are outsourced. Wages driven down. Tell them to despise the history of their own country. Traditions to be mistrusted and ridiculed. Eat cockroaches. Gonna be a helluva ride.
  10. Protect the economy Or draconian measures to protect health which will slow down economy. Trump picks the former and he will be accused of murderous neglect and not caring. Choose the latter he will be accused of abuse of power and tanking the economy. The "good guys" know this and will play both ends to middle for as long as possible,...cheered all the way. Epic levels of cynicsm.
  11. Blame China. Blame economic integration with those monsters that has stolen National self suffiency.
  12. Very progressive. Our new society is in great hands.
  13. Love how you use "echo chamber" without a shred of irony or self awareness.
  14. Hillary knows so much of what she asks depends on state regulations and private sector cooperation. Instead she's trying to personalize for the "good guys". And if Trump went full federal on this she and her media pals and stans would be screeching " overreach", abuse of power! dictator ! time to impeach!"
  15. Well, yeah, I'm in love with fascist dictators, so..
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