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  1. Congrats. Well earned. To the victor go the spoils.
  2. Ouch. When you're in Jim Bender's doghouse...
  3. Media underestimating WPG is not a reflection of HAMs attitude. Banks is a chirpy guy who is chirping at Priders and Pederson.
  4. Zero evidence. Zero. HAM is sleeping on WPG.
  5. HAM had to listen to "Playoff Trevor" and #whynotus for a solid week so it's doubtful they're taking their cues from media.
  6. Credibility took a big hit with the Phil Kessel hot dog thing.
  7. Scott Stinson doesn't even cover CFL. Simmons does a handful of games a year. Don't know why theyre included. Beat reporters , not just columnists, should be asked too
  8. C'mon. If you have to keep saying my sample was contaminated. ..
  9. Pushed his grandma down the stairs. True story.
  10. I know the feeling. Simoni Lawrence is a rotten human being. Odell Willis ? respected veteran.
  11. Collaros is just as much as an in-your-face storyline as Banks is. Just sayin
  12. Holy cow. How did that survive. CKRC still exist ?
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