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  1. Weird how that talk either gets approval or shrugs from Priders but BLM gets called a jerk for being front and centre for his team.
  2. The deals Justin will have to make just so he can feed his ego and still call himself PM is, frankly, scary. Won't pretend to understand how most western CDNs will feel .
  3. For all intents and purposes the difference between Scheer and Trudeau is the diameter of an eyelash.
  4. Lunatic fringes of all three parties will be pushing for every far left policy they can to be enacted knowing they won't get another shot like this for years if ever. At least a Liberal majority kept them at bay. Not anymore.
  5. A coalition of Libs NDP and Greens..two of the three pretty much vowing to paralyze oil and gas production and pipelines....plus all the usual leftist tax and spend and social policies. Canada's gonna be awesome.
  6. Shaq Evans tells Sanchez he's the best receiver in the league. Last week Hughes says he's the MODP. Who says there's no "I" in team.
  7. More garbage. Western Canadian weather has made national news for over a week . You playing silly bugger in pretending not to know simply reinforces perceptions.
  8. Absolute rubbish. Storm was in the news since Thursday. Roddy bloated on on about it the entire broadcast Can't pretend not to know. A complete doosh move to try and score rivallry points with this.
  9. Hey, Ed, good luck out there today. But if you don't think you need luck that's OK too because believing in your own abilities is important its what made this country great but if you believe in luck I'm 100% in favour of that too. My grandfather believed in luck...That's what's so great about Canada ..believing in things. As PM I will believe what you believe. .what we all believe. ..
  10. Gets even weirder. .the guards appear to be wearing Canadian Ranger patches. The pseudo military body that "patrols" the Arctic which I'm presuming is made up of 99.99 Inuit. Imagine the RCMP being asked to step aside for this farce?
  11. The same thing Liberals do during a meltdown...try to spread fear the left vote will be split so you better park your vote with the nice safe Liberals.
  12. So PM Jolson shows up late for a rally surrounded by security in tactical dress. Not RCMP, private security? Local cops? But if it was truly a tactical,situation the rally wouldn't have been cancelled and or the room cleared for everyone's protection ? Another dress up party ? A stunt for compliant media to ask why so the reply can be I've been threatened by "white nationalists" and voting liberal is the only thing stopping Canada from turning into 1930s Alabama? Day after CBC launches law suit vs conservatives two weeks before an election ? Bizzare even by 2019 politics standards.
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