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  1. Was told they have hamburgers described as "outrageous".
  2. Cruel irony is apparent crummy teams in BC TOR MTL...the exact places league can ill afford.
  3. BC is in big trouble. TOR has no QB or OL. OTT has a QB. EDM is just fine SSK is not fine. HAM looks solid all around
  4. Argos note to self.....don't spend all the money on receivers.
  5. TOR has a solid offense on paper but do they have QB to make it real ? Home team broadcast always gets the TSN love but today I expect them to be laying it on with a trowel.
  6. How soon does ClayBrooks crooked ball cap shtick go from fun and endearing to lame and annoying ? Dare say it started last night.
  7. Old enough to remember when Curt Henning was a 'face.
  8. Two weeks straight opponent makes EDM look great. Ain't sold yet. Bombers shouldn't worry too much.
  9. BC was supposed to be a good story this year. Early days but yikes.
  10. Last week I thought BC was a good team beaten by a better team. BC is not a good football team . Soft everywhere.
  11. Waaaaay too easy to move the ball against BCs defense.
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