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  1. SSK defense still thinks it's garbage time. Get burned.
  2. Good thing OTT put their foot down and cut Fulio-Guidino.
  3. Nope. Havent shown anything to suggest they could beat either team now. Almost devoid of offense. Two horse race in East.
  4. Much was made of Tillman and the Ray deal but what OTT did past off season should also be legendary.
  5. Ottawa's. Season. Is. Over.
  6. Do Lions finally roll over and die or does HAM give them reasons to cling to the fantasy their season's not over with soft defense like they did two weeks ago?
  7. Hard to see how OTT could win this. Even TSN has run out of excuses for Davis after pumping his tires for the first third of the season.
  8. Actually it was TOR that hired Paopao. Apologies. I have relieved my communications director of her duties. P.S,. He was an effing disaster here in 06.
  9. OTT, one of the supposedly best managed and coached team in the league just hired Joe Paopao to try and fix an offense deliberately deprived of Harris, Ellingson, Spencer. Sometimes it's clear and easy to pinpoint a teams decline.
  10. Last minute of regulation was inexcusable for CAL .
  11. Details freak like Dickenson must be losing it.
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