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  1. Be careful, that's how Saskatchewanites lure you in. They start small talk about the CFL. In 2007, the Saskatchewan premier concerned with the skyrocketing cost of health care caused by the effects of an almost singular gene pool in his province, set up back room health policies designed to help eliminate inbred pregnancies amongst his constituents. He lowered the price of bung baloney and encouraged the men to use baloney skin contraceptive barriers when being intimate with their sister/wife/cousins He also held the Estevan summit in which public health nurses were brought in to discuss a system of "hole in the white sheet" breeding to diversify the gene pool and raise overall intelligence levels across the province as they were far below average. At any rate, the male head of the household was encouraged to seek out superior, non genetically linked, males to act as sperm donors to impregnate their wives through holes in a white sheet. Men from Manitoba were targeted, as their Bomber gear, made them easy to spot and a clear indication of superior intelligence. They usually try butter you up with potato whisky then take you out to the sheet behind the barn and show you pictures of women that aren't their wives claiming that this is the woman on the other side. Very sneaky....but I can't blame them for trying.
  2. Whenever Farhan says a team is not out of the mix....they are out of the mix.
  3. Lost in the absolutely brutal play of their OL was the fact their defence stunk too. I don't see any reason to believe that has gotten better.
  4. I don't need to point out anything. It's you that has to prove otherwise.
  5. Free Agents? We had the least number of pending FA's in the league.
  6. Ok...Mullinder, Abou Mechrek, Taylor...just to name a few more delusional Rider media.
  7. Same as you coming here and saying that many posters are delusional. Pot meet kettle. The only difference is that we're not doing it on your website and don't play silly bugger either, the concensus over there is that if it doesn't hit the cross bar it's a TD and that simply isn't true. There is maybe a 10% chance of our guy completely whiffing on the ball. Cross bar or no cross bar that pass was unlikely to be completed.
  8. We were clearly the superior team to the Riders last year. Luck...no luck...whatever. If Rider fans think that's delusional then show me your Grey Cup.
  9. You sir are right there are delusional people here. You are a big part of that problem.
  10. So was the AAFs viewership for the first couple weeks and then it dropped precipitously once people realized it was bad football. XFL is not playing much better ball. Week one I fairly impressed by the football but last week it was terrible. Like watching CFL pre-season.
  11. IF Sayles simply bats that ball OB it's game over. He went for the pick instead and the RIders got supremely lucky.
  12. I agree. Upright or not that play was not going to be successful imo. Our DB had cut under that route.
  13. I agree. Common sense dictates that we didn't sign a LBer that we really don't need unless the price was right.
  14. The market is not going to improve before next year unless he waits for a team to clear some significant space via the 6 game.
  15. Probably gonna be quite a few of the aging mid tier guys going there. Won't hurt us at all.
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