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  1. I am not concerned about Zac in any way. He will be just fine, and I don't think rust will be an issue. It would be nice to get our starting O a quarter but it's not really a big deal that we aren't imo. Rather have our guys healthy. You want to show off every big play. Nah...these guys will have it down after the first practice. There is very little to do except to fine tune the timing again and that can be done very quickly with all the vets we have.
  2. Malik is likely done. However, grandpa Harris came back from what should have been a career ender so who knows....although, I may be counting my chickens before they hatch on Harris having any kind of longevity this season.
  3. Yea, would give us some options with the 3rd NAT receiver on the field. I agree with that as well. A real YAC threat would be fantastic addition.
  4. Those are certainly some good options. Without seeing the final roster I am not sure what I would do with the DIs, but I like the idea of a receiver/returner.
  5. I like Mace as a coordinator for sure, how that translates to HC...we shall see.
  6. I liked Rasheed's usage in the run game and I could totally understand his value as a blocking receiver, but I too would prefer that we roster a receiver that can take the top off the defence in that position. Put the safety in a bind more often than we have been. This probably open up the seams a little more than we have been seeing in recent years too.
  7. The nice thing about receivers and DBs is that the bulk of their assessment can come from actual TC sessions. With little contact allowed it must be extremely tough to make decisions in the trenches or at LBer. Receiver and DBs can get a much better assessment in TC. Smith certainly goes north/south in the return game which is good and yea he can man a few spots in a pinch. Receiver? I'm not sure if even the coaches know right now....it's there for the taking if someone steps up and takes it I think.
  8. I think part of the reason he wasn't used as much last year was for the reasons you have outlined. However, I would expect his run stop would be improved as a 2nd year guy. Rookies are raw, but having a full offseason and camp under his belt I would hope that has improved. That being said I like Garbutt's potential to go inside and out in our lineup. I would love to see both guys get meaningful reps this year.
  9. Just took a quick peek around the league at whose rosters rival ours. I'm not seeing any. A couple that are not too far off, but we are looking real good again.
  10. We don't know one way or another, but what we do know is that Grant was not considered a priority. Would we have liked to have him back? Who knows. There were rumblings long before Walters was blowing the cash to re-sign guys that Grant was going to have to wait to see if there was money left for him though.
  11. I am of the thinking that if we go with a 7 man rotation I don't really care who they pick out of Haba/Garbutt/Rivers. Mostly because I have no idea who is looking the best at camp right now.
  12. Meh....90% of those cover teams won't be on our roster.
  13. Lots of ppl thinking the Riders improved and for the life of me I just can't see how.
  14. 6 of those 9 don't start on any other CFL team and 2 of those 3 that qualify as starters are lower end starters.
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