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  1. A team only needs to be cap compliant once the accounting goes to the league at year end. The league has stepped in, in the past, when they believed a team might go significantly over and warned them they must get compliant by year end (Mtl in 2018) but they can't really do much else. Teams can sign over the SMS then become compliant after.
  2. Really sorry to hear that. Taynted was a great member here and will be missed.
  3. 1. Collaros 2. Bryant 3. Couture 4. Lawler 5 Winston Rose 6. Castillo 7. Richardson 8 Alexander I don't see us having any issues with Benson at all so I'm not even going to rank him, LS are not the highest paid dudes so it doesn't really come down to a choice really. I see Collaros as an obvious choice. Bryant is easily 2nd imo. GOAT blind side tackle. Don't care about age...he plays the most important position on the OL better than anyone. The rest just kind of follow in order of how I feel they enhance our chances of winning coupled with our ability to replace them. Not putting Harris up either, he either comes at a big home town discount or we move on imo. He might have a championship but they never won it. All I have to say on that matter, and they had no sustained success there.
  4. It is pretty safe to assume that neither Luc or Chris ever experienced anything like it in their time with the Riders. It's just a franchise that doesn't know how to succeed.
  5. Fact: YOU are the one moving the goal posts. No one said that pre-Collaros we were dominant. What was stated is we were better than mediocre. Fact: We were well above mediocre (1st place) until a season ending injury to our starting QB. We struggled, AS ANY TEAM WILL, behind our backup. Once Collaros came we went back to being above average. Fact: Our defence was the main reason we won both the 2019 cup. Collaros just game managed because he had very limited time in our system up to that point. Fact: No one is suggesting we were dominant at any point prior to 2021. The argument was about your use of the term mediocre to describe the pre-Collaros 2019 Bombers. An assessment that NO ONE seems to have but you and one that is most certainly nothing more than opinion on your part. Ours too, but we will man up and at least admit it's our OPINION and it vastly differs from yours. I will take solace in the fact that the overwhelming majority reject your opinion as a clue as to how accurate it might be. Fact: Our pre-Collaros TEAM was well above mediocre even after Nichols went down. I will cede that our QBing after Nichols injury and prior to Collaros left a lot to be desired but that's not the same as thing as calling the entire team mediocre. We were a very good team needing an upgrade at QB after injuries to both our starter and backup. It's that simple really.
  6. Don't sweat it, As long as we are in the ballpark in negotiations he will be back. Unless the Argos go full on crazy and offer him 800k or something dumb like that he will be back. I don't see that happening anywhere in the CFL right now. There has been a market correction happening at the QB position. Everyone is taking shaves. The days of the 700k QB are over for now, CFL teams have learned that success does not follow those contracts.
  7. Unless we low ball him he will be back. He couldn't possibly be dumb enough to leave the situation he's in right now over a little bit of salary. We won't blow our brains out because Walters is smarter than that, but our bid will be competitive. If our bid is competitive and he chooses to leave then I will have to do a re-evaluation of my thoughts on his intelligence level. Not wishing for anything. I strongly want the Zac Attack back. Just not in panic mode about it. I want the best team we can possibly field. QB play is helpful but it is NOT the best determinate on record. The scoreboard is the best determinate and there is more than one way to get that stat in your favor. In the past 6 years the team with the top rated passer in the CFL has won the Grey Cup once. Last year. In that time frame 3 Grey Cups were won by QBs outside the top 3 rating in the league.
  8. As long as our defence continues to hold teams to 12 pts a game we will be just fine if Collaros leaves. I want to go 18-0 next season and that won't happen without Collaros, but if I have to settle for 15-3 without him I can live with it. I love Collaros and what he brings to the table, but I honestly believe that their are a few QBs that can lead our team to the promised land if necessary.
  9. A truth is something that is based on facts. Your opinion is not necessarily the truth because often it is not based in facts. Being consistently wrong does not strengthen your argument or make it any truer. Just because YOU believe something to be true, does not make it so. It's called having an opinion and you're entitled to one but when people don't agree with it they are not necessarily wrong.
  10. Every year is different. At the time Nichols went down and we turned to Streveler we were the best team in the league. We lost a couple games playing with our backup...happens to even really good teams...and then we traded for a veteran when that backup got injured and quickly went back to our best team in the league play. What happened in seasons prior is completely irrelevant no matter how much you would like it to be part of the narrative. Were we mediocre in 2018...not really...we went to the West final. In 2017 and prior...yea maybe a touch better than mediocre but thats year's before and as I stated earlier...COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. At the time we got Zac we were the best team in the league but needed a QB. The proof is in the pudding. I'm not trying to discredit anything that Zac did, but realistically in 2019 we won because we were the best team...not because we had the best QB. In 2021, it was little bit of both. I agree that this crap on Lapo narrative is getting a little over the top. He did not hold us back from winning and his Grey Cup ring is the proof of that. One can disagree with his style etc, but it doesn't have to be exaggerated to suggest that his offence held anyone back from winning more.
  11. Ottawa is barely solvent. They had Desjardins doing cut throat contracts for the past few years now. They are not getting in a bidding war for anyone. Toronto...maybe...but for significantly cheaper I think they go Masoli.
  12. Personally, I love it when Suitor pumps their tires in a win and makes excuses for them in a loss. It helps keep the delusions alive in Riderville and it makes it hurt more when we beat them for the umpteenth time in a row in the playoffs. That's when the reality sets in, and I like reality to set in at the same time as the pain for them.
  13. Maybe he was asked what the RIders have to do to get out of the West this year. If so, he was just answering honestly.
  14. I guess we will agree to disagree but I won't be a ****** about it. If you choose to continue to be one all the power to you. Hope whatever is bothering you gets resolved. I think it's absolutely laughable that you think losing Stove represents a giant shift in our defence. He is one guy....you are overselling this to the nth degree. I've played football, coached it for many, many, years and watched it the last 50 years of my life and am yet to see in all my years a team lose a stellar defence because a DT left town.
  15. He probably learned to pee at some point I would think. However, as with all PED users, the question isn't can he pass several tests in a row it's whether he can pass them all, all the time. Maybe AC quit juicing, most guys who get caught probably do, but the impact of doing so will be seen this coming year more than it would have been last year. There is still residual benefit to juicing for a while after you stop and AC had that for the remainder of 2021. Will he be the same guy in 2022? Hard to say. At the risk of getting flamed badly, Harris was not the same guy in 2021 as he was in 2019. That could be age of course, but maybe his lack of supplements was part of the equation too. We didn't see a massive drop off in his ability to play the game but we sure saw him struggle with injury and a lot of guys juice not to build muscle but because it really speeds up healing.
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