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  1. Rich people don't move away? Yea....tell that to California cause they didn't get the memo,
  2. Ok,,,now I'm confused....Trudeau said that low income people don't pay taxes? I support taxing the wealthy, until they all move away that is.
  3. You don't know jackshit about my political leanings. I am a small c conservative and you are living under Kenney so I can understand your thoughts on the matter but you are the one looking through an Alberta bubble and not seeing that outside of Alberta and parts of SSK that the vast majority of CPC support is very moderately right. I don't like the anti-vax protests anymore than the next guy but you are making some wild assumptions about people with this statement. I know several anti-vaxxers and argue with them constantly, and their thoughts on gay marriage and abortion are not consistent with what you are suggesting.
  4. I found a couple articles (can't find them now) about the takeover of the Liberal and NDP parties by communist fundamentalists. The goal, of course, to make their political beliefs law in Canada. Gave details of their voting power and positions held in the Liberal/NDP party apparatus. Completely anti democracy. very disturbing. How exactly did he pander to the far right? Hate to break it to you but if you are referring to the gun registry that is more a function of rural vs suburban than left/right. There are many, many centrist CPC supporters that oppose Trudeau's gun legislation. There are many rural Canadians on the left that oppose it as well. The only places that really favor this are the GTA and Quebec. Is the CPC powerbase currently concentrated in Western Canada....you bet...does that equate to being far right....not even. That's just stupid. He pandered to the West to get his leadership not the far right. Don't mix up the two.
  5. Not true at all. That's what the CBC would like you to believe though. Pure BS, Pinko propaganda. Man you are full of it on this. Typical left wing boogeyman smearing.
  6. It is very difficult to attain a majority with the BQ in existence as their support actually translates to seats. The NDP are more of a widespread support without the seat count. The BQ blocks just about every party's path to a majority and the NDP blocks the Liberals mainly. However, if the NDP were to merge with the Liberals it would likely create a bleed off of centrist support for the Liberals to the CPC so the impact of that merger would not be as great as many think. There are a ton of Liberals near the centre of the spectrum that hate the NDP more than they hate the CPC.
  7. Yep you are exactly right. Pick a lane close to the middle and hammer Trudeau on his financial handling while taking away the boogeyman the Liberals will paint them as. The CPC need to start campaigning now. Shadow budgets, alternate policy. Give the voters a choice. RIght now the CPC is perceived as the party the Liberals paint them as because they haven't effectively given voters any reason to believe otherwise. That is a communication failure. As opposition you need to invent the hot button issue for the next election, not allow the government to do that. I agree. The political spectrum is just too broad and polarized for two parties. That's why US politics is the **** show it is right now. Neither party can control their extremes and there is no avenue to get rid of them.
  8. The only path to power for the CPC is to compete for and win the centrist vote. Same holds true for the Liberals. Too far left or right of the political spectrum wins you nothing. The CPC needs to do a deep dive into the GTA and try change them from red to blue. The Liberals need to move to the centre as well. Nik Nanos did a nice report about this on youtube. He said his polling shows that in order to win a majority in Canada the fight is not for the progressive vote, it is for the centrist vote.
  9. The reason that the Liberals haven't been able to land a majority over the past 2 elections is that they have strayed too far left. Go any further and the centrists, which are the majority of Canadian VOTERS, will put the party in that they feel is closest to center. If O'Toole had any brand recognition and gumption to have made the CPC appeal to the centrists before the election call he likely wins this election. It would be monumentally stupid for the Liberals to continue going more left of centre than they already are. The NDP are irrelevant because that is where they are on the political spectrum and only appeal to a small fraction of the voting public. If the Liberals pander to the 15% support the NDP get they will lose 20% of their popular support directly to the CPC. The Liberals historically are a centrist party. That's their brand and that's their appeal. Don't believe for one second either that the Liberals, the back room power brokers, want to be any more left of centre either. They are quite likely very uncomfortable with how left they are appearing already.
  10. Gerald Butts is a snake in the grass. That is all.
  11. The party with the most seats will always get the first chance to form government. It would be political suicide for any party to come out and say they refuse to work with the minority winner right off the bat. It would be extremely damaging if the either the Libs or Cons tried grabbing power without the most seats as well. I know the Liberals are nervous, and they should be, but there is no world in which all parties in opposition would refuse to give the seat winner a chance.
  12. If the Cons win the most seats today they will form government, and if they are brought down in a non confidence vote then you would probably see a Liberal minority give it a shot. At any rate I think we will see a Lib minority. Not how minority governments work. First the Liberals would be given a chance to form a minority government.
  13. Make him throw and we'll be fine. He may move the ball at at times but his accuracy is not great.
  14. There should be a suspension coming Winnipeg's way for his hurt feelers. I agree he should have been tossed. Not based on his actions, but because we wouldn't have to listen to Rider fans cry like babies about it now. ...but did they?
  15. As an OSU fan I have watched a fair bit of Taylor Cornelius, and even watched him in the XFL because he was OSU alumni. Here is the skinny based on what I have seen. Strong arm and can really zing it. Accuracy a big time issue on anything outside the tackles. He will look to make hay in the middle and seams. BIG, and strong, and actually really mobile. Not an easy sack at all and a surprisingly effective runner. The Bombers DL need to wrap up on this guy. Interception prone as he telegraphs some passes but gets away with it a lot more than he should because of his arm strength. When he's in a rhythm he can be very good, when he's bad...he's really bad. Bombers need to force him to make throws outside the hashmarks and not escaping the pocket by breaking tackles. That's my 2 cents based on what I've seen.
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