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  1. Nah they'll accuse Booch of being a troll and ban him.
  2. But they won't...they'll come up with some convoluted theory about them finishing first in the west last year so they should be awarded the Grey Cup by forfeit while totally ignoring that Winnipeg won the Cup and Hamilton finished with a better record.
  3. In CDs defence he was asked directly about Carter.
  4. I heard a rumor that a group of Riderfans tried to purposely catch the Coronavirus to expedite the process of ending the pandemic. Sadly, they were unable to do so after the virus hit the crossbar.
  5. Read my comments again, I didn't at any point say I hate him I just said he shouldn't be cheered for acting like clown. Man you are really trying hard to press this. Why do you care how I feel about Joe Kapp?
  6. He played for the BC Lions and instigated a fight with Mosca. If you want to hail him for that give her. I think it was a black eye to his character. Both guys acted like clowns. If you want to condone 70 somethings fist fighting go for it...I think it's sad.
  7. All I said is that there are no heroes in this story. Both guys acted incredibly poorly.
  8. Joe Kapp is not exactly someone anyone should cheer for...even against Mosca.
  9. He was yapping how the Bombers have locker room issues and culture problems and that's why they were losing when Nichols went down. Also suggested that the Bombers had a lack of talent on defence and that he was available if they wanted him. Just basically throwing shade on his former team mates and coaches. To a Bomber fan it was clearly sour grapes but he chose to go to Ridernation to spew his propaganda.
  10. Should have lost all his Winnipeg sponsorships after his bone headed comments on Rod Pedersen show this summer. Completely classless display that day.
  11. There are certainly some parks and playgrounds that should be closed. However, the vast majority are just fine. Go out kick a soccer ball or play catch, go fishing, just don't do it on the beaten path.
  12. I completely agree. The politicians need to weigh the risk of infection against the mental health of a nation. Yes places where people tend to congregate in close quarters need to be closed but there is a great deal of outdoor activity that should be considered safe and encouraged. People need this for their well being. This summer I plan on camping and fishing and I'll be choked if government does not allow these activities. Hell....I'll just do them anyway.
  13. This is obscure but it was a regular season game against the Edmonton Eskimos in 1984. The Esks were a dynasty that had stopped some great Bomber teams every year for a decade or so. They seemed unbeatable. It was a show down for supremacy in the West, and we were behind a couple points late in the 4th Q. The D came on strong and forced an Edmonton punt from deep in their own end. I'll never forget Bob's play call..." Hank Ilesic back to punt....ITS BLOCKED...THIS COULD BE A TOUCHDOWN....AND IT IS.." I know...I know...one play in a regular season game from 1984? No man...that was the day we finally turned the corner and proved we could beat the Eskimos in an important game. We went on that year to win the Grey Cup and I think that game was the game that our guys really believed we could win it all and the Bombers dominance of the 80s began.
  14. My advice is to not compare a pandemic to another while its in its infancy.
  15. I agree. Why not err on the side of caution? Is that such a bad thing? As someone with health issues that put me at high risk if I contracted it, I beseech you all to please take this seriously.
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