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  1. This is an unbelievably bad contract. I am gobsmacked. I guess there was a hefty price to pay to lure him away from Toronto after all.
  2. When he's healthy...definitely. I'll be pleasantly surprised if he plays more than 9 games this year though. I'll be happy to eat crow in October if he manages to stay healthy but my head is overruling my heart on this prediction.
  3. You are probably right....but it's what we need. That, or another experienced QB, to come our way. Irving says Strev is going to the NFL....so (vomit) let's hope MBT is available.
  4. I like McGuire's potential but he is just too inexperienced to give us a legit chance of winning consistently when the inevitable happens to Collaros. If it was just a game or two here or there I'd be fine with McGuire, but I honestly believe that ZC will miss at least half the season.
  5. If Streveler goes to the NFL we NEED Nichols as well. Collaros/McGuire is flushing our season down the toilet imo.
  6. Weird...NFL teams usually don't go down that road again and again. Most comments about him were that he has off the charts football skills but has the personality of a dead fish. He's not a locker room cancer but isn't a guy that fits into a locker room real well either.
  7. Also remember we are the first team to move on from him as well.
  8. Yeah...Collaros wouldn't have fared any better in McAdoo's dink and don't offence of 2018. Literally anyone could have played QB for the RIders and gotten beat by us with that game plan.
  9. A porous OL AND his injury history were the main reasons for that disastrous O system that the Riders were pretty much forced to run.
  10. What is revisionist about that? He stated that Collaros was astoundingly average but didn't lose his team many games.
  11. Collaros with the RIders, and with the Bombers for that matter, was pretty much a carbon copy of Matt Nichols. He didn't light the world on fire but knew how to win.
  12. What is wrong with signing a guy, who performed well for us before injury, to come to camp and try earn a job? I don't think anyone is handing a job to Charles Nelson, but signing him to come in and compete is a good move. He may be among the first cuts in TC, or maybe he comes in and steals a job...he's capable of either.
  13. Maybe...as a receiver I think he has more upside than Whitehead to be honest.
  14. I think Nelson is a bonafide receiver option for us and brings the benefit of being a capable returner.
  15. In September 2015, a bunch of us volunteers were taking a Grey Cup security awareness course in the Blue and Gold room at the stadium. It was being put on by the US Department of Homeland Security. Anyway, we were on a break and we went out to the little lobby at the top overlooking the stadium and were watching practice. Matt Nichols had just arrived in town and was taking reps. Drew Willy was sitting there watching practice taking notes and eating chicken. A group of us were watching the QBs tossing fade routes into the end zone, and commenting how nice of a ball Nichols seemed to throw. Willy got up with his plate of chicken and left, we never thought anything of it, until the next day when we took our break and were informed that at the request of the ball club this area would now be off limits to us during the break and we would have to go down to the main stands if we wanted to watch practice during the break. Only guy who was there was Willy the day before.
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