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  1. Of course cracks are appearing, no one said otherwise, it's just that our cracks were small enough to not matter as much because we were that far out ahead of everyone. That being said the roster needs to be carefully looked at for diminishing returns this, and every, offseason. Yea...Willie is a top 3 DE in this league and Jeffcoat is in the tub EVERY year but is a force of nature when he's in the lineup. I agree that a decent DE rotational guy would be awesome to have. Love to see Kongbo come home.
  2. I never once stated we should run it back again. I find it weird that you are the one telling me I am making excuses when you are blaming coaching for players mental mistakes. For sure. Would love to see a couple vets shuffled out for equal younger talent. As long as they are FIFO.
  3. It's going to be a big offseason for sure. Lots of changes coming I am sure. Some good, some bad. I have full confidence that we will be a contender by the start of the year though.
  4. I'd take a young Micah Johnson over what we have.
  5. I would imagine that would apply to his recruitment going forward. At the moment the Ticats have two starters under 6 feet so they won't be getting a ton bigger in their starters. Might see Hervey going through the backups and teamers to get bigger though. That's great news. Takes a team out of play on the Dru Brown front.
  6. I do not blame any coach or player for jumping to the NFL if they get the chance. I'm not sure fawning over it in public is the right play, but RD would be a lot more financially successful in the NFL.
  7. Yea, I was hoping Milanovich would stay in the hunt for Riders HC, but it appears he withdrew once the TIcats made him the same offer.
  8. I agree. Oakman had a great season a few years ago and has been a loose cannon ever since.
  9. Having 3 gimped receivers doesn't force Collaros to do anything. He could have seen the over/under coverage and decided to simply tuck and run to preserve the FG, or he could have looked to another receiver (Demski) that was wide open on the play or maybe our OC could have trusted our RB from 1st and goal at the 8. Convenient you failed to mention the impact of roster management on the Brady fumble that could have sealed the game. Having 3 guys in the secondary moving around absolutely does not automatically equate to a bust in coverage. Neither are certainties, and both are mental mistakes by the players on the field that were 100% avoidable and certainly not inevitable. Basically yea. We got nicked up at the wrong time of year and did not play with the mental focus we needed to play with.
  10. How many times did teams score against us comparatively. Teams are going to make plays against you. It is 100% unrealistic to expect otherwise and really is a red herring to point that out. Play calls and game plans are calculated risks that you can make enough plays to keep the opposition from scoring more than your team will score. The Bombers were very, very good at that. That is just straight up fact. It is myopic to look at one aspect of a defence without putting the net result game to game, and over the year, into the equation. Our defence was rock solid all year and was a top 2 defence in this league....and no it does not matter one iota how exactly we got there. The result is irrefutable. We do a lot of things on DL to aid our Lbers, and secondary that takes away from the pass rush. Our main goal with our DL is to disrupt the play, we have heard this ad nauseum over several years. Pass rush is just one way a DL does that.
  11. Sure they do, and so does everyone else's pass rush stats. Does it really matter how you do it? Agreed. He makes plays but also costs his team as well.
  12. Riders haven't won anything since 2013..and has been a complete gong show for two years now. We are not same right now.
  13. It may have, but that's purely speculation. You say the blown coverages wouldn't have happened with Rose on the field. That might be true or might not be. That is opinion and speculation. I also give the blown coverages a big part of the blame but certainly don't weigh them evenly with the turnovers as we could have still kept points off the board on all but one.
  14. Evan Holm was in our camp in 2022. That turned out pretty nicely. I would say that was pretty nicely developed. I'll wait and see on Givhan. McGhee and McKnight were busts for sure and were gap fillers on the PR. Sometimes, you gotta sign what's available too though. The XFL/USFL has taken a lot of our real good PR guys off the table. We finished 2nd in the CFL in QB pressures, and 2nd in sacks last year despite have the 2nd fewest defensive plays in the league. Not saying anything you stated is incorrect, just that we did pretty darn good with what we had. If we can get better than that....right on. Oakman has work ethic issues that got him sat down to a rotational piece for most of the season. I would stay clear. Kongbo would be a very good addition.
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