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    It's no surprise that there is vaccine hesitancy. Most of that can be probably attributed to the absolute garbage being regurgitated on social media. Most people of even average intelligence know that social media is a swamp land of misinformation, unfortunately half the people are of below average intelligence and gobble up every meme and bit of ridiculousness with fervor as if it were the truth.
  2. Wrong. The last residential school in Manitoba closed in 1989. Also, the Indian day schools continued well into the 90's. Choose to be violent...absolutely. Do you honestly think that there is an excuse for violent behavior or that the "system" taught them this? It didn't. I know because I lived it. No one chooses to be victims of violent crime. Lack of enforcement and punishment have contributed greatly to this, I am not for one second suggesting that rates are completely unrelated to socio-economic circumstance....they are. Poverty is a beyotch and helping these people out of it needs to be
  3. Repeal the Indian Act. That would be a great first step to helping indigenous people out of poverty. When you don't/can't own the house and property you live on when living on reserve it becomes very difficult to build assetts and accumulate wealth both personally and from generation to generation.
  4. I didn't go to school in the 90's. Also, I don't excuse any violent crime perpetrated on others for socio-economic reasons. I know too many really good people that struggle on the daily with poverty and racism to give scumbags who use it as an excuse a free pass. A lot of my family lives on a northern reserve and they are good and honest people and I know the vast majority of my friends and family who actually live these conditions wish that society wouldn't accept a two tiered justice system. The meth and coke dealers, the gangs, the violent crimes are all a part of their daily lives and then
  5. If that's what you read then you need to keep your own biases away from what you read. As for your Truth and Reconciliation comment go #### yourself. I am a residential school survivor so don't ever assume to know me or call me ignorant on something I lived through. The nerve of you.
  6. So long as nutbars like Trump, Biden, and the Clintons are out there setting the gold standard on how to succeed through corruption and crime things will not change much down the ranks of their parties.
  7. I agree. As a society we need to stop making excuses for inexcusable acts. I empathize with all victims of oppression, hate, prejudice, poverty etc but my empathy for criminals trying to excuse their behavior based on these factors is quite literally approaching an all time low. Somewhere along the line our societal shift towards political correctness has opened up a gaping hole for scum to crawl through and this chasm only widens the more this insanity continues. A criminal act is a criminal act, we need to stop reflecting the factors that contributed to it into the sentences and punishments.
  8. So what are you trying to say? lol
  9. Anytime a life ends prematurely by an act of violence by someone else, or self imposed, it is both a tragedy and a waste. I don't think that summation is exclusive to any race, religion, creed, or social standing both current and historic. #ALLLIVESMATTER
  10. GCn20


    Totally agree. Kives is the Rush Limbaugh of the political left in Manitoba. You just can't believe anything he writes because of his bias.
  11. Not sure why they wouldn't tax EVs for power consumption in Saskatchewan. A lot of collective ignorance and bias emerging in this thread. Saskatchewan has to buy a large portion of it's electricity because it cannot generate enough of it's own for existing infrastructure nevermind the countless billions that will be needed to upgrade the grid and supply for future EV use. Not sure why the Libs here think it's a swipe by their province to try and recover some of that cost through taxation. Infrastructure will be the biggest impediment to an eventual conversion to electric or preferably hydrogen
  12. It's 2021 or bust for the CFL. The league will not survive another cancelled season...and by 2021 season I mean with fans in the stands because a season without fans is a 15 million dollar loss per team easily and that will kill the CFL. This is very sobering, and grim news for our team and our league.
  13. I'm certainly not against Canadian QB development and think it something the league would do well to implement. However, under current roster restrictions and SMS I understand why they don't. IMO, NAT QBs should be exempt from the cap unless they are rostered and not count on roster limits. Then you might see CFL teams develop some NAT QBs for the 3-4 years most require to legitimately compete for meaningful reps. A QB would have to be pretty serious to stick around that long but at least there would be an avenue to pro ball for the Canadian QBs. I agree. Our rules allow athleticism to
  14. Canadian QBs just are not as good or pro ready as their American counterparts. Could they be with a few years of CFL development? Maybe...but I doubt it for the most part. Every few years you get a quasi CFL capable QB like O'Conner or Bridge but they are rare. For the most part CIS QBs aren't good enough to hold the jock straps of the high end IMP QB recruits. Has nothing to do with them not getting a fair chance. The Canadian minor football and university is light years behind in their ability to develop QBs to a pro level.
  15. Just because the XFL has a billion dollar hedge fund behind it doesn't mean they have unlimited capital. I guarantee that they have a dollar figure amount they are willing to lose and it isn't anywhere close to what some people here think it is. The XFL has no franchises per se, and will have a very limited rope on losses before their backers pull out. Just like XFL 1.0, AAF, XFL 2.0. the USFL and all the other defunct leagues littered amongst the football landscape. It's a business and anyone thinking the XFL is going to give us the 60 million dollars to operate based on some good will is dre
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