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  1. The problem with the left is that they have been taken over y extremists as well. I readily admit there are deep seeded problems with right wing politics right now, but it is equally as bad on the left.
  2. Don't even bring up the spectre of breaking promises and compromised morality if you are a Liberal supporter. Trudeau is the most corrupt, and biggest promise breaker since his father left office. Good gravy man....the guy is a farce. Just a puppet on a string of maybe the most vile character in political history. Gerald Butts. In case you have forgotten, the CPC had the most votes last election under an extremely underwhelming leader. Mackay will be far more appealing to the moderates. You are spouting opinion on the CPC, but the fact is that they are a hair away from taking power.
  3. Most Conservatives were quite happy with the unite the right movement. It's only the left that hated this. It was not divisive in any way amongst the vast majority of right leaning voters. That's just left spin. McKay remains very popular with the right, and he is popular in the Maritimes and Ontario where he is viewed as a moderate conservative. You can have your opinion about him if you wish, but it is not based on facts, just on your personal take of the situation which is both biased and ill-informed. When McKay is elected leader he will be a formidable opponent to Trudeau and will likely become the next PM of Canada. In a twist of irony, he may be the leader that causes both the right and eventually the left to end up uniting.
  4. The Liberals can call for an election any time they want, and if they feel they are polling strongly they probably will. However, I doubt they do so before the CPC has their new leader in place, as calling it before might hurt them at the polls as the electorate would not like that kind of snaky move. The CPC will likely see a small surge in popularity after the media fawn over whoever there new leader is. The Libs will likely ride that out and then call for an election so that McKay doesn't get too much traction as he will be a popular choice in Eastern Canada..
  5. I am inclined to believe that you are just as bigoted in your opinion on this matter.
  6. I wouldn't put much stock in poll numbers right now. They will likely change significantly once the Covid distraction is over, and a new CPC leader emerge. His popularity is up because for the past several months there was no opportunity for opposition and the opposition parties took the high road during a pandemic.
  7. Kaepernick was over rated when he played and is even more over rated now.
  8. Houston might be able to beat last year's Ottawa team and that's about it. This Galko guy is dreaming if he thinks they were the best team outside the NFL.
  9. I agree. Athleticism and ability are important. If he brings a good attitude he could be a sleeper pick.
  10. They should just play the CFL season in BMO as is no one goes anyway.
  11. The irony is too rich, you've been crying about everything the Bombers do since Christ was a cowboy. It's kind of your shtick. You made yet another ultra-dumb comment in an attempt to pigeon hole any thought process that varies from your biased nonsense and I called you on it and always will call you on it because it is the lowest common denominator way of arguing a point. If you disagree the argument that Simonise wasn't given much of a chance to make the team, tell us why, instead of trying to suggest everyone who thinks that way its because they had some predetermined opinion of him....because that is just stupid.
  12. Your post taking up half a damn forum page derailed this thread more than that.
  13. Ooohh...my bad...thought we released him last offseason. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Your comment stated that anyone who suggested that Simonise never got much of an opportunity was because they had previously pumped his tires. I responded by pointing out that wasn't necessarily true.
  15. He spent only one year here.
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