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  1. Even though we have not been subject to Mr Black for a while, how can you forget what a doofus he can be? I have no idea what kind of PBP guy Pedersen can be, but I’ve heard he can handle a mic. I do know what kind of PBP guy Black is, and that’s more than enough proof for me.
  2. What’s funnier? Pedersen or Rod Black.
  3. I agree with you about Peterson. They will just have to brainwash him to flush Rider green from his memory banks. Perhaps, locked up, forced to watch several hours of Trump briefings. Or is that too much?
  4. Right now, Torontians are marching peacefully in support of Black Lives Matter. It looks well organized and well represented. Then, the Police Chief comes out and meets the crowd. What does he do? He kneels in solidarity with the people he has come out to greet. Talk about the right way to make sure it remains peaceful. Bravo! And that goes for the many Police Officers in the US who have not confronted the crowds, but rather, diffuse any potential trouble by joining the protests. Bravo!
  5. It’s a very good thing for our country.
  6. Geez, the wrong guy left. How can TSN let one of their best up and leave? That Stupid Network!
  7. Trump on George Floyd, who was killed by Minneapolis cops: "Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, 'this is a great thing that's happening for our country.' This is a great day for him." 👁‍🗨 How can you not run up to him and slap his face silly?
  8. Now THAT is a powerful move.
  9. How can people standing with him, take that in and not choke? First of all, who wants to be a prop for him? Don’t they realize this will haunt them for the rest of their lives. They are a part of this madman’s delusions and it is all recorded. What a legacy for your grandchildren to see. If Trump really wanted to see grateful..in the millions and millions, he could just resign.
  10. Mr Dee


    Yeah, I guess bowling pin is a good shape..
  11. Trump’s historic walk to the Church, but this one has a different ending..😂
  12. Aaron RuparThe letter the president just shared says, “The phony protesters near Lafayette park were not peaceful and are not real. They are terrorists.” A staff member had to bring this letter to him. 👁‍🗨Hey, did anybody see that movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Next”?
  13. 1.7 miles of fencing has been put up. Fencegate?
  14. Oh brother. Silliness? has reached Manitoba.
  15. Is this the famous Pence fence?
  16. It figures. This fits right in with the kind of turnabout the Jets had to work their way through this year. But, if it ever gets off the ground (ice?), they will have just as good a chance as anybody in the playoffs in this very interrupted season.
  17. From this article: Trump wants a government where his daughter is a senior adviser who speaks in official meetings, his son-in-law is perhaps the second most powerful person in the White House and runs programs, his kids work as campaign officials, with their wives and girlfriends getting paid, and now Trump’s idiot, spoiled brat, unsmiling, miserable, “wife,” is being “briefed” by FEMA on hurricane preparedness. In other words, Trump is running this like the Trump organization, a small, tight, criminal, family enterprise with as few people involved as possible. 👁‍🗨Nothing if not scary. And from the same article, I swear she’s now trying to look like her husband. Change the hair, add a little colouring and...
  18. More like there’s no correlation of what comes out of his mouth and sound thinking.
  19. He should get a knoll named after him.
  20. Missing alert. Has not been seen, nor heard from in quite some time. Last seen being manhandled and kicked around by the GOP in power in the US. No one in that circle of jerks seem to recall anything about it. Missing - Integrity The search is ongoing.
  21. The Riders seem so inconsequential nowadays.
  22. -David McAtee, the owner of a barbecue restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, was killed during a protest on Monday.McAtee was known in the community for giving food away, including to police officers, according to the Louisville Courier Journal.-McAtee was killed after police and Kentucky National Guard members were fired upon and they returned fire, according to Gov. Andy Beshear.-Locals expressed anger over reports that his body was left on the street for 12 hours after the shooting. -Besmear called for an investigation and said body-camera footage should be released by Monday evening. -Later on Monday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said the police involved in the shooting did not have their body cameras on and that the police chief had been fired.https://www.businessinsider.com/louisville-restaurant-owner-david-mcatee-death-body-left-hours-report-2020-6
  23. Trump has already lost the reins of the carriage. And he won’t be getting them back. He’s alienated far too many people and real Americans. He simply won’t be able to “rally” the troops and call for an overthrow when he loses. He won’t have the support of the people he needs in order to pull anything off. He’ll have to console himself with cheating at golf.
  24. Tell me, what better way to handle a crisis than going golfing
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