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  1. No, no, no, they have this wrong. At least Davis Sanchez stood up for a Medlock to be higher. Where’s the respect?
  2. Did you know.. Stefan Charles is coming back to the Esks
  3. Did you know.. This is how Rider fans are trained.
  4. Did you know.. - Winnipeg ranks #2 in Scoring but #9 in Passing. NO CFL CLUB has ever led in scoring and finished last in Passing yards. - Team with more T/Oss were 9-61 .129 in 2018 and 11-29 .275 in 2019. - Teams with a superior 2nd Down Conversion rate are 41-9 in 2019 and thus have won 82% of the time. - The 19 total kick return TDs are the most since 2010 (19) and are on pace for 30 which would break the record of 22 in 2004. - The average punt return at 11.1 yards in 2019 is 2nd-highest in CFL history - the record is 11.3 yards set in 2016. - After falling in each of the last 3 years, the number of Penalties is up 12.3% over 2018 at 19.2 per game. CFL Game Notes
  5. By the bye.. Blocked FG? Really? Ticats 4 turnovers. Calgary 0 Saskatchewan finds a way to win yet again? The Riders are 8-3 with Fajardo as the starting quarterback. Lesson learned. Don’t count on anybody else to help you in the standings.
  6. If you pull that chain hard enough, what exactly does it flush?
  7. Are Gainey and Hannah competing for most irritating tonight?
  8. Her voice actually leads there...through the ears...looking for an out.
  9. Your problem now. You have to make up the difference. 😳
  10. How true. And they should put an appropriate amount of drywall dust along side..😀
  11. Sure he’s sore as hell especially when Streveler accidentally tripped over him for his only sack of the game..
  12. You think some our refs are bad, this is downright brutal:
  13. Some interesting Game Notes: Coming into this game, both Ottawa and BC are 1-8 in their last 9 games. BC is 1-4 in games decided in the final 3:00. 👁‍🗨Somehow, someway, they will both be 1-9 after tonight. - Since 2014, the Lions and REDBLACKS have split their 10 meetings. Ottawa is 2-3 in 5 previous visits to B.C. Place. - Odell Willis has now gone 7 games without a QB Sack. This is the longest streak of his CFL career (previous: 6 in a row 2017). - BC has started 10 different players and 8 different starting 5 combinations on the O-Line in 2019. - BC's pass defence had just 4 INTs in the first 8 games - over their last 3 games they have had 5 interceptions. - Jonathon Jennings returns to B.C. Place where he has started 22 previous games going 12-10 for the Lions. (Last week, Jennings completed a career-high 33 passes - his previous best mark was 32 vs Hamilton in 2018). - Mike Reilly was sacked twice last week (matching the fewest allowed since the 1st game of the year). He has been sacked 45 times. - The Lions have been held scoreless in the 1st Quarter in their last 3 games. They have not led after the 1st Quarter in their last 8 games. - Ottawa has been outscored in the 4th Quarter in 8 of their 11 games. - Bryan Burnham has 4 of BC's 6 100-yard receiving games, and at 84.8 yds per game is on pace for a career-high 1,442 yards. 👁‍🗨 Brian, don’t you wish you were a Bomber instead? - Mossis Madu had just 6 carries last week but was targeted 14 times making 12 receptions for 83 yards (2nd highest single game). - Over the last 2 games, Garry Peters has 11 tackles, all 3 of his interceptions, and a forced fumble. - Despite two recent misses, Lewis Ward's career FG% made mark sits at 96.4 on 81-of-84 attempts. Still be headed for A Wards this coming fall - At 30,292 yards Mike Reilly is poised to pass Tom Burgess (#16 at 30,308) and Sam Etcheverry #15 at 30,381) this week. 👁‍🗨 Too bad he won’t remember any of it.
  14. Footnote: Cameron - Legend for a leg end.
  15. If you think about it, UK Bomber’s handle for Streveler, “the leveller” is apropos.
  16. I think they teach bad tackling in BC, so there’s that. But Ottawa has made some crazy decisions on the field lately, so I’ll go with BC 22-20 (in keeping with the theme) Next week, in the rematch, it may be super important for one of these teams, or just another lame game for both..
  17. Not a chance we want to be lame like that..
  18. What they’re singing about Streveler... "He Ain't Strevy, He's My Brother"
  19. I just took it for granted that he’d always be punting..
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