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  1. Maybe, but they lost to Sask..
  2. Powder Rankings: Wpg Hamilton Edmonton Calgary Montreal Ottawa Saskatchewan Toronto BC
  3. It’s amusing actually. Saskatchewan, and their fans are, excited about beating BC.
  4. Don’t forget the magnitude of this encounter. Last place for the loser. Then next week, they switch to a different loser in BC.
  5. I can plainly see where the Foucault lies if Hughes is too successful..
  6. Bennett. Still got it. What a hit on ST
  7. It’s embarrassing. They’ll have to bring in a tight end formation. Otherwise...
  8. If you’re looking for bizarre.. look to Saskatchewan.
  9. They’ve seen him chuck mics before..
  10. Carter was right, that was roughing.
  11. Kudos to Montreal..against all odds. A nod to that Montreal D. A nod to Vernon Adams Jr. doing what he has to do to ‘manage’ that game. A special nod to Khari Jones for the respect he receives and gives.
  12. Yep, that’s right down main street..grazing that goal post. Right Rod? Man if this game is on ESPN...they’ve got to be wondering, interviews, donuts, Rodnuts..
  13. Words for my ears: Rod Black, you’re fired! Even in jest, it sounds good.
  14. Bonus interview featuring eating live donuts. And to think ESPN might be showing this game..
  15. Facts to fill those extra 4 minutes at half time.. Edmonton currently has a winning streak over Montreal of 11 games dating back to 2013.. Montreal QB Starters Since 2016 - Vernon Adams 5-2 .714; All Others 12-39 .235 Edmonton comes into Week #6 as #1 in BOTH Net Offence gained and fewest yards of Net Offence Allowed. Trevor Harris leads the CFL at 340.5 passing yards per game and in 2nd down conversions led at 57.4%.
  16. Impressive defensive stats...well, Jennings, but still...
  17. Only thing worse than Rod Black doing a game is an in game interview. Now Black doing that interview, that’s just tormenting us
  18. Keep it up Montreal. I want to see Maas maad.
  19. Harris...oops Harris held the 6th-longest interception-free streak in CFL history. but, no longer.
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