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  1. For me it’s like watching an awards show. Doesn’t matter what kind. Go up, accept your award, and give your short speech. Short, and to the point. Nobody likes a long-winded speech, no matter how much the speaker thinks it’s important. Here, on the board, when I open a thread and see it’s longer than Rider fans capacity for exaggeration, I make a decision whether to bother to read it, or move on. Usually, I move on. There. Short and to the point. 🤭🙄🥴
  2. Even after dropping that sure interception in the Grey Cup? Not too bad for Sayles.
  3. A stroll thru Blue Bomber Free Agency with John Hodge... 5 players re-signed..17 more to go. There are the must signs and hopefuls. 👁‍🗨 Top 3 1) Stanley Bryant - absolute must sign. Can’t believe we’ve had such a quality player for so long. Started 90 consecutive games over 5 years. 2) Willie Jefferson - I’ll do the back flip should we be able to get him back. i won’t soon forget his powerful performance in the Grey Cup game. 3) Chris Streveler - hopefully can keep this multi-tooled weapon in a QB package. Next: Darvin Adams - he’s worth keeping Zach Collaros - well, we have to keep one of he or Matt Nichols. Only the Bombers know how far Nichols has recovered from his injury. Nichols - still part of the equation? Michael Couture - I think we’re loaded at the O-Line but developing one and letting them walk away doesn’t seem like a good idea. Nic Taylor - Taylor’s stock just went up after the departure of Sayles and Rose. Sign him. Derek Jones and Thomas Miles. - Valuable Canadian back ups and Special Teamers. Drake Nevis - Can we squeeze him into the lineup one more time? Craig Roh - For the right price.. Jake Thomas - new career highs in tackles and sacks make us take a deeper look at the DL Bye, bye - Hecht, Korey Jones, Fenner?, Charles Nelson. Not a bad list but doable? Do you agree with him? https://3downnation.com/2020/01/13/winnipegs-free-agents-who-should-stay-and-who-should-go/
  4. Yeah, imagine the trolling going on if Bridgewater and Brandon Bridges signed for the same team..
  5. Much too simplistic. Part of the reason the young generation is attracted to the CFL game and it’s many intricacies is the diversity shown in the rules and the Canadian aspect. Did I care when I was young whether a player was Canadian or not? No, but when I found out how it worked, I was in on it. They were Canadians playing a Canadian game. What’s not to love? I would argue the younger generation, when shown our game, will grow up to love the game no matter who’s the who behind the line of scrimmage.
  6. I heard it was to check out opening a Chicken Wing franchise...
  7. Hmm... Can anybody really say that arena football ever was a good thing? Ryan Bomben- so close to being a Bomber..WKRP Cincinnati ROSE Cincinnati On the Collaros to Winnipeg trade... The question being asked:It could certainly be classified as the most opportune trade in Franchise history ORit could be seen as one of the most important trades made in franchise history. OR...both What will we refer the CFL this 2020 year? - 2.02.0?Speaking of Milanovich...“I think we'll have some wrinkles that will catch people off guard." 👁‍🗨 What I think all fans want to hear this from their Coach.Please. No more in game yakety, unnecessary, interviews during the broadcasts of CFL games. The interview of Keith Urban should be enough in anybody’s mind to put an end to them. It was embarrassing in what is our National Championship. To think of such a large TV audience witnessing such a minor league, uninformative interview just makes me shudder. Leave it alone already. Watching Taysom Hill and hi# role playing with the Saints makes me anxious to watch Streveler embrace a similar role with the Zbombers. Sign him. Get this done. Let’s start the season next weekend!Winston Rose on Streveler... 👁‍🗨 Only a mild coincidence that with the latest rule changes involving “naturalized” Nationals-and the worry of “fake injuries”, that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are contemplating changing their nicknames to the Saskatchewan Cheetahs.Along with that, their new motto: Cheetahs, one and all. 👁‍🗨 Other than being romantic about it, would/could a CFL team really work in Atlantic Canada? Schedule-wise? Attendance-wise? TV broadcast-wise? You have to wonder what the story is with Willie Jefferson. Clear up the smoke for us Willie..
  8. Bravo for BC & London Drugs
  9. He’s still pissed Hamilton lost the Grey Cup...
  10. Did You Know... QB Bo Levi Mitchell has undergone a procedure to remove a cyst from his shoulder. - Calgary Now if he could remove that Bo cyst from out butts, that would be something. - Every other team..
  11. O’Shea on Sean McGuire: ”We like Sean McGuire and we believe he’s going to be a good football player. We think he’s a good player now and he’s going to be a good pro. Where that leads us, how that roster shakes out, we’ll have to see.”
  12. O’Shea on Matt Nichols: “I do think he’ll be ready to play. You don’t have to be around Matt for long to understand how tough he is, and how competitive, and how hard he’s going to work. It’s been well documented that he’s had some setbacks due to injury and I don’t know if that’s ever stopped him from doing anything, He rehabs his butt off and then he’s ready to go and perform at a high level again.”
  13. Ambrosie sees CFL's first international regular-season game being played in 2021.. https://twitter.com/winnipegnews/status/1214666026979397633?s=21 Scarf man strikes again... 2.02.0 edition
  14. Apparently Speedy is having trouble keeping up with the Commissioner’s activities. I myself have not seen a Commissioner work so diligently in trying to promote the CFL and putting out fires here and there, never mind dealing with the very difficult task of negotiating the sale of 2 franchises. Here’s to new adventures this year, in what I suspect will become known as 2.02.0
  15. Give the guy a break, he’s been very busy lately and having just travelled from Scarvesborough Ont. what else would you expect?
  16. For those who are sweating with anticipation, this ^^ is the kind of announcement I expect the Bombers to make very soon. A full staff announcement when everyone is in place.
  17. “We just finished our annual Top 10 Bombers stories of 2019, but all the rage right now are the decade-ending lists.” Ed Tait Find out the parameters used in Ed Tait’s “Blue’s Best of the 2010s’” - bluebombers.com thought we’d begin another list that is certain to generate debate, with our Top 10 Blue Bombers players of the decade. Andrew Harris Stanley Bryant Jovon Johnson Justin Medlock Matt Nichols Clarence Denmark Henoc Muamba Terrence Edwards Adam Bighill Maurice Leggett Taylor Loffler Willie Jefferson Chris Randle Doug Brown Glen January Brendon LaBatte Jamaal Westerman https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/01/06/top-bombers-decade/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  18. They’re going to announce the entire staff at once, I would think, not in bits and pierces...
  19. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ENiUUQ0WwAIpdwH?format=png&name=900x900 A statement from Walters about the QB situation. Pretty well what we were thinking..
  20. Well, did he say anything about a rival article from Rumours-R-Us suggesting that next year’s Grey cup winners will not be getting a ring for the championship game being played at Mozaic stadium in Regina, but rather, the name of each player on the winning team will be engraved on plaques located on RING road, the one truly good thing about Regina.
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