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  1. Yes, that would seem to be odd. But don’t forget the 3 letters o d d is prevalent all over the province from Dog River to Wullerton (spit). And remember, this is a Regina Minor league official who’s stating this...Pedersen is only reporting it. The numbers may be off, but then again, it is Saskatchewan.
  2. I respect what these (mostly) young guys are trying to achieve by undertaking these challenges. Good luck in the upcoming draft on May 2nd. Word is next year, they may have Draft...Live The only thing I would change next year is the name - Combine. It’s too Saskatchewanish
  3. Rod Pedersen: Regina Minor Football boss Len Antonini is considered one of the country's leaders in minor football. I was with him Friday and posed the "ratio question". It took him an hour to make up his mind, so that tells you how much of a photo finish this issue is. He doesn't believe a ratio reduction is a bad thing but it's not because of the state of Canadian amateur football. Registration numbers are steady and concussions are WAY down in recent years. He's met with Ambrosie on all of these topics. Meanwhile Lenny says the Top 3 football-playing provinces in Canada are Saskatchewan, Quebec and Alberta, in no particular order.
  4. Now that’s a performance by the Jets AND:
  5. Canadian offensive lineman Shane Richards has refused to participate in any of the testing events at the CFL combine — so the league has sent him packing. Richards’ agent, and everybody’s favourite - Johnathon Hardaway, has a history of directing clients not to participate in combine testing on short notice. Don’t know who’s Matthew Boateng’s agent, but he has been sent home from the CFL combine after electing not to run the forty-yard dash on Sunday. https://3downnation.com/2019/03/23/another-prospect-has-been-sent-home-from-the-cfl-combine-and-its-time-to-change-the-events-eligibility-rules/ 👁‍🗨As reported, these guys have every right not to participate, but, by doing so, they prevent 2 other players who weren’t invited, to miss a chance to impress some CFL team. And that’s not right.
  6. You’d only get another challenge if you got the first one right. And I believe no challenges away from the play.
  7. The rules are there. Tweaking them to achieve the best results is not a bad thing. It’s the application that needs work. Refs and especially the command centre, have to have more focused training. Reffing is never easy, in any sport, but the command centre should rarely make mistakes. Whichever way they decide the rules should be set up is fine because the teams are involved in this set up. Refs will make mistakes, but the fail safe should be the command centre. Just get the call right. It’s really all the fans want.
  8. Yes, as a matter of fact, Alan Parsons said the same thing: “I am the eye in the sky Looking at you I can read your mind I am the maker of rules Dealing with fools I can cheat you blind” - The Alan Parsons Project.
  9. The CFL revealed Thursday that Wilson Sporting Goods will implement the Wilson X-Pro Connected Football and Training System as a way to capture data on the quarterbacks participating in the Combine. The technology will utilize an undetectable sensor embedded in a Wilson CFL football to measure quarterback performance in the areas of throw quality and play timing. AND Specifically, the System Measures: Timing: snap to release, snap to target and release time Throw Quality: Spin rate and spiral efficiency Arm Strength: Throw count and velocity. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/03/21/new-wilson-x-pro-ball-brings-next-level-analytics-combine/?hootPostID=108d2cfbc7835842134c9a4f7c85d086
  10. One has nothing to do with the other. As it was, Coaches were punished for an error that wasn’t theirs. This is a simple fix which really wont lead to anything if it’s handled properly.
  11. What’s up with this : The AAF's first championship game will no longer be held in Las Vegas on April 27, as originally planned. Instead, the game will now be played in the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas -- a 12,000 seat facility owned and operated by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The facility is currently shared with the Cowboys, the city of Frisco and the Frisco Independent School District. From Vegas and 36,000 seats? https://www.cbssports.com/aaf/news/aaf-championship-game-moves-from-las-vegas-to-texas-at-facility-owned-by-jerry-jones/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  12. Lost in the talk of the upcoming CFL Combine in Toronto: MARCH 20 - 22 - RULES COMMITTEE & FOOTBALL OPERATIONS COMMITTEE MEETINGS These meetings will be held in Toronto, Ontario. 👁‍🗨 High on their list of discussions will be the how to offset the berating of officials by players and Coaches. There was an escalation over the last 2 seasons and there are plans in place to deter further comments. They will call this new directive “Skip the Dissing” 😀
  13. Yeah but how many Foleys would it take to carry Carter’s jock strap? None - you have to be a man to wear a jock strap..
  14. Match that against the 7 highest Import salaries then..
  15. On the pay scale argument... From the players’ side, there is concern the smaller talent pool has skewed the market for elite Canadians and given those players an economic advantage at the expense of their American counterparts. Whether that disparity exists is an open question. According to sources, the average salary of a CFL player was around $84,000 in 2018. Excluding quarterbacks, athletes from the United States earned approximately $93,000 and Canadians $80,000. The gap would be wider if quarterbacks salaries were factored into the equation. Remember, this is an average
  16. No team should “have to” roster a QB just because he’s a National, BUT, there can be a provision to carry one and not be ‘punished’ for doing so. Make them part of the ‘EH’ team.
  17. It’s anticipated that about 25-30 contracted rookies will be at camp, while another 10-15 will be working out with the possibility of a contract being offered. Plan is to have up to 15 receivers in Florida for this two day camp. - Darren Cameron Camp will consist of all first-year players and be run by Head Coach Mike O’Shea and the club’s coordinators. GM Kyle Walters and assistant GM’s will also be in attendance
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