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  1. Wait... they were shooters? Missed that bit. Thanks for allowing the thought experiment to play out. Wasn't here to debate or convince an anti-gunner. I know that never gets past the feelings stage. Peace and love, bro.
  2. The ones in red or blue bandanas? Defintitely! The gun murder rate would plummet to an irrelevancy!
  3. I agree. Someone ought to revoke those Chicago gun-permits.
  4. Those darn Urban Chicago white supremacists!
  5. Personally I believe that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was a perfectly normal American guy until Drumpf's racism radicalized him.
  6. 1) MLS&E has yet to show even a quantum of the commitment to being successful on a CFL field that they have in any of their other properties. I seriously doubt that if I strolled thru their offices that I'd see any indication of their even owning the world's oldest pro football franchise. 2)I hope you're right. But most new Head Coaches have a successful pedigree at the coordinator level first. Desperately hoping this won't be a harsh lesson about The Peter Principle.
  7. Dang, I wish I still had that T-Shirt...
  8. 3 Downs Larger Field Extra man These are my non-negotiables and I'll treat 'em like The Alamo if necessary.
  9. We're 2 years removed from a trainwreck of a 4-14 season with almost no holdovers from it. I think it's fair to say that nobody has a clue what the Argos actually are.
  10. Good guy. I'll always remember the Cup run in '91 and what a (literally) big part of the team he was. Charitable too, his work for Purolator Tackle Hunger has helped tens of thousands in need. RIP Schultzie.
  11. Yeah... But the other side of that. Hard to imagine a more poorly coached season than what we had to suffer last season. IDK if Dinwiddie is a top tier or even mid tier head coach... But mere competence will look a quantum leap forward by comparison.
  12. No mention of the one change the Argos made which will make a bigger positive impact than all of the others combined?
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