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  1. He did... But in fairness, was I really criticizing Hamilton (in that instance)? They don't have enough places within Hamilton to house visiting fans. Coming from Toronto, London, KW or Niagara and having to go home at the end of the night is a mess.
  2. Why they feel the need to suck up to Sask that hard I'll never know. In related news... You wouldn't like but I feel mostly the same way about a Hamilton GC. Obviously a town not nearly capable of hosting the game on the scale it is due. Lots of fans will be coming in from other parts of the Golden Horsehoe but unable to stay in town near the Donut Box. I won't complain much because I have people in Hammy so I've a place to stay and I'm just enough of a hypocrite to not care how many thousand others are inconvenienced as long as my needs are met... But it is kinda bullshit that it's in Hamilton. Not as bad as Regina... But bad.
  3. Last time they got a Grey Cup game awarded to them I got roasted on pretty much every forum for standing up to the Pollyannas who proclaimed how Regina "deserves" it. Wrong, wronger, wrongest. You only "deserve" it if you can host both the event and the people who go to it in the manner in which it deserves. A GC in a small-time setting is a small-time GC. And the last one held there was like a local event and nothing like a celebration of Canada and Canadian Football.
  4. And this is why I'm set for a year where our D must be really on their A-Game for us to get a win. Chap requires a high Football IQ and I'm not sure if Frank has it. Further, I am more sure than not that Frank isn't a warrior/leader/guy-who-hates-to-lose... (No wonder we signed like 84 RBs...)
  5. I couldn't hear what your screen name was. I wanted to get you a beer at halftime and did, but with 1:20 to go in the third yoy haven't returned to your seat. It's a large, premium import and it's getting warm. I'm drinking it. Fraternal love, bluto
  6. Tough beat last night guys. We'll try to hang an L on the Riders for you tonight. KBF: sorry I couldn't make it downtown last night (when you called, I was riding through Port Perry), but if I had made it down we'd have been hammered from drinking while waiting for the game... then your meetings would have been a s-show today and you'd have had a snoring Argo fan on your hotel room couch...
  7. I'd be very pleased if it went this way. (it won't)
  8. Sounds like somebody is accepting my avatar bet...
  9. Told you already, he's gone next January.
  10. I love Andrew Harris. I've seen his very best as he's been an Argo killer for years. I'd take his head, heart and passport over Wilder's any day. But Wilder is an athlete on a higher level. Willing to avatar bet with one lucky person on this year's production.
  11. Pretty much. One guy changes entire gameplans. The other doesn't. That's the difference, even if you stop Wilder, he beats you by forcing you to always account for him. People that think that cold weather had anything to do with his production dropping off in the playoffs either weren't watching or just plain don't know how to watch. (and he still broke away for 17 and 22 in the EDF).
  12. I keep seeing this meme and can't help but think that the people who wrote it should watch linebackers a little closer.
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