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  1. Yeah... But the other side of that. Hard to imagine a more poorly coached season than what we had to suffer last season. IDK if Dinwiddie is a top tier or even mid tier head coach... But mere competence will look a quantum leap forward by comparison.
  2. No mention of the one change the Argos made which will make a bigger positive impact than all of the others combined?
  3. I reckon that God's Own will be in full rebuild mode with a brand new rookie HC so I won't root against your boys, but there's a lot of really good reasons that repeats are rare. And if memory serves, the last few times were with mini-dynasties with all-timer QBs at the helm. I'd be astonished if the BB can manage it.
  4. I'm (very) good with Chamblin being shown the door... and Dinwiddie is a very promising prospect but I was hoping for someone more ready for Prime Time... prove me wrong Coach Dinwiddie! I guess our homecoming for Osh can wait another couple of seasons.
  5. A small add, since I haven't seen it mentioned, apologies if it has already: Much has been made of Lapolice's tactic of "going against tendency" in the GC which was employed to a very positive effect. I'm not sure anyone went into what might have been if it didn't work. There would have been howls over him going with an approach that wasn't proven and was not what brung ya to the dance. It would have 100% been Lapo's chesnuts in the fire if it had not been successful. I've seen praise for his strategic elan, but none for his guts. Ballsy.
  6. What can I tell ya? A broken clock is right twice a day...
  7. No... but that timeline puts it in the Goltz/Hall/Boltus era... so I'd guess it was a pretty dire prophecy. (also we played you back to back that year when you cam to T.O. and swept you so I likely was either rubbing that in or trying to salve your wounded feelings)
  8. Remember that he sat under Ricky Ray's learning tree for 2 seasons. Even keeled was the order of the day.
  9. Thanks Brother, back at you. ...and you don't know that we can't...
  10. Hope you all enjoyed that precise moment. Remember it. Those butterflies that you get when the boys are still on the field and victory is inevitable are the reason why we are all fans of this sometimes heartbreaking but once-in-a-blue-moon glorious game.
  11. It isn't just that it is a longer delivery but that it comes up from underneath. Anyway, I'm done discussing it as I feel that my original post on ZC was complimentary and I don't want to be picking apart a Grey Cup Winning starting QB less than 24 hours after his greatest triumph.
  12. Watch video of his throwing motion. See how he pulls it back to a "cocked" state from underneath? Now picture a scrambler in traffic doing it. Imagine his pursuers batting at the ball below shoulder height. I don't feel like this is a hard one to get.
  13. And to @Zontar, tough beat man... I'm sure you appreciate why my rooting-sentiments were all against Hamilton (my love for coach Stein notwithstanding). Losing in the big game is crushing (my 9 year old self remembers the bitter tears I shed) and you're a good dude to come congratulate the fans of the winner. There will be interesting times ahead in the off-season for the Tabbies and when we get into off-season mode I will look forward to seeing your thoughts on what should/must happen in Tiger-Town. Cheers.
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