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  1. Obvious syllogism between using accusations as leverage in lawsuits is obvious.
  2. Like I said, there are a lot of men on the CFL internet right now who have never had a friend or loved one go through an acrimonious divorce, and it shows.
  3. I'm not dismissing it. Really. Just presenting the other side of the coin while people gather up their torches and pitchforks. I have no trouble at all believing that a pro athlete hit on a coworker and crossed a boundary. Especially in this day and age where boundaries for that are basically set at zero-tolerance by default (which I have no beef with). And yeah, we know that he's a loon. But he's now been painted as a sexual harasser in national media. That's a different sort of reputational hit. And if it was because he asked a girl out at work, that's pretty harsh.
  4. Too late for that now, my dude. And if the "investigation" yields no basis for the allegation, how does Kelly and the Argos get their reputation restored? Do they get to sue the Accuser? will they face civil or criminal charges? We know that they won't. It's a free hit as part of a civil wrongful dismissal case designed to produce a nice, easy settlement.
  5. That was the first video I've watched today. I had to search for highlight reels of good plays before I felt sufficiently "up" so that I could leave the house. There's no way I'm starting my day like that.
  6. And yet, look how his final game turned out for him. What a way to sign off.
  7. Kelly has been conspicuous for his hard work and charitable hours and for the record, I don't recall ever scoffing... but then I don't ever recall attesting to any particular player's sainthood either. I don't think I'm likely to taste any crow here based on a $50k add-on to a wrongful dismissal suit. But you never know. Like I said earlier, ask Shawn Oakman about this stuff. Or, as I trust that most people around here are men of middle age or more, I find it difficult to believe that nobody here has an acquaintance who went through an acrimonious divorce where allegations were made. These things happen in lawsuits. They are common leveraging tools. And the tell is that usually the civil suit is filed and no criminal one is. Because if there's a criminal suit, it always makes the civil one a tap-in.
  8. Big job ahead: Find the next Stiggers/Peters/Hendrix/Barlow/Pickett...
  9. Ask Shawn Oakman what that's like. Didn't see that signing coming. Thought that we may have brought Cam Phillips back. Bailey will look good with Daniels, Coxie, Brissett & Nield. (and with 21 DBs under contract according to our roster page, I guess I'll give up hope on re-signing Robertson Daniel now)
  10. Particularly because this isn't a criminal matter...
  11. Nobody was fired. A contract wasn't renewed. I know that's hair-splitting, but it is relevant. And if it was only because of the alleged harassment and the Accuser can prove that, then they would win in court. But as I suspect that actually proving that would be a monumental hill to climb in a court room, her counsel went for plan B. Trial by media. Still think that they could have gotten the full amount they are currently asking for had they just asked. There is a 0% chance that MLSE/Argos legal department would have not taken this very seriously and seized the chance to pay the asking price.
  12. Right?? Given the opportunity they almost certainly would have considering the small size of the suit. $140k is a speeding ticket to MLSE. Makes me wonder if it was ever a consideration or if airing it out in the press was just always going to be the move by the Accuser's legal team.
  13. Where do you imagine, in a Wrongful Dismissal suit that anybody will be "found guilty"?
  14. I'd thought that too. Which is why it's a bit peculiar that the "damages" the Accuser seeks is $85k from the Argos and $50k from Kelly.
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