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  1. We made Durie into a SB when he was a TB. Did the same to Coombs and I just never liked the fit. Maybe it's me.
  2. Not totally his fault, imo. We tried to make him into Andre Durie 2.0. Square Peg, Round hole.
  3. I have the same top 3 as you, but in my top 3 they all exist on different tiers. The fourth tier of QBs on my all time list has a small handful of guys.
  4. One of those scenarios where it's nigh impossible to compare athletes from different eras in an apples to apples way. My heart loves them both but my head says that RR could be time portal'd back to '83 and started at QB and we win that GC with or without Holloway (or Joe Barnes!)... I can't bring myself to say the same about time portalling Holloway to GC 100 or 105.
  5. My inner 10 year old who watched Conredge lead a GC winning team will always have a special place for him in my memories... But being real: Doug Flutie is not only the best CFL QB I've ever seen, he was also the best player, period.
  6. We were blessed to have him. 2 Cups. I still marvel at how Barker stole him from Edmonton. Second best QB we've ever had.
  7. I haven't much hope that my team will be there, but I'm trying to move my schedule around to, myself. Who knows, if I'm able to attend I may even get to have a beer with a CCMA award finalist.
  8. "Good luck with the battle you guys... I'm going to play flight simulator with some crows..."
  9. I admit that I don't watch all that many Jets games... But they do show up and skate sometimes, yeah?
  10. I'm not going to complain... since this appears to benefit the Boatmen. I would guess this would add us in at #19? (so we'd be 1st, 9th, 18th & 19th...?) And if our "territory" is anything like the GTA then that gives us plenty of kids to look at... But I just see this becoming unbalanced. Not all territories have the population to produce talent equally nor are they equally desirable to live in.
  11. bluto

    US Politics

    I know that whenever I say ignorant and hateful things about sensitive topics involving the mass murder of thousands that it is hate speech when I am accurately quoted within context of what I said. Worse still if someone tweets video of me saying these comments to a crowd.
  12. bluto

    US Politics

  13. bluto

    US Politics

    I guess we'll see. The AG seems to want to look at it and the FISA docs may get declassified.
  14. bluto

    US Politics

    So you don't think that the Trump campaign was surveiled? I didn't think that was still in dispute... (only whether or not it was proper/legal/justified)
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