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  1. Possibility that nobody shakes loose...😪
  2. I'm gonna keep saying it. Receiver is fugly right now.
  3. Hard to believe our biggest weakness last year won't be addressed...
  4. I mean, we need a receiver don't we? We can't go another year with Darvin as our #1...can we?
  5. As bad as Nichols was, you have to wonder if he would have been any better with Calgary's receiving corps. If we go into next year with the same receivers, I roll the dice with Streveler. However, if we can upgrade that position a LOT, Nichols deserves a chance to show what he can do with a better team around him.
  6. I think that is why the game was so frustrating. When the team on the other side is better than you, you can't win by playing it safe. You need to open it up and take risks, which we didn't or couldn't do. We played them like we played the Riders, and that was a recipe for failure.
  7. TD I think. His motion had stopped completely before it was ripped out.
  8. And a headshot on a receiver or RB? Yeah, ignore that. I am only allowed to watch the QB. Dumb as bricks.
  9. Yeah, this whole idea thrown together at the last minute seems terrible. It is destined for failure, and you know they will be watching the team (the Bombers) that was the final straw in all of this that much closer. I fully expect us to get screwed by this on Sunday. Also, they are only watching the QB? Why? That is so stupid. If you put a spotter up there, allow him to call headshots on receivers or RBs too. Or just have the command center do it. God, this is all so dumb.
  10. It seems insane to me in this day and age that we need to worry about channel at all. We should be able to tell it to record the Bomber game, and everything else should be figured out automatically. If TSN moves is to another channel, so be it.
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