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  1. I thought this was kind of fun. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/2023/12/01/vikings-sackmaster-tossing-rocks-and-polishing-the-pebble-at-dekalb-superspiel
  2. Can we get the mods to replace the word Fajardo with Daddy everytime Noeller types it? 😈
  3. I dont know why I let this mediocre team con me into believing every year.
  4. Buck, Lapo and Dru Brown leading the Riders to a Grey Cup would almost be hilarious.
  5. Are CFL insiders Naylor amd Farhan ever right about anything?
  6. Unpopular opinion, but I am more comfortable keeping Zach if we are getting a new OC. Some fresh ideas couldn't hurt.
  7. Sources say the management team will all be making league minimum, as their salaries are being offset by a generous donation from previously unknown local business man "Made Willer".
  8. I can just see Buck weighing his options now. "On the one hand, the position pays more, it isn't too far from Manitoba, it's with one of the leagues more stable organizations and gives me a chance to be a head coach like I have always wanted... ... ...but Noeller!"
  9. This is a true "leopards at my face" scenario. I actually like cruises, but putting my life and livelihood in the hands of a cruise company seems like about the worst possible idea.
  10. All of this speculation is fun, but as somebody said upthread, there is zero chance Osh moves on from any of his vets that still want to play, let alone Collaros. I have been thinking about it since last week, and I feel like there is a lot less risk with almost the same amount of potential upside if we tried out a new OC instead. I found the play calling really hit and miss this year, and maybe a coordinator with some fresh ideas could get Zach out of his funk (and utilize him better in the playoffs).
  11. **** everyone who asks me how I am doing after any Bomber loss, never mind the Grey Cup. It's times like these I am glad I work from home now.
  12. "We're confident in our ability to operate in 2024" - the need to clarify that is a bit scary
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