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  1. I wouldn't expect a sell out. We only sell 25k to that stadium at the best of times. Add on the fact that people are hesitant of crowds now, plus the league has been out of the national spotlight for over a year now. I think crowds are going to trickle, rather than roar back, and I won't be surprised if it happens league wide.
  2. Are you sure that's the right Peters? I thought it was the Otha' Peters. I will show myself out...
  3. Just received some vile trash in my mailbox this morning. Anyone heard of the Druthers newspaper? Anti vaccine horse ****.
  4. Major respect for how Wab Kinew handled that. Also, major face palm. Is it election time yet?
  5. Imagine going through life with Jerry's paranoia. It must be crippling.
  6. Does that apply to kids under 12, and if so, is that the gamble we are taking by opening up fully like Alberta and SK?
  7. In other news, got my QR code today. Anyone know a good tattoo artist?
  8. Why...why....WHY?! is the immunization card website and login totally separate from Shared Health, which already has my immunization record? Aargh!
  9. Isn't the 80% goal eligible though, as opposed to total? In other words opening up to under 12 will move the goal posts.
  10. Humans frighten me, but I will try.
  11. Some evidence suggests it is for caregivers to give to children so I might just cancel it and let the wolves fight over it.
  12. Does anyone know how the process to transfer a Pfizer appointment to a teen works? I moved my original Pfizer appointment up a week to get Moderna, so I was thinking of seeing if anyone at work had a child in need of an appointment, but the press release didn't make it clear if you could transfer it to any child, or just your own children.
  13. Vax #2 complete. Going to a pharmacy is so fast and painless. Got a loaf of bread and an Americano on the way out!
  14. The province should take the choice away and reserve Pfizer for the younger demo.
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