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  1. Handful of Sobey's appointments available this week: https://www.pharmacyappointments.ca/
  2. All that said, I booked it anyways. Going Friday!
  3. Yeah, not worried about clots. Just worried about getting a vaccine that might be useless against the variant du jour when compared to alternatives. It is hard to get any reliable data on that...
  4. Any concerns about the doubts of the AZ vaccine efficacy vs. the variants? That is the only reason I am hesitating right now...
  5. It is amazing how little the leadership of this league seems to understand their customer. Lose the diehard CFL fans and gain zero NFL fans. Great plan.
  6. Honestly, so sad. Don't blame this on covid. Blame it on bad leadership.
  7. What is the deal with them mulling over an outdoor mask mandate? All the science I have read pegs outdoor transmission as a very low risk, unless that has changed with the variants? For example: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/risk-of-covid-19-transmission-outdoors-explained-1.5981935
  8. LOL at signing players out of the "now defunct XFL", our future partner.
  9. More vaccines is pointless if the government can't figure out how to administer them quickly. 3 hour waits for a 10 minute appointment is ridiculous.
  10. That is the coolest thing about curling, that as a recreational player any given day you could practice next to, or even play against, the best in the world.
  11. That's incredible if true.
  12. Watched part of an XFL documentary on TSN about the first failed attempt to get that league off the ground. It looks gross. If we truly are going to be aligned with them I hope it looks nothing like the hype machine and amateur hour personalities surrounding that first attempt.
  13. Can't tell if you were joking or not, but here is why I don't: everything else shutdown except school, and the numbers dropped.
  14. They will lose the diehards in order to try to gain a segment of fans that will never settle for less than the NFL. This will never work. What?
  15. Probably my pessimistic nature but I expect the opposite. A hesitancy from those that will take lessons learned from COVID and will want to avoid crowds in general going forward, the absence of going to movies/shows/sporting events causing people to say "I was fine without it, maybe I can save my money", etc.
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