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  1. LOL @ Chamblin attempting to challenge despite an illegal contact penalty on the same play.
  2. Who do I petition to make the cone of shame a permanent thing on this board?
  3. If any of this is true, should we be seeing some high profile releases in Montreal in the coming days to get them under the cap? "Consequences" and all that.
  4. Just watched the Toronto BC highlights. Holy hell what a terrible football game that looked to be. Also, Riders suck.
  5. The heritage classic was cheaper and I got two games for that.
  6. I thought it was as blatant as it gets.
  7. A coach already did. Didn't Nichols sit for Reilly even though they were winning?
  8. I closed my eyes to picture it, but I got scared when I saw Mike Reilly in a clamshell "dressed" like the Birth of Venus.
  9. Can't help it. I think I am fundamentally broken. Glad that's over. Now, when do the Riders lose next?
  10. HH to Dunigan for having the balls to stick to his assertion that Adams should have high pointed the ball, even after the replay showed his head was being removed from his shoulders at the time.
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