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  1. Had to break my hiatus to come on here and laugh. This season keeps getting better. Huzzah!
  2. I wonder what was different last month versus that start. Oh well, I guess we will never know.
  3. I'm out. Maybe I will see you all next year, but my life has become too busy to fill it with this. This franchise has almost lost me.
  4. Hey, remember the time everyone said Nichols being out was a god send?
  5. Prediction: Streveler gets hurt tonight, paving the way for Kevin Glenn to come to the rescue and win us the Grey Cup that was stolen from him. 🤩
  6. Just read that 9 years was after a guilty plea, rather than facing 25 years if convicted at trial! Sweet **** is that insane. Drug laws are barbaric.
  7. 1. That penalty seems insane. Trafficking drugs is bad obviously, but come on. 2. I donated to Hefney's GoFundMe last year. I feel horrible that it wasn't enough. The guy was obviously desperate enough that he felt he had no choice. I don't know much about him as a person, obviously, but he was always a class act when it came to the Bombers and it sucks that this is how it all ended up.
  8. Add to all of that the fact that last week's game is perfect evidence why shortening a game due to weather in the 3rd quarter is garbage...the Riders are the luckiest bunch of dinks ever...two gifts, both involving the Al's.
  9. Update: still pissed off. I am finding this one harder to shake than usual.
  10. Or get more than a field goal in an entire half of football and make the last drive irrelevant.
  11. This is the coach that brought a literal mirror into the dressing room as a head coach. You know, so players could look themselves in the mirror. I can't wait to be rid of him.
  12. Monday morning, two days later. I find myself getting angrier instead of getting over it. Can't help but feel we pissed away our chance at first place this weekend. Hurts, man.
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