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  1. If Durant honors his contract, are the Bombers Grey Cup champion's today? Strange how things work out.
  2. Why is all the discussion around whether the term is an offensive way to refer to a minority group or not, when really the question should be "why the hell do we need sports teams named after minority groups"? We can probably all agree that "transgender" isn't an offensive term for a specific group of people, but calling a team the Transgenders would be more than a little messed up.
  3. Mr Mikes was just a matter of time. Super mediocre. When your thing is steak "casual", and Montana's does it better, you are in trouble. IMO, of course.
  4. Glenn Suitor. Disclaimer: Never saw him play.
  5. Came here looking for 300 memes. Instead got this: 301 Moved Permanently
  6. If the CFL and TSN came to some sort of agreement to switch to a pay-per-view model (above the normal TSN subscription) to make up for gate revenue, would people pay it?
  7. Trump is a stable genius. He and his associates are voting illegally to prove to everyone how dangerous and easy voter fraud can be. Thanks Obama!
  8. Where is the spit take emojii when you need it?
  9. 1. Walking by someone within 6 feet 2. Standing stationary next to someone in a crowd for an extended period. Henry was referring to the first, not the second, and was not referencing the protests at all since that quote was from a month ago.
  10. Oh god, could you imagine if it included a picture of a football hitting the upright?
  11. Aaargh! Another reason to part ways with my money: https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/06/01/bombers-unveil-107th-grey-cup-champions-licence-plates/ Edit: just realizing now I literally bought my Manitoba parks pass (with my current license plate number) yesterday. Double aaargh!
  12. "If we had sheltered in place we wouldn't have Woodstock" might just be the "ok boomer" to end them all.
  13. The fact that the president thinks its the job of a news organization to "help" a political party get elected is a huge problem.
  14. Am I missing something, or wouldn't the whole point of hub cities be to play the games without fans?
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