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  1. Yeah, but that was 7 total players you were paying to start at least 50% of the time. Now you are only paying 6. I guess the argument is total dollars to Canadian players would be higher, since you would in theory pay the 50%-ers less?
  2. Is my math off, or does that mean more snaps per Canadian player, but less Canadian jobs (7 before, now 6) overall? Have to think this is a bit of a backfire by the players?
  3. How am I only finding out today that the Shreveport Pirates and Las Vegas Posse both have parody twitter accounts?
  4. To be fair, it was/is a great marketing gimmick, and I am glad it has stuck around.
  5. The thing is, unless it is a properly fitted n95, the benefit to you is negligible. They always said early on the masks were to protect others...not sure if the science on that has changed.
  6. Vacationing in California right now. Covid protocols are a distant memory here. Between Disney and crypto.com arena, I think I saw like 50 masks. Started off wearing one myself, but gave up. It seemed futile.
  7. If that is true, then paying him more as a Global makes no sense. I feel like we are arguing the same point. 😅
  8. I guess I look at it as a development spot. If a Global player is good enough to play over an international, then they get paid like one and you can develop another one.
  9. I still feel like I am missing something. Can't they just sign him as an International for whatever salary they want?
  10. Dear schools, **** off with your remote learning. With love, Me.
  11. Canadian Football 2017 is available for $1 right now on PC. Likely not the greatest. But for a buck? https://store.steampowered.com/app/664650/Canadian_Football_2017/
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