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  1. Do NOT **** with the uniforms. Just don't.
  2. Just spent way too much money at the Bomber store for Christmas. The place was packed. The Bombers are going to make a killing on merch this year.
  3. Watching the CFL top plays on TSN. If the #7 play by Acklin is called a catch, then Bailey's was even more of one. Stupid CFL.
  4. Great interview with Streveler on South Dakota radio: https://listen.sdpb.org/post/usd-coyote-chris-streveler-wins-cfls-grey-cup-2019
  5. Watching that Wired Up, I mean....holy hell did we kick their asses.
  6. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/blue-bombers-grey-cup-winnipeg-airport-1.5372696?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar
  7. Live streamed on CBC right now. Looks like they broke the cup! LOL.
  8. Got this from 13thman, which appears to be a one man echo chamber.
  9. There was another one I am struggling to remember. 3rd down something? Edit: or am I completely making that up?
  10. Looking at Zach's numbers after four games, I don't see how we couldn't have achieved the exact same result with Nichols. We won with Zach the same way we always have with Matt. No turnovers, scoring off opposing turnovers, great run game and good defense. There were more deep balls, sure, but the blueprint was the same. I guess my point is, Collaros was a great pick up because he was able to come in and give us what we were missing when Nichols went down.
  11. As the Bomber fan in the office (there are others, but I am the most prominent), it was nice to not take the walk of shame into work for once.
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