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  1. You can rest assured that rider fans and their media wouldn't be bitching about the quality of the league this year if it was their team slapping everyone around.
  2. Stamps win easily with even adequate QBing tonight.
  3. Rumors of BLMs comeback have been greatly exaggerated.
  4. How does Suitor, without irony, continue to draw and talk about plays that didn't actually happen?
  5. HH to Rourke for nope-ing out of that game and forcing the reanimated corpse of Michael Reilly back in.
  6. We don't have a meaningful game for over a month. That's nuts.
  7. Riders dline offside on the 1 for about the 50th time this year.
  8. What the **** is the point of review if they are going to uphold **** like that?
  9. A BC win puts the Riders closer to losing a playoff spot. It's almost worth it...
  10. Sold on fansfirst for $240 for the pair. Happy with that, although at a slight loss.
  11. Dropped them to $140 each on fansfirst, or you can buy them direct from me for $125 each. If I can't sell them for that i will just have to find a way to use them myself.
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