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  1. Also if we are truly trying to evaluate receivers when the bullets are flying, are we giving them a fair shake with QB3 and 4 throwing to them?
  2. With a two second Google search I now know more about the battles in 2015 than I do about any of the battles for this season. https://winnipegsun.com/2015/06/08/blue-bombers-hopefuls-can-help-themselves-with-strong-performance-tuesday-in-toronto
  3. This is probably the camp with the most wide open competition of any in recent memory and I don't have the faintest idea who is even in the hunt for any of the spots. You want to read the articles in the papers a day early? Watch the O'Shea press conference. There will be literally no information outside of what is provided there. It is super disappointing. The mainstream media should be embarrassed, but what the hell is even the point of 3downnation if all they are going to do is reprint press releases?
  4. I saw Kyle Walters at my son's school track meet today near the stadium. Judging strictly by what he was focusing on, he values small frames and 3" verticals.
  5. CFL+ and CJOB, hit whichever pause buttons you need to sync it all up. Most of the forum did this last game with some success.
  6. With Klein owning it now, the only way the Sun could get any greasier is if you wrapped fish in it.
  7. Surely this won't end poorly: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/2024/05/27/klein-to-buy-winnipeg-sun-two-other-newspapers
  8. I think people are sleeping on the Riders. If Harris can stay healthy I think they made enough improvements to compete.
  9. Yeah it's messed up on mobile for me too. One second. Try that!
  10. Yup it was 4. Here is the poster I just dug up from storage. The fifth was a dog apparently.
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