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  1. Better to have moved on a year too early than a year too late. As per usual, Walters and co got it right.
  2. Too small for me unfortunately lol. Thanks though my friend. Damn pandemic weight lol.
  3. Do any turn up there? I'd do some terrible things for an early 90's Dunigan jersey.
  4. Anytime we get past the old stadium capacity of 29,503 that's always a great draw. Seems like we should easily get over 30K between now and kickoff. Great to see!
  5. I believe I saw a split second glimpse of his name plate on the bench in the Calgary or Edmonton game if I recall correctly.
  6. Question about the shithole city about 6 hours west: What street is the bar strip on? It's been a few years and we're thinking of making an appearance this year for the LDC. Dewdney if I recall correctly??
  7. True - very injury prone. Perhaps the tandem system was best for both. My comment was on the basis that if I needed a QB for a drive in the final three minutes, I'd easily be taking Masoli. Agreed on the overall state of the league at the QB position as well. Was having a bevvy with a buddy tonight and we were going through the best passers....it's a slim bunch.
  8. Great job keeping Evans instead of Masoli.
  9. Lol, even Derek Taylor has had enough of Lapo on Twitter
  10. Lapo must really not like Arbuckle lol
  11. He'll make his way back here as an assistant in some form or another in a few years...
  12. Those commercials for that Josh Ross goof can stop any time...
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