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  1. From Farhan Lalji on Twitter... Shocked to hear that Adam Bighill’s contract for 2021 is 115k (down from 260k). I know he has strong business interests in Winnipeg, but is speaks volumes for the atmosphere Mike O’Shea has created with #Bombers that a player would take that much less to stay there. @CFLonTSN 1/2 ...and if there is an off-season GM of the year award, it goes to Kyle Walters. @andrewharris33, @Bighill44, @Stmn_Willie_Bmn, @Demski9, @ZCollaros7, Bryant, Hardrick, Gray, Antigha, Jeffcoat, Thomas, Maston all back under manageable deals. Most of the heavy lift
  2. Under 500K for a guy that was easily a top 2 QB, and most outstanding player nominee before things fell off the rails in Hamilton....SOLD. Easily. Given our offensive line, I have no problem with this contract, even if it means Nichols is gone (which clearly it does)
  3. When I grow up I want to be Chris Streveler one day.
  4. Let's enjoy it brother. Too many sad rides home on the stadium bus not to.
  5. I wasn't the most popular kid in elementary, middle years and junior high. Football, and the Bombers were one of the few things the gave me joy. I broke my wrist in 2000. My mom got me season tickets as a "pick me up" because my summer was essentially ruined. I had them for 8 years before moving temporarily. I was in grade 9 in 2001. I cried when they lost. 2002 - We lose Milt on the last game of the season. We lose Charles Roberts on the first play of the west final. 2003 - No Milt for the playoffs again. Kenton Keith runs the ball down our throat. You can see times are c
  6. Never used FB market place. Do I have to change location to Calgary or anything like that?
  7. Tickets starting to slowly drop on StubHub...
  8. Definitely interested in going if its possible to do it on the cheap....Typical Winnipegger I am.
  9. I'd call this organization a joke but I don't believe in complements after a loss.
  10. LOL the biggest joke in "professional" sports.
  11. So many raging thoughts, I'll just leave it short and sweet: LMAO, typical, not surprised. Seen this movie many times over with this joke of a coaching staff and fat ass CEO who let's it happen year after year and makes me thankful I can watch true professional football tomorrow afternoon.
  12. I think a lot of people forget that Streveler has less than 10 professional starts since he was in college. Is he better overall than Nichols at this point? Of course not. Does he have potential to be? VERY easily. There will be bumps along the way. He is still an incredibly young QB - See the Edmonton game. But his feet can get him out of trouble, and he's only going to get better when it comes to reading defences, accuracy, and everything else that comes with throwing the football. Personally, I'll take the facepalm moments that will inevitably happen in the short term, knowing how good
  13. Where was Adam Bighill on that final drive as we're getting the ball pounded down our throats? Shadow of his former self.
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