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  1. Cheating the cap yet he fields a team like that? Amazing. In all seriousness though, circumventing the cap and charging staff for plane tickets....ban him for life.
  2. Poor Khari. Sure Kavis was a dud of a GM, but it appears Mr. Wettenhall has taken the scene from Dumb and Dumber to heart...."Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber..."
  3. Randle simply put just isn't the player he once was. He took a significant step back last year and has continued to regress this season. I wouldn't be surprised if this is his final season.
  4. The same thought crossed my mind but I was hesitant on saying it.
  5. Which is kind of surprising because in my opinion the overall talent level in the league is down this year...but yes that vast majority of the games have been enjoyable to watch this season.
  6. Apologies for sounding like a broken record, but again, nobody scares me watching these other teams play.
  7. Random thoughts so far: - We may get 3 or 4 picks against Davis next week. - Neilsen is already better than Rod Black at play by play - As I said a couple weeks ago, Khari has the Als playing hard, tough football every week despite a significant lack of talent. - Not his fault, but does Brad Sinopoli still play for Ottawa? - Split screen is brutal - Wouldn't it be something if Montreal somehow knocked off Hamilton in the playoffs... - ...Is Montreal actually going to make the playoffs? Doesn't seem so crazy does it? - Jon Jennings may get some reps in the not too distant future.
  8. Rewatching the game, I'll preface this comment by acknowledging he's never played tackle before last night but Speller was ugly at right tackle. Hopefully Hardrick is good for next Friday. Desjarlais almost got Nichols killed just before the ens of the first half as well.
  9. The way some people respond makes me wonder if they are use to how football is played on Madden. You're not going to keep going full tilt when the game is over at half time, and your coaches will also adjust their calls accordingly. That's just how football is. It's literally no different than hockey when a team has a 5-0 lead after 40 minutes. The rest of the game is essentially a scrimmage at that point.
  10. Nichols did his job tonight. No problem with how he played.
  11. I can't stand Lapo...but...It's a three possession game at the half. Its bound to happen. The game would not have been called the same way had it been a ten point game.
  12. Saskatchewan, BC, Toronto, Montreal...there are some BAD teams in the league this year. Not good for the overall product when four of the nine teams are awful, and Ottawa isn't too far ahead of that group of four either.
  13. Make it a 3 possession game by kicking instead of 4 if you don't convert.
  14. The Lions have given up.
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