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  1. It's amazing the contrast between Farhan Lalji and Arash Madani. Madani tries SO hard to crap on the sport in general at every possible turn, yet enjoys following it quite closely. Amusing.
  2. Three letters for Rider fans when it comes to cheating... S-M-S
  3. There are tickets on Stubhub for as low as 8 bucks a piece American...
  4. Reilly will be flirting with 300 by halftime
  5. Good. Whatever gets this joke of a regime fired.
  6. Sure - it was an accurate pass placed where only the receiver was going to get it, but the point of the post was if your QB is maxing out at about 45 yards in distance, that's a problem.
  7. There's a reason for that. Recall the play to Adams just before the half to set up the touchdown - Nichols put EVERYTHING he had in into the ball, and it was only a 45 yard pass. Minimal arm strength.
  8. To a point though it's more understandable with Demski given the size difference between the two. Demski also provides positive things through special teams and the running game, so personally it's a bit easier I feel to live with that - though yes of course given its professional football you'd like to see him survive contact a little more. Hopefully as his career progresses that will come around. At this point in his career, Adams is what he is.
  9. It was. But you still need to make the catch. His tendency to drop contested balls is starting to stand out.
  10. Bombers add to their impressive list of quarterbacks they've beaten this season: Drew Willy, Jon Jennings, James Franklin (X2), Jeremiah Masoli, and now Johnny Manziel. Nichols played as to be expected in my opinion under the circumstances. Very vanilla offence with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 plays. No turnovers was nice to see but you also need to account for the opponent and the fact we led all game. No killer instinct on this team. The third quarter and first portion of the fourth was difficult to watch. If they play like they did tonight next week in Edmonton, the game will be over at half time. It's almost embarrassing how badly this team has misused Kenbrell Thompkins this year. His route running, hands, and ability to come down with contested balls is far and away better than anyone we have. Watching Darvin Adams drop balls at the slightest hint of contact is getting a little old. Back to back punts of 35 and 29 yards certainly didn't help the situation in the second half. The graphic showing our points scored in the first and second half and where that compares with the rest of the league is just more evidence of how bad this coaching staff is at second half adjustments. Fingers crossed the injuries to Harris, Demski and Bighill are minor. If not, we're in more trouble than we already are.
  11. Your feeling of entitlement is comical. As someone who has been trained, and worked in media, never, ever reveal your sources. I may not post as often as I use to, but I'm quite comfortable with what my track record is here. Whether or not you believe me is not something I'll be losing sleep over.
  12. Actually it's very relevant. Yes QB is unquestionably a problem, but you're kidding yourself if you think Miller isn't flawed, doesn't make bad decisions relating to the team, and doesn't meddle where he shouldn't be meddling.
  13. Ah the amount of people who have no idea as to the amount of micromanaging Miller does behind the scenes. Cute.
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