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  1. I'd call this organization a joke but I don't believe in complements after a loss.
  2. LOL the biggest joke in "professional" sports.
  3. So many raging thoughts, I'll just leave it short and sweet: LMAO, typical, not surprised. Seen this movie many times over with this joke of a coaching staff and fat ass CEO who let's it happen year after year and makes me thankful I can watch true professional football tomorrow afternoon.
  4. I think a lot of people forget that Streveler has less than 10 professional starts since he was in college. Is he better overall than Nichols at this point? Of course not. Does he have potential to be? VERY easily. There will be bumps along the way. He is still an incredibly young QB - See the Edmonton game. But his feet can get him out of trouble, and he's only going to get better when it comes to reading defences, accuracy, and everything else that comes with throwing the football. Personally, I'll take the facepalm moments that will inevitably happen in the short term, knowing how good this guy can be in a season or two.
  5. Where was Adam Bighill on that final drive as we're getting the ball pounded down our throats? Shadow of his former self.
  6. In fairness, Wisconsin is a huge, successful college football program in comparison to South Florida, but 49-0 all things considered is still brutal despite the difference in the two schools.
  7. Kerwin Bell having about as much success coaching as he did quarterback of the Bombers...
  8. Because this is an offence where its extremely difficult for a receiver to put up elite numbers given the emphasis on running as well as spreading the ball around, so when you're paying a guy elite money, coupled with off-field issues, for similar statistical production, it's really not a difficult or surprising decision - Nevermind the comments Matthews made when he was a healthy scratch. When you have 12 receptions and are getting paid as well as you are, the writing is on the wall.
  9. 12 receptions in 10 games. Invisible for the most part in games he did suit up for. Problematic off the field...I think we'll be okay. In all seriousness, this offence doesnt need an elite receiver. Just a serviceable, capable tier 2 receiver, speedy slots, and that's fine - which is exactly what we have.
  10. Agree with the sentiment expressed by Mike and a number of others. No excuses. You got busted, plain and simple. It's a black mark and tarnishes the team and Harris himself obviously. That said, if anything, this makes me want to beat the living piss out of the Riders even more.
  11. Take a moment to look at the Als twitter account. Khari's post game speech is pure money...and uncensored too. Highly doubt the idiots running the Bombers social media channels would do the same thing sadly. Unfiltered content = best content.
  12. Dave Dickenson is starting to get quite annoying a la Jason Maas...
  13. Dustin Neilson. He does solid work in my opinion. Also, Vernon Adams looks like he's growing up. I've really enjoyed watching Montreal play this season.
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