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  1. 1. Evans. 5 TD and 330 yards! 2. Kelly. Clutch interception. 3. Wells. Ran witth authority. HH: Felix Gauthier. what a conversion on that bomb
  2. I don't hate this loss. It falls square on the shoulders of the D. Good. Bring them back down to earth.
  3. Our D-line and Biggie didn't show up today. Like, at all.
  4. obvious runs incoming. *gives up 25 yards on 3 plays*
  5. Who got burned there, Biggie? Guy is having a tough year
  6. This is the CFL. Being down by 10 with 10 minutes of time on the clock is a lifetime. There could still be 3 lead changes
  7. that should about put evans over 300 on the day already
  8. this game is a ****ing nightmare all around
  9. this could be the smack in the mouth this team needed
  10. Schoen is one of the most intelligent receivers in the league
  11. Gotta stop the bleeding. Need points on this drive
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