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  1. Unconventional and Strev didn't look comfortable at all, but they don't ask how. Also this is exactly the type of O to run come playoff time
  2. Lmao 2 holding calls against us and none called on Nevis. Classic cfl
  3. How tf is the first hold called against us Schmoes getting away with murder
  4. Nevis is getting held every second play. Wtf
  5. I'm expecting big things from Augustine behind this o-line. He's looked really good in limited action. I think Sask made a mistake letting him go. Also this forces Lapo to not neuter Streveler by designing an offence where every 3rd throw is within 2 yards of the LOS and 75% of them are to Harris.
  6. Finagle something for collaros. cap-wise find a way to bury him on the IR till the end of the season. I'd be more comfortable with him than McGuire if we had to have someone out there come playoff time
  7. Nichols finally playing good then this happens. There's the good old fashioned bombers luck
  8. Suitor crediting Chris Jones for Jefferson's freakish athleticism. What a homer, my god
  9. Now step on their throats. No passive play calling for the rest of the game like usual
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