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  1. Keep him upright and he'll have tremendous success. Bit of a risk/reward but he's more talented than Nichols so it makes sense. I personally preferred Collaros
  2. I paid $24 CAD for the year on some flash sale the other day. Worth it. I hope they can make money
  3. Hot take: Arbuckle isn't signing in Ottawa. Their OL is a mess and he knows it.
  4. Arbuckle not being signed yet gives me a glimmer of hope.
  5. Looking into it: Walby: easily the CFL GOAT. 9 all star awards in 16 years Aldag: 5 all star awards in 16 years Bryant: 5 all star awards in 10 years Bryant has quietly usurped Aldag's #2 spot on that list. Guy doesn't get the recognition he deserves
  6. 5 time CFL All Star. Is Bryant in the conversation for GOAT tackle in the CFL? Edit: I see Walby has 9 all star awards, but now Bryant is tied with #2 on the list Sask OL Aldag and will likely surpass him.
  7. Crazy good deal for the Ti-cats. They're going to have lots of caproom to fill out their roster in a big way come free agency. We need to get Nichols for that 375-425 range imo. Any more than that is an overpay
  8. From the Regina-Leaderpost lmao. Their media in Saskatchewan is so bush. Everyone is a lap dog.
  9. hot take: Arbuckle still gonna sign in Tronna
  10. He certainly will. No one on our roster has usurped Adams yet and until that happens management can't gamble on Lawler, Bailey etc (at least I hope not)
  11. Why is everyone okay with letting Adams walk? He was still our most impactful receiver in playoffs 11-10 22 CGY 2 6 105 1 52.5 71 11-17 23 SSK 4 8 93 0 23.3 63 60+ yard touchdown against Calgary. 60 yard reception against Sask when we were pinned at our goal line. Quiet in the cup with 2 of 3 with one drop for 11 yards, but still. We can't afford to lose our one international receiver who has actually shown he is capable of explosion plays.
  12. Lapo is a false prophet. He had no testicles as HC here in 2011, and no testicles in his tenure as OC here the last 2 years. He called a great game in the grey cup, but c'mon, with 8 turnovers you'd better find a way to win. The guy has a good playbook, but inspires no confidence in anyone with that demeanour and calls disgustingly conservative games. Ottawa is going to flounder under Lapo, mark these words
  13. 387 in hard money for Masoli with up to 460 with playing time. That would definitely qualify as an overpay, imo, but considering about half of that will not count against the cap it was a necessary evil for having two legit qb's which is necessary in today's CFL. Overpaying was a shrewd move by their GM Provides stability in 2020 for Hamilton then they go all in with a big raise to Evans in 2021. If Masoli doesn't take a Kevin Glenn 200k contract in 2021 he hits the bricks.
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