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  1. I got the active 2. it. I got a used one of kijiji for like 125 i think? it's a hidden feature, but I actually enabled it to measure blood pressure. There's youtube videos on how to do it. In korea it's approved but in NA the blood pressure monitor is not FDA approved so it doesn't come pre-installed. waterproof, tracking workouts, walks, bpm all work well. phone functions well worth every penny
  2. The other day i recorded and counted the analysis. It was 8 minutes 8 seconds of leafs/sens 1 minute 46 seconds of flames/oilers 2 minutes 5 seconds jets/habs
  3. marner has been the best winger in the north before, now ehlers is!
  4. He's the best winger in the north.
  5. 50 leafs 30 riders 10 canadiens 10 all boston related franchises
  6. Roslovic came in, kicked the door down with an insane shooting percentage. He fell back to the norm and is what he is - an average middle 6er that's in way over his head on a garbage team. No surprises at all
  7. Because Miller is the de facto commissioner of the CFL
  8. No team is giving up a prospect of Perfetti's level for 1.25 years of Ekholm.
  9. We'd have to expose Demelo. So be it.
  10. Chevy should be all over it for something like: 1st+Niku+ some B propsect. If it's Vesailanen it's an overpay, but so be it. Vesalainen and Niku don't tip the scales for this team. Getting a cost controlled top pairing D-man is exactly what the Jets need.
  11. I don't know about you, but the more I hear about this Covid19 thing the less I care for it....
  12. If it turns 4 down and there's some merger I'm never watching another down on TV or going to another game. What a ****ing joke
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