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  1. Coach and AGM then! Do whatever it takes
  2. Trotz would be a monster sign for the organization. A top 5ish coach in the league. He regularly gets the most out of his rosters and are on the right side of analytics. Fingers crossed
  3. Blaming Helle is literally the single most clueless take a fan can have when it comes to anything Jets
  4. Not a chance we pass on Lirim if he's interested.
  5. i'm calling it now: the 15 yard no yards penalty is going to end terribly the punishment doesn't fit the crime on that one essentially what they're saying is that a borderline, bouncing no yards is equivalent to a roughing the passer or unnecessary roughness.
  6. don't mind most of the changes, but the 15 yards for all no yards one is brutal. that's overkill
  7. All Fartjardo needs to say is nothing besides a few sound byte cliches and he refuses to. If the guy would just whine less there'd be less scrutiny
  8. A right wing antivax loudmouth with terrible opinions on sports in general becoming the voice of the Riders. So appropriate
  9. Looove this signing. The exact type of signing teams need to make. Low risk, potential high reward
  10. I care about one thing and one thing only. 1. Ploen obvs for winning 4 Grey Cups in 5 years. 2. Collaros for winning 2 Grey Cups in 2 years. 3. Tom Clements for winning the 1984 Grey Cup 4. Sean Salisbury for winning the 1988 Grey Cup 5. Tom Burgess for winning the 1990 Grey Cup 6. Bobby Fritz for winning the 1939 Grey Cup 7. I can't find who our quarterback was in the 1935 Grey Cup, but that guy. 8. Wayne Sheley won the 1941 Grey Cup 6 through 8 are up for debate because I don't know who tf any of those people are. Disagree with me and I'll fight you.
  11. He sucks, but I also think we're one of the teams that offered him a contract
  12. Madani is a hack. Exhausted of this guy. He doesn't break news as well as Dreger, he doesn't provide unique analysis like 3down, Ferguson, Taylor. He brings nothing to the table besides some pro-Lions homerisms.
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