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  1. Whoever pays Myers 6+ is going to regret it. Fine 2nd pairing guy, sure, but 6 million to players like that are what breaks a teams finances
  2. That's a disgusting d-core. Morrow and Beaulieu are hardly replacement level guys and Niku is still unproven defensively. Signing Myers is an absolute necessity at this point. Hoping he doesn't bend us over the barrel and show us the 50 states
  3. Geeze. Rough looking teams league wide this year. BC sucks this year Riders aren't even a CFL team. Montreal, Toronto are likely going to be awful. Hamilton and Ottawa will be okay out east, but both teams hardly seem like world beaters. Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary are the only legitimately good teams this year?
  4. A poor man's Heiskanen at 20th? Love it!
  5. Bingo. Also EVERY public opinion poll of over 40 has a 35%-45% negative perception of downtown, where EVERY poll of under 40 has a 20ish% negative perception of downtown. Things change. Especially in the last 8 years when one company (true north) has single handedly has a multi-BILLION dollar injection/influence to the economy People struggle to change. Especially 40+ year olds
  6. Lol. Over 40 and under 40 have MASSIVELY different travel styles. Women over 40 drive 75% of tourism/souvenir dollars. Does that mean their opinion of downtown carries more weight? Of course not. They're not the ones watching shows and drinking 16 beers a night. Sorry if you're offended as an obvious 40+er, but, know what? I'm ALSO over 40. *GASP*
  7. Downtown has a bad rap from the 90s but it's nothing like it used to be. The kids don't have nearly the same perception people 40+ years old do because generally older people are out of touch. A lot of the bad rap that Downtown HAS is from older people that are self loathing and think it's 1996. The bars/restaurants et al are awesome. The exchange district is as nice as anywhere in Canada. There'll be free outdoor shows at the cube. The forks gets 4 million tourists a year now. Pretty safe bet that you'll enjoy it. (I'm in the tourism business. I do this all day)
  8. They're the 2013 bombers. A rudderless ship. Deadbeat HC- dickenson didn't even have his headphones on when he needed to throw the challenge flag. Unproven GM, no QB and no prospects.
  9. Shooting Chris Randle into the sun was a good decision
  10. @Ripper is just lashing out at us because the Riders legitimately might go 6-12 or worse. Reality is seeping in early in Saskatchewan which never happens. That's how you know it's bad over there.
  11. The Bombers showed why continuity and not hitting the offseason panic button is important. BC is a new team from top to bottom and it's going to take them some time to gel. The Bombers took off where we left off last year and hit the ground running with a well balanced team win. Ground and pound for 150, 2 turnovers, decent night on returns and Nichols finishing drives when he needed to. That's why we won, not because BC "dropped 10 balls". Not to mention our D held BC to FOUR rushing yards
  12. Love seeing Hecht come out of the gate flying and playing with confidence and swagger. He totally rattled Carter, conviced Osh to throw the challenge and had 2 INTS. Huuuge. Safety was our biggest concern on D and he played way better than Loffler has in the last 2 years.
  13. I would have took 3 as well. Just O'shea being respectful and not running up the score.
  14. 1. Harris 150+ yards. Enough said. 2. Hecht. 2 INTS are game changing from any position 3. Wolitarsky. 1000 yard Canadian potential. Love it. hh: demski. Not flashy but held on after he got rocked for a couple early 2nd down conversions
  15. BC is a big play team, bombers MO is to grind you out. I prefer the latter
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