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  1. What a horrible trade for Philly. My God
  2. What are you talking about? DeMelo is the jets leading defender in WAR. He legitimately makes Morrissey play like a top pairing guy again. If DeMelo was picked we would only have one good RHD in Pionk on the whole roster. Appleton is a third liner on the Jets. DeMelo is way more valuable to the Jets. It's not even close
  3. Thank God. DeMelo is way more valuable to the Jets than Appleton.
  4. Wow. Jefferson/Jeffcoat are going to steal these guys lunch money.
  5. On CJOB today in O'sheas interview he subtly mentioned that Harris is a great coach. I thought it seemed like an odd thing to throw into the conversation. Let the rumour mongering begin. Edit: I've figured it out! We're Tampa Bay-ing this b****. Harris on IR all year, doesn't count against the cap, magically becomes healthy at the end of the season.
  6. The Bombers just made the best business decision of their lives. Somehow my buddy was able to swing 6 season tickets for $1200. Sounds like we ripped them off, right? Nuh-uh. I guarantee all 6 of us will spend $200/game per person (this figure does not include merch) at absolute minimum on beer and 50/50. I don't need Sportsnet to tell me that I'm not spending enough!
  7. location: Steinbach. Last name: Unger. Can't make this **** up.
  8. what a remarkably bad take in a matter of just 22 words. thank christ chevy is way smarter than that.
  9. Great post, great analysis. Thanks for the effort! Long story short: God no. +/- is a garbage stat, but Laine had 10 goals and was a freaking -30. Did PLD struggle? Yup. Was he injured? Yup. Did Laine play absolutely awful in CBJ? Yup. Was he injured? *probably* yup. PLD struggled to find his foothold, but Laine and Dubois both scored ~.5ppg. Laine gets prime pp1 time where he's the focus, and Dubois gets 30 seconds of pp2 time. Dubois has provided sound defensive play since day 1 even though he's struggled to put up points. Dubois is the youngest player on the roster, younger than Stanley. Dubois oozes #1 center potential with size, and that's not something that can be passed up in today's NHL. Besides, for every goal Laine scored in playoffs the guy would have given up 2 and turned the puck over 10 times a game. Good riddance.
  10. Parros is a joke. DoPS is a joke. The NHL is so far behind amongst the big 4 because of stuff like this. Marketing fails, DoPS fails, reffing fails. ****ing figure it out.
  11. 100% clean. Puss league. Get your ******* head up, it's playoffs. 0 head contact. Hit of the year but it's being vilified due to scenario. If he pops up it's on the highlight reel. 0 fine, 0 games. A nobody #6 d-man like Edmondson saying something public doesn't change the fact. Shoulder into chest moments within puck on stick. Hit of the playoffs. Get off the track.
  12. right. i forgot how our goalie should be criticized because the other team scores goals sometimes.
  13. Helle was absolutely snubbed. Good, put a chip on his shoulder.
  14. Dom cries every time his model breaks. Which unsurprisingly happens all the time - including in the Oilers/Jets series. "I counted at least 30 uncalled penalties on DacMavid!!/[email protected]!" (that's an actual quote, btw) lmafo, 30 eh. okay buddy. What about when Nurse slashed Lowry in the face? Or when Nurse launched the puck over the glass? Or when Smith played the puck outside the trapezoid? Oh, how about when the refs blew the play dead, even though Smith clearly didn't have the puck and the Jets scored a literal GOAL with 3 minutes left in the game? What a hack.
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