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  1. Agreed. When our D or ST had good games Nichols would almost always preserve the win. Strev did enough to win ala Nichols. Not particularly impressed with his decision making today on his INTs though.
  2. HATE that call to have Streveler take a hand off at this point in the game up by 14
  3. At least we've already qualified for playoffs..
  4. Hire Maas as OC when he gets axed. He's an awful HC, but calls a pretty good and aggressive style game.
  5. I'd like to see an extension in place for Streveler before this season ends. Exclusive chance to negotiate with him and shows confidence in him going into playoffs. Yes that's Nichols worst case scenario, but that's the business
  6. As dickish as this is: at least MOS doesn't have a tough decision ahead of him anymore
  7. Whatever team hires him this offseason as HC is going to live to regret it. He's all sizzle and no steak.
  8. The season comes down to the Calgary and Sask match ups anyway. I ain't shook.
  9. I appreciated the read and effort and it's nice to see a breakdown! The only problem with that was it DOES matter what plays were called, and without it, the whole point is moot. The problem with LaPo is it's always: first and ten, hand off up the middle. Draw or screen, MAYBE some stupid 4 yard curl. Punt. Yeah the frequency is the same, but at that point in the game it's so much more predictable due to the circumstance.
  10. The re-match is going to be the banjo bowl 2.0. The Bombers are going to bounce back and absolutely destroy them. Mark this post.
  11. I can't stand the lapo classic: have a lead, with time running out. 1st and 10 hand off up the gut that everyone in the country knows is coming. 2 yards gained. EVERY ******* TIME. I don't even see how that can be called "conservative". It's just stupid and predictable. Consistantly puts the team behind the 8 ball.
  12. I may be in the minority but I see no difference between Hecht and Loffler
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