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  1. Derek Taylor was the biggest Winnipeg homer on TSN. Gonna miss that bias. I could see him really excelling at that job too. Dude is sharp
  2. Doesn't that seem like a step back in a career from being on national TV on TSN?
  3. 9 heart breaks out of 10. Doesn't get much worse than that.
  4. This is so cringey. Guaranteed that guy thought he was the man too.
  5. A 1st+B prospect is market value. I'm fine with it. Guy is built for playoff hockey
  6. That league isn't going to last 2 seasons.
  7. According to the press conference and Bauming Jefferson left money on the table from other teams to sign with the Bombers
  8. That seems really expensive, doesn't it? or is that just me.
  9. Whew. I'm old, I don't have the twitter machine or anything so I assumed there were rumours afloat.
  10. If Edmonton stumbles out of the gates it's going to get ugly
  11. Anyone else think Dressler signs a one year back in Sask now that Jones is gone?
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