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  1. The two biggest primadonnas in the league in Wilder and Banks make statements about announcing their lack of participation. Shocking.
  2. What a desperate cry for attention. If there's a season, he'll play.
  3. Travis Lulay. Epitome of class.
  4. Edit: deleting my dickish comment
  5. K fine but now I refuse to listen and hate you personally forever and we cannot continue our online acquaintanceship. TAKE THAT.
  6. Lmao good for you for knowing someone. Ates was obviously an economics and statistics graduate "when he was a baby" in Pinawa at 14 years old. "I've worked in media so I know it all". Ken met me 10+ times in BG's (not that you would even know what that is since you don't live here so are obviously out of touch) and even me the layman could tell he wasn't anything exceptional. Wiebe is in no way a legend and you know that. Was Gary Lawless who was tenured with the Jets way longer a "legend"? Of course not. Murat Ates brings literal professional mathematic expertise in a way that Wiebe will never compare to. If you choose to disagree that's fine, but you're simply wrong and obstinate on the subject. He's already gone because he's the less valued partner. You can disagree all you want and spout your media history until your face turns blue but you're still wrong. Ates was kept because he's more valued and Wiebe was fired because he's less valued. That's an absolute fact. But I guess you know more than the owners of the Athletic so you should just continue to laugh. You're the smartest guy in the room, I guess
  7. The Athletic Winnipeg Jets was nothing special until Ates brought mathematical expertise. The business made the correct decision and kept Ates and removed Wiebe. That says it all. If it was dire straits Ates would be gone too. Ates will continue to thrive and Wiebe will never be heard from again. He's the definition of replaceable
  8. Never like seeing anyone lose their job, but Ken Wiebe just rode Murat Ates' coat tails success and abilities. Wiebe brought nothing to the table.
  9. Cassie Campbell for the flames is an absolute abomination. No breaking barriers, hire someone competent. If they deem it is a woman, great! If not, I don't want to see any virtue signalling by the CFL and making the game-day product look even more bush than it already is.
  10. https://www.nugget.ca/sports/football/cfl/saskatchewan-roughriders/roughriders-finances/wcm/f69af966-2d48-4ea5-aa96-ec2919b34851
  11. Sam Hurl was absolutely hammered and bought me 2 bud heavys at super spike like 4 years ago. Awful player, but I will always be thankful for that.
  12. Didn't Mcguire look like one our best QBs out of camp last year?
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