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  1. Dr Zaius

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    I won't miss Lapo if he walks. He can't handle head coaching duties and offensive play-calling wherever he goes anyway. Their offense would destined to be vanilla.
  2. Dr Zaius

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    Jennings might have a chance in edmonton's offense. Scramble and 50/50 balls all day
  3. Dr Zaius

    Grey Cup - predictions

    what's their beef? I honestly don't get it
  4. Dr Zaius

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    I don't understand the Ambrosie hate at all. This Mexico thing is stupid, but the endgame isn't to have expansion, I guarantee that. The endgame is to make contacts with deep pockets and to have the CFL on their TVs. CFL viewership is up 5% since last year and Ambrosie actually listens to the fans. If a rule is stupid, he changes it. If the fans want the season up a week, he changes it. It's confirmed that the Grey Cup will be a week earlier next year, which I personally like. Orridge was way worse in my opinion. He didn't listen to anyone. Ambrosie does.
  5. Dr Zaius

    Streveler as our starter in 2019

    After settling down I think management rolls with Nichols for one more year, mostly because there's a shortage of quality quarterbacks in the league. If Bo walks, the west suddenly becomes wide open. You need two quarterbacks in the CFL. If Nichols has another pedestrian year, though, Strev gets the extension and Nichols walks
  6. Nichols just said, "I thought I played pretty good" HH to him for his delusions
  7. I actually agree. I'm fine with the coaching staff back. It's not their fault Nichols crapped the bed.
  8. The weird thing is he's almost certainly going to be back in the starting position next year even though he sucks. He's what, the 5th best QB in the league? And with Bo gone to the NFL he bounces up to 4th? Trying times in the CFL as far as QB quality goes. It's an ugly landscape these days
  9. Go ******* Jets Go. enjoy your dump of a province whose tallest building is 6 stories.
  10. Nichols misses Adams in the endzone. Nichols misses Harris in the flats with no one around him. 1st and 10 and no one around for a mile and Nichols hops around on his toes then doesn't take off until its too late even though he had a lane you could drive a bus through Mitchell had pressure in his face and got the ball out into the hands of his playmakers. Nichols didn't even give anyone a chance. The onus falls on him
  11. I'm okay with retaining our coaching staff honestly. This loss doesn't fall on them. No coaching staff can win when your qb misses open throws.
  12. Meh, It would realistically take 40-50 years for the Riders to reach the championship level success of the Bombers. That includes us never winning one for another 40-50 years. The streak means nothing.
  13. Nichols was absolutely the problem today. He averaged 3 yards per dropback
  14. Dude, seriously everyone is against you in this discussion and you don't see it lol But you're right. Everyone else is wrong
  15. Yet you refuse to admit that this loss is on him. You blame literally EVERYTHING else.