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  1. Brett Jones re-signed in Minnesota for 1 year. Guy has earned over 5 million USD in his career. Glad to know he won't be back with the Stamps
  2. Rider's draft pick and U of M alum Onyemata re-signs with the saints. 3 years, 27 million. Good for him and glad to know he'll never wear a Rider's jersey.
  3. Glad to hear Bo say it publicly, honestly. Everyone who knows the CFL knows Pedersen is the single worst homer in the league and spews nonsense. It's refreshing to hear from a player, especially a leage MOP.
  4. I have a heated garage. Doesn't mean I have a 59 chevy sitting in it
  5. Yeah, that Saskatoon Rush is definitely comparable
  6. They can join the conversation when an NHL arena gets built in Saskabush.
  7. Have these mini-camps that Mcmanus runs yearly yielded a single impact player for the Bombers? JSK was one, I think. But other than him?
  8. I kind of like the idea of "bulletin board material" where the fat teams at the top may burn themselves by their choice of team
  9. Pass. Flowers has been absolutely awful in the X. He's throwing a hissy fit because he played awful, got benched and is now in a rotation.
  10. Collaros is 31 and just won himself a Grey Cup. Enjoy living in your alternate universe where that never happened.
  11. Labatte is done. Guy played 6 games last year and is in his 13th season. What are you going to do when he goes down?
  12. Commit to the tank already. Taking a longshot at winning a good draft pick makes more sense than sneaking into the playoffs where our defense is going to get exposed. If we make it in there's a 0% chance we win 2 rounds. Helle being an elite goaltender this year gives us a chance to steal a round or two, but he has no support.
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