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  1. applies to both. The serious penalties start coming in at 100k+ on both in the form of draft picks and 2:1 penalties It's worth it for any contending team to go over 99k on both. Burn 198k in fines, but make up that revenue as a drop in the bucket hosting playoff games.
  2. Teams that violate the cap are subject to a dollar-for-dollar fine for the first $100,000 they go over. For violations over $100,000, teams will forfeit a draft pick(s) while being assessed a fine between $25,000 to $250,000. I would be perfectly okay with purposely going $99,000 over the operations cap every year if it means retaining the staff.
  3. Exactly. Biggie hobbling around only to get absolutely torched was on coaching. Brutal decision
  4. Yup. And further - since the covid season in 6 playoff games ZC has just 4 TDs and 8 INTs. 1:2 TD:INT. Unacceptable for a rookie, never mind the highest paid player in the league.
  5. If Bombers lose I'm prepared move on from Collaros Hasn't shown up for a GC since 2019
  6. First drink of the day - a Baileys on ice. 8:54 a.m.
  7. The difference between Miller and O'Shea and Walters is he's cofounded and owns several businesses. Miller took over the Bombers to turn the franchise around and he did. I could absolutely see him riding out into the sunset
  8. Am I the only one who thinks it's across actually Miller who leaves? I expect a promotion to Walters as some sort of dual President/GM role
  9. At the game live. BC was 5 yards offside on their Hail Mary TD.
  10. They're FOURTEEN points back of LA for 3rd in the Pacific twelve games into the season. Insane.
  11. Maas - no Dyce -no Chris Jones - no Dave Dickenson - maaaayybeee, probably not. Steinhauer - yes Campbell - yes
  12. Ken Holland LOL God what a dumpster fire of an org. How did Oilers fans buy the hype? They were so clearly flawed and never confronted their holes
  13. An inevitability. This move is financial suicide for the Riders. Clown show org right now
  14. Clueeeeeeless. Those Oilers though, those are the REAL contenders, amirite. No homerism amongst that fanbase getting shelled year after year without addressing any of the same issues
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