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  1. Draft Order: 1. Ticats 2. Riders 3. Bombers 4. Lions 5. Edmonton whatevers 6. REDBLACKS 7. Argos 8. Stamps 9. Ticats via MTL. I can live with this
  2. Wut. Reilly is 100% in the right. They put guaranteed money in the contract, they have to honor it. It's the same as NHL GMs handing out no trade clauses like chiclets.
  3. After the weak roughing the passer call on Jefferson in the beginning of the game, he comes right off the edge causing a clear fumble and biggie recovery. I've said it before and I'll say it again: All the calls went against us the whole playoff run and they overcame every one. Refs gifting Calgary a TD just minutes into the game, Fajardo clearly being 3 yards over the LOS and no call despite a challenge, and then Jefferson getting a weak call in a championship game on him. That's a Mike O'Shea coached team through and through.
  4. I wasn't a huge Bowman supporter, but he was the best of this lot. Can't wait for the next horror show in two years..
  5. Love it. Would have liked to have them retain a little bit, but eh. That's fine. The cap space is there for this reason. Another good move by Chevy.
  6. They would have to. Vegas is actually in a pretty bad situation right now. If they retain 2.0 and cost us 4.5 I would do that in a heartbeat. Send off some B level prospect in return. One year to bridge the gap for Perfetti.
  7. You think management league-wide are sitting on their hands doing nothing just waiting for things to blow over? Think again
  8. Same old media discussion to draw attention. Last year was Montreal offersheeting Aho, this year is Laine/Pietrangelo Next year will be Barzal. Leafs/Canadiens/Bruins/California teams fans will all claim they're shoo-ins to acquire them for nothing or no consequences and it won't happen. Then the cycle starts over.
  9. they don't... they don't actually believe that, do they...???
  10. Love it! Love Streveler and couldn't be happier for him. But does anyone else find it weird that he makes more money than Bo Levi Mitchell? lol almost seems like injustice.
  11. The best decision Walters ever made was tying his fate to O'Shea
  12. Lol Jeff Petry as the main piece? That's not even close in value and this article obviously has a homer habs bias. The conversation starts with Kotkianemi +
  13. Earliest memory: I was about 14, my brother in his early 20s. Canadinns, of course. We were sitting in the student section on the north side of the stadium in the cheap seats. He took me along with all of his buddies. I didn't really know anything about football or the Bombers yet, but all the excitement, cheering and partying got me absolutely hooked. He also bought me a beer and didn't tell mom
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