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  1. I legitimately thought that was a "Fake Marcel Desjardins" twitter account.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winnipeg_Metropolitan_Region Winnipeg's population is 821,537. 15,000 at the jets game, say 23,000 at the Bombers game. That's almost 5% of the whole population out at the games lol
  3. he's our dave dickenson. he's going to be here for the long haul. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if he's HC one day.
  4. it's Jeffcoat!!! If we all throw names out eventually we'll be right!
  5. I hope he lives in a mansion and has a smoke show wife for everything he's done for us
  6. And he's a home run hitter who can change the game in one play. Case in point the western semi against Calgary last year. If Chris Jones becomes a HC I wouldn't be surprised if Jefferson follows him O'shea would probably want the Toronto job more than anything but no way Dinwiddie is going anywhere. Steinhauer in Hamilton isn't going anywhere either. He's ours! Leave our mans alone!!!!
  7. accurate but harsh lol
  8. there's like 7 weeks left until the Grey Cup. With a playoff bye almost a certainty a guy like Castillo could make a good chunk of change on the additional playoff salary. That has to be enticing for him.
  9. The added pressure for Mourtada is not going to help his performance on Saturday. If they're sure Castillo is coming cut Mourtada today
  10. You gotta think they've been in contact with Castillo and he's interested in coming up. That's a great diamond in the rough find, if he comes.
  11. Castillo come on down! RIP mourtada
  12. Is Beard even good? I honestly have no idea
  13. Calgary has a great schedule for their hosting hopes. If they beat Sask this week they get a freebie on us at the end of the year. Calgary is going to get second
  14. Calgary is the second best team in the league, been saying it for weeks. They remind me of the 2011 lions
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