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  1. I agree, but he's the most established FA QB in the league, and Lapo must think he can draw someone - one of Strev, Arbuckle, Nichols, Masoli. The point is: I think he thinks he can get Ottawa to 8 wins and make playoffs as opposed to needing 11 in the west and that's why he took the job. That or Ottawa just simply offered more money.
  2. I think Lapo wanted to be in the puss division too. Edmonton has a top 4 qb in the league, why pass that up? I think Lapo thinks he can bring in Masoli and get them to 8 wins and make playoffs as opposed to the slugfest out west.
  3. That was the best way to put it. I think he's always been the most overrated coordinator in the league. Deserves a HC job for sure though, so good for him.
  4. Pierce was very aggressive in his play. I love that sort of smash-mouth style, especially with this roster. I'd imagine his play calling will mimic his play style. I'm excited to see it
  5. I expect Buck to be way more aggressive with virtually the same playbook. I really think he'll do a better job than Lapo. Lapo is his own worst enemy and it'll happen in Ottawa too.
  6. People were reporting here that Mcguire looked better than Strev at this year's TC if I remember correctly.
  7. Is it not possible Pinball just formally asked Walters for permission to speak with Collaros and he granted it? Walters knows the situation. More "good guy" moves in the eyes of his fellow GM's and players for the sake of not burning bridges
  8. Who's do you think is bigger, Chris Streveler or Blake Wheeler?
  9. I never thought Mcadoo was that bad. He got a MOP (lame nomination, obviously) season out of Cody freaking Fajardo.
  10. Is this the end of our can-con on our d-line? Kongbo gone, Thomas aging out/potential retirement, Hansen not good enough to carry the load on his own
  11. Did the league ever change the rule so that the team that drafted him retains his rights? Or is he just a straight FA upon his return to the CFL?
  12. Maas would be a good hire for Sask, imo. Guy is still a top tier OC
  13. TSN reporting Campbell to be named Lions head coach. I think he gets eaten alive in the western conference. He had an abysmal record, but the GC win buys you 9 lives in the CFL. That said, I think he's a better hire than Maas. Maas as an OC with Rielly could tear up the league. Something in the works there?
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