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  1. Einstein was also skeptical that black holes actually existed, even though his math and equations predicted they do.
  2. This was also one of the contracts that triggered the NHL to put in the 8 year max contract rule, as this was a 14 year contract, front loaded so that he only gets paid $1M a year with a $7.8M cap hit in each of the final 3 years. The contract was designed to be bought out in those years or traded to a team like Phoenix.
  3. Are the people you put your faith in the ones who are always voted in?
  4. It would also require trust in elected officials that they can competently plan past the election cycle. I wonder how much of this is people don't buy into it and how much is it with a lack of trust or seeing a lack of vision from elected officials.
  5. It is a tough pill to swallow and dissapointing when it turns out that people we idolize and look up to aren't the people we hoped them to be. In any given population of people there is going to be a wide range of people from really horrible to really great (and everything in betwen). Being a hockey player, actor, or any kind of celebrity doesn't automatically make you a great person. It just makes you great at some things that happen to make you famous. At the end of the day, take care of yourself, be careful of who you idolize and make sure the people you choose to emulate are deserving, and represent the kind of person you want to be.
  6. I think the government thinks they win more brownie points by someone getting a physical cheque in hand a few times a year vs the smaller tax savings of seeing a few hundred dollars extra on your pay cheque split over 26ish pay periods. Would certainly seem easier (and cheaper) to administer your way.
  7. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2023/01/13/toronto-marlies-game-postponed-after-fan-suffers-medical-episode/ Game against the Moose has now been postponed.
  8. Lions did get Ryan Rigmaiden back a couple of years ago. Would expect they have a decent pipeline coming in.
  9. It actually won't reach the consumed Earth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sirius
  10. https://www.theregister.com/2023/01/12/heata_offers_free_hot_water/
  11. http://www.pubmanitoba.ca/v1/contact-us/media/pubs/2021-2025-nr/nr-mpi-2023-rates.pdf MPI to raise rates by an average of 1.54%
  12. Also a difference of making $750k vs $175k
  13. Or actually retire seeing Wikipedia says she is in her 70s.
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