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  1. Not ideal for sure, but I suspect the majority of Jets fans will have no problems staying up for a late playoff game.
  2. Wade would be an interesting choice, but I don't want to lose him from the Bombers.
  3. The plaintiff could lose the civil or criminal case and the CFL could still decide that what happened has violated their code of conduct policies.
  4. I think the club agrees with the assessment on Valour based on these last few paragraphs in Tait's article
  5. I don't think wrongful dismissal is ever a criminal matter, is it?
  6. https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.7163873
  7. One thing that stood out watching this is the broadcaster talks a lot more about formations and how the teams are lining up. We rarely even get broadcasters talking about a player substitution for an injury or a player taking a few plays off. Either the broadcasters used to be much more knowledgeable about the game, or they've felt they had to really dumb it down over time.
  8. Article doesn't lead me to believe they are in debt with $7M in reserves. What they are saying is: They don't know how to restore the season ticket base They don't know how to restore the standing in the community Improve infrastructure Rather then sell, get rid of the board and bring in people who can fix points 1 and 2. Don't need to sell the club to do that. For point 3, I find it unlikely a private owner is going to invest a bunch of their own money in infrastructure.
  9. Who would even get the money when a non profit is sold privately? The article talks about how the club is in rough times financially, some due to the pandemic, some due to the record. Club success is cyclical and that should not be reason to sell the club. The other they give is they need a new stadium. If we've learned anything over the last 20 years, private owners aren't typically willing to put down a lot of their own capital to build stadiums / arenas. Like it or not, this inevitably comes from the tax payer. So why sell the club to a private owner to reap that potential benefit? Don't like this one bit.
  10. Same type of person who uses a VPN that makes it look like they are posting from India to hide who they really are. So, likely someone who has been previously banned.
  11. Here is a depressing thought for everyone watching these games from the 80s. Watching a 1984 game today in 2023 is like watching a 1945 game in 1984 . Yes, I feel old.
  12. And these days, if you are not a writer, put your bullet points down into ChatGPT and it will write the article for you.
  13. If that same play happened to Helle, I’d expect a power play out of it.
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