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  1. Rich

    Two Tier Salary Cap

    It’s not about relief to owners. It is about making the cap truly equal. $8M / year in Florida is not the same as $8M / year in Winnipeg to a player after taxes. In Free Agency, those teams essentially have a higher cap to play with.
  2. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 7:30PM Standings are below:
  3. Rich

    Third Jerseys

    Curious if you love it enough to buy one? I’d say I’m indifferent on this jersey. Don’t hate it, but at the same time, I don’t find it compelling enough that it will be something I’d go out and buy. And if the majority of people feel that way, then it would have to be considered a failure as this is the primary reason teams do these jerseys Will be interesting to see how many of these we end up seeing around the city and at games
  4. I think the issue in Montreal is also media driven. There would be reporters who only want to ask their questions in French. And if not, may not be kind to the club because of it Get a Translator? Or is media not as important and don’t have the impact they once did.
  5. Rich

    Lock of the Week 13

    Congrats to MOBomerFan! Job well done and will be taking home a $50 Bomber store gift certificate.
  6. Only 3 games on the docket this week. Picks need to be in by Friday @ 6:30PM. Standings below:
  7. It was a sellout. Empty seats are a symptom of the design of the stadium. Always a tonne of people at the rum hut and concourse. You can still see the game from there.
  8. Rich

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    Happy to have Wheeler signed. He is your Captain. He has put up 78, 74 and 91 points in the last 3 years. High end production. Makes you wonder though if we come to regret that Little contract. Hopefully he can turn it around this season, but last season was a bit of a disappointment. Signing both these guys will cost us some of the younger talent coming in.
  9. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 9PM Standings are below:
  10. Rich

    New Regime...

    I do believe the original post was suggesting Tom Clements because he helped develop Aaron Rodgers. Not bringing in Aaron Rodgers.
  11. Labour day weekend is upon us. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 6:30PM. Standings are below:
  12. Rich

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    Can't see them trading him, they are in compete now mode. Unless we are totally out of the playoffs come the trade deadline, he means more to this team now for a playoff push then future prospects. With where this team is at, keep him for the year and let him walk if he can't be re-signed.
  13. Lets not bump threads from 2 years ago. It is confusing to people until they see posting dates and generally bad forum etiquette Plenty of other threads these things can be discussed.