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  1. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 6:00 PM. Standings are below:
  2. Trestman had a long history as a positional coach and coordinator in the NFL before coming to the CFL after always being overlooked for a head coaching gig. O'Shea has none of that. With all the coaches coming up from the NCAA, slim to no chance O'Shea gets a sniff in the NFL. If he really wanted to go to the NFL, he'd likely have to cut his teeth in a positional or Special Teams role first.
  3. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 6:30 PM. Standings are below:
  4. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 8:00 PM Standings are below:
  5. Rich


    There is measures in place for the states as well. If the president steps down, there is an order of who is in charge starting with the Vice President. Our system is setup that you vote more for a party / representative then the leader. What you are asking for would seem to me to be getting closer to the American system.
  6. Thanks. I had input Hamilton winning for some reason instead of Montreal. Everyones points on that game would have just got an adjustment.
  7. Schedule makers have decided on a Wednesday game again this week. Picks need to be in by Wednesday @ 6:30PM. Standings are below:
  8. Another early game next week with picks needing to be in by Tuesday @ 6:30 PM Standings are below:
  9. Rich


    People are people no matter what era. There are always going to be those that question and not believe. While disappointing, this really isn't anything new. It is unfortunately human nature. https://crosscut.com/2020/05/seattle-always-had-anti-vaxxers-even-during-smallpox
  10. Rich


    People should be getting vaccinated, but you can't compare death numbers from 100 years ago to today, especially when it comes to a pandemic. You need to compare percentage of population. In 1918 the world population was between 1.6 and 2 billion. Now it is at 7.8B.
  11. Early game next week with picks needing to be in by Wednesday @ 6:30 PM Standings are below:
  12. Would people be for or against Roberts going up on the Bombers Ring of Honour?
  13. There was talk on CJOB on the post game show after the game how Collaros was misused and unhappy in Saskatchewan. Was being forced to play in a way that didn't match his skillset. Not allowed to run outside the pocket, very much was constrained to the "system". You need to be matching both coaching and talent to succeed. It can't be just because of one.
  14. If you are saying he could have gave more by actually training and not smoking, then sure maybe you could peg that at 75%. Was it 75% on plays where he didn’t get to touch the ball. Maybe. But when he got the ball in his hands, it was 110% every time. There is no other way for him to do what he did.
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