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  1. This is also why the NHL put in the cap. Teams need to theoretically be careful and get value out of contracts as they have a limit to what they can spend. There are outs and ways for teams to get around bad contracts, but would be way worse if it weren’t in place.
  2. You didn’t register any picks last week
  3. Current standings below. Picks for this week need to be in by Thursday @ 6:30PM
  4. Tough week 1 for pick 'ems as we see where this years teams slot it with each other. Picks this week need to be in by Thursday @ 6PM Current standings below:
  5. I can see peoples picks, as long as you are picking in the poll, no need to add them here (unless you really want to!). After this week's games are over, updates / standings will be posted.
  6. Preseason is over. That means it is time to kickoff the yearly Pick 'Ems contest. How do they work? Each week you pick the winners for all CFL games. You get one point for every correct pick. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins a $50 gift certificate at the Bomber store. Picks will be done through the polling system. Polls close at game start of the first game of the week. I will accept picks for games that have not started yet through PMs if you are late getting them in. Week 1 kicks off Thursday with last years Grey Cup rematch . Picks need to be in by 8PM Thursday, June 8th.
  7. Its about getting more people in seats to come see the music act, and hoping a percentage of them will enjoy the football and game enough to come back for more. You complain about the CFL and TSN not doing enough to attract new fans and grow the game. Here is BC trying something to grow their fan base and bring in people who wouldn't normally come to a football game, but that apparently is also problematic. 🤷
  8. Don't know why anyone would want to buy a traditional news propery in this day and age. The economics don't make sense and dwindling future subscriptions as the majority of the youth of today certainly don't follow or read traditional news media.
  9. This was the low point for Smith for me. Drafting Sergie Bautin in the first round when no one even knew who he was. Then the draft believes they drafted Sergei Brylin, which was wrong, because they were scrambling. Bautin's NHL stats? In 2 years played 130 games. 5 Goals, 25 assists (30 points). Brylin, had that been who we had drafted, at least had a 13 year career with the devils. Drafted in the 2nd round by the devils.
  10. Tickets from select-a-seat, used to look like this, and would cost you under $20
  11. Don't you need to get your ID scanned to even enter an LC these days?
  12. Was able to stop in for about 45 min to rookie camp today, was curious just to see Stegall out there - A lot of stretching - Receivers / QBs running drills with the QB taking the football, receivers running routes, QBs making reads, no balls being actually thrown - Milt getting a lot of cheers just for running a route - More stretching - Receivers doing ladder drills with other positions doing their own drills (was focused on receivers) - Then I had to leave Based on only seeing Milt running routes without lining up against defence and without any balls being thrown to him, he is ready to make the team and finally get that Grey Cup ring.
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