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  1. Apples to oranges. Ehlers and Connor are RFAs. Kane is UFA.
  2. Rich

    TSN Panel Changes

    He is no longer on the panel.
  3. http://www.3downnation.com/2018/05/23/kate-beirness-host-thursday-panel-cfl-tsn-makes-changes/ Kate Beirness to take over from Rod Smith to host Thursday Night Football. Rod to still host Friday nights and do some play-by-play Davis Sanchez to have an increased presence on the panel . (Matt Dunigan, Jock Climie, Milt Stegall and Henry Burris) Chris Schultz back as a CFL Fantasy football specialist
  4. Rich

    Darian Durant Retires

    Quoted and deleted.
  5. Rich

    Darian Durant Retires

    A couple of people have suggested this thread should be closed / die. There is absolutely zero reason to lock this thread. If you are done with the conversation, don't read it anymore. It is as simple as that. When the community is done discussing a topic it will shuffle down the list to die with all of the other threads that have run their course. Mods don't direct what topics are discussed. They enforce the rules of the board to try to keep the discussion civil. A thread is usually only locked when it has gone way off the rails or someone has resurrected a really old thread. I would never be part of a forum where the mods dictated when a topic can be discussed and not ... just because a few think it shouldn't be discussed anymore.
  6. Rich

    Round 3 : Game 5 - Leaving Las Vegas

    It is trolling if you are going to come to a Jet board and only can complain about missed calls on the Jets and never a peep about the other way. Find a Vegas board if you want it the other way.
  7. Rich

    Round 3 : Game 4 - The Hangover

    Didn’t see that post nor could I find it in this thread. There is a report post at the top of every post to bring something to a moderators attention.
  8. Rich

    Round 3 : Game 4 - The Hangover

    You keep saying that, but you of course understand why people are skeptical and don't believe you. Despite claiming to be a Bomber fan for 40 years, you first sign up to the site during the Vegas series, first with a Vegas avatar and now a knight avatar. What a coincidence that in the 5 years this site has been running you magically found it during the Vegas / Jets series. Also of all your posts. 2 (7.5%), have been in the Bomber section, referencing of all things, Dominique Davis (the 2nd post was of course to clarify that the first post was only a joke). The rest have been about Jets / Vegas. Not even a peep from you on the big Adam Bighill news today. Actions speak louder then words. You certainly don't even need to be a Bomber fan to post here. Just don't lie about it and make ridiculous posts disguising ignorance as trolling. There are examples of fans who post here who are fans from other teams than what the majority support, you could take a lesson from them.
  9. Rich

    Bomber Moves 2018

  10. Post one off topics and discussion for the league here.
  11. Rich

    Manziel Signs With Tiger-Cats

    Physicals are today. Training camp opens tomorrow. Fair to say the off season is done and we should move on from that thread.