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  1. I get the allure of the principles of communism, the problem is it has never successfully been implemented. And most countries who try have always said .. yeah but what happened before wasn't TRUE communism, we will do it right, but nobody has. You may be able to successfully implement it in a society of 100 - 250 people, but at mass scale it does not work. In pretty much every instance the people with the best of intentions for the populace are either dead or in prison within the first few years. Then the fun happens. This book should be mandatory reading to understand the dangers and what has gone in in communist countries. https://www.amazon.ca/Gulag-Archipelago-Aleksandr-Solzhenitsyn/dp/1843430851/ref=sr_1_2?crid=309F29F30CCWZ&keywords=the+gulag+archipelago&qid=1568921052&s=gateway&sprefix=the+gulag+ar%2Caps%2C171&sr=8-2 What we have here in the West isn't perfect, but it has lasted longer and has spread more wealth and improved the quality of living of people at all levels of society far more then other then other structures. Is it perfect? No. Should we keep trying to make it better? Of course. But it doesn't mean the whole system should be thrown out.
  2. Came across this clip of an old Bill Hader interview on David Letterman. This Ctrl Shift Face channel is showing people just how crazy digital manipulation and deep fakes can be. Can't believe a lot fo what you see these days. Watch how Hader's face pretty much seamlessly shifts in and out of Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen when he does their impressions.
  3. Third instance with video comes out. https://globalnews.ca/news/5922861/justin-trudeau-brownface-video/
  4. Some movement at the top of the standings this week. @M.O.A.B. and @bigg jay tied with 43 and @wayner in 3rd with 41. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 6PM Standings below:
  5. Super happy with this signing. Steal of a deal for 8 years.
  6. Top 3 remain unchanged with @bigg jay and @M.O.A.B. tied for first with 40 correct picks and @wayner in third with 39. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 9PM. Standings are below:
  7. Updated standings from last week:
  8. Completely forgot about this this week. Will get last week's updates up soon. This week's picks need to be in by Friday @ 6:30 PM
  9. Click your name in the top right, then Account Settings. You can then change your display name.
  10. @bigg jay and @M.O.A.B. currently tied for first with 33 correct picks and @wayner right behind them in 3rd place with 32 correct picks. Picks this week need to be in by Sunday @ 2PM. Standings below:
  11. @bigg jay and @M.O.A.B. are still tied for 1st place with @Albertabomberguy and @wayner nipping on their heels in 3rd. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 8PM Standings are below:
  12. @bigg jay and @M.O.A.B. are currently tied for 1st place with @Albertabomberguy and @wayner nipping on their heels in 3rd. Picks this week need to be in by Thursday @ 7:30PM Standings are below:
  13. Then why does he claim “desire” is what has set Calgary apart from other teams? If that was coming from the fans, Winnipeg or Saskatchewan would win every year.
  14. You have to be crazy to think that “desire” is what sets Calgary apart from the rest of the league. What kind of crap to you keep spewing around here Every other team goes into the office every day thinking what can we do to just be good enough. If this is how you really feel people think, I feel sorry for you and the organizations you’ve worked for. Everyone doesn’t make the correct decisions or executions, but I can assure you desire is not lacking in this organization.
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