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  1. Rich

    David Suzuki

    Split off from the Bomber forum.
  2. Picks this week need to be in by Sunday @ 12PM Standings are below:
  3. Rich

    Any snowmobilers in here ?

    Or most live in the city or don’t want to engage with you because of comments like this.
  4. Rich

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    https://ottawacitizen.com/sports/hockey/nhl/winnipeg-jets/jets-coach-maurice-puts-some-perspective-on-senators-uber-cam-video/wcm/a9a361ec-31ab-40bf-b6fd-bdf9d9ca88e0 Maurice ways in on the recorded Uber conversation
  5. There is a very real problem of a high number of Rider posters that come here purely to troll. There is immediate suspicion on anyone who comes here under the Rider banner, is here to troll, because over 95% that come here do just that. It is unfortunate that every Rider fan here gets lumped into that category, and is jumped on by some posters, but there is good reason that it happens. I just banned a “semi regular” Rider poster here yesterday. Turns out he had signed up with 3 accounts, one with a very insulting name. It gets so tiring dealing with the stupid games people try to play, and the tolerance level gets lowered every time.
  6. This weeks picks need to be in by Sunday @ 12PM Standings are below:
  7. Bennett’s been in now for the last couple of series.
  8. Based on a quote from O'Shea, he asked for his release because he wanted to go home. If he had asked for his release and said he wanted to go sign with an opponent we are likely playing in the playoffs, I'm not sure the team would have been so quick to grant it.
  9. Rich

    Season Finale At Edmonton

    I believe he is still not practicing. For sure won’t play this week. They are expecting him back for the playoffs
  10. Rich

    Season Finale At Edmonton

    A win in a meaningless game won't mean anything. This game changer moniker also only really matters to some fans. The coaches will do what they think is best to win in the playoffs. It would be foolish to play Nichols this whole game and risk injury in a meaningless game for the playoffs.
  11. Rich

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    Except, with this story breaking, his girlfriend would now know. So he would have to pay up AND face the music, which if all of this is true, he deserves.
  12. Rich

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    A side girl. The article and claims basically said Kane pushed for the abortions and eventually offered the payout because he didn't want his actual girlfriend to find out.
  13. Rich

    Week 21 Pick 'Ems

    PM me or post it here before the start of the game. If I do forget to change it from the selected pick after the games are played just send me a reminder. Like this post or respond to confirm you want it changed.
  14. Rich

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    According to TMZ, Evander Kane is being sued for $3 Million. http://www.tmz.com/2018/10/31/woman-sues-nhls-evander-kane-claims-he-owes-her-3-million-for-aborting-his-baby/ So far this is only being reported by TMZ, so take that into account when reading this article. Quite the story if the allegations turn out to be true.