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  1. Is there a benefit to running it as a repeater on an FM station or is it just the cheapest thing to do? Seems to me anyone who has a FM radio already has AM and AM has a longer range.
  2. Fixed Was trying to make the remaining BC schedule harder
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  4. Rich


    It’s not to be a ****. How many companies closed down. How many people couldn’t work, lost their jobs that the government had to step in with that benefit. The Canadian government even called it a lockdown benefit. I’m not saying it was the wrong decision, not even saying it shouldn’t happen again if a variant comes out that it was way more contagious and / or deadly. But to say everyone impacted by those closures wasn’t in a lockdown because of what happened in Italy is just trying to word smith this. When people say they don’t want lockdowns again, it is what they experienced here in Canada. Not about something they didn’t experience.
  5. Rich


    Really? https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/designated-covid-19-lockdown-regions.html
  6. Rich


    I bit of mixing going on in this thread as mentioned. Antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. As for antibiotics in cows, from my understanding (and I'm not an expert here, so feel free to correct me here) they are used in cases when animals are in close quarters to prevent spread of disease, and there is some evidence that they also help cattle grow faster / bigger. Some of the issues with this, as Tracker mentioned, this is giving antibiotics as a prophylactic, meaning before an infection. When done like this, bacteria will mutate faster and gain immunity over the antibiotic which can also affect how resistant the antibiotics are for humans.
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  8. The CFL doesn't officially share salaries. It is usually leaked. And I have the least amount of faith in the leaked CFL salaries compared to the other professional sports.
  9. Also saw this tweet from the Jets, wow does Lowry look like a little kid in his early pictures
  10. Rich


    Here is to hoping that the new variants follow the typical patterns of being less deadly / severe in symptomns.
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