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  1. Respecting the skills that McDavid has and hating the Oilers are not mutually exclusive.
  2. The 45+ crowd is the majority of the CFL fans right now. You can't do something that will alienate that group without having things in motion to attract the younger demographic. Don't think "name" college players will do that, since we already have name college players in the league, and the younger demographic still doesn't care.
  3. It isn’t what I would call negotiating in good faith.
  4. Rich


    Pierre Kory is the one I was thinking of. He has been the biggest proponent of pushing Ivermectin.
  5. Rich


    You are correct. Rogan talked about a number of things that were prescribed for treatment, and has probably sung the praises of Monoclonal antibodies as treatment more than Ivermectin. The problem with Rogan, is he has had on his show at least one physician who explicitly pushed Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid. This is where things get grey for me. The person who he had on, appeared to have the credentials to be an expert in their field, so I don't know if that is a voice that should be entirely silenced. However, their evidence was more circumstantial then would typically be looked for in actual clinical trials. Also by the guests he had on, he appeared to be one sided and slanted towards the use of Ivermectin. It wasn't until there was an outcry and probably some pressure from Spotify, that he had on qualified guests with a differing view.
  6. Rich


    In theory, I think we are in agreement on a very base level, with this: In reality, I don't know how to make this happen without some central body who decides what is crap and what isn't. And if history has taught me anything, that is a disaster waiting to happen. So I really don't know how to make that happen without other dire, and quite possibly worse unintended consequences. And for this: I'm curious why I'm the only one you've singled out for posting links that anyone can find online, when there are numerous links, tweets, memes, articles posted daily by many people in these forums. I'd also suggest these links that are shared are needed for any kind of discussion around them to occur. That is indeed the main purpose of a place like this?
  7. Rich


    What exactly don't you agree with? No where did I say everyone does it. I presented links because people were claiming it wasn't actual news sites that were pushing the horse de-wormer narrative, that is not true. If you want people to pay for their lies, those lies need to be exposed and acknowledged first. Would love to hear how you propose for people to pay for those lies.
  8. Rich


    Some, sure. But not all media. And a lot of this actually goes to headlines. And while you can claim people should be reading the entire article, we all know if people see something enough times, it starts to get believed. And that is irresponsible journalism. A few examples https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/joe-rogan-covid-19-ivermectin-horse-dewormer-1219720/ "‘Crazy Times’: Joe Rogan Got Covid and Ate a Cocktail of Meds Including a Horse Dewormer" https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/general-news/joe-rogan-contracts-covid-19-treated-himself-with-horse-dewormer-1235007061/ "Joe Rogan Says He Tested Positive for COVID-19, Takes Unproven Horse Dewormer" And the worst perpetrator of this was CNN, where even some of their own contributors criticized the network for how it handled and characterized it. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/10/joe-rogan-cnn-horse-dewormer-covid https://nypost.com/2021/10/16/cnn-contributor-blasts-network-over-ivermectin-coverage/ https://ca.news.yahoo.com/joe-rogan-considers-suing-cnn-190606533.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10119183/CNN-wont-apologize-bruising-ego-Joe-Rogan-claiming-hed-taken-horse-dewormer.html Even the FDA had tweets with headlines saying things like you are not a horse or a cow, you shouldn't take Ivermectin. These are all half trues that when people dig into the larger picture, sow distrust. I'm not a fan of either people or sides lying or spreading misinformation. But only one side of this continually gets pushed and spread, so I don't feel the need to re-iterate or bring it up again. Should Rogan have pushed Ivermectin as a Covid cure? No. Absolutely not. But the after effects off what happened made the situation worse. Not better. The headlines were everywhere at the time. Where do you think tweets and things like Tracker posted earlier in this thread originally came from? The was an overabundance of reports that Rogan took horse de-wormer, and then people are surprised people self medicate on horse dewormer? A more honest headline would be Rogan takes Ivermectin, a parasitic drug not approved for Covid. And while many news outlets did report along those lines, there were too many that didn't. CNN being the worst. It is irresponsible.
  9. Rich


    In fact, the scientists who developed it won the Nobel Prize for its use in dealing with parasites in Africa. It has been life changing there. This is the problem with false narratives that the media keeps on pushing. Should it be used for Covid? No. Does the fact that the media doesn't tell the whole truth and keeps pushing it solely as a horse deworming drug make people believe there is a conspiracy and double down on things like Ivermectin? Yes. There seems to be little to no attempt at unbiased reporting these days. Everyone is out to push an agenda. Rogan didn't get the medication from a vet. His doctor prescribed it, the human version, in human doses. If there wasn't a spin on this, and the media reported what actually happened here, maybe people wouldn't have stolen the drug from vets, and talked to their own doctor and could have received sound medical advice.
  10. I mentioned economics, because if their economy tanks, ours is likely to follow and that has the potential for widespread impact on all of our lives. I also mentioned more than just economics. You don’t think what is happening in the States right now hasn’t already started to creep in and influence what is happening here?
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