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  1. Maybe, eventually. Right now he has some catching up to do.
  2. Both Fajardo and Adams bounced around the league for a couple of years before they developed into starters. I’m not sure why we would expect Streveler to develop faster.
  3. I just think where the Bombers could be without those stupid loses to Toronto and Montreal.
  4. I suspect an extension for Adams is imminent. Trolls complaining about trolls is deliciously ironic.
  5. Did you actually see some of his receptions? I can think of at least two where he was stationary when he caught the pass and a Rider defender was on top him right away. he had zero time to head up field much less break a tackle. I realize it’s your opinion but it’s clearly uninformed and biased.
  6. I certainly see Evans, Roosevelt and Williams-Lambert as better than him. Makes the decision to cut Mathews more damaging.
  7. 5 of Nichols wins were against BC, Ottawa and Toronto. Context matters. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we are better off with the way Strev has played lately but it not as simple as you portray it.
  8. If MBT is an improvement, it’s only marginal IMO.
  9. I wasn’t screaming to bench Nichols for Strev but Imdont think Matty is a Grey Cup winning QB. I think he takes you only so far.
  10. Knowing the morons on Rider fans, they’ll say they blew the Bombers out.
  11. Defence came to play. Offence, well ... I’m not down on Strev as some, he still is very raw as a passer but I feel the talent is there.
  12. To be fair Streveler did attempt one long pass to Peterman, it that was the only one.
  13. Well this is embarrassing. Too lazy to do any research comes back to haunt me.
  14. Anyone know why Wolitarsky is out? I’m assuming performance related but maybe I’m unaware of an injury.
  15. Isn't it fun to see the Bombers break our hearts in new fashion every year?
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