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  1. I share your frustration. I know of a person who has had necessary heart surgery delayed due lack of ICU beds caused, in part, by COVID patients, many of whom are anti-vaxxers. Those who say their vaccination status affects only themselves have their heads buried so far up their ass they'll never see daylight.
  2. I didn’t check betting sites, so there you go. Consider me now more informed.
  3. Ok, but I’m still having trouble finding Ridder as a top 10 Heisman candidate or even a dark horse candidate. I agree with your assessment as a guy an NFL team will draft and be willing to develop for a couple of seasons.
  4. I think you mean Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler as the Heisman candidate: https://www.si.com/college/2021/08/27/heisman-contenders-2021-rattler-howell-young Ridder is much more of a project. Athletic and strong arm but accuracy issues.
  5. Another dominant performance on D. Supposed MOP, Fajito, looked like crap. Well, off to Riderfans.
  6. I see Winston Rose is on the Bengals PR. Lets see if he sticks or is called up. Probably not a factor in Winnipeg in 2021, but maybe 2022.
  7. Bit of a strange game. 2nd chance FG winner on their OWN penalty. Good for Legghio to kick the winner and have a 4 FG game.
  8. PI call was iffy, could have gone either way and it did cost us points. I’m not of the opinion that thenPI call was blatantly bad and the Bombers were screwed. Close calls like that happen all the time.
  9. You can dispute the call made on Alexander but in the end it didn’t cost us any points, just time and field position. I thought the PI on the INT was iffy as was the incompletion on Adams. The calls may not have been good but I don’t think it cost WBB the game. Lack of execution was the main culprit, IMO.
  10. Getting beat like a rented mule so far. D can’t tackle and receivers can’t catch.
  11. The Nichols/LaPolice combo is in mid season form, I see. Another year where Nichols struggles to get 200 yards passing in a game. Elks losing that game. At home.
  12. I wouldn’t be too proud of that game if I were a Riders fan. No doubt some of true delusional clowns on Riderfans will hail this as a sign of a Grey Cup season.
  13. Another dominant defensive performance. Also, start the transition to Oliveria, he’s going to take over eventually.
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