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  1. Not sure if Walker will command the same salary as last year. The market might adjust down a bit for receivers. I think Walker could be deadly with Collaros, so that would be nice to see. Would love to see Adams back too.
  2. Crazy that all of the Bomber QBs from the '07 Grey Cup are head coaches in the CFL/NFL now (other than injured Glenn)
  3. Good thing I don't work for the Bombers then and that my anxiety has no effect on the team's results.
  4. I'm not quite as not caring as you but I know what you mean. All the anxiety I've felt in past off-seasons seems to have disappeared this year.
  5. While a NI would be nice, Alexander really excelled there. Huge turn around on D once he took over at safety.
  6. HAM WINNIPEG 50 DEFENSIVE TACKLES 41 5 SPECIAL TEAMS TACKLES 9 55 TOTAL TACKLES 50 1 QB SACKS 6 0 FORCED FUMBLES 3 2 PASS KNOCKDOWNS 7 0 INTERCEPTIONS 2 0 FUMBLE RETURNS 2 Just checking the box score for fun. Take a look at these defensive stats.
  7. Agree totally. Collaros seemed to move in the pocket a bit better and attack down field more.
  8. 1. Harris 2. The Jeffs - absolutely dominated the tackles for Hamilton 3. Mike Jones - huge hits and key play to break up that deep pass HH - Hansen for blowing up the blocker and returner on that kick return Bonus stars - O-line ripped some huge holes for Harris and kept the QBs upright
  9. Last drought ended beating Hamilton in Alberta. Let's do it again!
  10. Clearly doesn't matter what jersey they wear... for them to win I'm the one that needs to wear the right combination of Bomber sweaters during the week and on game day. It's worked so far this playoff run.
  11. Looks like Hamilton practiced indoors today, while the Bombers held theirs outside. Is it even that cold in Calgary today?
  12. Didn't have a lot of hope going into the game in 2007, but I was there in person and we were in it just enough to get my hopes up. Depressing as hell flight home.
  13. Wins - 2001 East Final at home was great. 2011 East Final that was supposed to be the last game at the old barn was a great feeling too. Losses - 2001 Grey Cup broke me. 2007 GC broke me again. 2011 GC numb to the pain didn't even feel that one.
  14. Disagree. The way Grant was brought down was the exact situation the rule is meant to address. Shouldn't matter that the defender got his hand over the shoulder to the front if all of the force is pulling the player directly down. Immediately thought that Grant may have blown his knee out. Not sure I've seen it called more liberally now. Seems to only be called if the player is brought down by the collar (even when pulled forward, which shouldn't be a horse collar at all). Granted I don't watch every game, so could definitely have missed some other calls.
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