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  1. He certainly seemed to turn it on in the playoffs in 19 (hasn't turned it off since then)
  2. I disagree. Harris came in week 4 this year after well over a year off and showed little rust. If he can play, you play him. Augustine and Oliveira can be on the roster too if needed.
  3. Agree totally. As the 4th option out there he's a great fit. Always needs to be accounted for because he can score long TDs. Blocks well. Gets under the skin of the defence.
  4. Thanks. Hopefully the remaining ones would now get it (should be just enough time now before the west final and cup), or at least is nobody too important.
  5. What are the Bombers at for vax %?
  6. I wish there were more from the early 2000s available online. I'd love to watch some of those Khari, Milt, Roberts, Sellers games again.
  7. Saw a tweet from Bauming saying that Darby has been in and Mike Jones back a corner. That would be welcome news as Josh Miller hasn't exactly excelled there.
  8. Because he is better than Bailey.
  9. Thanks! Hit was much tamer than I thought it would be.
  10. Anyone have a clip of the Alexander hit? Missed the second half and haven't seen it anywhere.
  11. Looking forward to seeing what McKnight can do. Had a great camp from all reports I saw.
  12. 1. Collaros - ability to move around and keep eyes down field was great to see 2. Oliveira - great job pounding the ball to wind down the game 3. DLine - would have had several sacks if Masoli wasn't so good a dumping the ball while being taken down HH - Mike Jones - forced a fumble and don't think I saw him miss a tackle.
  13. Thanks JCon! Disappointed to hear they weren't doing a great job checking.
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