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  1. Two hands on the ball, receiver needs to catch that. Lots of guys catch balls and get hit every damn game.
  2. 18/22 for 177, would have been 20/22 with 220 and TD pretty easily if Woli and Matthews catch those balls. Agree totally that Nichols needs to throw to his receivers more vs just dump offs to Harris. Lapo doing him no favours calling for run on just about every first down, leaving second in obvious passing situations every time.
  3. Grant - obviously Harris - tough 100 yard game Sayles - INT, sack, couple of BS penalty calls HH - Hallet with the fumble recovery, maybe could have scooped and scored but focused on just getting the ball.
  4. That complaint out of the way. Good to get the win. Grant looks like a keeper. D-line had good pressure and caused a couple turnovers.
  5. Awful offensive play calling. Draw on the QB draw on the goal line with Nichols in? Sure, it's not expected but not likely to succeed either. Wildcat with Harris? He's obviously getting the ball and running. Two games in a row that he's tried that with a fumble and a procedure as a result. Where were the screens? Nice to see a couple deep shots, if only Matthews and Woli caught them. Agree totally with Suitor (ugh), Nichols is playing not to throw picks. Needs to get back to earlier in the season when he was attempting more than 2 passes down field a game.
  6. Excited to see Grant on the returns. With 8 return TDs in college, his highlight video is something else.
  7. I wouldn't be upset if they scratched Walker and let Whitehead and Demski handle the returns. Peterman could probably return punts too. Get Matthews into some offensive plays, work him back into the lineup.
  8. He really hasn't pulled a Bowman though. Bowman was healthy and did nothing. Matthews just hasn't been able to get healthy yet. Having a big receiver like him will come in handy when the weather gets colder.
  9. Ya, gonna call BS on him being a healthy scratch. It's not like Lawler was great in his place. Matthews said he was good to go, but players always say that. I'm sure Bighill would have said that too the last couple weeks.
  10. Not sure if he's better, but he certainly can be explosive.
  11. Likely Bighill or Temple as the scratch depending on Bighill's health.
  12. He's right there with the other starters. Can definitely be better but his accuracy in OTT wasn't an issue. Weird that Strevler is being pumped up on that link. Did he even attempt a pass further than 10 yards downfield?
  13. Exactly. They gave up over 300 yards passing, but on 54(!) attempts.
  14. Not a great but a W is a W. Bodes well for the rest of the season when they can have that many mistakes ans still win. If you had told me that Harris would have 30 yards rushing and 2 fumbles, Woli, Adams, and Matthews would have a combined 16 yards receiving and we would lose the turnover battle (before the last two on downs for the Esks), I'd have said no way we win. The fact that they win a game like that, against a decent team, without scoring on D or teams shows that they are legit.
  15. Grant, Ploen, Stegall for all the reasons posted above. Went with Cameron for the 4th pick based on how long he played with the blue.
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