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  1. Grant, Ploen, Stegall for all the reasons posted above. Went with Cameron for the 4th pick based on how long he played with the blue.
  2. Nothing. This already happens all the time.
  3. Pretty sure that was all speculation. We really have no idea what their cap looks like.
  4. This year's Bighill signing. Exactly the type of receiver we need to compliment the others.
  5. Ya it's disappointing how the receiver plan has worked out so far. Sounds like Walters tried but nothing worked out. I feel the same way I did last year when we missed out on all the MLBs in FA, but hey that worked out in the end.
  6. Options are getting thin now if Matthews is looking NFL. Arceneaux and hope one of the guys trying down south shakes loose?
  7. As much as it would be great to get an elite receiver, getting a couple of the second tier guys would be great to take the pressure off Adams and open up some more space. Any of Roosevelt, Matthews, Holley, Arceneaux would be help.
  8. Sounds like it is. Not 100% until he's signed elsewhere I suppose.
  9. Sucks to lose Chungh and JSK, but if we're going to lose star players, losing a guard and WIL LB isn't so bad. Two of the easier positions to replace.
  10. Let's hope Harris stays in OTT and Bo goes to TO. Time for a little more parity between the east and west.
  11. Looks like Williams could be a good find
  12. I remember the years of blowing up the team management every few years and resetting. After the last 3 years I'm all for giving Walters and O'Shea more time. As disappointing as the loss in Calgary was, we were still a few plays away from a Grey Cup appearance.
  13. Exactly. We never attacked the defense. What happened to all the creative plays we practiced? We bring a quick kick returner on to the roster and start him at received and then don't run any plays to get the ball in his hands? The whole game felt like pound it with Harris on 1st down for 5-6 yards. Have all the receivers run 5 yards and turn around on 2nd.
  14. Agree, he's a good guys to have on the roster, just don't love him starting at CB.
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