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  1. blue85gold

    Needs for next year

  2. blue85gold

    This Regime

    I remember the years of blowing up the team management every few years and resetting. After the last 3 years I'm all for giving Walters and O'Shea more time. As disappointing as the loss in Calgary was, we were still a few plays away from a Grey Cup appearance.
  3. blue85gold

    Needs for next year

    Exactly. We never attacked the defense. What happened to all the creative plays we practiced? We bring a quick kick returner on to the roster and start him at received and then don't run any plays to get the ball in his hands? The whole game felt like pound it with Harris on 1st down for 5-6 yards. Have all the receivers run 5 yards and turn around on 2nd.
  4. blue85gold

    Needs for next year

    Agree, he's a good guys to have on the roster, just don't love him starting at CB.
  5. blue85gold

    Needs for next year

    I wouldn't be upset if we replaced Fogg too.
  6. blue85gold

    Needs for next year

    Assuming we re-sign our key FAs (Bighill, O-line, Harris), what do you see as our biggest needs for improvement next year? Two of the biggest for me are: - Big time slotback that can go up and get it. Adams is a good weapon at WR but we need someone that can play inside. Love Dressler, but he's getting up there in age and shouldn't be the go to guy anymore. - Return game - blocking and returner. Nelson looks like a keeper but I don't know what's up with our blocking. No one has had a chance back there.
  7. blue85gold

    Streveler as our starter in 2019

    Nichols played like garbage, but Adams slowed up on his route big time on that play.
  8. Agree totally. Alexander had position and turned to run to the ball and the receiver just bounced off of him like he'd been shot. Weak weak call that gifted the Riders a TD.
  9. blue85gold

    3 stars plus hh saskacrushed

    1. Harris/O-line - nasty running. Wore the Riders down 2. Nichols - no mistakes, 72% completion percentage. 3. D-line - other than losing contain a couple of times, played great. Riders had nothing on the ground other than from Bridge scrambling. Jeffcoat with a couple of big sacks. HH - Wolitarsky - great hands, making tough catches in the cold.
  10. Can change the name of this thread? No reason we should be using variations of the word ******* here. I'm all for making fun of the Riders but don't need to use slurs against people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  11. Someone needs to tell those refs to let the play continue on close calls that could be turnovers. A couple of "incompletions" for Harris where the ball appeared to be a lateral and the potential fumble ruled incomplete in the 4th Q. Turnovers get automatic review so if it's close let the play continue and the let the command centre review it and get it right.
  12. blue85gold

    3 stars plus hh black from the dead

    1. Nichols - efficient game, no turnovers, how many second down conversions did he have to extend drive? 2. Harris - 160 yards from scrimmage, always grinding out extra yards. 3. Medlock - 6/6 FGs, solid punting HH - Bighill for the strip tackle in OT
  13. blue85gold

    Chris Matthews signs with Stamps

    Exactly. He's the fastest one out there which is all that route required. Lucky for us he caught it.
  14. blue85gold

    Chris Matthews signs with Stamps

    Except that Strevler's TD to Lankford was essentially a trick play on short yardage. Any QB could make that throw. Not hard to find the receiver with one DB out there.