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  1. He's not very big, but is decent defensively. The fancy stat guys like him. He'll for sure be in our top four.
  2. Trade's offical now. Pretty low price for a decent player.
  3. I would guess Neufeld makes around $175k. Jeff Hamilton tweeted yesterday that the Argos offered Couture around $195k, so I would think all Canadian OL starters, who are off their rookie deals, would be north of $150k. The rest seem reasonable, but I thought I read last year that Miller was over $100k.
  4. I just saw a Naylor tweet that says TJ Jones got $200k from the Argos. That seems excessive...
  5. It kinda feels like we overpaid, if that's all the other middle linebackers are making.
  6. Huff apparently forgetting that only shitty organizations that can't scout need to go shopping in free agency.
  7. Meh, I've never been a big fan. He's definitely good, but he's not a receiver that I'd give that type of money to. Lots of injury issues, too.
  8. Have we? A guy with with seven career starts just got a contract for approx. $500k/yr. Last years' qb contracts were bigger b/c they went to the three highest profile qbs in the league.
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