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  1. Lol, it was actually pretty shocking how many girls hung around the team. It's not a great environment to teach young men about respecting women.
  2. There's almost nothing you could tell me happened in junior hockey that I would find unrealistic. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/more-explosive-and-shocking-allegations-against-junior-hockey-in-newly-filed-lawsuit I played junior in the 90s, and I heard a lot of stories like this from guys I knew. I was lucky to be on a team with good leaders. We had the gross orgies and other weird sex stuff, but none of the abuse detailed in the article.
  3. Can anybody find the video of that Bomber fan getting his ass kicked by the Lions after trying to tackle Eric Carter? I was telling my kid about it, but can't find video of that game.
  4. It was so much fun. I was still young, and we were all completely loaded in the student section. When Bolden got that int, the guy sitting behind me jumped up to celebrate and fell over my head and landed at my feet. He got up, high fived me, then climbed back up to his seat like nothing had happened...
  5. It's #2 on my list for favourite games I've seen in person. I only rank the 2001 East Final higher.
  6. I think free post secondary would only apply to community colleges and trade schools.
  7. I'm happy to have a Fed gov't job in times like this. I'm considered an essential service, so I work no matter what, but I get to do it from home.
  8. A tweet for everything...
  9. He's showing he's a tough guy. He's not afraid of the virus. If they actually do the smart thing and get tested, he'll have given in to the msm's propaganda.
  10. I keep thinking he couldn't possibly botch this one worse than the last one, but I'm probably underestimating him...
  11. Lol, I wasn't being serious. I assumed the sarcasm would be evident, as none of my prior 3,800 posts have shown me to be a conspiracy theorist.
  12. I think he's waiting for Jones' situation in TO to clear up. If they don't sign Jones, they'll throw that money at Walker. If they do sign Jones, Walker will look elsewhere.
  13. I don't believe he upset that the Bombers were going to win. Imo, he just couldn't believe the Esks screwed up that bad.
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