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  1. It's weird that other teams won't take our players and give us better players in return.
  2. Lowry's line was very good all game. They seemed to be the only line getting offensive zone time in the first period.
  3. It should definitely be discussed. He's taken four minors in his limited playing time. That's brutal.
  4. Their transition from defense to offense on that play was a thing of beauty. Every Jet on the ice did something right to make that happen. Great goal.
  5. Has Vince McMahon ever had success outside of the WWE? XFL & that body building federation in the 80/90s are the first things that come to mind when I think of him trying to branch out from wrestling, and both were huge busts.
  6. Most of last night's game looked like what St. Louis did to us in the 3rd period of game 1. That was about as dominant as it gets for a playoff game.
  7. Schenn really looked like a ***** in that scrum with Buff. Punching a guy in the back of the head, while he's being held, and then backing off when he gets loose should be pretty embarrassing for him.
  8. St.Louis's effort level is incredible. They're winning most of the puck battles, and both their forechecking and backchecking is giving us no time to make a play.
  9. They had 32 shots, three more than us. Three of four goals were wrists shots from no closer than the faceoff dot. Only one of them had even a hint of a screen. Those are shots an NHL goalie needs to stop.
  10. I agree with what Maurice did. Lindholm has really impressed me, and I don't think sitting a healthy Tanev is even a consideration.
  11. Westwood was advocating paying him up to $9m. That seems excessive...
  12. Who do you think should be? Lindholm seems like the only other option, but he's been good in every game he's played for us. Helps our pk too.
  13. Yeah, it would have been a dereliction of their duty to have not surveiled that campaign.
  14. Lol, you made three posts to say the exact same thing. Wheeler was 5th in toi for Jets forwards
  15. It's ridiculous that this is being brought up, but I hope he's asked about it every day until the end of this series.
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