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  1. Speedflex with the hot take. 1k yards would have him near the top 10 and the best Canadian receiver in the league.
  2. The bolded portion is a good point, and something I had forgotten. Everything above it is pretty crazy lol.
  3. Not to mention how much tougher our schedule has been since then.
  4. Ruth Ellen Brosseau lost to the Bloc candidate. That's too bad. Her candidacy was a bit of a joke in 2011, but she made the most of her opportunity and from most accounts was doing a good job. I'm always a sucker for single mom stories...
  5. I'm glad the NDP have enough seats that the Liberals only have to work with them. Needing to include the Bloc would have been bad news.
  6. I agree. I don't know a lot about her, but I liked what I heard while she was in charge for that brief time.
  7. I meant Andrew Harris. I was referring to the West MOP conversation.
  8. Harris, Burnham, and Begelton would probably be my top three.
  9. Contract seems pretty fair, given how much the qb payscale changed this past offseason. I would expect Evans to get around the same. I know he's not a pending fa, but I think he gets extended in the offseason. I bet Arbuckle's 7 game stint as a starter will get him somewhere between $350-400k. BLM and Reilly blew up the qb payscale. Trying to reverse that would likely see a team end up with the least wanted qb of who's available.
  10. The two short guys weren't going to be open for long. It was 2nd and long and they both had a Bomber above them around the first down marker. If they got the ball, they wouldn't have gotten a first without breaking a tackle. Those would be the kind of throws people get mad at Lapo for. I have no explanation for how wide open the actual target was, though.
  11. That can't be right. I'll check and report back... Edit: it was closer than I thought, but Nichols averaged more attempts/gm to Harris than Streveler did.
  12. Have you considered that your biases may affect your perception of O'Shea's body language?
  13. Don't know yet, need to see how the playoffs go.
  14. That pick looked like it was Bailey's fault. He ran that curl, but rounded it at the end instead of coming back to the ball. Streveler threw it where it he should have been, imo.
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