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  1. The KC vs Rams game last year was as good as football gets. That quality of play is something the CFL can't match. Having said that, I'm more invested in the CFL than NFL. I'll watch every CFL game, but am less likely to watch NFL games with teams I don't care much about.
  2. WPG Blue Bombers @Wpg_BlueBombers · 4m The team has signed American defensive end Alex McCalister.
  3. Glenn had a respectable season 1.5 years ago. I'm not sure there's anybody with CFL experience, should we go that route, who would be any better.
  4. He'll definitely be on the toilet if he eats that. Can you imagine what that would do to the system of anybody who normally has a clean diet?
  5. I din't think Nichols was terrible tonight, but he does check down too much. I think he gives up on plays too easily. It's also been three weeks in a row where we've needed him to make a play late in a game, and he's failed all three times.
  6. This seems like a bit of a reach. He did ok. He made a bad decision on the turnover. The left side of his ol had blown the Calgary dl off the line, and he ran right past a giant hole.
  7. Sayles, Harris, Grant, as everyone else has said. HH to Jefferson, who I thought played great again tonight. Also want to mention Crown Lands, the halftime show. I thought they were pretty good, and not being country was a nice change of pace.
  8. Jones is listed as a returner, Bailey only as a backup receiver. Seems likely to me it'll be Bailey.
  9. I think Bailey will be our scratch. Matthews replaces Adams on the active roster, and Bailey will replace Matthews as the scratch.
  10. He didn't do any returning last week until Walker greased himself up.
  11. I like Connor, but I'm not sure he'll ever be the best player on a championship level team. Any how is Tkachuk like Kessel?
  12. My kid's team won the 7v7 tournament at the stadium last weekend, so we got free tickets.
  13. Maybe time to give Hardrick a game off to heal up. He looked bad tonight.
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