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  1. Yeah, that's pretty weird. I guess they expect him to score a lot of short yardage tds.
  2. Tanev at $2.5m is reasonable. Getting $4m would be a little crazy.
  3. Exactly what I think. BCs play calling in their first two games has been brutal. Imo Lapo's offence is much more likely to be able to beat an aggressive defence.
  4. I think it was more just a bad night for the Lions. I don't think they look very good, but they should be better than last night showed. Eskimos only had two sacks against the Als. I don't think their ol is that much better than BCs. Like Speedflex said, I think BC ol gave up. Weird couple weeks so far. Both teams in the Friday night game looked completely different than their first games.
  5. And we have an oc who can figure out how to beat an aggressive defence.
  6. And their $250k guard just got beat clean for a sack...
  7. BC centre is pretty erratic with his snaps.
  8. I think it's a little early to be making definitive statements about either team. Ottawa's defence looked like garbage last night, but a week earlier shut down the Stamps. Same deal with the Riders D against the Ticats.
  9. We don't want Maata. He's been terrible since his rookie season. He was healthy scratched for Jack Johnson in the playoffs. He's still young, so I guess there's a chance he could turn his career around, but injuries and bad health have really hurt his progression. Plus he's a terrible skater...
  10. Yeah, sounds weird to me, but that's what they said. Who knows... Maata trade went through.
  11. Minor football in Manitoba is really struggling for players. I'm involved with the Falcons, and they're struggling at every age except peewee. Even peewee only has good numbers b/c Transcona won't have a feam, so their players are coming over. Youth tackle football is dying in this province.
  12. Heard the same on the morning show. Apparently the Pens made a better offer for Trouba, but the trade fell apart when Trouba's agent told Chevy he'd sit out the season if he didn't get traded where he wanted to go.
  13. Frank Seravalli‏Verified account @frank_seravalli 35s35 seconds ago TRADE BAIT: GM Kevin Cheveldayoff says #nhljets have a lot of balls in the air. So what’s next? Belief is Jets offered Nikolaj Ehlers to #Canes for one of their right-shooting defencemen.
  14. Great player, but I wouldn't want that contract on my team. The $ they're paying their top 3 d is crazy.
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