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  1. I'm on board the MBT train. He and Streveler would be a great 1-2.
  2. Did you watch the Don Cherry movie? Shore put a noose around a goalie's neck and tied it to the crossbar, so he'd hang himself if he didn't stay on his feet. I've read that story in other places too, so I believe it.
  3. He'll get to call the plays in BC. Dickenson calls them in Calgary.
  4. I'd be ok with MBT as our qb next year. With a good ol and a running game, I think he'd win games here. As of right now though, I'm working under the assumption that Nichols will be back.
  5. Agreed. The Modano issue especially, he was being an ******* for the sake of being an *******.
  6. Falcons. Is your kid in flag or tackle?
  7. Anybody else here involved in minor football? We got an invite to the Pinnacle Club on Sunday to meet the players and take pictures with the Cup.
  8. https://twitter.com/Darren_Cameron/status/1201967012592914433?s=20
  9. Maybe, but I'd have to see a lot more from him as a passer before I'd be willing to give him the keys to the franchise. Ideally, we'll get another season out of him as a 1b qb option before we have to decide if he's a starter.
  10. Would it not be exempt from the cap anyways? I would hope that if we're forced to pay b/c he's injured, it could be listed under LTIR.
  11. Connor Griffiths will be the next guy in line.
  12. Cleyon Laing and Cam Judge look like the two best Canadians available on D. Both are going to cost a lot, though.
  13. Hard to feel too sorry for him. If he had put in one more season in Ottawa, instead of screwing them over the way he did, he'd be able to interview for all of the HC jobs now.
  14. A "one more year" chant started for Jefferson, and he responded with a "make it rain" hand gesture.
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