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3 stars plus hh BACK 2 BACK CHAMPS!


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1. ZC - Made some poor decisions but buckled down when it mattered most and didn't flinch in OT. Also he was still good despite getting knocked around by HAM a bit more than he's used to.

2. Castillo - was 100% on FGs and PATs. He even added a pair of rouges, which ended up being huge.

3. The entire defense... Seriously they won by committee. When you consider how many times the offense put them in a bind... The fact they only surrendered 2 TDs is spectacular.

HH - Winston Rose - it really looked on the replay like he intentionally tipped that ball to Wilson, knowing Wilson was in position to make the INT.

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1 Castillo. I mean, he won it right? What else is there to say. Give him a blank cheque and keep him this time.

2. Adams. I missed you. Thank-you. 

3.  Denski. Didn't deserve the MOCP, in my opinion but there he was, when we needed him most.

HH. Our defence, all year, the best ever, you are and will always be number one. goat

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