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  1. We know full well that they have Lapo and he wont be passing the ball anyways. He will be lining up 7 RBs.
  2. According to Rider fans. O'day will restock the Canadian depth via the draft this year. A quick look at the draft has them drafting 7,30,35,44,53,62 and 71. With only a handful of OL in the top of the draft they may not even get a chance to draft an OL or at least a decent one. Yes it's only Feb and things can change but looking pretty bleak at the moment.
  3. Which was created by me lmao. You are welcome.
  4. Can we trade Byfuglien to The Leafs in exchange for Walker? Sounds like a deal for all teams/leagues.
  5. Which is long over due there. May also have to factor Halifax in if/when they find a team.
  6. Have they built any new hotels or like 12 in Regina yet? That's the largest piss off of them hosting a GC is the lack of places to stay. That and the smell.
  7. Rulk started a thread about not getting to play us 3 times this year and that they look at those games as guaranteed wins..... I really hope it's meant as a joke. That or someone needs to tell him we have a better record against them over the past 5-6years.
  8. When they lose this year. They will have won a grey cup an average of once every 27.5 years.
  9. He will be back week 5 of the season. After the Riders first and only win.
  10. Show them the Bighill one. They will put a bunch of astrix's on that one 🙄🙄
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