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  1. There is no way chamblin gets the the axe this year. They are still paying off Trestman while popp i believe is on his last year. I have a feeling popp goes before the weasel I mean chamblin.
  2. Another thing to bring up on Nichols passing stats. And his lower-than-average numbers. And maybe it was brought up in this thread or another one I'm not sure. But we have had a really good return game amd field position. Against Toronto what was his first pass 5 yards for a touchdown because of Nelson's or turn. I can't remember too many long drive or we've had to start deep in their own end zone. Just a thought.
  3. Also watching him turn into the defender a few times to back them off was fun to watch.
  4. Sweet stats! Now find out the last time the Bombers started 5-0. That is of course they win on Friday. But if they do will it be the first time in club History? I cant think of another year they have.
  5. Wow mtl makes decisions at strange times. Fire the HC between training camp and first game. Fire GM after a 2 game win streak. I mean it had to happen but they have offseasons for a reason. And now we can bring back #thanksjoemack
  6. I saw that lol. Hoping he didnt buy it but Simonise had some contest during training camp on Twitter and was giving jerseys away.
  7. I really like this new commentator. Nelson is it? Sounds more NFL style I like it!
  8. If only I could post a pic of my basement and the sheer volume of blue and gold merch I have.....its incredible! I'd take ya up on the locker if you dont get any hits. I dont have room for it but I'll make room lol.
  9. It's so dead in that place it sounds like the announcer is sitting beside me I can hear him so clearly.
  10. Nice to see Knox back Funny that Rider fans are saying they didnt want him because he is too old.... 🙄🙄
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