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  1. I can see it now. Bombers win the 2020 Grey Cup but due to an 8 game season Rider fans dub it another astrix Grey Cup win.
  2. Noticed that as well. The global one is correct the Canada one is not. Unless this thing is predicting the future
  3. Wondering how they were going to fit everyone under the cap this year. If they dont win it in 2020 (if there is a season) they may be set back several years with all of this restructuring.
  4. Way to ruin my parade 🤣 Fine.... longest in current history
  5. Or we would be the longest regining Grey Cup Champs in History...... 12+ straight months lol
  6. Looks like Strev but with a better arm. Early to say hes the next best thing but kid looks like he can play.
  7. Too be fair to Booch. He didnt say which Monday the announcement would be made.....
  8. They also think if they had a healthy Fajardo they win the GC...
  9. I liked hearing Irving on 680 this morning. Said it like it is. West will be tough. Calgary is always a tough team. Said Sask has a good team. BC will be better and Edmonton is in the mix. Bombers have a good chance to repeat but its not going to be easy! Cant argue with that.
  10. We know full well that they have Lapo and he wont be passing the ball anyways. He will be lining up 7 RBs.
  11. According to Rider fans. O'day will restock the Canadian depth via the draft this year. A quick look at the draft has them drafting 7,30,35,44,53,62 and 71. With only a handful of OL in the top of the draft they may not even get a chance to draft an OL or at least a decent one. Yes it's only Feb and things can change but looking pretty bleak at the moment.
  12. Which was created by me lmao. You are welcome.
  13. Can we trade Byfuglien to The Leafs in exchange for Walker? Sounds like a deal for all teams/leagues.
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