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  1. Bomber_fanaddict

    Locker Room Sale

    I understand they keep items back so that bomber for life members, season ticket members and general public all get a shot at things and will keep bringing stuff out. But if they put out the "best" items today as they should have I dont think there will be much for the general public come Sunday. And due to the fact all Adidas merch is going to be gone next year why not sell it all off now and restock once the new stuff comes In?
  2. Bomber_fanaddict

    Locker Room Sale

    For those who attended today. Was this not the worst locker room sale ever? A handful of helmets, a dozen balls, a rack of player jerseys, a rack of practice jerseys and the rest was kids sizes, 2xl-4xl. And really not a deal to be found. The free drinks were nice though.
  3. Bomber_fanaddict

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Brendon LaBatte says hi....
  4. Pretty much spot on...might want to say barely beat the bombers and it would have been a guaranteed win if they didnt miss the penalty 🙄
  5. New drinking game. See how many times Suitor mentions the Riders in a non Rider game lol
  6. Thank God Black and Ford are doing the East final! Let's hope we dont get Suitor...
  7. Bomber_fanaddict

    East Final: HAM @ OTT

    Up until last weekend I had Ottawa winning. After seeing them dismantle BC I think this game will be very close. Hamilton seems to have a huge chip on their shoulder and I think that might be enough to eek out a win.
  8. Bomber_fanaddict

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    Them defending ZC and that they would have won....wow. I hope they sign ZC to a long term deal. I mean after all they were a shoe in to win the cup had he have played 🙄
  9. Bomber_fanaddict

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    RF.com now has 2 dedicated threads on Mike O as well as a third one tearing him apart. They also have a "let's be honest we would have won with ZC"..... Love it!
  10. Bomber_fanaddict

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    Love hearing Rider fans complain. Complaining O'shea was a dirty player and he teaches all his players to be dirty and cheat..... Would be interesting to know the stats on how many times we were actually fined this year and for what compared to other teams. And talking about cheating and taking your coaches personality? They gave a coach who has been caught cheating several times and fined for it and players who act cocky and showboat. Talk about being hypocrites.
  11. Bomber_fanaddict

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    As long as its not the other way around....
  12. Bomber_fanaddict

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    Maybe never played dirty but this is his second fine for a head shot (Was fined last year in the playoffs for a hit on Reiley). I agree that his seemed to be just a bad hit and was caused from a few factors. Much different than the one on one hit Collaros took from Willis.
  13. Bomber_fanaddict

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    I thought they already had a spotter spotting concussions. Cant he be the one also calling head shots? I get that he is not physically on the field but he has a clear view of everything. Can they not call down and make a suggestion.
  14. It's cute reading over at RF.com that they think they still have the best D in the league. They have a great D and deserve credit for how they played all year. But the Bombers D is better in just about every category and they proved it again yesterday.