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  1. This is a good idea.... send Rod Black over to be the Riders PBP and DT can call games on TSN. Win win.
  2. Landon Rice is back with Hamilton lol. So Montreal ended up with Tony Washington and that's it.
  3. The best 1-2-3 punch in the league. If they only had an oline they would be unstoppable.
  4. With Lulay retiring and Manziel being sent to exile island. What do the Riders do in week 3 when Collaros is drinking his meals from a straw?
  5. And last year he was 9 games for 553 yrds and 1 TD. I think the point most are making is its risky taking a guy coming off a knee injury like that and expecting 2016/2017 #s
  6. And sadly Collaros basket is about as strong as an egg....
  7. This is actual footage of rider fans when they heard Mitchell was considering going to Regina and then decided not to.
  8. Don't laugh.....many on that "other site" are clamoring over the signing and saying its a great move and that he played so great last year......he had 24 less tackles last year than he did in 2017 which was his third best year in tackles..... if that's a "Great" signing IDK what they think a bad signing is.
  9. Hes 30 and by far not his worst season last year. Hes good 2 good years left in him.
  10. Thats what I thought. Wow that's a big hit for 4 years....
  11. So Reilly to sign a 4 year $700k a year deal with BC. I guess it isnt tampering if they allowed him to talk?
  12. That one cocktail mixed in with all those beers will get ya everytime!
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