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  1. So the frame and the print and the plates with the score cost me in total $50. I'm going to fidget around with the placement of the confetti otherwise I'm pretty happy
  2. I want to enjoy this moment, agreeing with you and not having to argue with you feels really unique.
  3. I think if you swapped out lapo with almost any other offensive coordinator in the league we still in the Grey Cup. Call it dumb all you want. Our offense was totally mediocre.
  4. I guess I bid him best of luck and thank him for service. I find it a bit bizarre people are so reverent about him considering our offense was fairly pedestrian. We finished dead last in passing, and if not for our running game, which sure as hell wasn't anything he was responsible for, and our defense, we weren't doing anything in the playoffs.
  5. I think we should all just resign ourselves to the fact that we're going to have Nichols and Strevler again. Which is fine I guess. Who knows what Arbuckle will do outside Calgary.
  6. I'm over it and don't care. You can engage in score settling all you want. I'm in far too positive a place with our team to argue about this.
  7. Already posted in another thread after we beat SSK that MOS was deserving to stay after being very critical of him. I don't blame anyone for being critical of the staff after the team began to fall apart, again. This is what happens to a fan base after nearly 30 years of ineptitude.
  8. I'm hoping McGuire can be a long term solution. But I've made my peace that we probably won't be going after Arbuckle or Masoli
  9. When we win it next year in our 2nd home stadium we will have triple the championships as their **** franchise
  10. I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful time today. It made me beam with pride to see my hometown show up in such numbers, and have a championship to celebrate. Way to go guys!
  11. I knew that when I posted this there was a good chance someone would bring up the technical quality of Beta.
  12. Jefferson shoudl pay the dude for the belt at least, or, give him some signed merch
  13. Saskatchewan, as a province, is the betamax of Canada.
  14. Me and the family are doing a road trip in the summer for a long weekend and catch a Bomber game. If the schedulers cooperate that is. Hopefully Canada Day or August long weekend has a game. Banjo Bowl would be cool but it's not warm enough for the beach, and I wanna show off Grand Beach to my family.
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