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  1. the point is... yes Adams dogged it and we missed a score, but it was early. the biggest play in the game, bar none, was the play we setup all damn game long and Harris got wide.. wide open and was going to score a go ahead touchdown late in the 3rd quarter but Streveler blew it... because he's not a very good throwing QB. Do we want Nealon Greene 2.0? Because this is how you get Nealon Greene 2.0.
  2. Maybe Adams shouldn't have given up on the route for no good reason?
  3. Our Grey Cup drought may well have ended if Streveler could have hit a routine, unchallenged 20 yard pass to a wide open Harris on a play we setup for nearly 3 full quarters. The sooner people get on board with him being nothing more than a change of pace QB the sooner we can all get along again.
  4. I'm not sure why people keep engaging northernskunk like he's a good faith poster. He won't admit he's wrong even when confronted with direct tweets from the Bombers themselves. He's a bad faith participant and his opinions should hold zero value.
  5. I don't know why they'd do Atlanta. I think Birmingham will be a huge hit, same with San Antonio and San Diego.
  6. Bob Cameron is the epitome of "Bomber-ness" but Ryan was obviously a better punter skill wise. Tough call.
  7. My Mom met Rod Hill and had him sign some stuff she had on her for me and my older brother. She told me the interaction was something like this: "Oh hi, are you a somebody?" 'Yes I play for the Bombers' "can you sign these things for my sons they love you guys" /Cool story bro /FU i love my Mom and the Bombers
  8. What makes our championship drought more annoying is how other clubs are crap, like Toronto, but skate thru an easy division and win a title with a 500 ball club. Calgary has won by building a consistent organization... But that's not the only recipe ppl have used.
  9. I said "hey we should make this a thing" you said "no it wont happen they wont want to be associated with the mob" I said "well i meant the fans not the club" then a fan and a employee of the team makes a really cool shirt with canadian mafia on it. so you're wrong at this point, huge. you said "well, once the club starts selling merch then maybe" wont admit your wrong. Then they start selling the merch, nope, you wont admit you're wrong. what is your deal? what is with the internet and making people totally absent minded and refusing to admit when wrong? jesus mary and joseph.
  10. Willing to admit you were wrong now?
  11. Win a ******* championship in calgary. Anything else is not ok.
  12. It continues to be somewhat painful to watch other teams celebrate and other fan celebrate championships. I feel like we as a fanbase have paid our dues it'll be nice to be rewarded with a ******* title... and hopefully it won't be another 20-something years..
  13. You may be forgetting at that time we were down by 3. That puts us ahead by 4 lol sorry not 5
  14. Looking at how mediocre Ottawa is, really makes that missed touchdown pass from streveler seem much more devastating in hindsight.
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