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  1. Pull together guys! Go Argos! Stamps should be 7-5 by all rights, I've never seen such a lukewarm team fluke themselves into such a good record.
  2. Regina is not a great little city. It's a hole. Saskatoon is nice, and I could live there if need be. But Regina? Jesus.
  3. Rf. Com really embarrassing themselves right now. And that's a pretty low bar for them
  4. Rider fans crying about the Bombers piping In crowd noise. What a bunch of dumbasses
  5. Packing my suitcase. It was an absolute pleasure, Winnipeg. Always my home. GO BLUE
  6. I am rock hard with anticipation for this. go get em
  7. Tomorrow is the day! Saw lots of scum in green at manyfest tonight. Should be a good one tomorrow
  8. We were in the exchange district today and I thought of your username 😂
  9. We are going to manyfest for the food trucks can't wait
  10. My friend wants something uniquely Winnipeg or Manitoban she can take home. Any ideas?
  11. Down at the river today in the exchange district. It's really a shame they didn't build the Stadium here.
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