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  1. Forever **** Dimwitty for that horeshit throw. Could have ran for the easy 1sr down. Instead proceeds to throw it directly to the other team
  2. Can we just savor the fact that we single handedly probably saved the league from dealing with a Rider back to back?
  3. The same way I talk about Rod Hill, James West, Greg Battle, James Jefferson, kids who watched these last 2 years will revere the names Bighill, Jefferson, Jeffcoat, and Alexander. This is a legendary defence that did something even my beloved 80's Bombers D couldn't do, win back to back. I am still so rock hard. What a night
  4. I think this is absolutely correct. The ticats did march down to the five but! They also had a third-and-long they had to convert. Who knows what would have happened if they had to start 20 yards or so yards deeper
  5. I think it's hard (and thankfully so) for our younger fans to fathom the heartache and emotional toll 30 years does to a fan. The 01 loss. The Riders loss in TO. Swaggerville losing to BC. ****. "Unfinished business volumes 1, 2,3". It makes these back to backs even sweeter. I swear to god this must be what heroine feels like
  6. Hey lets not forget the loser Rider fans at RF.com got their wish and had Evans go down with an injury. Garbage people.
  7. His personality is literally the opposite of mine. He's so even-keeled and calm. I hyperventilate at the nearest opportunity
  8. Yeah Bud Grant is probably the guy, but Michael O'Shea has made the Bombers a winner in my lifetime
  9. I can't imagine how gutted ticats fans are right now. I hope this doesn't sound pretentious but really I I feel absolutely terrible for them. They are truly awesome fans the best in the East and it sucks they had to lose us like that. But I'm over the moon that we repeated I'm almost as gutted for them as I am happy we repeated
  10. I was too pumped in the stands and happy/excited
  11. Shared some manly tears with my Dad over the phone I am so happy I could die. BACK TO BACK!
  12. On a delay now, I have to stop eating here until the game is over, God bless the Bombers and please let us win
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