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  1. The East final win at home against the Argos. I wasn with my brother who looked out for me and had a great time. I remember still loving being able to cross the field post game to get home.
  2. actually I wish it was! I'm going to Montreal but on the way there I stop over in Winnipeg. And the way home I .. also stop in Winnipeg. Cuz you know. WINNIPEG!
  3. Hot damn! The wife signed off on me extending my business trip 2 days so I can see the Als and the Lions game in July.
  4. This seems like an appropriate place to get excited over my trip to Winnipeg in BC for the July game. Woop!
  5. Jefferson is the most dominant player in the league. Not defender, player. So I am over the moon.
  6. 400 million in losses projected before kick off, for year 1? I bet that goes up another 100 million. Another stupid project from a rich *******.
  7. I did say if it was extended...
  8. Flair Air has a promo where for 3 months you can: 1) Pay 700 dollars for a checked bag and fly as much as you want no black outs 2) Pay 500 and have no checked bags with some black out dates like Fridays/Mondays (i think) Wife has already signed off on me working some overtime if they extend this to cover the CFL season and I can maybe get season tickets. I am genuinely pumped about this idea.
  9. One of the great Qbs to wear blue and gold.
  10. Nichols , in the end, will always be a successful Bomber QB. He took a 1-4 team in 2016 and propelled us to where we are today, contenders and now champions. He saved everyones jobs and it's a shame he had to go, but, it's the right football move. Good for Walters and whoever else was in on this decision to choose Zach over Matt. Couldn't have been easy. Thank you Matt.
  11. So the frame and the print and the plates with the score cost me in total $50. I'm going to fidget around with the placement of the confetti otherwise I'm pretty happy
  12. I want to enjoy this moment, agreeing with you and not having to argue with you feels really unique.
  13. I think if you swapped out lapo with almost any other offensive coordinator in the league we still in the Grey Cup. Call it dumb all you want. Our offense was totally mediocre.
  14. I guess I bid him best of luck and thank him for service. I find it a bit bizarre people are so reverent about him considering our offense was fairly pedestrian. We finished dead last in passing, and if not for our running game, which sure as hell wasn't anything he was responsible for, and our defense, we weren't doing anything in the playoffs.
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