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  1. The tree peat is real with these guys Biggie and Zach same day
  2. Man... last time I saw a dude trolling this much was back in summer at my lake or... it's gotta be a gimmick cuz no way can anyone be that ridiculous on purpose. Gimmick change required @TBURGESS
  3. 2 game suspension. Meanwhile Nik is out 3 games minimum.
  4. Pionk Samberg will be a great pair in the future
  5. Don't want to sound heartless but the best thing for the US is if Trump dies soon
  6. All Jets are fully vaxxed. If not they wouldn't be here. Helle isn't anti vaxx. He's pro choice. He got vaxxed tho. Only 1 player I'm aware of in the league isn't vaxxed.. bertuzzi from Detroit. Helle isn't Novak Djokavic.. but honestly the media needs to stop asking rich athletes their irrelevant opinions If I'm sick I don't go ask the dude at McDonalds whats wrong.. I go to a doctor.
  7. Yes but know all about it because my ancestors were forced really to be part of the soviet union but yes not old enough to really remember it occurring
  8. Soon the US will be no more. Democracy dies soon. Amazing, I'm gonna see the collapse of a legit world superpower in my lifetime
  9. Canada 3 downs USA 4 downs 2 different countries. Pretty straight forward. NFL is actually quite boring. CFL known for exciting finishes What's next? Can run out the clock with 3 minutes left by just kneeling?
  10. Freddy Braithwaite has got to be pushing 50 lol.
  11. Young ppl are less interested because young people don't play sports unless it's on their phone or iPad. 4 downs is dumb. Making the CFL less Canadian isn't the answer or solution tho. Not sure why our media wants us to be like that divided broken soon to be destroyed cesspool racist backwards inbred country to the south.
  12. No idea there was one
  13. I have IBS.. the Mary Jane eases the pain I have most days. It's a prick disease cuz it depends on what I eat really. The weed makes the pain go away so I believe it has healing powers
  14. My sister has covid. Triple vaxxed. Doesn't live in Canada tho How is she? Was just facetiming my daughter so she's ok. But the sniffles and throat is obviously there
  15. Well no covid for me lol
  16. Oh I agree. Leafs and Oilers constantly. Leafs atleast are good but yes the media hype is sickening
  17. Leafs are a contender in my opinion but Rangers canes panthers bolts are all eastern also.
  18. Beau Stan demelo Ville gets it now lol Where these guys going
  19. Thoughts and Prayers lol
  20. Until he gives the team covid. Dude isn't worth the hassle at all.
  21. Meh. Demelo is unfortunate The worst part for them.. no coming back to Canada for 2 weeks.
  22. They Talking that Talk. They all gonna be back minus the NFL losses
  23. Tampa to Zona. Penthouse to the outhouse.
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