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  1. Beaulieu is just not good at D. Jets need D who can play D.
  2. Interesting rumor i heard was to Florida possibly with a Roslo type for Trocheck a 1st and conditional pick. Who knows tho.
  3. 900k cap hit here yes? buff situation still tying their hands a bit. But ****. Demelo is a steal.. These other D are going for way more. Jets could prob get a 3rd and 5th for Kulikov. Lol
  4. Hes our 2nd best D man now. Could be argued hes an upgrade on Pionk cuz hes actually a very good shutdown guy. His fancy stats on a shitty ottawa team are better than every Jets D including 44
  5. Awes stats are more impressive than Kyrie. I like Kyrie also but i like Kyrie and Awe splitting reps even more. I also think this is the last year for Bighill so bringing in AWe could be a futures move also
  6. Its Walker or nobody imo. And im leaning towards nobody every day that passes and hes not signed. Roosevelt? Arceneaux? WTF is the point. From Walker to 2 dudes who combined dont play 18 games a season? Yea i dont see Kyle and Crew going after injury prone old dudes.
  7. He sure talks a lot of crap on twitter. I think hes xfl bound cuz ppl dont wanna deal with his baggage
  8. St Louis.. Blues game in St Louis drew a 3.1 Battlehawks drew a 6.0 The ratings are better than most major leagues sports ratings. Hockey is basically non existent in the US ratings wise. XFL could last a while... 3 years for sure.
  9. IMO he was the argos best D player last season. Ppl think hes here to backup? Doubt that. Id pencil him in right now in a LB spot.. I think hes starting but pencil because camp should decide for sure.
  10. Awe is a dirty mofo but hes our dirty mofo now so... Solid addition
  11. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/195577/igor-shestyorkin His pro stats including the KHL is insane
  12. Laine is our best overall forward this year by a significant amount
  13. Wheeler and Pionk control the PP and they are 2 slow passing. Wheels holds the puck for 10 seconds. Anyways
  14. Bombers not doing much but adding prospects ill call them. Dont think they looking receiver.. Would think DB tho.
  15. Thats what you take from that over in Alberta or wherever you are? Ok. Well you missed the point completely
  16. Heres one. Who are the bombers gonna cut cuz they cant pay both Collaros and Willie that much.
  17. Roslo Vesa plus Niku might get u a dude under contract.
  18. So lets pretend... Connor gets you lets just fsntasy land.. provorov or Sanheim Ehlers gets what? Less than he is worth to the Jets? Sweet LT deal there also. So why move Ehlers for less than his worth? Thats Dumb. Wonder how many goals he'd have with Scheif and Laine.. Regardless its dumb to move either of them. Roslo? Sure. Vesa? Maybe.. They aint getting much tho.
  19. Also.. I've never once for real thought Connor or Nik or anyone under 26 would be dealt. The RHD could be fixed off season with a Hamonic or Vatanen signing. Keep in mind.. Expansion draft coming.. 7 3 1 looks likely as the protection model.. 7 Fs.. 3 D (Josh Pionk FA signing) Helle. Cuz right now only Josh and Pionk are worth protecting. Im also gonna throw this out here.. This draft outside of the top 10 is very not good... Very small chance of getting a RHD or 2 center. Perhaps id move the pick plus Perreault? Maybe Little? I dunno.. For a RHD or Young cost controlled center now.
  20. Id consider giving Copp a shot with Ehlers and Wheeler once Lowry is back.
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