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  1. The D lol 5 guys standing around watching weineke catch the ball. Just yup. Whole team looked off today. I guess I'll blame the jerseys
  2. I'm ok with the loss. Hopefully teaches them that there are areas needed to be improved. Oline has not been great and the last few weeks we have turned the ball over Lots too.
  3. 1st loss in like a year really and ppl losing their ****. It's sad to see honestly
  4. Since we are cutting guys who **** the bed tonight Stanley Bryant... pack yer **** Geoff Gray... pack yer ****
  5. With 30 seconds left ok play for the fg.. with 1 minute left, go 4 the TD I believe we had about 1 minute 4 seconds to go. Playing for the fg essentially cost us the game Shanks happen, bad snaps or holds especially with prukop back, could hit the upright. No guarantee kicking the Rouge works either.
  6. Harris doesn't like being hit so we decided to not hit him very much tonight. I'm happy Zach got out of the game in one piece cuz for 3 quarters it looked like he wasn't going to
  7. Just played 10 games in 10 weeks. Teams have had 2 byes already b4 we have our first.
  8. The als kicker missed a 20 yard fg also People love the piling on but you can't keep waking up in the 4th quarter after doing nothing for 3 quarters and expect to win. Als were the better team tonight Trevor Harris moved the ball at will against our vaunted D. Collaros fumbled resulting in a Montreal TD.
  9. Hopefully the hogs heal up and get younger during the break
  10. Very rough riders esque post after a loss
  11. D allowed a long TD drive to the Als late in the 4th. O didn't show up until the 4th. Not the best game really
  12. Montreal was the better team. Destined to end 20 17
  13. Offside by a finger nail gets called, blocks from. Behind and late hits to qb is cool tho
  14. Als marching at will today Harris looking like the second coming
  15. Need to start moving collaros around more. Can't have him standing back there like a duck
  16. Suitor doesn't think blocking to the back is illegal
  17. Suitor must be a moron. That was quite obviously PI
  18. Brady trying to make chicken salad out of chicken crap PI easily
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