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  1. Cuz the D Couldn't get off the field in the 4th quarter? Als put up 21 points. 0 did enough to win
  2. Dont u have to fire Hall? That's 2 collapses with the game on the line in the last 3 weeks or 4.
  3. Saw this vs SASK on Labour Day.. D needs a big stop.. Gets owned. We lose.
  4. Doubt it tho. Why would he be? They punted what? Twice all game? I dunno. Is the D collapsing really on the O who put up 31 points The QB didn't lose The game. The D did.
  5. I dunno. O put up 31 points.. Went 4 for 4 in the first half. I dunno. It was 34 10. This is D collapsing. Bending and Breaking
  6. Bombers 0 put up 31 points. This is D and Medlock. Missed FG and PAT
  7. 488 yards passing. Bend but Don't break my ass. Adams threw lob balls all night ffs.
  8. The D collapsed. Seriously. 34 10 at 1 point. The D **** the bed.
  9. Friedman says Jets have interest in signing Ben Hutton... Interesting part is Hutton signed with LA. Swing and a miss again For Friedman
  10. Niku is actually taller than Morrissey so yeah.. Not sure where this hes small stuff came from. As for Heinola.. Hes our 2nd best LHD RIGHT now.
  11. He could. He is signed to an ELC. So yes he could. Maybe in the A to start tho.
  12. Or Perreault for other reasons tho.. Penalty box
  13. Chibsov has been very good. Lol top line in preseason? Hes been noticeable tho. Lowry isn't exactly quick either. Niku Josh Heinola Poolman all standing out also. Honestly.. Chibsov has prob been our most noticeable forward.
  14. Why does this matter? It was 20 years ago. Ppl weren't the sensitive everything offends me cuz feelings things they are now. Who honestly cares? Christ.. I cant run for politics i guess cuz 20 years ago i dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. Damn.. Was a vampire also. There goes my career... Dont want to offend albinos.
  15. Right. 1 cup. Hes got his ring. As for Maurice this thread is all over the place... Hes responsible for the lockeroom problems that are quite obviously real. Maurice has nothing to do with Buff besides keeping Trouba on PP1 over him.
  16. Rumors are Buff is dealing with Concussion issues. Ive heard that the decision has been made already and it should be announced soon. Retire = Jets gain cap space
  17. Pretty obvious Maurice played a huge role in this mess. All he had to do is switch up 55 and 26.. He didn't. 2 seasons ago.. Ehlers Scheif Laine dominated when put together. Dominated. Scored every shift pretty much. We all know Wheeler and Little have chemistry from their ladd little wheeler years. Whats the problem here? I dunno. But all signs point to a stubborn coach Why have 2 top lines tho when u can have 1.
  18. The Fact Anaheim is on Faulks no trade list but Winnipeg isn't.. That's a sign of a good Minnesota boy. Is he ideal? No. Is he better than everyone on the team except Buff and Morrissey? Yup.
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