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  1. It's really that simple lol They need Winnipeg next provincial election. Winnipeg is good with the mask stuff now so much so that ppl bitched and still wore them when they weren't mandatory for 2 weeks lol Glover is a duck.. quack quack quack
  2. Is Harris really that hurt? Timing seems odd. Bombers hurt QBs legally Harris IS a ***** Some former elk talked about if u hit Harris he folds.. I'd say it's true
  3. Her chances are slim since the ppl who she's appealing to are a minority group of individuals In MB I think Stefanson a lock. We don't vote. They do. They want to win the next provincial election.. you need a majority not highway 3 farmland
  4. Comrie isn't a bad goalie if you have skilled D who know what they supposed to do. I'm expecting a decent season from Eric the Eyes. Better stats in the ahl than Berdin also. I think Holm surprises people in the A. He's a Swedish Helle Maybe I should have said goaltending the same in the State of the Jets post... instead of worse since depth wise.. Holm is a good piece. Helle gonna play most games in the NHL anyways so 15 20 for Comrie? Why not
  5. I'll tell a story without names for privacy purposes but my sister lives overseas with her bf outside of London England. So My sisters BF family is all vaxxed... however the bfs dad isn't as he said no thanks even with everyone else getting there's and he's also almost 80. So they go on a family trip from England to Spain... a few days b4 they scheduled to leave Spain and return the dad comes down with symptoms... goes to hospital... he has covid.. everyone close to him aka his family get tested... negative. His dad right now is still in Spain... in hospital in icu on ventilation but doing OK.. perhaps worst is over for him luckily. Sisters BFs friend was 38 and got covid tho and died. Interesting disease PS: worst isn't over for him
  6. Needs to be waived for cap purposes. There is no way in hell he should be top 6 d this year unless serious injuries and if is.. Maurice needs to be fired at that point Eric Comrie. Get used to it for 15 games he starts
  7. Thankfully the stupidity seems to be more strong outside Winnipeg Eventually you gonna run out of ppl in the southern district so I agree
  8. I feel that when Meredith Is healthy... football ready... he will be back
  9. CBC? Radio is solid... they could get rid of the rest tho and nobody would care
  10. Funny. I recall suitor saying he's gotta leave quick after the game to watch the stamps and Elks but thought.. you gotta leave quick cuz u **** talking the team the whole game u *****
  11. No bs.. the new kicker gives me kind of Disneys Alladin type vibes and I'm good with that because I really liked that movie and it's remakes. I like his story actually. Hope he can take some pressure off of legs cuz asking a rookie cdn to do it all is asking 2 much
  12. California done good but they still gonna drop in to the ocean in our life time
  13. Dusty is good as is suitor and they do pair well. Suitor just shows his love for the green riders to the point of he shouldn't do rider games Smith and Farhan are solid also but have their Favorites also in Argos and Lions Forde is a solid analyst. Dunnigan is entertaining AF. I think they have a solid group.. I think the Panel needs work Lapo. Benavides. Milt and Sanchez would be better. I find Barker unbearable at times
  14. I don't wanna start on the problem with the American ppl.. it's so deep and involves so much corruption and so much petty bullshit and just so far gone from what they perhaps used to stand for. I'm curious when it all kinda began tho.. I was thinking bout it the other day.. did 9 11 change America? And yes.. it started the downfall really.. ppl were scared frightened running "terrorized" A new softer America now exists and it started on 9 11. But the corruption started long before and the problem is the American population is dumb and a large percentage of them think well monster trucks Nascar wrestling fast food
  15. Any of them But the main point of any Bible is Don't be a **** OR Richard?? Since my male genital region is a bad word on this part of the internets So.. 1000 metaphors or not... the message is still DONT BE A **** Lots of holes in that book Lots of fantasy stuff But it's crazy cuz I really liked Cat in the Hat when I was younger but I know the Cat wasn't real.
  16. Any of them But the main point of any Bible is Don't be a **** So.. 1000 metaphors or not... the message is still DONT BE A ****
  17. Gonna be honest... the Kelly Era had several memorable moments and that was one. The ticats in the boat. Michael Bishop Say what you want..Kelly created some solid memories also I was at that game. We were laughing cuz we stated till end and ppl were watching the tron from the parking lots cuz so much happened so quick. Was so young but that game... yup... so amazing. I never leave when down by lots. Honestly beat the traffic generally means stuck in traffic so I stay till the end and glad we did that game
  18. Yes Bernard. Mike Kelly Era That game stands out for me for some reason. Maybe just the fact we kept running it all game and they couldn't stop us. Was special.
  19. State of The Jets I would say Goaltending worse overall but Helle is a vezina winning Olympian. We should be ok The D has been significantly improved. Schmidt and Dillon are big moves. Honestly think Dillon is a Jet longer... yes Schmidt is solid also but I feel he could be the guy moved down the line. Still... Josh Nate. Pionk Dillon. Demelo. Stan. Ville. Samberg. Lundmark. Kovavevic. Lots of talent there depth wise. 2 lefties and 2 righties also The forwards? We lost Appleton Thompson Lewis from last season Who takes those spots? Connor Scheif Wheeler Copp PLD Ehlers Stastny Lowry Svech Ves Gus Nash Switch Svech with Nash? I dunno Strong top 6 tho. Stastny in the bottom makes sense. Gus will get a spot. But u got Toninato and Harkins still also Good depth not great but good Enough Cap after little to ltir and maybe waiving Beaulieu and niku to grab some depth forwards
  20. I remember a guy.. the best player to possibly never play a game for the Bombers that mattered... online legend... Duane Slay A true obscure reference Bloi Di Dorzon Now a very successful chef.
  21. Well said and spot on. The politicization is a Huuuuuuge problem. These individuals who are continuing to politicize the pandemic need to suffer serious consequences
  22. I guess.. my thoughts It's unfortunate we let Lucky go.
  23. Been that way a while now... hmm wonder why lol
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