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  1. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/10/25/collaros-scrambles-for-an-amazing-td-pass/ I'm just going to leave this here for all the people whining about the signing.
  2. Despite how stressed I was the entire game, the cats were never really in it.
  3. Is anyone concerned that we didn't throw for 300 yards?
  4. I think he channeled some Brandon Browner on that one
  5. I'm so stressed that I'm dealing with it by cleaning my oven during halftime
  6. Buddy is just giving it to the commish in the pregame interview about Toronto.
  7. I'm surprised the refs didn't call, 'illegal participation, crossbar' and give it to them first and goal at the 1 with an extra 30 seconds.
  8. Dickinson couldn't even try a PI challenge on one of those picks
  9. bo isn't playing well cause you can't see his sweet sleeve
  10. Can we make this drive last 15 minutes?
  11. Unrelated to this site but I hate websites that ask to send notifications, I wish there was a way to block every site from sending you a notification.
  12. Calling the result not the action
  13. Do you honestly think that was the first read?
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