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  1. Nichols didn't put up gawdy yardage but he did make 2 TD's happen by extending plays with his feet until a reciever could get open.
  2. You don't want someone who can keep real estate simple in Saskatchewan's changing market?
  3. I was quite surprised when Jones quitting didn't headline the national news tonight.
  4. Kudos to management getting this done. Really amazing we signed a priority FA when other teams have guys on twitter openly slagging the CBA or complaining about the town they play for.
  5. 'Dickenson is a Weiner' (Just listen to him talk)
  6. Seems like a lot but in this era of short contracts it's really not that bad
  7. Has anyone found a copy of the game uploaded yet?
  8. HH to the defense cause the only thing they couldn't defend against was some weak ass PI calls and what was clearly a backward pass being rulled incomplete.
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