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  1. Maybe he just hasn't gotten in to see the doctor yet.
  2. Now we gotta handle our business against Edmonton
  3. just run the wildcat, definitely don't try to make Strevler a pocket passer
  4. yeah it seems like a weird strategy, putting in a change of QB when your starting QB is hitting some nice deep throws.
  5. How to destroy your momentum in 2 plays
  6. I don't know, if all the recievers were consistently getting open would they be checking down as much? Is the playcall '**** any open recievers, check it down anyways'
  7. I still think Nichols should start but I wish they would go to streveler for a series or two when Nichols isn't performing.it gives a defense something different to look at and gives Nichols a chance to see things from the sidelines and settle down.
  8. Put in streveler this close to the goal line
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