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  1. Wow. We really can't have nice things as Bomber fans can we? Can we stop acting like inbred rider fans please?
  2. WE ARE 4 AND 0 MAN. Jesus. Enjoy it. Nichols has thrown 10 TD to 1 pick. All 3 phases of our team are great. Stop it. Just stop.
  3. Fenner has been brutalized all night. Holy Christ
  4. They'll never stfu. Even a Grey Cup won't do it.
  5. Great throw and catch under duress ruined by ass hattery
  6. Why is British Columbia still trying to throw 40-yard passes
  7. I could be wrong, but I do worry about Edmonton and Harris/Gable. They have a lot to offer on O. Like BC they have a bad D tho. I'm a born skeptic but a big part of me believes we're far and away the best team in the west this year
  8. Ideally both Alberta teams lose this weekend and we can crush TO, putting some distance early in the season.
  9. Before anyone gets too comfortable with the Stampeders, their fans are declaring them the patriots of the CFL. But better.
  10. I fully expect to beat the Argos up, badly. So, here comes our 1st loss of the season
  11. My concern with Streveler is he seems totally unable to read coverage and do proper check downs. He's athletic AF and has a strong arm, but has the QB decision making of Drew Willy
  12. He struggled last year with a nagging leg injury. He has been great this year and has been a victim of terrible playcalling and tactics in the 2nd half. He's also, u know, 3-0? 1 interception and i think 6 TDs?
  13. I know you've made up your mind, but, what's the other option? Let me just for a moment cede to you the argument that Nichols is a bad QB. I disagree, but, let's go along with that. Let's say he's mediocre, a game manager who just can't win the big game. A lousy but not terrible QB. Poor. Who is better that we can plug in? Sure as hell isn't Streveler. Are you suggesting we make a play for Arbuckle? Harker? There just isn't a viable option to replace Nichols... so all this jawing about him is incredibly counter productive and toxic.
  14. Nichols is our guy, and the Ottawa game should put that on full display. I'll go so far as to say that I don't think Streveler will ever be a legitimate #1... he just misses way too many reads. But he's a great #2 for us and a great change of pace guy. I hope he proves me wrong, QB depth and strength is invaluable. I think Streveler needs to be playing every game, taking at least 5 snaps a game minimum to keep him sharp, keep Nichols healthy, and keep the other team off their balance.
  15. As expected, as teams got game film on Fajardo, he became totally ineffective. And this is against the completely battered Stampeders defense
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