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  1. The only chance we have at a cup is ... well 2 scenarios I guess 1) Big Chris plays status quo, and the D gels and steals games by scoring points. Unlikely. 2) Collaros comes in and plays decent ball and we string 3 wins together in November ...sooooooooooo... I guess there's a chance?
  2. And yet he's a 500 coach for the bombers with 1 playoff win in his tenure.
  3. Dude was a special teams coordinator. For a short period of time. That's his coaching resume. I got that there's a small faction of people, or maybe a large faction, that seemed to like O'Shea and God knows why, but his record is pretty mediocre and the team is going backwards now. You think that he would learn, pick up nuggets, and improve his style and Effectiveness. But his deployment, and frankly, abuse of streveler last game leaves me little in the way of hope. The mindlessness of putting out a hobbled run only qb when you need yards fast is hard to wrap my mind around. Also, I was only three rows behind the bomber bench, and streveler absolutely looked hobbled. The idea that he was going out no matter what and O'Shea was just getting out of the way it's beyond ridiculous. Who runs this football club? A second-year rookie, or our esteemed head coach? Trick question don't bother answering.
  4. The secret is out. O'Shea is, was, and will always be in over his head as a head coach in the cfl. He was a dumb hire.
  5. Bighill and Matthews have to be the most disappointing FA signings in recent memory
  6. At the end of the day it all falls on Walters. If you want to say the deployment is wrong then why the same coaching staff so long? That said, he's not my primary place of blame. So maybe it all doesn't fall on him? But the fact he's so loyal to bad coaching is questionable. Lots of blame to go around for a team that appears to have peaked 2 years ago... A 12 - 6 record with a one and done in playoff. For all we know mos begged Walters to let him keep his coordinators in place.
  7. Walters is absolutely skating free from shared blame, agreed. Our receivers are garbage.
  8. We can't all be hapless sycophants worshipping at the alter of "stable and mediocre"
  9. Makes sense. He's been a failure as a coach so far.
  10. Defending Strev has become a religion for some people, because God forbid Nichols is actually a better option
  11. As much as I want him gone, I don't get that Vibe. It's just more of the same old bulshit from him. Aw jeez shucks crap.
  12. From 5-0 to 5-7. Nothing to see here 😂. Wow.
  13. How much blame do we attribute to the head coach when the team completely implodes like this halfway through the season?
  14. There's a lot about this team right now that's inexcusable. McGuire actually showed something granted it was only a couple of days oh, but he has great mechanics and looks like he can stretch the field. Our defense plays a butter soft zone, Bighill has gone from invisible to. Ring a liability. Jefferson is invisible and a non factor. Our best hope is to play sask in the semi, steal a win, and hope for the best in the west final. But at this point we need a miracle to win the championship. It's simple stunning how fast we fell apart.
  15. Loved to see strevelers heart and compete... But that wont win games.
  16. I genuinely feel bad for our fanbase. Every year I wonder why people come back. Why ticket sales don't plummet. This organization doesn't deserve us. Seeing all the infighting over obvious losers like hall lapo and a clueless coach like mos is sad. Why the **** was streveler out there? Hurt, hobbled, can't throw a pass and mos shoves him out there. Brainless.
  17. The defense was terrible tonight. Let's not pretend otherwise. BLM passed at will.
  18. 1 we aren't playing Hamilton 2 we are struggling and have been benefactors of Calgary unforced mistakes
  19. Man when we lose this I'm going to be pissed
  20. We are playing like garbage and Calgary likely stops giving us freebies.
  21. Should be 14 3. D is abysmal. Again. Welcome back Richie
  22. I'll say this now before the game starts and perhaps goes badly, happy I went. Always good to be in Blue
  23. Rain forecast has been downgraded from 30% to 20%
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