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  1. Favorite: Kenny Ploen - As a kid growing up without seeing the Bombers win a Grey Cup and looking back and seeing this guy had won four just made him mythical to me. Had a chance to meet him and he's a cool guy too. Humble, and just a great dude. Least favorite: I find this a lot tougher actually, I guess I would have to say Nic Grigsby, only because he was such a flash in the pan that talked way too much. Couldn't walk the walk, and definitely was not a team player. The fact he was on some of the worst Bomber teams ever doesn't help.
  2. Okay, I have often wondered this is Dave Sanchez the sports announcer the same Dave Sanchez that took a billion penalty yards in that 2010 comeback epic of BC vs. Winnipeg? Anyone else remember the bombers kicking off after scoring a TD from B.C.'s own 35?
  3. Kevin Eiben. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/bombers-bound-for-grey-cup-lose-glenn-1.637720
  4. Ooh! Also, whoever wasn't supposed to be on the field during the 2nd last play of the 2009 Grey Cup. That guy was stellar.
  5. Personally, I have always shown my utmost appreciation to the opposing quarterbacks, receivers and running backs that turn the ball over at Investor's Group Field. I make sure to give them a warm round of applause on their way back to the bench every time!
  6. Pfft I could do that. No condition stipulating that the car wash must be running...
  7. Man, that reminds me of that stellar home opener (O'Shea's first game as head coach) when they absolutely mopped the walloped the Argos (who had Ray). I'll always remember that random fake punt O'Shea called that went to none other than ... Feoli-Gudino. Reminiscing aside, preseason is one of my favorite times of the year, between the myriad of newbies, and the office banter about who thinks which teams are gonna make some noise this year...just the buzz in the city surrounding the upcoming season. Nothing quite like it. ...Can we do a virtual rum hut and re-stream the 2019 playoffs?
  8. Well, not really a training camp memory; but preseason at least... 2018 season, Bombers hosted Edmonton for our home preseason game, then also played against them in our home opener two weeks later. Anyways...during the preseason game two Edmonton players were talking trash to a fan behind us. This fan sometimes just roasts players, quick-witted he said to them (and I quote) "I'll bet you $20 CANADIAN that neither of you make it to the home opener"... sure enough, two weeks later, Edmonton team is introduced and both of them had made the team (and had remembered the bet). One of the players came out doing the Johnny Manziel money thing... Fan was a good guy though... paid them both their $20.
  9. I agree he should be given a fair chance, it is laughable to think it is anything above a PR stunt though. Reminds me of that time Riders brought in Vince Young in training camp well past his prime lol.
  10. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/vienna-police-fart-fine-1.5614650 Protestors getting creative lol.
  11. My favorite part of both of their games is the selflessness of providing blocks to receivers or whomever as necessary. Hard to come by gritty receivers that do that. Adams does it away from the ball well as well.
  12. Fun fact: A group of parrots is called a pandemonium. Just like this thread lol.
  13. Maybe, maybe not. Point is, we won't know for sure unless you give her (or any other candidate applying for that matter) a fair shot. Assuming she'll be poor at it just because she is a female on the basis that historically there have no female play-by-play announcers is just confirmation bias of a sexist and dated perspective. If she's going to lose out on a job, it should be because of better candidates, not because of her gender or preconceived notions of it.
  14. Reminiscent of Bowman's reelection campaign for mayor. Race is Biden's to lose right now, for sure.
  15. Welp, time to become a nihilist, I guess. Not that it matters...
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