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  1. Lol he's the opposite of Derek Zoolander (who can only turn left).
  2. Man, feel bad for Matthews who looked practically invisible in his debut - 1 catch on 2 targets for 42 yards... wasn't even on the field on that last series.
  3. My goodness, lots of gaffes by the Als on special teams so far: - penalty for illegal formation - Bray fumbled the punt - TWICE.
  4. Lirim still finding ways to hurt the Bombers. Also, fun fact, Hamilton has won twice in Calgary since 1989.
  5. I always do so at least twice a year (when they play the 'Riders)
  6. Make it happen, Hamilton! We could use the help in the West.
  7. C'mon now, that's not fair. Montreal didn't have a team from 1987 - 1995. Not only that, the team they became (Baltimore Stallions), actually won the Grey Cup in 1995. The only American CFL team ever to do so.
  8. In 2017, the situation you're describing applied. A fourth place team (Saskatchewan, 10-8) crossed to the East, and had to play on the road in Ottawa (8-9-1), despite SSK having a better record. That year, SSK actually even had a better record than the East Division Champion (Toronto, 9-9). Your solution however, still doesn't quite make sense though... if SSK did get to host Ottawa instead (because they had a better record), how is that fair to Edmonton? They finished 12-6 (3rd in the West), and would've been the only Western team in the semis to play on the road, despite having a better record than SSK.
  9. They would play in the 2nd place team in the East division semi-final. In this scenario, the 3rd place team in the East wouldn't make the playoffs. The change you're describing doesn't make any sense... if playoffs happened right now, a cross-over would cause EDM (6-6) to play MTL (6-4), in MTL... this makes perfect sense, MTL has the better record. I think what you mean is if the 4th place team in the West has a better record than the 2nd place team in the East...which in that case, I agree that doesn't make sense.
  10. I understand the gripe here, but if the entire league were one division, season series would be much less important, and playoff positions would be all but set 2/3 through the season. If today, the league were one division it'd look like this: HAM: 9-2 WPG: 9-3 CAL: 7-4 SSK: 7-4 MTL: 6-4 EDM: 6-6 ************ OTT: 3-8 TOR: 2-9 BC: 1-10 Overall, it'd make the stretch run much less exciting, because there is a lot less for the teams to play for. By no means is the current system perfect, but consolidating things into one division wouldn't help, it'd make the imbalance between good and bad teams that much worse. Teams would be coasting into the playoffs easily with 3-4 games left, without much (if anything) to play for.
  11. By definition, isn't every team winless in Grey Cup berths since their last Grey Cup win?
  12. IN OTHER NEWS... nobody has kicked the tires on Roc Carmichael again, ever. Happy?
  13. Oddly enough, Montreal's inconsistency really shows when you look at their wins/loss record. They have six wins, all against different teams (HAM, OTT, EDM, CAL, TOR, BC). They also have 4 losses, also all against different teams (EDM, HAM, OTT, SSK). The only team they've won the season series with is EDM, by virtue of point differential. Down the stretch, they'll have a lot to play for. For the Blue and Gold, I think if we win in SSK and split the remaining 2 with CAL, then go .500 in the other 4 (4-2 overall), that should be enough to clinch 1st.
  14. Yeah, people seem to forget that Augustine had a very respectable game yesterday (16 carries for 75 yards, 4.7 yards per carry average) against SSK's run D, which was ranked 3rd in the league coming in yards given up per game (91.1 yards per game)... only teams better at stopping the run is CAL (89.5 yards per game) and us (69.2 yards per game)
  15. After yesterday? Yes... we should go back to running thunder & lightning... Harris (lightning), Streveler (thunder) lol.
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