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  1. Sure, but you've got to field competitive players for all three facets - not just one. BC went all-in on offense with little for STs and D... it shows.
  2. The fact BC only dresses 6 offensive linemen shows how much value they put in protecting their QB.
  3. I swear to god the rouge was invented for putrid offenses like this.
  4. Rose's pick-6 turned the tide for sure... but I'd argue that Demski's recovery of Harri's fumble on our own 17 was just as important. At the time, game was tied 0-0. Fun fact: Jennings had 45 yards passing, and the INT was run back for 71 yards on the interception. Do these net out? I think they should.
  5. Well, my alarm permit is still the same price, but that doesn't make me any happier about paying it.
  6. Nick Arbuckle leads the league in completion % as of Week 5 (68.8%), according to CFL, a "deep throw" is consider 20+ yards. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Ok - here's the best way I can explain sigma in layman's terms. If you're a doctor and you have two patients, and you measure their heartbeats per minute (bpm) 3 times each and the results are below: Patient #1: 60 bpm / 60 bpm / 60 bpm Patient #2: 100 bpm / 20 bpm / 60 bpm They would both have the same average (60 bpms), but obviously patient #2 is in a much more concerning scenario. Sigma, a.k.a standard deviation measures how varied your data set is, in the example above, Patient #1 has standard deviation of 0, whereas Patient #2 has standard deviation of 40. TLDR; Sigma/standard deviation is a way of telling you how varied a given data set is, it gives more information than just an average, as averages can often be misleading if you have numerous outliers that offset (such as Patient #2's heartbeat).
  7. Might be adding fuel to the fire here... but just some stats on Nichols vs other QBs after Week 5: 1. Most TD passes in the league (10). 2. His completion accuracy (69.4%) is right around league average (67.9%) 3. He's only thrown 1 interception to-date, the only QBs who have less is Trevor Harris and Nick Arbuckle, Arbuckle also has considerably less playing time, so I'd attribute his low INT total to that. 4. Winnipeg's offense successfully runs the ball... alot! Of our total offensive plays (204), close to half of them (95, 46.57%) have been running plays, which is 1st in the league. We're the only team above.500 that currently successfully does this, the two other teams that are run-heavy are SSK (104 running plays, 228 total offensive plays, 45.61%) and MTL (99 running plays, 213 offensive plays, 46.48%). After that, there is about a 10% drop-off in run-play % with each other team running the ball less than 40% of their offensive plays. 5. Although it is true we have 2nd most 2-and-outs in the league (24), the league average is 19, we're within 1 sigma of the league average, essentially meaning our offense is pretty much middle-of-the road in terms of 2-and-outs. 6. His completion % for deep passes (38.10%) is 3rd-worst in the league, though it should be noted he doesn't shy away from it (21 attempts, league average 21.3 among qualifying QBs). Interesting note here though, Reilly's deep pass completion % is only 28.13%... only QB who is worse is Mitchell (20.00%) though I'd attribute that to him playing hurt. 7. There does not appear to be any correlation between 300+ yard games and team winning percentage (R^2 value = .0872) league-wide, suggesting that this stat is practically irrelevant with respect to wins league-wide, not just for Nichols who is 4-0 with 0 300 yard games. 8. You guys made me late for work.
  8. I've mentioned this on the forum before, TSN offers 24-hour day passes to stream CFL games for a very reasonable $4.99 per day... much better than ridiculous cable prices, considering I can get my main news source (CBC) also online for free.
  9. I am also a cord-cutter, personally I listen to the radio for games, if it's a game I really want to watch, I'll go to the local pub, though that doesn't happen often.
  10. As long as the defense stays true and doesn't cheat or give up big plays... I think we'll be fine.
  11. Well, going back to 1978, they've never started 5-0. For years before then, records are a bit murkier, so I don't want to mislead with incorrect information... Other fun facts, the 1960 resulted in the of the best finishes for the team (14-2), and the 12-game win streak is 2001 is the Bombers longest ever as a franchise. The longest winning streak of active CFL teams is held by Calgary (22 wins straight during 1948-1949 seasons) Close, but no, they went 7-1 through the first 8 games., losing to Calgary in Week 3. So it isn't considered a 5-0 start.
  12. Well stats fascinate me, so here we go: Last time above .500: Technically, the last time they were above .500 was when they opened 2016 with a 1-0 record... Before that though...you have to go back to 2014, when they managed to get to 9-8 in week 19. They would finish 9-9 (.500) on the year. Last winning streak: Weeks 18-20 of the 2016 season. The games were pretty much meaningless though, as before the streak they were 4-11. For the last meaningful winning streak, you have to go back to 2014 when they strung together 6 wins to dig themselves out hole of 3-8 back up to a more respectable 9-8. Last season above .500: 2012. This was also Calvillo's last full year as starting QB, he would play in 2013, but would not finish the season with them.
  13. As someone who works in the field, it is the responsibility of Als management to detect fraud, not the auditors. This is a huge misconception in accounting.
  14. Tough schedule? Absolutely. My point still stands though... the Stamps still control their own destiny when it comes to catch us, however, this is mostly by virtue of the fact the 2019 season is still so young.
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