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  1. It'd be so much harder for the Rider's to live in the basement though!
  2. Just how much do the 'Riders suck? The longest period of time a single team has been Grey Cup Champions is 1841 days,, this was the 1915 Hamilton Ti-Cats. They won it on November 20, 1915, and the trophy wasn't rewarded again until December 4, 1920 due to WW1 and the global flu pandemic at the time. By comparison, in their entire existence, the Roughriders have been champs for only 1470 days (1966 - 371 days , 1989 - 364 days, 2007 - 364 days and 2013 - 371 days TLDR; A lot.
  3. (23,000 seats * $50 = $1,150,000) is greater than (35,000 seats * $20 = $700,000). In the above example, even Edmonton at capacity would only be (50,000 * $20 = $1,000,000) vs (26,000 * $50 = $1,300,000) per game. If you set the price at $15 per game, sure you have more fans that may be more willing to spend money on drinks/merchandise etc, but that is an optional expense. Let's just say you drop the price to $15 per game, I suddenly have $35 extra to spend on booze (woohoo!). Even if I optionally decide to spend all that money on stuff, there's the cost of making the goods sold to m
  4. 3-downs, the rouge, and other such rules are important to the CFL. I would argue the individuals claiming the CFL "isn't real football" aren't going to be won over by such a change... you just aren't going to win them over regardless. I understand and respect Naylor's argument, but I'd argue that not only are those rules part of the CFL's identity, they help differentiate from the vast majority of other leagues down south ... the AAF, NCAA, XFL, USFL... all of these leagues have in the past (or present) been essentially farm teams for the NFL. People assume the CFL drinking the kool-aid a
  5. Science will take you to the moon...religion flies you into buildings. (not my quote, but applicable here nonetheless)
  6. Hello fellow CFL Fans, As many of you have now heard, the CFL has been in talks with the XFL due to their dire situation and obviously is in desperate need of help. I am sure many of you have also received the "Wishing I were there" postcards mailed out by the federal government. The idea of the campaign is to allow Canadians to reconnect with each other and provide a message to people we cannot see due to the going pandemic. I suggest instead we send those postcards back to Parliament Hill, with messages of support for the Canadian Football League. Now, I don't know if doing th
  7. I really can't see Mr. Trudeau giving the league help. It just optically doesn't look good for politicians to help things perceived as non-essential like sports. I'm not saying I agree with that logic, just that I can see how it doesn't look good from a political perspective.
  8. Oof. Why are these dopes even giving XFL the time of day? As Doug Brown stated on CBC The National last night: "They don't have a history of running successful football leagues, all they have is cash. To me, it kind of wreaks of desperation, when a league that is as established and storied and... has the longevity the Canadian Football League has, is - collaborating and talking with the XFL." Couldn't agree more.
  9. All the ones he played on that were under .500 and missed the playoffs.
  10. So... any word on why only the severance portion that was paid to definitely-not-my-sister is being asked to be repaid? Why not the full amount that was paid out to her during her sisters' employment? I mean, that's like charging a bank robber with the theft of the bank bag they used to steal wads of cash with, and not trying to get the stolen funds back. Wouldn't it be better to get repayment on the employment earnings as well?
  11. They are all dogs. The worst thing about the federal election is there is no option to decline your ballot (you can, however, do this provincially, at least in Manitoba)
  12. Here's the highlights of that "game" if one could call it that.
  13. My point was merely that optically, the government giving funding to organizations that employ some Americans, for a non-essential service just isn't a politically savvy move. As for TSN - plenty of them would already be employed due to the NHL... as for the Americans paying taxes, great, so does every other employee in every other business that could receive funding. Realistically I think it's unfeasible for a season to occur without fans in the stands.
  14. Obviously it's hard to know what goes on behind closed doors, but I think there's two main reasons the federal government has no interest in backing the CFL: (i) A decent chunk of CFL players are American, optically it'll look bad for the feds to help a business that, largely employs non-Canadians. (ii) Football, by it's very nature, means teams are often adding and dropping players from teams. Many of them American, this again further complicates any help from the feds, as if they subsidize wages etc., they are potentially just helping a CFL fly in a player from the US. These s
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