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  1. Was just using him as a recent example of a Bomber draft pick that didn't work out too well for Bomber brass, that's all.
  2. Yeah... estimated Canadian population - 37.06 million (2018, according to google), USA - 327.02 million (according to google). Not only that, the differences in weather means in some southern states you can play football longer. As for loopholes... if we're just making rules with the intention of them being bypassed anyways, what's the point? I always found the CFL draft particularly hilarious... you want to pick football players who's dreams will (most likely) be crushed. The ideal draft pick is someone just good enough to be a stud in the CFL, but bad enough NFL teams won't pick them up. Too good and you end up with a player that never plays a snap for your team... too bad, and well, you end up with Kito Poblah.
  3. Miller definitely did alot for us on STs. However, I'd also argue the stability Rempel has provided in recent years is just as important. A long snapper is a thankless job, the only time you get recognized it when you screw up...
  4. Your post had merit until this spelling error.... then all I could think about were meat ends... gross.
  5. This logic is the equivalent to heating your house by setting your furnace on fire... it's effectively equity cannibalism.
  6. Jovon Johnson gets my vote for the sole reason that his return was part of one of the best Bomber comebacks I ever witnessed on Thanksgiving weekend 2010. My girlfriend and I ended up going to the game on a whim, and after that ended up getting season tickets the following year in 2011 and haven't looked back since. Just a fantastic player all-round.
  7. Anyone that's ever had to use reCaptcha will be able to relate...
  8. Oh I read it - that doesn't mean I agree with it.
  9. Global presence? How 'bout we start with nation-wide recognition... then go from there. This man is sullying the good name of reasonably optimistic people everywhere.
  10. On an unrelated, hilarious note... a family in Nova Scotia currently faces allegations of tax fraud because a CRA auditor flagged some of the claimed expenses as fictitious, they were paid to a "Vandelee Industries". This is the same name as the fictitious company setup by George Costanza in an episode of Seinfeld. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/cape-breton-cra-fraud-case-1.5032725
  11. In case anyone needs a refresher on that trade... To Hamilton To Montreal Jamaal Westerman Johnny Football Chris Williams (currently FA) Landon Rice (currently FA) 2020 1st round pick Tony Washington (resigned with MTL) 2021 1st round pick That is nothing short of sickening... especially considering the other two players MTL got were rentals at the time...
  12. Always felt he got the short end of the stick when he was here back in 2014/2015 our offensive line was nowhere near as competent, c'est la vie.
  13. Sure, if you're buying what the Liberals are selling, I think it's very telling that they plan to just add carbon tax proceeds to the general coffers. I agree on your other points though, if they were sincere about it, they could invest in credits for more charging stations for electric vehicles, stuff like that...unfortunately the very nature of our democratic system has forced every party to look at most 4 years into the future..
  14. From a purely economic perspective, a carbon tax (a.k.a end user tax) is the most logical way to do it. People will be forced to use less, as a direct result of the goods that are taxed costing more. The exact same logic has been used by our government in the past with so-called "sin-taxes" (tobacco tax, which adds about 50% to the cost of cigarettes, and additional levies on alcohol, for example). Of course, the disadvantages of applying this to carbon, is it's often an additional tax on essentials - such as your Hydro bill... this hurts the working poor the most. As always, raising taxes is also generally an unpopular move by politicians. The other problem with the current plan is lots of commercial emitters are exempt, which to be honest kind of defeats the purpose. The Liberals have implemented the Carbon Action Incentive (CAI) on personal tax returns - which gives money back to people on their taxes, to offset against increased expenses from the incoming carbon tax levies. The CAI is a blatant attempt at buying votes by the Liberals, and further muddies the water with where Trudeau really stands on climate change. The last thing that makes carbon tax schemes so difficult is determining how much carbon actually went into an item... for example, if an organic widget is home-grown in Winnipeg, and no trucks etc. are used to bring it to market (also in Winnipeg), it could conceivably have produced less carbon than a similar organic widget trucked into Winnipeg from North Dakota. However, if that same widget was made more efficiently in North Dakota, it could actually have less of a carbon footprint. How do you even track that? It get particularly problematic when you consider imports from overseas, especially with foreign countries that don't currently have a carbon plan. tldr; I don't know how to fairly tax it best - but economists generally agree that a tax like this curbs consumer usage, which is the supposed goal.
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