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  1. Oh wait, that was Jonothan Jennings lol. Davis can't even do turnovers for us right.
  2. Not true, he had a pretty nice touchdown pass to Winston Rose last year for the Bombers at home.
  3. These people are insane. Trump is delirious, the fact he incited the protestors shows he is out of touch, or in deep with the wrong people. I think once whisked away from the power of presidency he'll be in jail, dead, or both. He's completely desperate at this point.
  4. I've always viewed the Bryant signing as the inflection point when our offensive line really started to actually become a force. Others have come and gone, but he's been a staple throughout the rebuilding process.
  5. Yeah, I have always found it odd how you can end up with a rather exciting endings in the NFL sometimes, or just QB kneels, especially if the opposition has no timeouts. I also prefer the CFL, I guess a better question is... what would you do to fix it? Here are a couple of thoughts 1. Allow the clock to run in the last 2 minutes, but have it cap out at 20 seconds before the ball is snapped? (This works around the 40-second play clock in the NFL) 2. Shorten the play clock as is done in the CFL to speed up pace and number of plays? 3. Not have the clock run in the final two minutes?
  6. Having Canadian players play in the CFL is part of what makes the league just that - Canadian. Whilst it definitely increases the rift in talent between the CFL and NFL overall, removing the ratio I think would be detrimental overall to the game, it'd basically just turn the CFL into NCAA North Division... I have no problem with our league paying Canadian players to play a Canadian game. That said though, I will agree that just as there are smug NFL fans that dismiss the CFL, there are similarly smug CFL fans that dismiss the NFL as boring. I don't think either is right personally.
  7. Fun Fact: The first ever touchdown in the first ever Super Bowl was scored by Max McGee when he was ridiculously hungover after a night of gambling and gallivanting, he had himself a day. He wasn't even a starter but had to play because the starter got injured.
  8. Using the same analogy, proper conduct would be researching the best places in the city to buy a car, then concluding the best car dealership to purchase a car from. Tunnel vision would be concluding the best place to buy a car is the local bike shop, due to their local proximity, the fact they sell things on wheels and that they're convenient and at the end of the block. Besides, I just have a "gut feeling" that is the best place to find a car.
  9. I'm just sayin' money talks, end of the 2018 season all the Rider faithful thought Jefferson was loyal, too...
  10. Just adding fuel to the fire, but isn't Jeremiah Masoli currently a free agent?...
  11. Neat site that (sort of) fixes this problem: https://www.movieofthenight.com/ Lets you sort Netflix/Amazon Prime etc. videos by genre instead of using Netflix's terrible interface. Also allows to filter for movies on Netflix Canada, which tends to be terrible for distribution rights. Gems that are good comedies I have found through it are: Clue (available on Amazon Prime) Manhattan Murder Mystery Both hilarious who-dunnit mystery/comedies that help with the COVID blues and are good for a laugh.
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