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  1. I know he's way more important than that, but Gauthier will always in my mind be known as "that one STs guy that made that huge game-saving tackle on SSK's trick play in the 2019 Western Final"
  2. Yep, that and that sweet sweet tax-free status on sale proceeds due to the principal residence exemption.
  3. Sure, but if I were to rewind back to when we were saving for a house - when I was 20 years old... I was still in university, I was (at the time) working part-time earning ~$18,000 a year whilst attending university. The only eligibility criteria for CERB with respect to income levels was income in excess of $5,000. If the pandemic hit me whilst working at that job - I would actually have been earning more by staying on CERB for the period it covered ($2,000 per month * 12 months = $24,000 per year). Not only that - CERB payments were exempt from CPP and EI - so you actually got to retain even more of your money. All that said - the money absolutely had to go out, and that situation is the exception, not the norm for sure. I just meant if you were fortunate enough to be living at home and receiving CERB, the above scenario could certainly have ramped up your ability to save for your own home - if you had the means to do so.
  4. No doubt the current housing boom is fueled by the government just giving a lot of people living at home a down payment from their CERB payments. My wife and I were fortunate to buy a house in Winnipeg in 2013 and did not go over asking price. I will never forget how frustrated we were - at the time, I wanted to buy into Wolseley (where I grew up) - found a house listed there for $220,000 with some knob and tube in it still - was a fixer-upper and definitely needed some work. We decided - thanks to our sizeable down payment - to make an offer at list price - no conditions - it went for $260,000 cash. That was when we tapped out. 8 years later and we have been happily debt free since November 2019, we had an initial mortgage balance of about $184,000. Paid off the house in its entirety about 2 weeks before going to Calgary for Grey Cup. Man that was a fun time.
  5. I'm just saying... you could move back to Winnipeg before buying tickets, thus obtaining the required Manitoba residency to attend games.
  6. I know they don't track "blown coverage" plays, but I seem to recall soon as he left us we seemed to have a lot less of those plays...
  7. I, for one, am in favour of a mailing campaign. "You may already be a winner!!!! JK you idiots live in Saskatchewan, suck it."
  8. Let me just be the first to say your new profile pic is fantastic and everything you say I now read in Dwight Schrute's condescending voice.
  9. To be honest - why have statues of any humans? Most of us are deplorable anyways, and at this point it seems humanity is merely circling the drain with climate change and unfettered capitalism running rampant.
  10. Just saying though, the last two declining retreads we brought in at QB (Collaros, Durant) we ended up with a Grey Cup win and Streveler respectively. That said, I wouldn't bother with Jennings, though I understand the argument for him.
  11. Was probably thinking next-level and was working interception-based incentives into his contract lol.
  12. Bombers sign former NFL receiver (played for the Bears and New Orleans Saints) and hometown boy Cam Meredith https://www.bluebombers.com/2021/07/01/really-played-perfectly-meredith-excited-play-new-hometown/
  13. Keep digging Saskatchewan, we can still see you!
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