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  1. Debt free at 30! Also love this city and all its' warts. Have fun having [INSERT STARTING QB NAME HERE] throw to you Lawler.
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/cfl-cflpa-reach-tentative-collective-agreement-1.6458863 Not sure if this belongs here.
  3. Imagine if this entire strike was just so the Bomber players could defer going to SSK
  4. The Maple Leafs are now tied with the Bruins for most game 7 losses in league history (14). The Bruins oddly enough also have the most game 7 wins (15) of any team and have played in the most overall of any franchise.
  5. Greg Carr what a flash in the pan he was
  6. Makes me sad in the current-age CFL you don't see more QB tandems. With how expensive the position is, it just usually isn't economically feasible. If you're routinely switching QBs (and it isn't for short-yardage sneaks) - you're probably doing something wrong. The only other honorable mention you could make today would be Evans / Masoli, - but I don't think that really counts - they wouldn't game plan to play both of them, just if one stunk it up, the other would sub in.
  7. As far as I can tell this was also Bobby Fritz. Fun fact he was a player and our head coach at the same time
  8. Question RE new 2 QB rule; if Matt Nichols laterals to Dominique Davis who then throws a pick 6 is it just an INT for Davis, or both? Asking for a friend.
  9. Ploen also (according to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame) holds the record for fewest interceptions thrown in a single season (1962 - 4). They're both well-respected, but there's absolutely no Brock is even comparable. Obviously the team around them has something to do with it, but really good players just have that "it" factor that rallies the team pushes them over the hump. Ploen had "it", Brock, well, not so much. Also Brock dumped on our city so he can go fly a kite in my book.
  10. Make rouges worth 2, but only if the the total time left on the play clock on seconds is a prime number when the play is ruled dead.
  11. Lol tuned in halfway through the 3rd thinking the Jets had blown their 3-0 lead only to be pleasantly surprised the Avs had actually just scored their 5th, followed shortly by their sixth...
  12. Collins would be nice but I just hope we sign Janarion Grant. He is way more impactful than Collins and has more upside
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