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  1. Man, there are some fugly QB names sprinkled in there. Yikes.
  2. Bob Cameron holds the record for most attempts (188) and most total punting yards (8,214), both records were set during the 1988 season. This is according to the official 2017 CFL record book, as the 2018 one hasn't been released yet.
  3. I understand that's the ultimate goal, but blowing things up just for the sake of blowing things up is just plain silly in my opinion - they pushed Calgary to the limit last year and nearly knocked them off their high horse...
  4. Yep - highest scoring team last year during the regular season. Interestingly enough though, we were middle of the pack in total yards (6,630, 368 per game), Hamilton led the league (7,300, 405 per game)
  5. ...then let the hogs and Harris run rampant over opposing d-lines like they did to grind out the clock in the Western semifinal against the 'Riders.
  6. I think regardless of position, you have to start somewhere... the fact he's able to contribute at all on STs as a 3rd string QB is more than what most other 3rd-stringers do in the league...
  7. I'm excited to see Jon Ryan play, should get lots of playing time with Bartel gone methinks.
  8. Yeah, that was definitely me, had a pretty good arm back then.
  9. Although at least this time around, moving from East -> West wouldn't decrease our chance of making the playoffs like when Ottawa expanded in...
  10. It's okay though guys... we've got grassroots movements in Europe and Mexico!
  11. I understand there can't be handouts for everyone globally... but is this sending the right message? Or are these guys that interested in playing in the CFL?
  12. Was just using him as a recent example of a Bomber draft pick that didn't work out too well for Bomber brass, that's all.
  13. Yeah... estimated Canadian population - 37.06 million (2018, according to google), USA - 327.02 million (according to google). Not only that, the differences in weather means in some southern states you can play football longer. As for loopholes... if we're just making rules with the intention of them being bypassed anyways, what's the point? I always found the CFL draft particularly hilarious... you want to pick football players who's dreams will (most likely) be crushed. The ideal draft pick is someone just good enough to be a stud in the CFL, but bad enough NFL teams won't pick them up. Too good and you end up with a player that never plays a snap for your team... too bad, and well, you end up with Kito Poblah.
  14. Miller definitely did alot for us on STs. However, I'd also argue the stability Rempel has provided in recent years is just as important. A long snapper is a thankless job, the only time you get recognized it when you screw up...
  15. Your post had merit until this spelling error.... then all I could think about were meat ends... gross.
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