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  1. Regardless who helped him, his tears sustain me.
  2. 1. Defence - Giving up only 3s instead of 7s and you've got a good chance to win. Massive, massive goal line stand at the end. 2. Collaros - took deep shots to stretch the D, and made good throws when necessary, even converted some 2nd and long's after Streveler experiments didn't work. No turnovers. 3. All those Rider fans talking smack making this win that much sweeter! For those keeping track, the Bombers were the first team to win: - A regular season game at New Mosaic Stadium (NMS) - (July 1, 2017) - A Western Semi-Final playoff game at NMS (November 18, 2018) - A Western Final playoff game at NMS (November 17, 2019) WE OWN NEW MOSAIC STADIUM WHEN IT COUNTS (which is in the playoffs). HH - Medlock, quietly perfect yet again.
  3. Friday September 30, 2011, we were down by six (32-26) late in the 4th, and Carr managed to draw a pass interference penalty, bringing the drive down to the one. Offense had three cracks at it and couldn't punch it in. Questionable officiating aside, how do you not get a yard when the opposing D has to line up a yard away from the ball? We did get our vengeance that year though, in a game later that year (Oct 22), we did manage to beat the Als later in the regular season, and they'd end up getting bounced in the playoffs by Hamilton.
  4. By no means memorable, two terrible teams playing in a practically meaningless game, but the comeback win against the BC Lions in 2010 will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the first live Bomber game I ever attended with my girlfriend (now wife). We were hooked thereafter and bought 2011 season tickets the next year. Old highlights if anyone is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj8fPebMdPI
  5. You're splitting hairs here, either statement is pointing fingers and creates divisiveness. It is mildly ironic that you defend his prejudice statement with a prejudice statement of your own. You are assuming that the only individuals offended are a certain group of people ("the White PC Police", your words), and yet like Cherry, you have nothing to substantiate or backup those claims.
  6. If Cherry had been willing to make an apology, either in person or writing, Rogers might've given him a pass. The fact that he didn't and he felt he said nothing wrong shows how much times have passed him by. Although I don't agree with his opinion or stance, it doesn't surprise me that he stuck to his guns, (and opinion), however bigoted or dated they may be.
  7. Personally, with Trudeau although the act itself was despicable, it was the fact that when asked how many times he wore blackface he couldn't recall. To me, that shows no respect for the racial issues at hand, he couldn't even use the "there was that one time in college" argument at that point. It's not the outlier, it's the norm for him.
  8. The hilarious part of this trade is it totally screwed the 'Riders over. They got a 4th-round pick that could have (conditionally) upped to a 2nd-rounder if Collaros played significant time with the Argos. He didn't, but the Argos still come out ahead because they flipped him to us for a 3rd rounder (potential 1st-rounder if we were to re-sign him).
  9. Even though he's a cocky, since this is from a credible source I gotta say I have a bit more respect for Mr. Mitchell.
  10. Just wear gloves and you'll be just fine, like our lord and savior Bo Levi Mitchell.
  11. 1. Medlock, 4/4 on FG and hit a massive 52 yarder that swung some momentum back to WPG. 2. Streveler - had more rushing yards than Harris, played hurt and was still a beast. 3. Grant - had some big returns, and kept CAL's special teams on their toes. HH - Defense for being an nightmare for Bo "guess I'll eat some crow" Mitchell
  12. I think this just shows how arrogant they are, anyone in their right mind would've run QB sneak to get a fresh set of downs.
  13. Montreal had a brutal challenge that failed too... just sayin'
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