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  1. If there is a single thing this regime has been good at, it is finding diamonds in the rough at the defensive back positions.
  2. Yeah, i would agree with that. Would have been nice to see him burn it up with more timing with ZC though. Understandable though that dude wanted to get paid.
  3. Oh man, the seats we have at the game are right behind the away team bench... People were ripping on Lucky Whitehead asking him if he made the right move, jokingly tellin' him to come back. He was a good sport about it though, even though he is currently injured.
  4. For anyone else wondering, the CFL record for a shutout victory is 56-0.
  5. HH to the BC trainer that administered Reilly's cortizone shot... He provided more protection for him than that O-line all night.
  6. Any team with a good run game scares me in CFL playoffs. Especially this year in late Nov / Dec. That would be MTL this year. To a lesser extent CAL too
  7. Why would they challenge that isnt every turnover automatically reviewed?
  8. It doth not matter the sizeth of the crowd. It is the loudness of the cowbell, the raucousness within.
  9. Yeah I remember reading that too, but couldnt find it anywhere when I went to source it. Just that it was "conditional"
  10. Screw getting a receiver...get Chad Rempel back here to do the long snaps on FGs lol. Seriously none of the receivers from either of those teams have stood out this year. Walker and Ellingson have looked pedestrian at best. From Ottawa the only player I'd want would be Devonte Dedmon - but even at that it'd be a minor upgrade (if any) over our current return Grant. Not only that - a good kick returner is often due to the special teams play around him - airlifting him in wouldn't necessarily make our return game phenomenal. The only deep threat receiver I'd currently want would be Burnham, but good luck prying him loose from BC - not to mention it'd be at a heavy price. More importantly though - trading away a DB like this sends the wrong message to that locker room, it'd be a very, very short-sighted move on our part. TLDR; There is a reason EDM and OTT are in the basement. I wouldn't want anyone from either of those teams.
  11. The key is it is a CONDITIONAL pick, and Castillo is only under contract until end of 2021. Besides, BCs current kicker seems to have settled in nicely... Why pay Castillo more, if Comacho is the future and Sergio bolts in 2022? I would not be surprised if the pick is upgraded to 1st round if we win the Grey Cup, or if Castillo re-signs. This structure would be similar to the structure for the Collaros trade.
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