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  1. Legs looks nervous every time he is out there. Needs to take some centering and breathing lessons. Taking something like Karate might help him. Until he learns to calm down he is a liability.
  2. Pretty sure Adams shoulder is still messed up, or got redinged. Was favouring, going through the motions and blocking with the right arm only after the first quarter. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the injury list next week.
  3. No threat of run to take pressure off
  4. 2 different backs for Argos, could use a page out of that playbook and use Augustine too.
  5. Mental error by that left tackle, Jefferson made him pay
  6. Thats what we needed, pressure and tight one on one coversge
  7. Gotta get that mojo back, start mixing things up on D and O , being to predictable. Special teams gotta get it together
  8. Still early. Lets see how they handle getting punched in the mouth early
  9. Interesting, according to 3 down Boateng is being ruled out for CoVid , but hes still on the game sheet as starter.
  10. Aren’t the Olympics still on? Why isn’t Black covering figure skating? #Blackworstfootballcommentatorever
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