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  1. I like the way Collaros reads the field , is able to buy time and feather a long pass in under the appropriate situation. He's for sure into the check down game when there is tight or overman coverage. I just really like his poise and command of the field. The only scary part is his concussion history.
  2. Mike Kelly, Jeff Reinboldt, Daryl Rogers, Gary Hoffman, and Tim Burke say hello!
  3. I think the magic number is 3, the tie breaker is not owned by anyone yet 1-1 and we don't play them again until the last game of the year to decide the season series.
  4. Langford going deep and stretching the field might just be the magic elixir this offence needs . All it takes is one successful or even near completion. When that happens it opens the intermediate stuff and gets the 7 or 8 out of the box making Harris way more effective too.
  5. Strevler again, might as well stay with the hot hand
  6. Poll is closed already? Did I miss a couple of days?
  7. Not sure if I’m out or not as have 3 strikes but I see others in the same boat putting up a player so I’ll go Streveler just in case.
  8. After watching him in the 2017 combine I really thought he would be a first or second round pick. He wasn’t even drafted and got signed by Edmonton and cut early then a short stint with Sask. I’m baffled as I figure he has all the tools, great north south runner with some moves, hits holes quickly and doesn’t dance, excellent blocker and real good pass catching skills out of the backfield. Always thought there may be something I missed maybe with attitude. Hope he works out well here.
  9. add me to the Muamba crowd. what we need on defence right now to get us over the top
  10. All the other arguments aside what’s swaying me to the players side of things , if true, was the promise made that he would be released after one year to pursue the NFL if the interest was there. Looks like that was done before Popp was hired so even though it is not on the new management I’ve always felt that honesty and integrity go a lot further than being stuck on the written agreement.
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