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  1. Yep , now you have a new listener. The show was interesting,( all things Bombers are interesting to me), right to the point and not to long so I lost interest. You pick great subject matter too. I may not be everyone , but I appreciate your efforts and if you decide to continue the same format and style will continue to be a listener. Two thumbs up from me!
  2. This is my perspective as a potential listener/customer as I am very passionate about anything Bombers or CFL. You might have a great podcast, but you 1) Have to give listeners a reason to tune to you (You have done this by advertising good subject matter here.). 2) You must be able to keep them intrigued and wanting more during the opening portion - this is the time when a boring opening or song makes it easiest for the listener to start channel surfing. 3) If you catch someone channel surfing you need to immediately capture their attention with something interesting. By having 5 or more minutes of preamble about your life and family (something for sure you should be proud of and celebrate) just bores the crap out of someone like me who does not know you. I didn't know anything about Bob Irving's family until this year because when he talks football , he talks football and that's what it's about. If you were just doing this podcast for people who know you or your family then you are doing it right. If you are looking to capture a wider audience I would suggest 1) Stay to the subject matter 2) Start off with shorter more intense podcasts and make your listener want more so they will come back. Like I say this is just my opinion as a potential listener in your target audience. Good luck and I am always willing to read or listen to any good Bomber or CFL topics.
  3. Just my take on your podcast, not trying to be to critical, but when I turn on something to listen to when I go for a walk I want to hear the subject matter in this case the Bombers Grey Cup inside scoop, not all the useless to me preamble. You might get and retain more listeners if you shortened the content and stuck on the topic more. Just my opinion.
  4. Reinbold had the run of the team, he was the one making player personal decisions and unless you rode a Harley you wouldn't be one of his players. This is where Miller really grew and learned how not to manage a franchise. Reinbold was and always has been smoke and mirrors, talked a good game but can't walk the walk. I think this helped formulate Miller as he was a workaholic but could see the folly in the ways of all show and no go.
  5. Good guy and good position coach , but definately not head coach material, See Winnipeg Blue Bombers circa 97-98
  6. I don't often pay much attention to 3down articles but this one is pretty insightful and a good analysis of what went wrong in the Redblacks season. The Ottawa Redblacks 2021 post mortem | 3DownNation
  7. He for sure would have taken it even if it was a worse tire fire. Very few new head coaches get to be handed a winning combination from the get go and those that do seldom are able to keep it. He knew what he was getting into and needed to prove himself. We should respect him for that.
  8. Earlier than that NFL caliber QBs such as Glenn Dobbs came up here and were paid more than in the 4 down league. Even though he played for the Riders it's a great story. Top 10 games at Mosaic Stadium: Glenn Dobbs quarterbacked Roughriders to 1951 West title | Regina Leader Post
  9. I think Liegghio has turned into a very good punter. There's a lot more to punting than distance. Directional punting and hang time are just or maybe even more important and I thought he was getting pretty good at that.
  10. That is a great video! We all agree I think that without Sergio the outcome of the Grey Cup could have been a lot different. The other thing is the long snapper is to often taken for granted and under appreciated. Benson is one of the best in the game and I can't remember one bad snap (over the head, bounced, etc) all year. When he talks about sending darts back that is so true and a large part in limiting the amount of blocked kicks.
  11. Right place at the right time for both. Rose did a very heads up move though!
  12. I was around for those years and while there were great players that might man for man be better than todays team such as West, Ty Jones, Clements, Walby, The Sheriff, Battle, Gray , Murphy, etc. They were not the team as a whole that this one was. This team would crush those 80's strong TO, Ed, and BC teams.
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