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  1. I think in this new era a fullback is a lot of times irrelevant anyways. Sixth lineman for max protection, extra slot (6 pack) or an H back (Heavy receiver , blocker tight end in backfield type) is the way teams are utilizing that extra backfield spot.
  2. Great inspirational video, probably the best move the Bombers made was resigning this guy!. Heart of a Champion!
  3. I think Ti Cats got a good one, sorry to see him go
  4. Dane Evans retires. Veteran QB Dane Evans retires from CFL - 3DownNation
  5. Now he gets his payday, just the chance he was asking for. If it works out , good for him. If it doesn't at least he will know he did everything possible to realize his dream.
  6. There is not a lot of money to be made running a Junior team in Canada, in fact most are losing propositions. While some junior coaches do get paid an honorarium this is not the main occupation for them and they require another job or career just to make ends meet. I would guess that even an assistant CFL coaches position would earn significantly more pay. I could see Harris pursuing that if there indeed was an opportunity.
  7. Difference between winner and loser is very marginal. However being an entity that is always in the chase and has indeed stood atop of the hill as little as three years ago opposed to an entity which has been a total tire fire for the last dozen years or so. which do you think most would choose, hence the abandoning of ship for our near western colleagues and the strongest fan support in the nation at here in the Center of Canada.
  8. I just want to know who JBR is. These modern abbreviations for everything drive me crazy. I can at least google when terms like OMG or LOL are used but names take much more research. I guess I'm just to old and not with the times.
  9. Pretty good article in the Sun today about Hardrick. 'Football saved my life': Bombers' Jermarcus Hardrick not too tough for tears (msn.com)
  10. I don't know if you are trying to be funny or what, but get some class man.
  11. Id like this to be fair, FYI Ouelette is not playing this week, being rested as per 3 down.
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