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  1. https://edmontonsun.com/sports/football/cfl/edmonton-elks/edmonton-elks-offering-season-seats-to-families-of-four-for-under-300?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1677013597 Thats a pretty sweet deal! They have lots of unused space, great way to get families with youth involved and create great memories. If the Elks even can create a little excitement on the field
  2. Hard to fault the Bomber Store on that. The world changed a lot during the pandemic and supply chain issues had an impact in all faucets of life including specialty merchandise. Sourcing quality stuff with a reasonable price point was and still is a real headache for bulk purchasers. The Bomber Store handled it as best they could it sounds like. I run a charitable organization which we were looking to purchase a simple ball cap last summer. The best deal we could find was 50 caps with our embroidered logo stitched in for $22 each, which meant we had to resell for $30 just so we could make a few dollars. Still have over half to sell. We then found some caps we purchased bulk for $3.50 each, not always uniform in color, but we could glue our patch on for another $1.30 so our cost was under $5 , but selling for $15 we made more money with less cash output. Quality of the caps was similar. Those caps sold out.
  3. https://archive.macleans.ca/index.php/article/1980/11/24/grey-cup-hangovers-and-a-man-called-twinkletoes Didn't know where to post this and found it on the Riders forum. An old article from 1980 about how the Grey Cup got it’s festive nature with the Winnipeg connection. So well written thought it might have some relevance.
  4. I just read the 3down article on CF and if the quotes are correct, I would not want him to even back up my team any day of the week no matter how desperate we would be. What he stated at the press conference is not a good look for him. At least Mitchell in Calgary has stayed mute about his demotion and if things transition around the league there is still some hope to resurrect his career, none for Cody unfortunately. He just wrote his own obituary,
  5. I'm not so sure we should be all that critical of Legs this game. All of the attempts were long and he was accurate , but short on everyone. I think the air is/was a lot denser at BC Place so the length of kicks is a little less than the rest of the CFL stadiums. Might be wrong but all the kicks and punts looked a little shorter than normally used to seeing.
  6. Mike Kelly is an egotistical idiot. He did have the knowledge and wherewithal if he was not so much of an egotistical idiot. He dug his own grave!
  7. Sarah - no 1 for a reason. CFL on TSN is gonna miss her , Jets are lucky to have her!
  8. Coach O'shea even had time to fly out here to the Okanagan and catch his son's football game Saturday
  9. You are right , I just watched the highlights and Clements was in chase mode on all the big Calgary plays, and Bighill was overrunning and missing tackles. Rutledge made a bunch of tackles but that may have been due to poor coverage on his receiver and being first to the ball after it was already caught. Gauthier actually made some nice plays in the middle. I stand corrected.
  10. I think losing Clements early as the other true linebacker hurt this Defense immensely tonight. Bighill was at times attempting to play two positions trying to make up for Gauthier’s lack of speed and quickness to the ball.
  11. Last game Elks played they made another star QB and some very good receivers look pretty average.
  12. Thing is tonight Rourke is making Elks DB’s look way worse than they are, his accuracy is amazing and his receivers are seeming always in place and catching everything within reach. Pretty unreal so far, reads blitz well and burns the Elks with a home run.
  13. Rourke is on fire, hitting everything. Elks are close but this kid is shooting out the lights tonight!
  14. Boy, this Rourke kid sure has some veteran poise.
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