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  1. He has gotten happy feet now, when that happens shows whatever confidence he had has gone. He did come back early in the second half as the coaches used some schemes that allowed him to get the ball away early to slow down the rush, once TO adjusted in the fourth quarter he was done.
  2. Looks like Fajardo has got happy feet now, good sign that he has lost what little confidence he ever had
  3. I thought it was pretty classy of OShea to hold back throwing the challenge flag on that obvious interference for a touchdown. To hold back rubbing it in worse than it already was. Sure looks like he thought about it though.
  4. Strev is a free agent was on injured list then reached a settlement with the Jets Aug 16 and was released from that. Chris Streveler - Wikipedia
  5. Anyone notice CFL.ca has changed the players stats page back to something similar to the way it was last year. Away from those stupid PDFs .
  6. If Roadhouse make 3 of 4 catches he normally does we are killing the green gappers
  7. Lets go Prukop, lets hope he has a make up game after last week.
  8. Why are you so hell bent on starting a commotion on this forum.
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