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  1. Thanks , please change mine to Demski.
  2. Interesting that if it wasn't a missed call on Schoen the league fined Baltimore for the high hit on him. High hits above the shoulder pads are illegal and normally draws an unnecessary roughness penalty. The one on Collaris should have been called too as he was hit in the head.
  3. Football Operations Series - Week #15 - Blow To The Head - CFL.ca I would strongly disagree. Both the Schoen blow to the head and the Collaris blow to the head was missed should have been called for unnecessary roughness. Please see the attached explanation.
  4. If you have TSN Direct , they do have full game replays available on TSN on Demand.
  5. Pretty wicked elbow to the head first from what I saw caused the head to snap back then his head hit the turf hard. If that is not a penalty I don't know what is.
  6. My 2cents - West - Stamps, Bombers, Riders, Elks, Lions East - Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto
  7. Nobody worth talking to on those cuts as I see it. What we have cut is better than anything out there. Weren't many surprises or even veterans on the last cutdown by anyone either.
  8. Changing to metric was tried for a couple of seasons and found to be a very bad idea. 10 meters for a first down is almost 11 yards. Changing to 9 meters for a first down complicates the math. I kind of like the missed field goal going through the end zone = 0 points though. Might add more excitement to the kicking game.
  9. I never noticed that before, but ya you are right, looking again at that film its less leg and more shoulder and arm torque. I wonder if that's for better accuracy.
  10. Ouch, that's awful expensive for flag football, for a lot of people that don't qualify for assistance. When we ran our tackle program in the North End in the 70's and 80's we found ways to reduce the costs including having socials and bingos to support the clubs. We raised our profile from one team of 20 kids to a dozen with over 600 kids in less than a decade by doing this. The key was keeping it affordable and having good programs with knowledgeable coaches. It's no wonder that kids sports are mostly soccer now as that's what working parents can easily budget for. To keep kids in these programs we need to find unique ways to fund and keep costs low. $245 for 8-10 GAMES OF FLAG FOOTBALL IS CRAZY! Sounds like they are trying to offload field costs which is just stupid! I remember when we bought the Hawkeye's field for $1 and the city agreed to cover the taxes for the next century. I guess things are done differently now.
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