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  1. I don't blame Langley for k.o.ing the idiot ....but it might cost him......The whole situation could have been prevented......what a fubar
  2. After all he went through last year......geez the guy has the worst luck.....I hope it's not serious but not putting any weight on the leg doesn't sound too good....crap
  3. I'm 15 yrs. into ...retired at 55.....Remember that was all the talk back in the day when you could pull the pin and live happily on your pension and or mutual funds/investments....hmmmmmm that's seems to have slipped away and I see where 17to85 is coming from....Those numbers might be just about right for reitirement in the future..... start work at 17 retire at 85.....Don't like what I'm seeing....When I run into some guys from old workplace I used to jibe with them and say 'keep paying into that pension fund guys ... gotta keep that dough rollin in.....I don't do that anymore for fear of having something thrown at me....Gotta feel for a lot of employee's of today
  4. I don't get where Lawler thinks it's more scenic in Alta......Granted this isn't Edm. but if you travel a little north and get a look at their tailing ponds, you'll know what I mean...I don't recall anything like that mess in Manitoba....or in the vicinity of the Peg....in fact our beach areas put that cesspool to shame....But beauty is in the eye of the beholder....it's just that that exBomber beholder better have a closer look before he starts mouthing off
  5. Gotta luv this signing.........O Line gonna keep on keepin' on
  6. Dobson.....BIG signing'''''should make up for the loss of Desjarlis
  7. Great to see us lock up Ford.......As a little aside...I don't think Lawler is going to be a threat this year.....his eyesight is failing....told turd down that Deadmonton is more scenic than the Peg.....LOL.....get a grip Kenny ...have a real good look around lol
  8. I hope you didn't listen to anything they had to say in the math. classes....could boggle the mind
  9. I can just see it now....a ref with a counter on his belt with the ability to record players number and snaps they took......What is this league coming to.....talk about attention to detail and prone to error.....
  10. One thing I've learned over the years of watching the CFL IS you should never say never....you know that...I know you said 'doable' and unless you/we have an in on the books, you can't say for sure AND you know 'nobody' gets to see the books
  11. Trotz would be dynamite here.....would solve so many probs.....Top talent and a Manitoban AND interviewing today according to Friedman....gotta be some optimism .....I would say IF he gets the deal he wants from True North........hmmmmmm we may have our new guy behind the bench
  12. One of the outstanding plays I ever witnessed or half witnessed cuz the fog was so thick, was the throw by Ploen, into what seemed like thick soup to Leo, who came up with a catch 30 yds down field.... Looked like Ploen just threw it up and Lewis ran out of the cloud bank ball in hand... Those two had to have had the best chemistry of any qb. and receiver ever.....They just knew by instinct where the other guy would be.... Leo could do it all....running or receiving.....Tough to stop and a good reason why we were racking up those Cup wins in the late 50's and early sixties
  13. Grant always said that Lewis could have played for any team down south ...he chose to stay in Winnipeg and the CFL.....He sure gave us some great football
  14. Ford had a better idea......so did Walters.... solid pick....Best athletic players going now ....Don't know where that leaves us at 188th. pick.....Keep on keeping on Kyle
  15. Cagey move by Walters and company to pick this guy up.....In a year that looks 'strained' for talent and with us having latter round picks, why not pick-up established talent from a willing trade partner.....
  16. Well that clears that up.......Hope he lands with us.....or Desjarlis comes home would even be better
  17. Apparently the contract that Dobson signed, only allowed him to try out for the NFL if he's not playing in the upstart league...Does that mean he can't come north if he's not successful catching on with a NFL club.....I'm confused The Eli release hasn't been updated since the Covid episode of last year just before the Cup......Would be nice to hear if something has changed with that situation
  18. Love the colour ........otherwise, the other changes, not luvin' it....Changes are always slow to accept for guys of my generation......Seeing them often enough might make everything a little more palatable
  19. Oh I know player evaluation is the main reason we have preseason tilts ....and adding a down could/would affect play but I thought it would add a little more interest to the exhibition schedule....The teams probably woudn't go for it based on the loss of proper evaluation time......soooo you're right
  20. One thing that has always perplexed me......oil rich province like Alta. can't or won't invest in a new stadium ....but the prairie guys step up with new facilities.....I don't know why the powers that be in Alta. can't up the royalties on their black gold and inject some interest in new digs there....I guess it's not politically expedient and the CFL and other sports entities aren't held in high regard there.....Says a lot about them
  21. Why don't we test that out on a preseason game.....nothing to lose and could be enlightening....I am not a supporter of the league going down the 4 down road BUT a nothing game could be a little more entertaining....nothing ventured ...nothing gained
  22. Horrible news for Richardson.....you got to feel for the guy....I still think of him as a Bomber even though he has moved on....I don't know what kind of injury he suffered..... I just wish him a speedy and complete recovery
  23. Ernie Pitts....this guy is going back to the Grant Cup Years and was one helluva receiver .... played a little DB as well....In 59' he scored 16 td's including a 107 yd. pitch and catch from Ploen....Solid receiver and go to guy back in the day.....His life ended tragically when he attended a birthday party for his daughter and his estranged wife shot and killed him....This guy really lit up the old stadium...exciting to watch and always a fond memory and part of the golden Cup years of the late 50's early sixties
  24. Regarding Saunders ...just read an article on him and his injury .....he was having a helluva season with the Cats up to that point.....He was also in a car accident....and the story had a big question mark beside the heading 'accident'....Don't know what that's supposed to mean....was it serious or a whatever??....In any case if he's totally recovered he would be a very nice addition after watching his hi-lites with the Cats....This could be a fantastic addition to a receiving corps that got hit with a few departures....
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