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  1. Certainly better than the striped jump-suit look...........sorry bout that.......and actually you're right that was a good look
  2. Watch for this kid McKnight.....he could be a big surprise addition....Agudosi ....big tall drink of water will also get a good long look...
  3. If you're blocking a public roadway , the cops have every reason to remove the obstruction...IF they don't there would have to be some serious repercussions following...For everyone's sake let's just hope this is just so much hot air emanating from some anti-vaxer's orifice
  4. WHEW......I get the jitters when I hear of injuries to key guys like Darvin....IF it's short term I think we have depth on our roster with the new guys we brought in to cover it
  5. Saskabush will be literally beating the bush for anything that moves and resembles an o lineman, come final cutdown day...They are in a world of trouble ...Fajardo better find a quick horse, learn to duck and hit turf quick
  6. Crapinga is a little bit of a surprise... I don't think it's because we have no faith in Leggs , I believe the experience Tyler has is a good thing to have around....Takes a little heat of of the new guy as well...Good move
  7. you gotta just luv this guy.....
  8. Who the hell is Andre Harris.....sounds like a French guy has booked off
  9. Getting crowded in the backfield....Could there be someone heading out the door ....orrrr another retirement announcement....Speculation galore .......This Williams kid is a very interesting move....We don't bring that kind of talent in just for a cup of coffee......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. A pox on your house for suggesting that....lol...The question is what's wrong with Augustine.....O'Shea says he'll fill us in on his situation later today??? ....
  11. Leggs looks like a wrestler....Could call him 'boomer' the way he gives the ball a ride....I think we have a real winner in this guy and now I know for sure why Ham. were dejected, when we chose him in the draft....Hope he has a long career here
  12. You better be wearing pads on those broad shoulders if you want to continually play the devils advocate budz.......You seem to do a good job rolling with the punches but sometimes you have to be able to take a hard left hook if you want to stay upright
  13. Streeeeeetch those leg muscles ....When there has been a long lay off and guys are trying to get back to serious playing form this kind of thing in Saskabush is going to happen....I hope we go slow at tc (in the beginning) and break the players in slowly...I think hoping everyone is at peak form and really putting the pressure on is a mistake....I think we have the coaching that will dictate that..I don't know what the hell is going on in Melonville
  14. YUP ,,,,, the cheese...melts under pressure, gets eaten up by the opposition and a lot of the time stinks
  15. Retirements hitting a lot of clubs......fingers crossed we don't have to go down that road ...Some new faces in the league this year for sure with the one replacing Meds. a biggie...I hope the Legg pans out and by looking at his record and some of the hi-lites we've seen, this guy 'could' be the next Medlock...here's hopin'
  16. some of the biggest non brawling putz's I've seen in awhile....hilarious
  17. The great job Walters did in the off season to re-sign our key players will play a big part in players wanting to stick around for another run....No guarantees we will repeat BUT we sure have a good shot at another title with the solid corps still in place...I'm sure any players entertaining retirement will run that around in their head before pulling the pin...I don't think, that other than Meds., we'll see an exit of any of our key talent
  18. Well ...looking at their Cup wins compared to ours.....yes definitely the Grey Cup has been in our fair city longer ...a lot longer... AND WE AIM TO KEEP IT THAT WAY
  19. McKnight is a speedy little receiver/returner....Quick as a cat and am looking forward to seeing what he can do on our big field...Will be strong competition in the initial going this year
  20. Not a bad sched............and by the way MOAB...we have hunters....Jeffcoat on one end and Jefferson on the other....BOOM lol
  21. We have a neighbour...a church minister in fact....who's carrying on a campaign against govt. officials regarding their implementation of the covid rules and regulations...Can't believe the ignorance of this man...in fact it's bordering on criminal in my opinion....Don't get vaccinated....don't wear masks....arrest govt. officials who insist on covid regulations, is his mantra....I can't believe some of the people who actually listen and follow this guy...So this is what we have to contend with....thank goodness this idiot is in the minority but he and his ilk are out there....We have/had a lot of hurdles to overcome in this pandemic and we sure as hell don't need people like him...Maybe a bolt will hit him and bring him into reality....can only hope
  23. You know by the initial writing of my post that I agreed with...'nobody is lily white'....To go on with the incident concerning Harris last year, when as far as I'm concerned, has been laid to rest. is 'cheap shotting'.....Inferring that he was like members of other clubs taking enhancing drugs is trying to cast the impression that he willingly took peds when you know damn well that has never been proven...His claim that it was an accidental consumption is believed by most...except the two local media types that dumped all over him that cost him any year end awards....I guess you are amongst those types....those types I don't consider to be actual Bomber fans....I think Andrew sent a message to those types in the Cup, and if you watch the Grey Cup post festivities you would have received it...
  24. I'm going with Helle and his statment today guys....quote 'we are on the verge of a dynasty'
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