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  1. Don't know who in the Bombers org is responsible for running their twitter account, but they do a stellar job of it.
  2. Sure, he's a dynamic player, but can Walker block?
  3. I feel this is a fantastic signing, based upon recent Roughrider poaches by the Bombers. The Riders too have their fair share of savvy signings of former Bombers... like erm... ...Kienan LaFrance?
  4. Personally, I think if he was given the opportunity last year we still would've been champs. Wish him all the best in his future endeavors... I suspect he'll land in Ottawa with Lapolice, but that's just me. Left everything on the field for this team and city - I hope he will tell his daughter fond stories of Winnipeg and how she got her middle name (Winnie) as he helped turnaround an otherwise floundering organization, and he was able to simultaneously resurrect his football career. All the best.
  5. After they won the Grey Cup, this accurately describes my off-season, to date.
  6. The Hamilton Tigers were merged with the Ti-Cats in 1950 due to financial issues, I think it's only fair to merge them with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  7. If taking victory formations at the end of every practice allows those Tabbies to go undefeated in the regular season, and crap the bed when it matters most in the playoffs, I'm all for it as well.
  8. I know it's not really Walter's style, but we should get a 2019 Grey Cup Champions billboard put up in Regina lol
  9. Fun fact of the day...just how bad are they? The Saskatchewan Roughriders have four (4) Grey Cup championships since being founded in 1910. So do the University of Toronto Varsity Blues, who began competing one year earlier (1909). The difference? The Varsity Blues last eligible season playing for the Grey Cup was 1935. Winning the Grey Cup is a pretty big trick though lol.
  10. Dude - this was obviously a joke, and even if taken seriously, it supported your argument Streveler is a better leader than Nichols. I'm tapping out and eliminating the middle man - enjoy arguing with yourself.
  11. I don't know, he seemed to be "leading" the Grey Cup Parade pretty effectively.
  12. This is by no means an example of Strev being a leader, but man, for a QB, does that guy ever go out and block after handing the ball to Harris. You mean Julian Feoli-Guidino didn't count for this?!??
  13. To quote Skunk - it's my opinion, it can't be false! LOL
  14. This assessment is fair, I can't see Arbuckle signing here without us overpaying for him (and he might not like working 1-2 with Streveler). Besides, the remaining available QBs are either injury prone (Nichols, Collaros, Masoli), more unproven than MBT (Prukop, Cozart), are washed up (Jennings, Franklin), or are just plain bad (Watford, Kilgore, Bridge, O'Brien). In a perfect world - we'd trade Collaros back to Toronto for MBT and THEIR first rounder LOL, dare to dream I guess.
  15. He'll have those Toronto QBs throwing 3 picks to the same player in no time!
  16. I think people are overvaluing what MBT was able to do in Toronto... he did it with no external pressure from an uncaring fan base and media as it became quickly apparent Toronto was the leagues' doormat with their 0-6 start. People are out of touch if they think paid football players don't take teams lightly on occasion.... should it happen? No. Does it happen? Absolutely.
  17. 26-13 TD/INT ratio, with 1 rushing TD. Streveler for comparison had an 8-14 TD/INT ratio (yikes), but also had 12 rushing TDs, which tied for most rushing TDs in the league (the other players were William Powell and Vernon Adams Jr.)
  18. We're talking about the same MBT who had 160 rushing yards this season? To compare, Streveler rushed for more yards in his best two games this year (August 23 - 95 yards, and October 19 - 85 yards)... as a backup (his total rushing for the year was 726 yards).
  19. As an office worker, I hate Thursday night games... if work permits, I plan on (and suggest you do to) taking those Fridays off, makes the game more enjoyable for me, and work doesn't have to deal with me dragging sleep-deprived butt into work on the Friday.
  20. This would just raise minimum wage (and the cost of everything else) - you'd just be putting inflation into hyperspeed. To keep things positive and relevant to this thread - paid off my mortgage.
  21. You didn't agree with what Mr Dee said... and did not ignore him, you contradicted yourself in a matter of two sentences..
  22. Dude is from Texas. Bo don't show in the cold and snow.
  23. If we re-sign Streveler, does he apologize to Judge for trucking him in Banjo Bowl? Also .... Wilson > Judge, he's a typical Canadian starter that's only kicking around for his passport.
  24. Warren Moon threw one of the tightest spirals I've ever seen in his prime.
  25. I'd be okay with the Bombers picking last in the first round every year.
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