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  1. Screw that, just punt on first down to set even more defensive records. Bonus is it gives Leggio extra practice 😂
  2. I hope Harris throws for 900 yards and 0 TDs in this game and still manages to lose lol.
  3. I think ppl are unfairly comparing his record for PATs with prior kickers before it was moved back to the 35. Besides... Other teams are having struggles kicking too... Look what happened to HAM last week.
  4. How about that time there was a thunderstorm delay for like 2 hours against the Ti-Cats and then when they finally came out to play we absolutely spanked them https://www.cfl.ca/2016/08/04/recap-winnipeg-37-hamilton-11/
  5. Adding to the ridiculousness of this is the fact that his Wikipedia page currently lists him as a free agent lol. Dude is 45.
  6. Remember this game?!?!? At the time, my mom and dad had their own tickets, as well as my dad's work had a pair of company seats. Most of the time the company seats went for schmoozing potential clients and stuff. However my dad had said I could have 'em. I was pumped because they were pretty good seats (40 yard line, right behind the away team - close enough when there was a big hit you could hear it). Game day comes - get a call from Pops - someone's in town... no dice on game tickets. I was super disappointed, had rearranged shifts at work and stuff for it. Being the nice guy my dad was, he bought me a pair of tickets to the game anyways (tbh, looking back, I could've done that myself, but for some reason as a kid I always thought Bomber games were more expensive than they were). So - we were in! Took my then - girlfriend at the time - it was looking to be a stinker, but I convinced her to stay and boy was it a good one. I will never forget the stadium announcer - "For those of you joining us from the parking lot..." place went absolutely bonkers, especially when the comeback was on. Fast forward to now - we are married and have happily been season ticket holders since 2011. At games, we always stay right to the bitter end, because it's the CFL and you never know. TLDR; Yes, yes I do remember that game.
  7. Yep. I remember that. An announcement nobody wanted that camefrom board member Jim Bell which just added insult to injury.
  8. But... I've got a fevah... And the only prescription... Is more cowbell (and opposing players running around not knowing the playcall)
  9. Alright well, won't be the first time I was dead wrong on this forum and certainly won't be the last. I'll own it though and say I stand corrected.
  10. Tbh RE: Harris ejection, it seems there are two sets of rules for players... If you are an All Star (i.e. Harris) you aren't gonna get ejected. What he did definitely warranted it. Reminds me of Vernon Adams Jr. Attempting to hit Bighill with his helmet last year when Montreal came back against us and we lost in spectacular fashion (but also clinched a playoff spot)
  11. He also is tied for the most games played (6) and has the most attempts (31) though bc of our stellar defense...
  12. I mean, if you want to go full butterfly effect, they may have only lost the Banjo Bowl by 2 touchdowns. Hell, they may have even scored double digits.
  13. People on here rip on Nelson alot but there are two things he does more consistently than anyone else (1) Catch it consistently (2) Catch it in the air (which helps with No Yards calls, especially the 15 yard variety
  14. Lol maybe Toronto can do everyone a favour next week and they'll go from "undefeated plan the parade" to "uhoh, we're a .500 team"
  15. Meh, who cares if we are underrated. Let the Rider fan base be fat and happy. I am fine with everyone not giving us credit where it is due. Pretty sure TSN still hasn't comprehended pur manhandling of the Ti-Cats in the 2019 Grey Cup
  16. Ssk at Wpg Punching? Ejected! Rider D green with envy Lol Isaac Harker
  17. HH to the entire Roughrider coaching staff for having such an undisciplined team that took massive penalties at crucial junctures in that game.
  18. Imagine being so bad you have to juice up to record 2 defensive tackles and get spanked by your rivals in your own barn last week lol.
  19. I am eliminated and am electing to use my ability to curse players for good. William Powell.
  20. Sure...even then though... That would incrementally have increased the bombers score by +4 (TD+PAT instead of FG) which would have made the differential only a 6 pt win... Which, in the CFL is still pretty close...
  21. Yep. They're 1-4, but lady luck has not been on their side. Of their losses, only the 32-20 loss to the Elks was by more than a touchdown.
  22. Over-doing ripping on the Rider fan base after such a dominating performance... What a wonderful problem to have.
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