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  1. https://www.cfl.ca/2020/04/07/ambrosie-issues-statement-behalf-cfl/ Season officially delayed to at least June 30 due to COVID-19 concerns
  2. Yep, COVID-19 is definitely what dashed my professional football career... that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
  3. Personally I always thought the Smith DBs for the Argos in 1997 had a pretty cool nickname as the Bermuda Triangle.
  4. Not quite, only goes back to 1950... so there is no footage of their losses in 1923, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1934... Also fun fact: In 1936 and 1927, the Canadian Rugby Union refused to allow them to compete for the Grey Cup. Can we still elect to do that?
  5. For those of you going stir crazy, there is a youtuber by the name of CFLfan#31 that has the full Grey Cup game broadcasts on Youtube going back to pretty much the post World War 2 era (I think he has every game since 1950 far as I can tell). Here are some of my favorite non-Bomber Grey Cups: 1951 1967 1969 1972 1976 1997 2009 2010 Enjoy!
  6. As someone that worked their butt off to pay off their mortgage at age 30, this does make me a little happy, only to see those living beyond their means squirm a bit. I also understand that is somewhat karmic suicide, but c'est la vie.
  7. Like a fart in a bathtub, Duron Carter will also eventually dissipate and fade into nonexistence.
  8. How's everyone keeping from climbing the walls at home? What are you doing to keep yourself busy, without social gatherings or going outside? I've got lots of work to do, as this is a busy time of year at my job... which has helped, but it is starting to feel like Groundhog Day, wondering how others are keeping things going?
  9. Not quite - your TFSA contribution room carries forward every year. If you're set up for MyAccount with CRA, you can actually get your contribution room balance from online, though again keep in mind to not overcontribute to either - there are (rightfully) stiff penalties for doing that for both TFSAs and RRSPs.
  10. With how low the market is right now, I'd be purchasing stocks through TFSAs instead of RRSPs because... 1) In either investment vehicle, the sales would be exempt from capital gains taxes provided you buy/sell from within the plan. 2) As economic times are uncertain - by purchasing through a TFSA instead of an RRSP, the funds are still accessible without adverse tax consequences. That is, if I needed the money later in 2020, I could withdraw it from my TFSA without increasing my taxable income (not the case for RRSPs)... there are some more intricate rules for TFSAs here if you're close to your TFSA limit, but if you're well below it, you should be fine (talk to your financial advisor if you're unsure). 3) As most of us are, to some degree, working less, we'll likely be earning less income for 2020, meaning the main pro RRSPs have over TFSAs (an upfront tax deduction), is much less advantageous - as most of us will be in a lower earning bracket (thus saving less marginal tax) for 2020 at least. Of course, if you really like contributing to RRSPs, you could choose to carry forward the RRSP deductions to a future taxation year.
  11. Not good enough, should've been done prior to the outbreak, there will always be those out there looking to make a quick buck unfortunately. Even if they do make it illegal, any law is only as good as the level of enforcement taken by governments. Look at jaywalking, it is dangerous and people do it all the time, if police actually handed out more tickets for it, you'd likely see it go down...
  12. Well, in terms of people being awful, my wife earlier on (about 3 weeks ago) had the foresight to buy enough formula so we wouldn't be in a pinch, and when we were at the grocery store, this woman came up to us and just said "Hey, that's a good idea, the Child Care Benefit cheques come out tomorrow", while we bought enough of a supply for our own daughter, this woman loaded up, and indicated she planned on making a profit reselling on Kijiji. It was sad, but other than judging her, there wasn't really a whole lot we could do about it.
  13. Couple things: 1. This video was posted March 4, 2020 - our first official case wasn't reported until March 12. Things have changed since then. 2. Yes, it will infect a small proportion of the population, however if I can do my part to make sure the retiree neighbors I live next to, my mom (who is in the high-risk age bracket), and my daughter (who is under 2) are less susceptible to contract the disease, I'm going to do it. 3. Although it is true that only about 2% of people who contract it die, close to about 6% end up getting serious symptoms and hospitalized. End of day, am I scared? For myself? No, my daughter and mom? Yep... It's not a question of being optimistic, it's the fact that if everyone does their civic duty- we can help minimize the impact of this disease. As for the "we should focus on the flu" argument, you still wouldn't do irrational things if you had that either - if you did have the flu you wouldn't go to some random long-term care home and start voluntarily sneezing on senior citizens either just because you aren't afraid.
  14. Well the silver lining here is obviously that if the 2020 season gets cancelled, we remain the defending Grey Cup Champs for another year!
  15. I went to a science camp held there during high school, cool place, lots of old people... but on those nice summer days it was a great little place to be around. We even worked/studied out of the old AECL buildings which was neat, but unfortunately the buildings are old sepulchers now, shells of their former glory... Nuclear energy has sadly gotten a bad rap ever since the WW2 bombs and three mile island...
  16. For people in Canada, tvo.org is a free website that has some pretty good documentaries on it, it is a non-profit funded by the province of Ontario. Any talk shows, though interesting usually focus on problems in Ontario, but sometimes are nation-wide as well. They also have a kids section with educational programming, though admittedly my daughter is still too young for that so I can't really comment on that. https://www.tvo.org/
  17. I think the biggest difference here is during WW2 for both Canada and Britain, the general public had more respect for their government and took pride in civic duty. Capitalism has caused the general public and your average Joe to think of himself first, instead of other citizens, most citizens now have very cynical views of government agendas. A law or action by any government, be it provincial or federal - is only as good as it is enforced. Trudeau can have 24-hour news conferences and pep rallies urging Canadians to stay home and practice social distancing, but until people are actually arrested or ticketed, his bark has no bite. Look at Taiwan - heavily hit by the SARS virus years earlier, they made sure they acted proactively - configuring supply chains so they could produce their own masks and medical equipment to be self-sufficient as they knew demand was going to skyrocket globally. They also rationed medical supplies on-hand to the general public, and made it illegal for businesses or individuals to profit by price-gouging (fines of up to $200,000 CAD) - both measures designed to prevent hoarding. They have even managed to keep schools and businesses open during the pandemic. Both Canada and Taiwan reported their first cases within days of each other... Taiwan as of today has 2 deaths, 215 cases, and a population of 27 million in an area about the size of Vancouver island. Canada has about 24 deaths and 2,091 cases... although we have a larger population (~37 million), it is much more spread out than Taiwan. End of the day - work at home (if possible), wash your hands and stay away from idiots - all good advice even before the pandemic broke out.
  18. Well, here's some moments nobody else has mentioned Live moment #1 - July 27, 2017 - Matt Nichols eeking out a sneaky 41-40 win with 1:40 left against the Als after being down 28 - 40. Live moment #2 October 11, 2010 - Steven Jyles replacing Stinky Brinky with the Bombers down 32-11 to start a massive comeback. My favorite was the stadium announcer beginning overtime "For all of you fans joining us from the parking lot..." Radio moment #1 - June 11, 2014 - Drew Willy playing a stellar game led the Bombers to a last-second touchdown and a 34-33 win over the Als. Too bad that ended up being the peak of his career here in Winnipeg. Lastly, going to the Grey Cup in Vancouver in 2011 with my then-girlfriend (now wife), we ended up with free tickets to the Riderville pavilion and went just to check it out. They gave out these free green bead necklaces with your admission and when she was offered them she just straight up refused as politely and matter-of-fact as possible ("Oh sorry, I don't do green"). Knew right then I'd marry her.
  19. Well, Mosca allegedly had kicked Fleming in the head during that game... so perhaps that's how Kapp justified kicking him when he was down? Hamilton eventually won the game (21-10) so I can see why Kapp would still be upset...having Fleming in may have made a difference. At the time in 1963, BC had never won a Grey Cup...though they would manage it the following year in 1964. Fun fact: Joe Kapp has won both the Grey Cup (1964) and the NFL Championship (1969). As others have said here, dangerous and childish behavior though...
  20. I think it's more that players his age understand they have a few years left and getting the most out of their football playing days, got bills to pay, that's all.
  21. He would fit in perfectly on the 'Riders O... they're always going the wrong way!
  22. Well, on the plus side, at least the 'Riders have a pretty cool saying "Sky of blue, sea of green..." Oh wait.. they stole that from Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. Hacks.
  23. Don't know who in the Bombers org is responsible for running their twitter account, but they do a stellar job of it.
  24. Sure, he's a dynamic player, but can Walker block?
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