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  1. After a night to process things, I'm actually at peace with the cancelled season. Worse case scenario would be they get the loan, attempt to start the season back up and something sh*tty happens, imagine the finger pointing that would take place if an outbreak outside the bubble happened or full teams getting outbreaks, and getting sent home mid season, or the whole league having to shut down, all would be bad for the brand. Take a step back and collect your thoughts and come back stronger than ever (please).
  2. Favourite Bombers hmm... Greg Battle, Tyrone Jones, James "Wild" West, take your pick. Battle's performance in the 1990 GC was legendary. Juran Bolden was a lot of fun to watch as well. Although the SWAGGERVILLE gimmick was a bit lame I also really loved watching peak Jonathan Hefney & Jovon Johnson. Super sad about Hef hopefully he can turn his life around. On the other side of the ball I think we all have Andrew Harris at #1 or close to. I'm a bit too young to say Joe Poplawski but F it I'll mention him anyways since I've listened to my dad gush about Joe Pop enough that I have second hand appreciation for him. Stan Mikawos & Chris Walby I'll pick for my trenches guys. Least favourite is tough, I'll just agree with @TrueBlue4ever and say that Joe Mack sucks.
  3. Back when the Bombers held training camp in Brandon, I wrote to Cal Murphy begging him to let me help out (Would've been '94 or '95?) I was 11 or 12. It was the thrill of a lifetime, the team let me essentially be the "water boy," I got to miss school, ride my bike over to Kinsmen 'stadium' and hang around my heroes for a few weeks. I got a lot of pics of that time with Cal, Dunigan, Wilcox, Walby and the boys. What a time! I was also there for Reinebold's first training camp in Portage. I have nothing but fond memories literally everyone in the organization treated me extremely well and I'd get a practice used J5V at the end of each camp lol.
  4. Hey now, at least the Stamps showed up! Hamilton's performance is a whole other level of choke
  5. I ordered the gray hat that the store first posted. To me, it's not even really about the design, I want the same swag our boys were wearing while they drank out of Earl Grey's mug.
  6. Best Win for me was 1990 Grey Cup. It was the first sporting event I followed and understood as a kid. I still have my copy of BOMBERS BLITZ on VHS and actually throw it on to pump me up before big games... 2007 GC was the worst I've blocked out most the details. I was drunk by kickoff, worried at half and crying into a bag of chips in a cab outside 7-11 shortly after the final whistle.
  7. I feel like the drum guy in bc is obviously on the Lions payroll. A hype man/mascot disguised as an embattled life long season ticket holder. I get the same vibe from the guys that get a lot of camera time during Argo home games, with cheesy signs written up by the Argos marketing team. 😔
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