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  1. And I thought it was FaBARdo as it’s the only thing he can hit.
  2. Missed 8 FG which is 24 missed points (not sure how many ended up being a single point). But with an extra 24 points that puts the Bombers at 197pts for this season or 28pts per game average. Pretty solid for an offence with a new OC and plenty of injuries. Room for improvement though that’s for sure.
  3. See. It was all about the food adjustments at half time.
  4. I thought that was a face mask as well he’s to tell if it was around the pads or not but sure looked like face mask.
  5. He better have a plane ticket home and not back to Winnipeg.
  6. He better have a plane ticket home and not back to Winnipeg.
  7. One thing we have going for us. We seem to make really food half time adjustments and come out firing. Let’s hope it continues.
  8. Rider fans can’t count let alone read.
  9. lol rider fans saying we haven’t had any injuries yet this year…
  10. What does Suitor mean that Cornelius throws a “heavy ball” ???
  11. Wouldn’t that have been auto reviewed anyways as it was a scoring play? Could they have called a penalty without the challenge? Not that it matters.
  12. Man with all the arguing going on you would think we were 1-5.
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