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  1. Defend the 50/50 balls and the Bombers win. Simple. They have no run game. Chew the clock, put a couple scores in early and Rielly will put up 50/50 balls every second down.
  2. It's a matter of time until Suitor brings back some Fantuz comparisons.
  3. Riders caught all the breaks and had the refs in their favor last night. That's the way it goes though, we were a gust of wind away from losing the Calgary game. If I were a Riders fan I would be starting to worry about Fajardos ability to hit the long ball. He's awful. I think when playoffs roll around he's going to cost them.
  4. Maas calling a predictable game. Doesn't trust Fajardo can make a mid range pass so just hitches it all day
  5. LaPo going to be the first coach in CFL history to win game 1 as HC then subsequently go .000 until getting fired?
  6. You know Lapo is calling an awful game when Rod Black roasts him.
  7. Suitor agrees with every single penalty that Toronto takes and says quote, "there was no pass interference there" when Sask gets called for interference. I legitimately can't believe he's allowed to do these games.
  8. Omg how can Suitor be allowed to do Riders games? He's a total embarrassment with his bias.
  9. boo birds coming out in Hamilton. I don't blame them. 2nd and 7 and running it up the middle lol
  10. More hard hitting analysis from Canada's backwater. "If their starting qb goes down they're not as good" Thanks, Blair. great work out there. Low level hack
  11. It sounds like a good idea on paper but no team is going to help Edmonton out. Calgary's not going to give up Maier, we're not going to give up McGuire. Ottawa might give up Nichols, but that does nothing for Edmonton. MBT maybe? Meh.
  12. lol i remember when rider fans used to say szarka was as good as sellers. dr zaius doesn't forget
  13. woke up, crushed the gym, crushed 3 caesars negating the workout and staring at the clock to meet my buddies at the tailgate at 1 p.m. lets. ****ing. go
  14. riders players undisciplined? i'm shocked, shocked i say!!!
  15. Gainey being out means nothing. Most overrated db in the west. Now it just means someone else is going to take a PI in the endzone.
  16. to be fair, that's mostly just suitor. I think dunigan has picked up on how badly suitor calls bombers games that he goes out of his way to be a blind bombers homer at every chance he gets
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