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  1. https://twitter.com/FarhanLaljiTSN/status/1479426961415966721?t=U6joiHXZaurynQ8nVMJVeA&s=19 "I’m told Jackson Jeffcoat has also now agreed to terms on a 1 year deal at 175k with #Bombers. Very good season in 2021 for the @cfl all star. @CFLonTSN"
  2. X-Cues Café & Lounge at 551 Sargent. Multiple screens. Delicious food. Drinks on tap. Italian coffee. Room for over 150. Plus I'll be there -- the guy who hasn't posted in a couple years but still lurks almost daily. 😂
  3. 6 of the 10 biggest crowds in Bombers history have been at IGF. Our average IGF attendance is higher than our average Canad Inns Stadium average. Given all the things competing for entertainment dollars, combined with 4K TV and every game being broadcast, I don't see why there's a cause for concern at all. SSK 23 @ WPG 41 (Sep 12, 1993) Regular Season 35,959 SSK 7 @ WPG 22 (Sep 12, 2015) Regular Season 35,156 TOR 12 @ WPG 31 (Oct 30, 1998) Regular Season 33,810 SSK 13 @ WPG 25 (Sep 08, 2013) Regular Season 33,500 MTL 38 @ WPG 33 (Jun 27, 2013) Regular Season 33,500 OTT 32 @ WPG 45 (Jul 03, 1991) Pre-season 33,421 OTT 21 @ WPG 19 (Jul 02, 1992) Pre-season 33,359 SSK 23 @ WPG 17 (Aug 07, 2014) Regular Season 33,234 SSK 10 @ WPG 17 (Sep 10, 2016) Regular Season 33,234 SSK 30 @ WPG 24 (Sep 07, 2014) Regular Season 33,234 Source: https://stats.cfldb.ca/team/winnipeg-blue-bombers/attendance/
  4. What a pair of sessions: Nichols, Reilly, Ray, Dunnigan, Stegall! If anyone is looking for something to do downtown on Thursday after these are done, I'd suggest everyone should head down to Wee Johnny's on McDermot Ave. for $4.75 domestics, $5 fancy poutines, $0.75 chicken fingers, live music from 8-11pm, and $3 highballs from 11-midnight. ?
  5. There are too many posts in this thread over the last day that I wanted to quote and respond specifically to, but I just can't. I don't have that kind of time or energy. But the overwhelming response in this thread that I've seen has made me so pissed off that I think I need to take a long breather from MBB. I'm so excited for the Bombers turning this season around, and have been posting a lot more of late because of that excitement, but I'm just bummed at humanity right now. ****.
  6. This made me so mad. I've got friends on social media who don't give 2 hoots about football or the Bombers who were all sharing the story today. Even though it's just a few assholes, it looks really bad on Bomber fans and Winnipeg as a whole. Glad the team jumped to do something about it right away, but the whole thing still passes me off. I love football, and watch a bit of other sports too (less than I used to growing up), but sports fans -- especially drunken ones, and yes, more often (but not always) casual ones -- can be quite obnoxious, douchey, and cruel. They come in all ages and genders, but I inevitably end up sitting next to or in front of some of them nearly every sporting event I go to. It might be less than 1% of the crowd, but I wish it was 0. Hope this kid ends up getting some fun experiences out of this **** show he was put through. Bullying from other kids at Age 9 is hard enough, but to have to deal with it from a number of so-called adults is despicable. (And no, I don't think "things don't add up" with this story. Just because it was reported haphazardly with different info coming in, doesn't mean it didn't happen. In fact, that's the news these days. But when I read what happened, it sadly didn't surprise me one bit. It's not just Winnipeg or Bomber "fans", of course -- humans can just be really shitty.)
  7. Mr Dee pointed you in the right direction. Haha. But yes, it was a weird hole-in-the-wall called The Purple Room -- but bands seemed to love playing there. We're currently trying to turn it into a not-hole-in-the-wall, but in the meantime I run events all over. Tonic is great. And agreed about metal (used to be a huge metalhead, especially progressive metal, which is filled with talent). It'll be cool if we see some of these local/national acts get to the point where the CFL feels it can promote some of the good music being made out there with a high-profile gig like the half-time show. Though, as I've said, I totally 100% get why the pick acts that have some non-football-fan appeal.
  8. The amount of great local ROCK music being made in Winnipeg alone right now is ridiculous. And people are going to the shows. In the 20 years or so I've been a part of the local live music scene, I've never seen so much broad (and regular) support for local live music. Running a venue for 2.5 years (and still producing some shows over the last year) has introduced me to so many bands. It's not just being recognized locally, either -- campus radio and CBC and satellite radio are playing the hell out of these bands and artists, and for good reason. The Daughter, Times, the Good Will, the Windsor (and hopefully my place when we get it up and running again) are filled with really good musicianship and phenomenal singers of every genre.
  9. I like many genres of music, but most of what I listen to has lots of good guitar playing. (Not that a guitar instantly makes music good -- such a strange idea.) Just sticking with local festivals, some of the acts headlining the last couple years at Winnipeg Folk Festival and Interstellar Rodeo are fairly big names with various versions of rock/folk/blues/roots instrumentation: Ryan Adams, Wilco, Whitehorse, Sam Roberts, The Head and the Heart, The Strumbellas, Jason Isbell, Dan Mangan, Shakey Graves, Bahamas, Hawksley Workman, and Serena Ryder (who's already done a half time show). A local act like Royal Canoe would also be super entertaining, but they definitely aren't big enough for that kind of thing yet, given the purpose of a half time show. Same goes for the Bros. Landreth. I think Whitehorse would be my pick to keep it Canadian and also put on just a spectacular rock 'n roll show. If you don't know them (Winnipegger Luke Doucet is half of the duo), check them out, and you'll realize there's lots of good music out there doing pretty well without traditional radio support. https://youtu.be/ip-SjbnHfHw?t=1m23s
  10. I'll be halfway to Neepawa by kickoff. Have a friend's wedding at 3:30 there that day, so I'll listen to the first half on CJOB, and watch the second half via PVR in my hotel after the wedding's done. I've already told my Bomber fan friends to not text me about the game until Sunday!
  11. Shologan wasn't a Jones decision, since he last played for the Redblacks.
  12. This is what I don't understand... Even if Pedersen isn't officially an employee of the Riders (which I think he is), he's either contracted or a full-on employee of the CFL as one of their columnists. They should've nipped this in the bud weeks ago, but have to do something now. All the stuff Rider fans are whining about isn't actually ruining the integrity of the league. But taking Rod Pedersen seriously and keeping him as a columnist when he's claiming a conspiracy from the CFL and leading a witch hunt against the Commissioner? That actually does tarnish the integrity of the league.
  13. And if the Bombers clean up their mistakes and don't take bad penalties (Bass' roughing the passer penalty was awful timing), they win the LDC in a blowout. I think the only way the Bombers lose (and they certainly can) is if they do it to themselves. On paper and based on play, they're a much better team than the Riders. But they need to play like it for 60 minutes in front of a crowd that deserves a big win!
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