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    I also love CFL football. I also have deep respect for Remembrance Day. But they are not connected. As a matter of fact, part of the reason we are able to play those games and work that day, and go out to eat that day, or go to a movie...etc is because of the sacrifices made. We should never forget that. And, as long as they acknowledge that on Sunday, I will be satisfied, and I’m sure veterans and their families will be appreciative. The NHL, the NFL and the rest of the world will go on but not without Remembrance on the 11th hour on that day. Get your Poppies and wear them with pride and respect. Or better yet, go here: https://mypoppy.ca/
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    We aren't Canadas team tho you arrogant clown and have other forms of sports entertainment here such as NHL AHL etc. All you got is the Riders. How many times have you sold out a cfl nhl and baseball game On the same day? Oh wait you haven't. We have... Several times so.. The self proclaimed greatest fans in the league need to step up.
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    Always so butthurt whenever someone criticizes the Riders and then the typical deflection tactics. "Waaaah, but the Bombers! My bum hurts."
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    The Anthropogenic Climate Change Thread

    Ignore the troll. This thread is so much better when it's just the adults talking.
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    Agree. I've had to put a drinking cast on my arm, a few times...…...
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    Division All-Stars Announced

    This is hilarious... coming from a rider fan...
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    And you have had to have 2 telethons and a fake Rider Stock share gimmick to save your 4 cup winning team (least in all of CFL with some teams being there for less years) from folding...and it's the only major sports event in the ENTIRE province...whats your point again?..
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    Mr Dee

    Division All-Stars Announced

    I guess if we had a foolproof system maybe more people would be happy. On the other hand, those who are happy with the selections, would be disappointed. The positions in football have evolved, and maybe, likewise, so should an all-star selection. All’s I know is, I would have a difficult time not having a Singleton or a Bighill on my all-star team.
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    Literally from page 4 of the Saskatchewan Roughriders 2017-2018 annual report: "The members of Rider Nation flocked to the stadium that day and throughout the season, helping us sell out the pre-season game as well as the team's first seven regular-season contests before weather conditions affected ticket sales late in the campgain. Thanks to the fans, whose support made this tremendous facility possible, the Green and White led the CFL in scanned attendance in 2017 for only the second time in our history." Source: https://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/11/SaskRoughriders_AnnualReport1718_web.pdf Only the Riders would think being 1st in attendance 2 years out of 107 possible times is a good ratio, oh and this was also on the coattails of your shiny new toilet seat (ahem) stadium.
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    Division All-Stars Announced

    couldn't agree more.... were the other western safeties that bad this season??
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    Around the League: 2018 Season

    I don't think they're changing coach or GM this year.
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    You're right beside me (Rider fan)....Look forward to the jabber! Drive safe.
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    Division All-Stars Announced

    Now now, no one has ever said he should be released. All we have said is that he's not good enough to be a teams top receiver and I'll stand by that no matter how many times he is an allstar.
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    The Unknown Poster

    US Politics

    Apparently made by a white supremacist and sent out by the White (supremacist) House Can people not see how dangerous this is?
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    US Politics

    Thought and prayers.
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  17. 2 points
    We were talking about the team whose fans and TSN routinely call the greatest in the CFL. Flunked reading comprehension did we?
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    We aren't talking about the bombers, we're talking about the self proclaimed greatest fans in the cfl (ie, Saskatchewan). If you want to talk about how many empty seats we have, start your own thread.
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    Division All-Stars Announced

    Feel JSK got overlooked. Was almost as good as Bighill.
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    US Politics

    No question that the Sessions firing was intended to impede or halt the investigation into Trump's affairs and the affairs of his family. There may be a much larger game afoot here from the Russians. Trump is heavily indebted to the Russian mob and Saudi royal family and he has always placed his welfare above that of others, even his son Don Junior. Trump has probably been a Russian asset since the early 2000's when he was on the verge of his biggest bankruptcy. The banks in North America and Europe would no longer touch him and he was desperate. Enter the Russian mob/big business/government. Eric Margolis, the noted reporter who has been watching the Russian and Asian political scene for some 30 years, maintains that the Russians have been far more successful in penetrating the American and British intelligence and political machinery than the CIA or MI6 ever were in accessing the Russian equivalents. Russia has succeeded in influencing American foreign policy beyond their wildest dreams, but their real endgame may be to destroy American societal cohesion and set the different factions at each others' throats. Trumps denigration of his intelligence community and discounting of their advice is another step in undermining trust in these institutions while he looks the others way. The prime and recent example of the hither-to respected FBI being ordered "investigate" the allegations against Kavanaugh and then being manipulated so as to produce an exculpatory report on Kavanaugh with them interviewing Kavanaugh, Dr, Ford, Kavanaugh's best friend or either of the other two women who came forward, has to undermine Americans' trust of even the FBI. All this is likely intended to produce exactly what has happened- fatalism on the part of voters that no matter how or if they vote, it produce no positive change. Then, if there is no trust in democracy, all that is needed is for a semi-charismatic leader to step forward with a simplistic "plan" and extravagant promises and voila! we have Germany at the end of the Weimar Republic. America then either becomes a thinly disguised dictatorship or a helpless giant ripe for the picking.
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    Adam Bighill is an All-Star alright, and not only for football..
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    Drive safe. Hopefully the road conditions are good this weekend.
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    Manitoba Moose

    Bulin wall 2.0
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    better get a playing cast for Sunday. Hold nothing back!
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