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  1. Dom Picard belted my mother in law in the face with a football. You could say I'm a fan.
  2. From what I've heard, in the FIFO era, Castillo is regarded as someone who can FO.
  3. I remember stories about him eye balling any fans who spoke to his girlfriend at practice.
  4. I always liked Ron Warner paired up with Doug Brown. Anyone else remember when Stanford Samuels used to post on OB.com?
  5. Ruby riot is expected to debut as well. I heard, possibly the iconics too.
  6. That philosophy isn't without merit. It's used frequently in mma camps. Get your cardio level up so high that your opponent can't blow you up.
  7. Does anyone know what's on the Bomber dog? Is it similar to the jets dog?
  8. Cancel culture is a problem??? What happens when someone gets "canceled "? They lose some twitter followers??
  9. Punk is a huge addition. And in response wwe did a very wwe thing, bringing back Becky Lynch and putting the women's championship on her in a ridiculous 30 second squash match over one of their young, up and coming stars.
  10. Die a hero or live to see yourself become the villain.
  11. The officiating was fine. Missed calls will always be a thing. But I don't feel like the outcome of the game was effected by them.
  12. Maybe they just weren't happy with him
  13. Kind of agree, but small sample size, though. This group/regime still has something to prove, imo.
  14. But why do the failings of previous regimes get heaped on to this one?
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