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  1. Nichols threw 3 TD passes, which is 3 more than the Rider QBs combined for. If that "isn't much", I'll take not much every week. If Harker had thrown 3 TD passes, you'd be chipping in with all the others for the new statue of him outside Mosaic. I assume it would be next to the one that looks like a bunch of demons dragging a football player into the depths of hell.
  2. For me, it's between this past Sunday and 2016 Labour Day. 2017 Canada Day (New Mosaic opener) is right up there too.
  3. You're talking as if the only Rider fans who attend games in Regina are actually from Regina. You know very well that's not true. You also know very well that Rider fans have given Bomber fans plenty of flak for not selling out our home playoff games so take it somewhere else. You coming on here to bash us for not selling out past playoff games is what is actually PATHETIC.
  4. I'm heading down with a couple friends as well. Can't wait!
  5. No, it's that both numbers are ridiculous. Not surprising coming from Rod Black but still ridiculous. I've noticed the difference between watching the two leagues too. You watch an NFL game and they actually talk about what is going on in the game. Seems so simple. You watch a CFL game, particularly one called by Rod Black, and you hear a commentator who fixates on one or two players and just won't budge. It's really frustrating, especially when they just talk about whatever while the play is going on.
  6. 2015 was Brian Brohm at QB. Nichols had been acquired but his first start was in the Banjo Bowl that year.
  7. Lol So this is what someone gets for posting an optimistic thought. Take it somewhere else. They're probably not feeling arrogant enough yet over at Riderfans. Maybe they'll welcome you with open arms.
  8. On the surface, this year's matchup reminds me of the first Labour Day Classic I attended, in 2004. The Bombers won and then won the inaugural "Banjo Bowl" the following week and, call me crazy, I think they can sweep this year too. I'm feeling pretty discouraged right now, like most Bomber fans, but I think if they can limit turnovers on offence they can score enough points to get by, even against an impressive Rider D. I have not been at all impressed by the Rider O this year and I think it's an opportunity for the Bomber D to bounce back. Yes, I'm an optimist. Can't help it. I just hope I'm right! If I hear some Rider fans chanting "We're number 4!" in the stands next week, as thay did at that first LDC I was at, I'll be extremely happy.
  9. Dressler has been removed from the 6-game list. I wonder if he plays this week or takes one more to make sure he's good to go for Labour Day. If he's back this week, at least all the Lankford angst can stop.
  10. Looking like the Riders might be bringing Rob Bagg back.
  11. It is funny, isn't it? Personally, my feelings are a mix of "Man, what a nice, optimistic take on the team I love. I hope it's correct!" combined with a suspicion that's it's all just an attempted pre-Labour Day jinx. I hope it's the former.
  12. I agree about Reilly and have felt that way for a while. However, it was still surprising to me to see how useless the Edmonton offence looked once throwing it to Duke Williams no matter how covered he was stopped working.
  13. I was there and I will never forget how amazing it was!
  14. I still think that guy is legitimately awesome!
  15. He was the Bombers' leading receiver in the Edmonton game. Let's pump the brakes a bit here.
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