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  1. I've always found that to be odd there. I even asked a Rider fan about it at Labour Day this year and he didn't really know what to say. It's strange.
  2. I remember another one. Might have even been that same game. Matt Dominguez shoving Kelly Malveaux out of the way and catching a the ball in the end zone. Crowd goes nuts. I'm sitting in the stands thinking "Sit down, losers, it's not a TD. That's the most obvious offensive PI I've ever seen". No call. Of course.
  3. Hey, if Rocky Butler can win this game, Chris Streveler can win this game. The Bombers will be undermanned but they can win this. Riders are nothing special.
  4. I know how you feel. I was at that game with Bigblue204. While he was wandering around trying not to puke, I was still in my seat and the Rider fans were feeling legitimately sorry for me. It was the worst!
  5. I actually feel more confident than usual going into the LDC. I just think the Bombers will get it done and I won't be shocked if they win comfortably.
  6. Riders will be 6-5 soon enough.
  7. Let's not forget that the juggernaut '97 Bombers, led by THE Jeff Reinebold, went in and blew the Riders out in the LDC 43-12. I agree, it's a weird game. Maybe we'll get to see another Bomber blowout win this year. 😊
  8. Bridge and Willy are both brutal options that I can't believe anyone is actually considering. I was at the playoff game in Regina last year and was blown away by how bad Bridge is at throwing a football. It's really something to see close up in person. As for Willy, seriously? He played okay for about a 3rd of a season 5 years ago. He was then brutalized, seemingly lost all confidence, played horribly, and is now out of football. I realize there aren't an abundance of options but come on now!
  9. Lol man, that's so true. Watching the press conferences, it seems like every week O'Shea gets asked a variation of "How awesome is Andrew Harris?".
  10. It shouldn't have come down to it and it's definitely not the reason the Bombers lost but that was a horrible spot and it still looked like the ball was short on the measurement.
  11. Almost like they wanted Toronto to win...Nah, that's crazy talk.
  12. How anyone could look at the performances of Arbuckle and Fajardo last night and determine that both were "ok" baffles me. After your deluge of douchey comments about Nichols, 9/15 for 89 yards, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs passes for "ok" in your books? Coming from someone who claims to be really hard on his own team? Get the **** out of here.
  13. We now interrupt the gushing about the Riders in order to not shut up about the Leafs for a while. Stay tuned!
  14. I still don't understand why there is a separate article for his picks when he is included with the other writers when they make their picks. Did someone demand an explanation for picking the Riders to win every week? Also yeah, if you're 33% sure something is going to happen, doesn't that mean you don't think it will happen?
  15. Don't forget 300 yards passing! It's the most important stat of all. Also, thanks for mentioning the back-up QB thing. I didn't realize Streveler threw 2 more TD passes than Collaros last year. That's amazing.
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