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  1. Take it from a guy who’s attended in person for both the Grey Cup rallies in 2014 and this year, there’s more than twice the turnout at City Hall than 4 years ago. More Calgarians care, it’s just Calgarians you don’t know. Yeah I’m a fan, but you’re just spouting absolute nonsense about another fanbase’s attendance and apathy. You’re not even in Calgary, you’re just getting second hand information from a couple so called Stamps fans, When the proof is in the photos in the tweet you’ve just posted, you’re just talking out of your ass. Incase you haven’t been following the news from the past few years, there’s been massive job losses in Calgary and Alberta. A new stadium is something Calgarians can’t afford at the moment
  2. Nice photo of the crowd sure looks like “The level of blah in Calgary is at a level I've never seen before”
  3. I guess we have a different perspective on this, but I’ll trust the perception of a Calgarian over someone who’s in Kelowna.
  4. Are you kidding? A good number of people I know are either in Edmonton or watching it at home/bar
  5. I don’t think so, Ottawa was bad this game. Bombers would’ve won
  6. Might I recommend golf? I hear there’s a Phil vs Tiger grudge match PPV coming up
  7. Definitely the Riders are the most hated. From top to bottom, everyone from the Coach/GM to the players to the fans, I can’t think of a more classless group of people in all of sports. Chris Jones, an egotistical blowhard, figures he needs to be the highest paid non player in the CFL, so while being a GM/coach wasn’t enough for him, he needed to be the Riders VP as well. He spent an entire season refusing to shake hands with Huff. Every off season, Jones would try to recruit anybody with some controversy behind them, as if he was trying to assemble a Legion of Doom super villian group. Props to him as it gives the broader CFL fan base more reasons to dislike the Riders. The Rider fanbase is also the worst. I think Bomber fans know all too well why that’s the case. Aside from trashing our city whenever the Riders play at McMahon, It seems like this season Rider fans are hitting new lows as some of you are finding joy whenever they hear a Stamps player is injured. Not only that but wishing Bo would get a season ending injury too. It’s one thing to dislike a player, but wanting a rival to get hurt to a point where they are hospitalized and can’t go to work anymore is absolutely sickening. you all deserve each other
  8. Honestly, I think RedBlacks by 10. I was hoping we would face the TiCats, as we had issues with the RedBlacks in prior seasons. Campbell may not be the best poker player, but with all his time when Dickenson and him were under Huff, Campbell got to know and read Dickenson very well. Despite our wins over them this season, Campbell and his RedBlacks are like the rock to our scissors. I hope i’m wrong
  9. That’s not arrogance, that’s just being a whiner. With that said, I didn’t like that comment from Dickenson either
  10. I wouldn’t put so much blame on Nichols as much as Bombers recievers and Harris. They should’ve caught the straight up catches
  11. “A Riders fan resold me this ticket”
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