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  1. As long as he develops as a passer in that time I would be good with this plan.
  2. Agreed to some extent. Easier to pad the stats in garbage time. But the Bombers have shown over the years that QB's without something special won't be able to do that anyway. He is worth what they are paying him. Time will tell if he turns into a winner. He has good mechanics and has heart. Will see if it translates.
  3. Not sure what the panic would be for Nichols. Unless someone pays him starter money, he should wait for June/July. He will have lots of time to prove he is 100% and someone will break the bank for him to come in and save their season. Starting QB's will go down and someone will get anxious. He will be offered a 2 or 3 year deal (to get the signing bonus under the cap) and be paid good money. Last summer Kevin Glenn was fielding multiple offers to get off the couch. The Bombers were looking for him and Drew Willy. Nichols just needs patience.
  4. Money spent on the LOS is different than money spent at receiver. I would not want to spend too much to get a big name receiver.
  5. I think the Stamps know exactly how good their oline is. That is why they run the offence the way they do. It is also why the way to beat them is to drop everyone into coverage. It is the fans and media around the league who are mistaken. The most misunderstood part of this game is pass protection.
  6. It's not about scoring touchdowns and winning games, it's about looking good. If you don't throw for 300 a game, you suck.
  7. Just how many Dollaramas do you need?
  8. The best predictor of a good QB is accuracy. A lot of coaches have lost jobs because they were sure they could coach a promising QB into improved accuracy. It usually involves changing body mechanics and that isn't easy - especially when the bullets start flying.
  9. I cannot stand this type of crap - usually from people who never lived anywhere else and just visit other cities. Trust me, Winnipeg has a lot going for it.
  10. What? You got that from O'Shea's line on sex before the game this week?
  11. What a dumb question. Nobody will ever know. The Osh haters will believe one thing and other will believe something else. In the end what difference does it make? If Drew Bledsoe doesn't get hurt is Belichick a bad coach? If Wally Pipp doesn't have a headache, is Miller Huggins inept?
  12. If they are sold out then it is probably in the right sort of venue. It used to be the hottest ticket, but then they went to stupid locations like the bar in Toronto and whatever that was in BC a few years back. Last year was much better, and this year it sounds like it will be back to what God intended.
  13. I would say that I saw as much holding by the Bombers as I did by the Riders. The non-calls on holding were a good thing as far as I am concerned.
  14. Its about time. Better late than never. Hope it sticks for a season or two. People love the Bombers but all the Debbie Downers constantly going on about not winning in 29 years and traffic at ths stadium has put a damper on it for the last few years.
  15. We don't need Lucky on sweeps, we have Mike Miller! That call was crazy. But it worked.
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