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  1. There were a few too many push-offs in that video. The package looks good but a couple of those would have been called in the CFL.
  2. Regina could be one of a few hub cities, but not one of two. They have some of the only fans who might pay a few dollars to go to a neutral site game between two non-Sask teams. But, they have nowhere for fans of other teams to stay. Their hotel situation is still terrible and the Airbnb options are few and far between.
  3. The Bombers have made their payments. I don't know about you, but I pay the amount on my mortgage that my bank and I agreed when they gave me the money. Whether it was a good deal for the bank is not my concern. You may think that my bank should have agreed on a larger monthly payment. I don't care. I will pay what we agreed. The Bombers have not reneged on their commitments in this regard. Personally I am very pleased with IGF, the pricetag and the financial agreements on all sides. Winnipeggers have a stadium that will meet our needs for years to come. That costs money.
  4. The Bombers have always said they would pay their debt. They have made all their payments.
  5. This is brilliant! We play the 2020 season in 2021. the 2021 season in 2022, and we play the 2022 season now! There will definitely be a vaccination for COVID in 2022! Therefore, we start the 2022 season now and everyone can play because they have been vaccinated - and so have the fans. Also, the TV money should be more for the 2022 season, so the teams will all make money! Problem fixed. the 2022 Bomber training camp can start next Sunday. The only problem is that Andrew Harris will be retired and won't be able to play. But our 2020 draft picks will all be seasoned vets, so our Canadian content will still be fine.
  6. Not if arguing about the earth being flat. I just went outside and put a level on the ground. The level showed the ground to be flat. End of story.
  7. June who? And why is the NBA looking for her? If she is traveling then none of their referees will spot her.
  8. Actually the whole vaccination causes autism argument was never about proof. The argument was the equivalent of: Global warming wasn't a problem before Celine Dion was born, therefore she is responsible for global warming. We now have to decide whether to drive electric cars or sacrifice Celine on top of the Richardson building.
  9. If they were doing their homework before the started, they already planned to play in empty stadiums. They should be good.
  10. Took 8 months to develop and test the H1N1 vaccine in 2009. Apparently the scientists are dumber today, so it will a year and a half to two years. Buy shares in companies that make hand sanitizer today and sell in about August.
  11. But, what about the rugby roots? Next you are going to be saying that players should be allowed to wear shoulder pads and that a forward pass should be legalized.
  12. Okay, so what is the rationale on missed field goal not resulting in a point when it touches an upright or crossbar?
  13. Have heard over and over how terrible the QB play is. There is not enough pro QB's to have a decent starters and backups for 32 NFL teams. Our rules and field size mean that there are always a few who fit better in the CFL. But there is barely 9 starter level QB's for our needs. It is to be expected that a league using NFL rules and field will be unable to field starters for a compelling slate of games.
  14. I think the extra point on a missed field goal is stupid. Right now a field goal that is kicked nowhere near the uprights still counts for a point but it if barely misses and hits an upright or crossbar, there is no point awarded. That makes no sense whatsoever. If we are going to award participation trophies to prove how Canadian we are, then we should at least be consistent. You get a point because you tried your very best to kick that ball through those posts. I could see how much it meant to you and how sad it made you not get 3 points - so here you can have 1. Keep working at it and I know you can get it all the way through the next time! A much better rule would be to still award a rouge only on punts not returned from the endzone. It would allow for some very interesting decisions. You are behind by a point with no time left on your 35 yard line. Do you try to win the game with a field goal or do you tie by punting it out into the corner of the endzone? And the "stay true to rugby rules" also holds no water. We have never stopped changing the rules from that of rugby. We have changed the scoring, the ball, the field, the equipment, and the entire way the game is played. This is where you draw the line? You are completely good with changing the entire game as to make it completely unrecognizable, but you better not touch this one bizarre rule even though it is no longer relevant.
  15. As long as he develops as a passer in that time I would be good with this plan.
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