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  1. I love CFL football but I do agree with some of the points. Pass interference had swung way too far a few years ago. I had no idea what it even was anymore. I would watch NFL games and enjoy them more because they allowed the receivers and DB's to compete more. Since the commissioner stepped in a couple of years ago, it has become far better and the games are more enjoyable. I prefer the one challenge per game rule, but it is working okay this year by allowing a second. I often wonder if we would be better off to just ditch the challenge system. There are automatic reviews now at the right time anyway. Most instant replay shows that the officials make the right calls almost all the time. Fans are selectively blind or hallucinogenic when it comes to officiating and they see things that aren't there regardless of whether there is a review or not. Other than that, I think the game is doing very well. They need to tighten up on the head injuries though.
  2. That is not completely true. Like all of us, we love our money. But not like all of us, they know their window to earn it is limited.
  3. That absolutely sucks. Hamilton fans are some of the very best in the CFL.
  4. It is worse than that. I often get the feeling that the media doesn't watch practices, talk to the coaches or break down games. I understand fans not getting it, but I would hope that media would at least do their jobs.
  5. Why was #1 taken out of circulation from 1938 to 1983?
  6. It won't happen again while Fotty is handing out jerseys.
  7. Actually that's the mayor and council of Regina.
  8. Interesting. Lots to play for in the last third of the season. Lots at stake each week down the stretch.
  9. He is a seasoned vet. I would expect them to put him on the game day roster if he looks good in practice.
  10. Pat Neufeld practicing? Someone needs to do a DNA comparison to confirm this. I assumed he was in witness protection, so he may be taking his life in his hands by appearing in public.
  11. There is such a large gap between what the media thinks of players' value and that of the coaches. I know you would see a completely different list if the coaches were polled (anonymously).
  12. It is strange about how the media talks about Laurence compared to how they talked about the centre who was considered to be too dirty for the league (name escapes me). They had a camera isolated on him the entire game. Whereas Laurence is a leader.
  13. They just don't issue the numbers to players in the regular season. When was the last time you saw numbers 11, 28, 63, or 85 on an active Bomber player? It is a whole lot easier to get into the ring of honour than to have your number unofficially retired. The one that will never ever be reassigned will be 28. You have to be one of the first to jump out of a plane on D-day for that to get that number.
  14. as it should be. There is no such thing as a excess number of good Canadian linemen - especially olinemen.
  15. If it would make you angry then I am sure they won't do it. After all, appeasement of the fan base has been the key to the Bombers' success over the last 25 years.
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