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  1. The horsecollar rule is intended to stop a particular mode of injury. It is actually called more liberally now than the original intent. Even with the wider interpretation, that tackle started at the front of the shoulder and it was not a penalty.
  2. By that logic, the Bombers have an advantage because we have 10 4-point games a year not 8 like the TiCats
  3. Not sure that it helps all that much. They still only play eastern teams 8 times a year - just like the Bombers do. They have the same advantage that all the best teams in a division have - they don't have to play themselves.
  4. The NFL has never been about geography. Apparently it hurts their brains. Dallas has always been east of New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Raleigh, Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago on the map they use.
  5. MC


    The only regular QB/kicker that I remember was Sonny Wade. But I think he was just a punter. No, wait - Don Jonas. No idea who held for him. I think it might have be the person who was then known as Ralph Brock.
  6. Today's shoulder pads are very good and offer good protection. But, I am completely with you on the helmets. It drives me absolutely crazy whenever I see one come off during the play or a player pull it off like it was a baseball cap. A properly designed, built and fitted helmet is not easy to take off. Anything less should result in immediate ejection from the game and, for repeat offenders, suspensions. The Bombers drought of grey cups is a far less of a risk to the organization than lawsuits.
  7. Another reason is that muscles get stronger but tendons and cartilage are the same as they were back in the day. These are the weak link and the cause of almost all injuries. It is not just football. Pitchers get Tommy John surgery thrown in with their first MLB contract.
  8. There may not be official stats, but I bet Stats Junkie knows.
  9. You missed one word in the title to this thread. It should "Our STARTING QB's name is …"
  10. Good point on the blocking. The difference in the run game last game was the blocking from the receivers. Big difference.
  11. The usual suspects taking their veteran's day by the sound of it. We are fairly healthy for this time of year. Is anybody going to practice this week? I would be interested to hear how Collaros looks.
  12. I wonder when they started to keep records by position like this? Positions used to be much more fluid. For instance, Ken Ploen played a lot of halfback and a lot of quarterback. Has someone actually gone back and determined which carries were as one position or another? I am sure there was a lot of this up until the 70's or so.
  13. How many tickets would the Bombers sell if they had to double the prices? They would not be able to purchase medical insurance that would cover them while they live in the States for less than $20,000 (USD) a year - and that would include very high co-pays, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket max's. And that is even if they could get it all.
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