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  1. Grant, Ploen, Stegall, Walby in that order. I'll meet anyone that argues any of them in the parking lot in 10 minutes.
  2. Can't help but cheer for this guy. Players told me last year that he is easily the strongest player on the team physically. The guy doesn't have the natural ability that others do, but works his tail off. His return last year was so key when Faith fizzled and Corney caved.
  3. Every home team should win their preseason game in the CFL. The traveling team is going to leave their starters at home. I remember the year with Kelly when he put the 1's back in in the 4th quarter and we still lost to the opposition's 3's and 4's. That is when you know it is going to be a long year.
  4. Ken Ploen was the greatest all time player the Bombers have ever had. Bar none. But he wasn't even the best QB on the team for some of the years he played. The team was best when Ploen played at halfback and Van Pelt was the QB. The best QB - and I tossed all of the nominees with less than 4 years with the team - was Brock. The only reason he didn't win any Grey Cups was the Edmonton juggernaut that was historically anomalous.
  5. I would be happy if Andrew Harris spends the entire camp in his civvies and rides the pine for both preseason games. There is zero gain in him doing anything until the games start to count.
  6. Great coverage Booch! Please keep going to practices.
  7. I think Edmonton will be better than anyone seems to be predicting and I think BC will struggle for at least part of the season. They have some great pieces but I am not sure that there is enough depth. My guess would be: Bombers, Stamps, Hamilton, Edmonton, BC and then everybody else. Saskatchewan is the joker card though. They could be very good if they can get some QB'ing. Teams will pull out all the stops to hit Collaras in the first few games. Their OC better be working on protection schemes.
  8. Good news for Lucky. I don't think he wanted to be right in front of Jefferson.
  9. Until it does. Ottawa, now Hamilton. These are coordinator positions too; positional coaches. The coaches' salary cap does need to be looked at if we don't want to continue to see this. This will impact the onfield product quickly. They can't do anything until the players sign their collective agreement though.
  10. I am not so sure that he was paid over a million a year. He was never at a marquis program. There is a huge difference in compensation levels between Ohio State and Hawaii. That said, he would have made good coin.
  11. I know everyone is giddy about the Whitehead signing, but unless they get the return game sorted out from last year it won't matter. They could have had Gizmo back there last year and not gotten a kickoff past the 25. I never figured out what it was but it was not the returners. The kid from Oregon was a top-end return talent and Demski is no slouch. The Bombers have options. They just need to get more out of their special team guys.
  12. I could not disagree with this more. I think you are basing your perception too much on his last few years in Toronto. Ray got beat up mercilessly most of his years in Edmonton and he would just get back up and throw dimes. Never complain, never point fingers. Ask a guy like Doug Brown and I can pretty much guarantee he would tell you that Ricky Ray was the toughest (physically and mentally) QB, and one of the toughest players that he played against.
  13. What else is the CFLPA supposed to say at this point? They have to make the only threat they possibly can. The veterans would prefer a strike shortened preseason so they don't have to worry about rookies winning their jobs in training camp and then start the season ontime so their paycheques are not effected. The teams will want training camp to start on time so they can find cheap rookies that allow them to cut veterans. Who do you think is likely to delay a settlement at this point? Either way, the season will still start on time.
  14. I would take Ray over Holloway any day of the week. Holloway finally found his groove in the run and shoot, but was never the consistent and elite QB that Ray was for almost his entire career. At the sunset of his career Ray was able to get a mediocre Argos team another Grey Cup.
  15. Desperation makes guys take major risks. He was looking to catch lightning and save his job. Guys do it every year. The key is to have the right asset ready at the right time. Nichols coming of age made it possible for us.
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