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  1. You are right, the Bombers did not win the Grey Cup last night. Since you obviously know that the trophy would have been awarded if Nichols had passed for more yardage, then I am glad that he didn't. This way we get to watch the rest of the CFL schedule this year. I find it highly entertaining.
  2. The first few weeks of the CFL season are always a crap shoot. With only 2 preseason games, almost complete lack of physicality in practices, and offseason turnover caused by the salary cap, the first part of the season is bound to be sloppy. Do we want to watch sloppy football that matters or have to suffer through two more weeks of unwatchable crap that is the NFL preseason? Everybody needs to get over it.
  3. Trevor Harris is very streaky. When he is on, he is very good. We need to keep him out of rhythm. I am not sure that our pass rush is as good as it should be. This could be a key game for the final standings or it could be just another 2 points for one of the teams. I think the Bombers are good and I think the Eskimos are good. But this early in the schedule, we really don't know who anybody is.
  4. A good place to look for power rankings is on the CFL site. It is called the standings. Bill Parcells: "You are what your record says you are."
  5. This is my biggest concern. We are going to be exposed with any injury - even if a player has to sit out 3 plays because he tweaks his pinky finger. I am far less worried about our interior OL than most. I think we can make it work on the pass pro. We just may not be able to run the ball in the manner that we prefer.
  6. But this is where you are wrong. The 10 years as an Eskimo were part of the conspiracy. He was part of a sleeper cell. I could tell you the others in the cell but I would have to kill you. You think this is going to end at CFL commissioner, but you are wrong. It is only the start. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, along with their Mini-Me (aka Valour FC), are on their way. Shhhhhhhh.
  7. This is actually a Kevin Glenn retirement thread. I think this might be an argument for the "one thread on everything" crowd over the "separate thread for everything" crowd.,
  8. I am surprised because he could really help some teams and stands to make some money by being an emergency replacement for a team that loses a QB and believes they are in the hunt. There really is no reason for him to announce his retirement unless he wants to make it clear that he is not going to consider that option. He has had a hell of a career and should leave the game with no regrets. He has conducted himself with a lot more class than several of he situations deserved.
  9. Or that they are leaving no stone unturned. They walked away from one potential problem buyer already. No reason no to kick the tires on all prospective buyers first.
  10. It didn't work out here. It is not a knock if he goes on to reach his potential somewhere else. Sometimes that is what it takes to get a guy in the right frame of mind to be successful.
  11. He has become less of Rider homer since he is no longer on their payroll. I would be interested to hear his rationale for thinking the Bombers will tank this year. The rest of the standings are reasonable.
  12. Al Davis was a very successful coach and GM first. He was also a great owner for decades. Unfortunately, age is inexorable and people remember him for the last several years when he was not as sharp. Davis stood up to the NFL and the whole league became far better for it.
  13. The CFL may have dodged a bullet when they turned down Guzzo.
  14. What he meant to say was that the Riders know that if they lose this game with a team of starters playing mostly 2's, 3's and mores, then they are doing the right thing by limiting the witnesses. Realistically though, Saskatchewan should win this in a blowout. If the Bombers manage to keep the score respectable, then the Rider faithful should be worried..
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