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  1. I don't even remember these players from training camp. Were they there?
  2. MC

    The CBA

    I am not sure that expansion can happen and have any increase to the salary cap. Expansion will add an entire roster to league costs and no extra TV money until the current deal with TSN expires - unless the current deal includes an escalator for a new team in the Maritimes. TSN will increase viewership from that area for sure, so it might be in the agreement already. Even without that, where is the additional money going to come from to pay a higher salary cap? Except for Saskatchewan, Edmonton, (maybe) Calgary and Winnipeg, who else can afford to keep less of their revenue? The CFL is not owned by a group of billionaires, unlike all the major North American professional leagues. And, guaranteed contracts will not happen. Sign a star player for 3 years and then he goes down with a torn achilles (for example). For the next couple of years, you have no money to sign a replacement and have to live with rookies, or maybe even go into games with a shorter roster. Fans would rebel.
  3. MC

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    I would be interested in Reinbold to coach the teams. The Bombers need an upgrade there.
  4. The strongside linebacker in today's game should be in with the DHB discussion. They certainly do not belong with the linebackers. I believe that the Bombers actually started this movement a while back with the way they played Bennie Thompson.
  5. MC

    Needs for next year

    One of these friends of yours must be the WFC's external auditor. Otherwise I assume you would never make public accusations that Wade Miller is guilty of fraud and embezzlement.
  6. MC

    Needs for next year

    I wonder if there was ever a fan of the Stampeders who said that about their QB over the last decade? They should have dumped him for a new shiny quarter as well I guess.
  7. MC

    Needs for next year

    I have a fair amount of confidence that Nichols will play much better in 2019. Everybody with eyes could see that he had no mobility in 2018. While he has never been Tracey Ham he has always had enough mobility to sprint out and through when needed or pick up first downs with his legs when the opportunity was there. This year, he could see it but just not get there. If you want a good example of what limited mobility has on an all-time great QB, just look south to Green Bay. If Rodgers is himself, they would be in the hunt for playoff seeding. Instead, they are in the hunt for good draft seeding.
  8. I agree with you. But you never really know about these things that go to the media. They are in negotiations and their agents will be telling them to give both positive and negative vibes to maximize the teams bidding and keep it hot. There are only so many opportunities in this game to be able to cash in. This is likely the best opportunity he will ever have.
  9. I get somewhat annoyed at this narrative that football is losing fans and losing the younger generations. The television ratings for the CFL were up this year. About a month ago, 15 NFL games were the top 15 rated TV shows in the US since the beginning of September. And both leagues have their best growth in the younger age groups. Sure, the negative perception of player safety has hit youth football enrollment. But have you checked out what has happened in Manitoba with high school football? There are now 5 conferences and 3 divisions in the WHSFL at the varsity level and two JV leagues (12 man and 9 man). The football scene is expanding in rural Manitoba as well. Then there is the girls and women's football leagues. This is huge expansion from the 90's when the whole thing was stagnant. In every one of these leagues and levels there is growing diversity. This are not just a bunch of white English speaking boys.
  10. He is under contract for the next two years for the same amount whether he plays tackle or is the sixth offensive lineman. And you have to pay a lot more for a starting Canadian receiver than a very good American there too. We stacked our defense this year with 11 starting Americans and trusted Lapo to come up with the smoke and mirrors on offense. We need to increase the number of game breakers on offense - and the quickest way is to add another American receiver as a starter and a change-of-pace offensive threat as a DI. You can do the first part of that by going with 4 Canadian on the line.
  11. The big upside on Gray is that he could possibly be a starting Tackle. We can find good Canadian interior linemen. He becomes a ratio breaker if he can replace Hardrick.
  12. MC

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    My guess is that they watched him play in all those games this year and his ugly mechanics make them concerned whether he is a long term answer or liability. I don't know the answer to that question.
  13. Because a commissioner gets a presentation from a Mexican league and spends a couple of days looking into it, he has his head in the sand about poor crowds in Toronto? So, he should spend his 60 hours a week on nothing but a problem that a mega-rich owner is responsible for? I don't see how the two things are related at all. It sounds to me like a fledgling league with deep pockets wants to give the CFL some money and all they have to do is hold trials in that country (maybe find a couple of decent players) add a roster spot to each team and one of the teams gives up a home game . Oh, and there will be a Spanish broadcast of some games along the way. I saw him at Grey Cup in Edmonton. How he could he possibly drink beer in Edmonton when he should be pleading with passersby in downtown Montreal that they need to buy a ticket for a game in McGill Stadium that will take place just 7 months from now?
  14. As long as he is able shed blockers, he will be fine. He may have a hard time playing super Mario though.
  15. The posters saying to run away from Singleton are completely wrong. They need to run right at him early so they can hit him. You don't avoid good players in the front 7, you go after them. This is not flag football.