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  1. While I'm not going to sit here and bash the bombers or riders. This statement is absolutely ridiculous and I question your knowledge on here. Our bombers haven't won in several years, yet you are going to bash a few guys about a team who is currently 1-0 and we are 0-1 without a QB. Get it together man and use some common sense.
  2. Ball was tipped. Therefore PI goes away.
  3. TheBandit

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    Can't live with old players forever. Eventually the time will come when the Bombers also move on.
  4. TheBandit

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    As much as it is weak......we don’t have a QB.
  5. TheBandit

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    Correct. Lots of wasted money.
  6. C'mon Ripper you're better then that. He was originally from the Bombers.