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  1. Yeah we lost this year but at least our streak doesn’t continue. Your team had a legit chance to win this year and your idiot coach and mediocre QB crapped the bed.
  2. Might also suck to be you in a few minutes. Offense looking a little stale.
  3. Man Bo Levi is making that Bombers defense look bad. Bo Levi is elite.
  4. TheBandit

    Congratulations Bombers

    Honestly Bridge doesn’t belong in the CFL and it’s unfortunate that Collaros wasn’t playing. I do think the Riders org will clean house on QBs this year and go hard in free agency for a new one. Ill be honest, I’m so damn jealous of Chris Streveler. He is going to be special I think. Only negative thing I will mention that has zero effect on the game was the dirty hit at the end of the game. CFL should be calling those. good luck in Calgary. I do believe you are the better team.
  5. TheBandit

    Congratulations Bombers

    Great game Bombers. I told you I had a bad feeling. Your team was the better team today and the later half of th season. Congrats.
  6. TheBandit

    Playoff Game Day Thread: Riders

    Ugggggghhhhhhh. RIP 2018 Riders
  7. I also thought using the word ride-**** to imply ******** rider fans was uncalled for. But hey, I'm not surprised from the bomber fan base.
  8. TheBandit

    Division All-Stars Announced

    The way I see it go down to. Harris better win against Sin.
  9. Always living in the past eh Booch. You're so fake on Riderfans, your true side shows up here. Congrats, you can't even come up with a solid reason why you had so many empty seats.
  10. TheBandit

    For those traveling to Regina this weekend!

    You're right beside me (Rider fan)....Look forward to the jabber! Drive safe.
  11. TheBandit

    Division All-Stars Announced

    Lots of you also said Nichols should be sitting and Streveler should be starting and MOS should be fired. It's a good thing fans don't run football teams.
  12. Your stadium holds 33,000 and you only brought 27,000 to last years game. Which may I correct you was also your first playoff appearance in your new stadium. I absolutely guarantee you the Riders put up more than your pathetic 27,000. Pretty sad from a city who has 800k* people and Regina who has 220k. You guys literally come up with EVERY excuse as to why you didn't have butts in the seats, but frankly, there is no excuse. You guys had a home playoff game for the first time in several years and your turnout what absolutely PATHETIC!